Hot Tub Slip

Hot Tub Slip

I had known Eric for about 10 years. When I first met him, he was dating a really negative girl, and I never knew what the attraction was. But after a year or two, that ended, and he quickly met and married Melinda after dating only a few months. At first, I thought it was a mistake to marry someone so quickly after breaking it off with someone else. But Melinda was terrific, and seemed a good match for Eric.

Eric, Melinda, and I would go skiing about every other weekend during the winter season. When I was dating a girl, she would usually come along, too. But I’ve always been one to spend more time between relationships than in them. We would usually head up Friday night to Eric’s parent’s cabin, and ski in the area on Saturday and Sunday. When we got back into town, we would meet at my place to soak in the hot tub. Then Eric and Melinda would go home. Occasionally, it would be only Eric and me skiing and hot tubbing. We took advantage of the situation to hot tub in the buff.

Sometime along the way, Eric made the realization that it should be ok for him to be without a suit when all three of us were together, but not for Melinda or me. His reasoning was that it’s ok for guys to see each other naked, and of course, his wife could see him naked. But I couldn’t take off my suit because Melinda was there, and vice versa. So without telling us, he gets into the tub naked—much to the surprise of Melinda and me. After explaining his reasoning to us, we were both thinking “whatever”, and allowed him to get in naked from then on.

One time when only he and I were in the tub, we were talking about a television show we both saw. The characters on the show made a list of people they’d like to have sex with. So we decided to do the same. We were both coming up with way too many names for our own good, and they were all celebrities. Finally we thought we’d try to pick 3 local girls we both knew. We would alternate saying whom, and we couldn’t repeat anybody. We gathered our thoughts for a few minutes. He asked if I was ready, and I said I needed more time (I’m a perfectionist, I wouldn’t want to skip someone important!).

He said “Ah, come on, we’re just pretending, anyway!”

So I said, “Ok, on short notice, I’m ready–but you start”.

“Neighbor Jessica”, he blurts out without hesitation.

“Good choice” I say. I announce my 2nd runner-up: “Your cousin, Kirsten”, to which he says suggestively “oh baby!”

“Suzy from your softball team” he says.

“Ooh, could have been one of mine”. “Natalie, your wife’s friend”

“Of course” he says. I’ve never told him, but he knows I have a crush on her that won’t stop. His final answer: “Hilary from the library.” Hilary was someone who never took care of herself. She weighed at least 200 pounds and always looked like she needed a shower

“Aaaaaaaagh”, I cry. “Come on, who?”

“I don’t know. There’s too many to choose from. How do you expect me to narrow it down to just three?”

“We agreed, honor your commitment,” I demanded.

“Can’t do it—give me a minute. Tell me yours.”

Fine. And I thought I was the perfectionist. Last one—I mean highest overall choice: Amanda, Natalie’s friend from their work.”

Eric retorts “Been used, try again.”

“Huh?” I’m confused.

“You just used her. Or did her. Or whatever.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Who did you say before Amanda?”


“See—same person!”


“Amanda and Natalie are so much alike, even Amanda’s mom can’t tell them apart. So effectively, they are the same person. Been used, try again!”

I’m dazed by his logic, but that’s Eric. I think out loud “So if they are the same person, that means they count as only one…and I get them both…together…as one…or something like that! Hey that’s alright!” “Ok, let me try to think of someone even better.”

We both sit and think about our last choice for a while. Suddenly, it hits me.

“Got it…ready?”

Eric sits up excitedly in his seat, ready to be impressed.

“Angelina from the grocery store.” Her name rolls off my tongue.

Eric sits there for a moment. I can tell he has no idea who I’m talking about.

“You know the really quiet, dark-skinned girl that keeps her long black hair tied up most of the time. I saw her last week after she let it down, and all I can say is ‘Wow’”.

“Oh yeah, I remember her. Wow—she’s HOT!” Then changing to a low, loud, aggressive voice with pretend enthusiasm: “Oh, Angelina, dahling, let me have you!” Then he jumped cat-like out of his seat…as if pretending to pounce on her, but he jumped too high and off-balance. He came crashing back down into the water. His foot slipped on the edge of one of the seats, and he came flying towards me. I covered my face with my left hand, palm out, and prepared for impact. His right knee slammed into the side of the spa next to me on my left. “Shi-I-I-I-t”, he cried. He managed to maneuver his torso right over the top of me, fortunately with minimal impact. He came to rest…his lower torso on my face. The top half of his body was hanging over the corner of the tub…or should I say—my head! My nose was below his navel, and…his dick was in pressing right on my hand.

I knew he was still in trouble, so I reached around with my right arm and hugged him just above his butt. I slowly pulled him back into the tub, and helped him sit down again. I released my right arm as he lowered into the water, but I didn’t want to let him completely go, so I still held on with my left hand. Unwittingly, my hand curled up around his dick, and I guided him into a seat. I looked up at him and saw he was dazed—and embarrassed.

