Her Very Bad Dog!

Her Very Bad Dog!

This is my First Story, so I’m still a novice. Constructive criticism is welcomed but please don’t nag/complain/flame. Your criticism will help me to decide weather to write the next chapter or not.

Thank you and enjoy reading. Hannah XxX

It was a warm summers night as per usual and as the sun faded there wasn’t a sound to be heard except for the occasional twitter of woodland animals hobbling off to there night-time retreats. Hannah walked on to the balcony wearing nothing more than a silk lilac coloured thong and matching push up bra. With her dad working nights at the police station she could get away with whatever she wanted, and plus She had nothing to hide since there wouldn’t be anyone around until late morning when the farmers would be out in force. Sewing seeds and rounding up sheep. So walking around in her underwear or in most cases totally naked was normality. She thought about how privileged she was as she sat down at glass table and rested her head on a folded sweater, her 36D cup perky breasts pushed firmly over the cold glass. A good school, an expensive house, a loving father and an amazing backdrop to survey after a hard days work. Yep this was the life, although she was missing something. As her friends put it “some male interaction” she had gotten herself a few good looking boyfriends but they all wanted the same thing. she had experimented with herself and some of her more adventurous friends, and she loved it. That tingling sensation she got when she played with herself, she couldn’t get enough. After about ten minuets of fantasising she woke from her day dream and ran her hands slowly and softly up her thighs and down onto her pussy. “aww not again” she sighed as she felt a warm wet patch, half of which was new and half of which was from a previous “session” she had given herself not more than twenty minuets ago. Becoming more alert to the rising moon and cold night air she stood up and walked casually inside closing the French doors which led to her room behind her. After a moment of locking the doors and closing the curtains she looked around the room slowly, “Jack!” she shouted. “Here boy!”. As a rumbling sounds echoed through the hallway outside her room she reached up her back and unhooked her bra letting it slide over her erect nipples and bare flesh to land with a soft thud on the floor next to her bed. “There you are, What have to been up too?” she questioned as a Bulky and Heavily built German Shepard bounded through the door and straight up to her sitting by her feat. “that’s a good boy” she said happily and with a cheeky grin on her face, “you stay there I’m going for a shower, kay?”. after giving the hound a brief pat on the head she turned to the shower room and walked in.

After what seemed to be a day of getting groped and touched constantly at school her ass felt rather sore and she pulled her thong down her long legs slowly and carefully making sure to avoid the sore areas before turning round and turning on the shower with a click. Meanwhile the dog had moved and was now laying on the floor of the shower room, head up and staring at Hannah with a look of amazement and confusion as if
Seeing his master take a shower was something new to him. Hannah turned around and smiles softly and want into the shower holding a breast in one hand feeling the need to relive herself once more. Feeling the hot water run down her back and legs made her relax greatly, and so after about two or three minuets began to work herself over. Running one of her hands up and down her tight pussy and using the other to pinch her nipples sharply over and over again, she moaned softly as she inserted her middle finder into herself to find her hard clit and finally after about five minuets of her attacking her clit she moaned loudly as she came to a blinding orgasm. This attracted jack who was trying to see what she was doing through the frosted glass of the shower. She finished up, washed down and stepped out of the shower wrapping a towel hung on a nearby peg around her waist. “what’s wrong jack?” she questions her K-9 companion as he ran around her trying to figure out what all the commotion was about. After about thirty seconds of useless searching he gave up and walked back into Hannah’s room, jumped on the bed and lay down.

