Her sleep over

Her sleep over

“Mike, since mum and dad will be away this weekend do u think I could have Stacy and Nikki sleep over Saturday night?” (as if I would mind my 13year old sis having two of the hottest girls alive sleep over) “sure sis”.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Mike. I’m about 16year old, about 6foot and very muscular. I am also lucky enough to be blessed with a 10inch cock. My sister Mel, on the other hand, is about 5”6 with long blonde hair. She has developing tits (bout 10b) and a HOT TIGHT ass that every guy (and some girls so I’ve heard) at our school wants. She hangs with the hottest chicks her age as well as the majority of the hottest guys at our school.

Anyway, Saturday night has arrived and her friends show up in some of the sluttiest clothes available. Stacy was wearing a very short and loss mini skirt with a white tank top that was so tight it hid nothing. And since Stacy had a rack I could hang my entire wardrobe off… well you get the picture. She was a bit taller than my sis; buy clearly had tits in the late c range. Nikki, on the other hand, was about 5”4 and tits a little bigger than my sisters. She was wearing tight denim short shorts with a bikini top that showed her perky tits very nicely.

They all decided they wanted to sun bathe and went and changed into their bikinis. I sat down on the sofa and watched some T.V. when Mel came down the stairs in a very small bikini. Ever stair she went down he magnificent tits bounced seductively and as she got closer I noticed she had a huge camel toe going. She approached me unaware of the erection she was giving me and asked if I could come up stairs and get the towels down that were on the top shelf. I agreed and followed her up the stairs watching her perfect ass bounce gracefully. I followed her sexy body up to the bathroom closet over the sink and reached up for the towels. However, as I did, my huge erection pushed itself into view as I reached for them. Mel just stood their staring; as we heard her friends shout “see you at the pool”. I looked down at her thighs and saw that her camel toe was getting moist. I started to blush as I handed her the towels, her eyes didn’t move, which certainly didn’t help my erection ease. “Did I do that?” she asked, pointing to my cock. “Yes, did I do that?” pointing to her very damp bikini bottoms. She saw that she had camel toe going and fixed it. She looked at my erection again and asked, “would you like some help with that?” I just stood there, struggling to believe what my sexy sister had just asked me. She walked straight up to me and unzipped my fly, releasing my monster. She looked down at it and licked her lips.

She kneeled down in front of me. She then slid her tongue around the edge teasing me. I moaned softly, as she licked down to my balls then back up to my tip. She kissed it softly before sliding the head into her mouth. She then slid down to halfway; I let out a rather loud moan. I put my hands on her head and pushed ¾ in. I could feel the back of her throat. I pulled out slowly then pushed back in, then I started to fuck her face rather hard. My balls continuously slapping her face. I could feel my climax building as I fucked her face even faster. The feeling of my long thick cock sliding in and out of her beautiful mouth was pure ecstasy. She took my balls into her hands started to massage them. “IM GOING TO CUM” I shouted as she sucked one final time. The cum shot out of my dick like a bullet and filled up my sisters mouth instantly. It came out of her mouth and dripped down her bikini top. I almost collapsed in sheer pleasure.
“You came over my top… now what am I going to bathe in?” she said. I took one look at her then undid her top and smile. “This will do,” I said cheekily. She looked at me and laughed and headed out to the pool. I was stunned she was actually going to do it. I watched out her window and was surprised all her friends were already naked and had actually gone outside naked. I looked down at my feet and saw their moist panties. I picked up one of the pairs and sniffed….mmmmmm it smelt so sweet. I looked out side at the beauties bathing naked and got an idea.

“Oh my god” I heard Stacy say as she say my naked body walk towards her. All three girls couldn’t help but stare at my large penis swaying from side to side. Mel smiled cheekily as I approached. “Would you girls like any thing?” I say Nikki reach down between her thighs and start rubbing. Stacy grabbed me by my bare ass and started to get to work on my cock. I pulled her off and sat down on the chair. Lifting Stacy onto my lap I positioned her so that her dripping hot pussy was just above my stiffening member. “Guess again” she said as she turned herself around and wave her sexy little booty just above my cock. With one quick movement she sat down taking my whole cock at once. Her scream was part pain part pleasure (mostly pleasure). It took her a few moments to gather herself but she lifted herself up and slammed back onto my thighs. My cock penetrating her ass deeply. I looked over and say that my dirty little sister was having her ass licked out by Nikki, and they loved it. Again Stacy came crashing down onto my cock, this time I could feel a little juice squirt from her pussy. This was my que. I picked her up, still with my cock deep within her, and positioned her so that she was leaning over the chair front on. I then with drew my cock, then slammed it back into her, she let out the loudest moan I have ever heard. My balls slapped against her pussy. Her ass was still tight. As I started to reach my limits. I slammed into her once more and I shot my load deep into her ass. This caused her to have the biggest orgasm ever! I collapsed into her and with one final bit of energy locked her into a passionate kiss.

As soon as I pulled out my sis stuck her tongue into Stacy’s ass. I saw Nikki just sitting there by herself so I walked over and sat down next to her. She got up onto all fours and positioned her sexy but right in my face. I slowly stuck my tongue into her ass and she moaned. I started jabbing my tongue in and out of her ass each time drawing a loud moan. I slide a finger into her dripping pussy and started to finger fuck her. I started to softly bite her cheeks which sent her into a fit of pleasure. I stuck my tongue down her ass one last time and she climaxed so hard I had to hold her so that she would fall off. I licked down her ass into her pussy. It was her undies I sniffed. Her pussy was so sweat I just needed it. I started to tongue her fiercely. I slide my finger in to her wet ass and before long she came all over my face. Stacy and Mel had both cum now and they came over and licked my face clean. There is nothing sexier than two beautiful girls licking their hot friends fresh cum off my face. Once done Nikki said “Oh my god that was so fucking good” “just wait until tonight” I said.

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