Finally he said, “You can let go now!”

I realized I was still holding on to…his dick, and I quickly let go. “I’m sorry!” My turn to be embarrassed.

“It’s ok, I would do the same for you.” he replied. I tried not to visualize. I sat back in my seat. “Are you ok?” I asked.

“After knee surgery, I’ll be fine!” he said sarcastically as he rubbed his knee. I turned the underwater light on so he could get a better look. He moved closer to the light and moved his leg around to try to see any damage to his knee. While he was moving around, I noticed his dick was bigger than it was a minute earlier. He sensed that I noticed and tried to explain: “Yeah, that girl is a real turn-on! I wish I’d thought of her…oh wait looks like I have!” and he spread open his legs, and he looked down at his still growing dick. I didn’t buy it. But I pretended I did. I didn’t want him to think I didn’t mind seeing him get a hard-on. But watching him spread his legs and being able to see his dick get hard was really turning me on. The blood was now rushing down to my own cock. I didn’t want him to see me, so I reached over to turn out the light. But in the process, he got a good look at me, too.

“Looks like we both like this girl.” He mused.

“Yes, indeed.” I tried to say casually. I knew I was in trouble. I didn’t want him to think my dick was getting hard because of him. That was just taboo. I had occasionally thought about “being with” another guy, but never thought it was something I would get the nerve to actually do. For many years, the idea disgusted me—to have another guy’s dick in my mouth. It would have been ok giving a hand job, but that didn’t really thrill me, either. But over time, I thought about why do women enjoy giving men a blowjob? If they could enjoy it, why not me? Over some time, I thought about it, and started looking at men-on-men porn sites—mostly being disappointed or outright disgusted at what was there. But some series seemed pretty interesting. I tried some interesting masturbation sessions, where I put my head on a pillow on my bed, then lifted my torso straight up so my body was upside down, balanced myself with my feet on the wall over my head. In this position, my dick was above and pointing down at my face. Then I masterbated until I fired off—onto my face, and into my mouth. The first time I did it, my orgasm exploded as soon as my cum hit my tongue. So I eventually got to the point where sucking another guy’s dick sounded fun. But I never thought I would actually do it. I never made an effort to, because of the fear factors. I didn’t want to do it with a gay guy, because I didn’t want him to start liking me “that way”. I didn’t want romance, just the sexual experience. I also didn’t want to have to kiss a guy. Funny, I would rather have a guy’s dick in my mouth than his tongue. I thought a kiss was too intimate—for lovers only. But I got really excited thinking about having a hard cock just inches from my face, waiting for me to take it in. But only with someone trustworthy.

“I’d better go inside and get a better look at this.” Meaning his knee. He got out of the tub very slowly—seemingly making sure I had a good view of his cock, before he grabbed his towel and robe and limped into the house. I climbed out and toweled off. I reached for my robe, but then decided to close up the tub without it on. I was still really hard, and was wondering what I was doing, but did it anyway. It was just a thrill to be walking around outside completely naked. After closing up, I put the robe on and wandered into the house.

Eric was in the guest bedroom with his towel around his waist. The shades were closed. There was one table lamp turned on which gave the room a nice soft glow. It accentuated Eric’s physique. He was sitting on the bed, but stood up when I came in. He said, “Come here and look at this,” pointing to his knee. I walked over to him, knelt down, and looked at his knee. It looked like it was turning a little purple, but really, it didn’t look that bad. Then his towel fell off. He didn’t do anything to make it happen, it just happened. I didn’t mean to, but I looked right at his dick. He said, “oops” like he actually meant it. Then he said, “Melinda keeps telling me how much she likes going down on me. It’s as if she’s telling me I should try it sometime. By the way, I wasn’t kidding when I said I would do the same for you…”

We were both very nervous. I froze and watched in amazement as his dick grew to full erection just inches from my face. Neither one of us planned this. But it seemed we both wanted to try it. If ever there was a time to do it, it was now. So I (finally) reached up and started stoking Eric’s hard dick. Mine was still hard from before, and only got harder.

“How should we do this?” I asked.

“You’re doing fine so far” he replied.

I continued stroking him for a while, and then asked him to lie down on the bed. I knelt next to the bed, and continued to stroke him. After some of that, I stood up, and asked him to put his hand in my robe and find my dick. He reached in, found it, and started tugging my cock. I untied my robe, and took it off. We were now truly naked together. I got up on the bed and straddled his legs. I leaned my body forward, and let my cock touch his. I was completely fascinated at the thought of our dicks touching each other. I just let them touch for a while. Then I grabbed both of them in one hand and tried to beat us off together. But there was a little too much there to pull it off. I put all my fears on the shelf and blurted, “I want you in my mouth.”

“Go for it”, he replied, so nervous he was almost whispering. His cock was throbbing.