Hannah followed quickly as she hummed to the tune of back in black, and stood in front of the dog bare breasted and soaking wet. Jack was by this time staring at her and sniffing the air as if it were his dinner time. Hannah just let out a giggle “you’ve had your dinner” and began to dry her long brown hair with the towel that was previously wrapped around her waist. Jack had taken a special interest in her today there was something strange about her, an aroma. He lay on the bed his eyes fixed on her tight virgin pussy still soaking wet before moving forward slowly putting his nose in her crotch. “woah!” she stepped backwards “nah-ah not for you” she smiled again and walked over to a chest of drawn in the left hand side of the room.
After a moment jack got up determined to get what he wanted, whatever that was. He walked over to his master and sat behind her as he bent down to get another thong and bra from the third draw up. Her pussy still wet, a second past and he made his move moving forward and thrusting is tong up into her pussy violently. She gave out a little scream and jumped up, foolishly stepping into a corner of the room. Jack moved forward with a growl, not letting her escape from her corner without giving him what he wanted.
Hannah kneeled on the ground never knowing her bulky friend to have acted this way in the past, “go to your bed!” she demanded but it was of no use he was approaching fast and bearing his teeth. “go to your bed NOW!” she shouted again but this only made jack more determined and he moved forward again reaching Hannah’s knees and staring straight at her crotch. “NO!, NO! DON’T YOU DARE!” he moved forward for the last time parting Hannah’s knees with his strong jaw. “NO! STOP-IT!” she cried in a state of terror as this was something she had never experienced before. Jack began thrashing around her pussy with his tong violently, taking time to taste his master. While he was occupied Hannah got up and ran towards her bedroom door. The sudden movement and loss of his “goal” angered the hound which gave chase moments later. Getting no more that a few feet before catching sight of razor sharp teeth she tried to run faster. Jack hot on her trail and much faster than she would ever be ran past her and blocked the doorway. Grinning with sharp teeth he made her slowly move backwards near her bed, he then advanced until he was back at her pussy to which he began tasting again Hannah being distressed by all of this grabbed a pillow off the bed and began to swipe it at the beast that had forced her into this predicament. The dog knew what to do and snapped back at her left thigh. Not hard enough to make it bleed but hard enough to let Hannah know who’s the new master. Hannah fell to the ground and began to cry as he kept licking her pussy going deeper and deeper into it. After a minuet or two she finally plucked up the courage to make another run for it. And without a moments notice she was off in the direction of the French doors the dog however just sat down as if he knew in her frustrated state it would take her ages to unlock the doors. A moment passed and Hannah lost control tripping over the same silk bra she had discarded earlier. While she was on all fours trying to pick herself off the floor he made his move walking up behind her and mounting her growling into Hannah’s left ear as he did so. She froze by this point not daring to move an inch, as the tears flowed down her cheek and onto the carpet. Slowly this 220lb beast tightened its grip around Hannah’s waist and move up her back still growling as he did. She was frozen scared to move and scared to react to what was happening. Another brief moment passed and she felt something warm against her ass. Closing her eyes she braced herself and tightened her body. She could feel this thing, whatever it was slowly move down her ass and onto her pussy lips. With jack giving a final grown he trusted forward pushing his 12” monster into her tight virgin pussy after a second of thrust Hannah’s body shook with indescribable pain as the beast of a dog ripped backwards and forwards through her hymen. Her body now in indescribable pain collapsed and she feel to the ground with a thud banging her head off the ground lightly. Jack lost his “goal” for a second before finding it again on the motionless wreck on the floor. Each thrust brought more and more pain, all Hannah could do was lay there and accept it. Jack pounded her insides over and over again watching as she screamed and cried with agony. A short period passed and jack was still at it, although now this sensation had gone from a sharp pain, to, To something like she would get when playing with herself. As the moments passed the pleasure got better and better as the sensation in her body. Noticing that jack had now calmed his growling she got up on all fours slowly making sure not to dislodge the beast in fear of making him angry again. Feeling a stream of water ripple down her leg, she looked under her belly and down at her thighs which were patted in light shallows of blood. She had read in self care class that when having your first time, you will bleed. So she ignored it for now and went back to concentraighting on her first time. A few more minuets passed and she began to come close to an unrealistic orgasm something she had only dreamed about. Jack who had now been on the job for several minuets was close too, and a few final thrusts later he did. And as soon as he did Hannah did, both Hannah and jack stuck in motionless orgasm, Hannah froze before falling back to the ground as she lost consciousness for a brief moment while the orgasm consumed her body. Jack meanwhile had cum, and was slowly pulling his hard shaft out of her body after filling her up with everything he had to offer. After a long period of ten minuets Hannah got up slowly feeling her legs could collapse at any moment and made he way slowly and wobbly over to the shower room.

She looked at herself in the mirror and at the bruise on her forehead. And then down to her blood stained thighs. She looked in horror before throwing up at the thought of what she had just done and made her way quickly into the shower. While washing herself down she could see the dog she once called her friend through the frosted glass and began to cry again while washing herself. After she had finished she grabbed a second towel and dried herself fully before going anywhere near jack as the thought of all of this happening again would be her worst nightmare. Once dried she cautiously and slowly walked back into her room and searched for jack. He had gone now. Into another room of the house to rest after his “little battle”. Hannah noting that the dog had left the room ran towards the door and slammed it shut locking it behind her. As soon as she locked it she turned her back to it leaning against it for support as she felt her legs go all numb. Moments later the phone rang and snapped Hannah out of her crying. She walked over to it and picked it up slowly. “h….h-helo?” she queried in a shallow tone of voice “who.. I-I… is’ It?”, she paused for a second before thinking about putting the phone down. “hello dear, sorry If I woke you” the voice replied. “ohh d-daddy… hello”
“are you ok sweetie?, you sound really quiet…”
“I’m… f-fine you just woke me is all” she said as she thought about the past thirty, forty minuets. Thinking it would sound stupid and perverted if she told anyone what had just happened. “ahh ok sweetie, listen uhh I’m sorry but iv got to take this business trip to London tomorrow so I wont be able to come home for a day or two, will you be ok by yourself?”. Hannah dropped to the bed and began to cry softly not letting her dad know anything was wrong. “yeah d-daddy ill be fine. Ill see you when you get home ok?….”
“ok sweetie take care and if you need anything give me a call, love you”.
“bye daddy, l-love.. You too…” she gave out a cry as soon ad she put the phone down and then looked around the room once more making sure jack wasn’t around. After making perfectly sure she lay down on her bed and closed her eyes, trying to push out the bad thoughts and the horror. And as soon as that happened she was asleep.

The next morning she woke up with a splitting pain in her forehead she rubbed it gently and felt a large bump probably from when she hit her head on the carpet the previous night. As soon as she felt the bump it all came flooding back to her, the pain, the blood, but most of all her former friend. As soon as jacks name appeared in her mind she swung round and look around, giving out a scream of terror. That monster was back. And sitting at the foot of her bed. She look at the door which was wide open. And her heart sank. The beast it seems, was back for round two… … … …

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