I scooted down the bed, positioning my face over his crotch. I just looked at him good and long, then reached my left hand to his cock, lifted it up to my face, and stared at it some more. I was amazed I was actually doing this, amazed he was letting me, and I just couldn’t stop gazing at his throbbing dick that was about to be in my mouth. I was still very nervous and my brain kept trying to tell me I shouldn’t do it. But then I thought about all the times I fantasized about it, and I knew I had to break through my fear and follow through. “This is killing me,” he muttered—I think in delight. Finally, I stuck my tongue out and licked around the head of his dick. Then under and around the head, then up and down his shaft. I fondled his balls with my right hand, held his dick with my left hand, and eased the head into my mouth. In and out a few times, then a little deeper down his cock. I reached for his left hand with my right hand, and we held hands while my head went up and down with his dick with my mouth. I thought, “I’ve now got Eric’s cock in my mouth–incredible!” I was so turned on, I thought I might climax before he did! One last thought of “what am I doing?” But I pressed on. I wanted to reposition myself so we could do 69, but he suddenly started coming in my mouth. I’m glad I still had a grip with my left hand so he didn’t buck me all over. But he still pulled all the way out of my mouth while still coming, and hit my face with it. He squirted some more on his belly. I was busy trying to deal with the cum in my mouth. I was tasting it, being amazed by the whole situation, and feeling very naughty about it. And feeling very cool about it. I kept stoking him until he completely relaxed, then I still tugged him. I swallowed what I had in my mouth, but I didn’t feel like licking the rest off of him. I cleaned him up with some tissues, which I always keep by the bed—because I jack off a lot! But I digress, where were we? Oh yeah, I just gave my first, and hopefully not last, blowjob. I was hoping I could do this some more with Eric…and maybe with a couple other friends, too. Maybe have three of us together…wait a minute! I hadn’t even let Eric do me yet! I hoped he didn’t have second thoughts now that he was done.

Eric was wiped out. He just laid there on the bed. And I just stared at his cock some more. I caressed his dick and balls some more, and he didn’t seem to mind. Finally he said, “I can’t believe I just let you suck my dick.” Then a pause. “And I can’t believe you just sucked my dick!”

“Me either,” I replied.

“That was way better than Melinda’s first time!”

I took that as a compliment, and also to mean that I had room to improve. I also read into it that I would get more than a first time. I let him relax there for a while. Eventually, I climbed back on the bed by his feet. I straddled him again, and slowly worked my way up his legs, touching them with my dick as I moved forward. I was fascinated with my dick touching his body. I reached his crotch, and poked my hard dick into his balls, his dick, all around. I moved forward, planted it into his navel, and thrust up and down. Up to his chest. I caressed each of his nipples with the head of my cock. Then his neck, then each cheek. I swung it from ear to ear, dragging it right over his lips. I put it on the tip of his nose, and slid it up to his forehead. He opened his mouth and started licking my balls. Then I moved back down, and he licked my shaft. I lifted myself up, thinking he would want to stare at me like I stared at him. He didn’t want to stare. He wanted me in his mouth. He lifted his head up and took me deep into his mouth. He wrapped his arms around me, and started force-humping me into his mouth. Which would have been ok, except for he was getting a little carried away with his teeth dragging on my cock—not too pleasant for me. I mentioned it and he backed off and sheepishly said, “Sorry!”

I gathered myself and said, “At least now I know this is your first time too!”

He decided it would be better to have me stand up, and he would kneel in front of me and suck me off. So I stood up next to the bed, and he kneeled down and started to put me back in his mouth. Just then, I happened to look to the left, and saw the dresser mirror. And my dick in the mirror just as Eric took it into his mouth. The sight of my dick in his mouth in the mirror blew me away—I wasn’t expecting that, and it was an incredible turn-on.

“Oh my!” I said, almost out of breath.

“Hmmgh?” he grunted, not able to speak because my dick was in his mouth.

“I’m watching you suck me in the mirror. It’s incredible. It won’t be long now.” I started caressing my nipples with my fingertips, and it wasn’t too long before I was coming in Eric’s mouth, too. He took it all in. There was nothing to clean up. I couldn’t believe we had both cum into each other’s mouth.

Later he told me, “On the one hand, I’m glad we did this tonight. I’ve wanted to do it for some time. On the other hand, I wish we waited until…” his voice dropped off.

“Waited until what?” I asked.

He paused, and eventually responded: “Well, Melinda knows I wanted to have another guy’s dick in my mouth sometime…and she wanted to watch when I did it. We’ve talked specifically about you, but didn’t think you’d be up for it—so to speak. But now I’ve done it with you without her, and I’m sorry I spoiled that for her. Would you like to stage it so that she sees us going at it, thinking it’s our first time?”

I smiled and asked, “When would you like to schedule it?”

“Soon,” he said, “and Melinda will want to play with your dick, too…”

“If you’re ok with that, than I am too.” I said.

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