Lessons From Mom – Part #2

Lessons From Mom – Part #2

Lessons From Mom – Part Two

Note From Author: This is a continuation of the story “Lessons From Mom – Part 1" which has received several comments thus far questioning the size of “Tom’s” cock, that is, his size, for a 16 year old boy. Maybe 7" is a stretch, however, I recall measuring mine at about that age and 6 ½" was pretty close to correct as I recall. I’ll yield however, that Tom would be better served to have a 5 ½"pecker but Sam will be a bit bigger when we eventually get back to Sam.

Part -2

When Mom slipped in bed with me that night after catching me playing with my cock, I was thinking only of the pleasures she had bestowed upon me by stroking my cock and ultimately sucking it into her warm mouth and taking me to an explosive climax. I was amazed that she seemed to like the taste of my cum and swallowed every last drop until my cock was glistening clean. Mom was completely naked when she nuzzled next to me and told me to get out of my PJ’s too. I did as I was told and it was so nice to feel her warm body next to me. Her breasts were up against my chest and I could feel her excited nipples brushing across my skin as we hugged each other and cuddled together. “Tommy, put your hand on my breast and caress it and feel my nipple” she asked as her hand searched for my penis. I was semi-hard, I guess, but when I felt her hand wrap around my cock, I again jump to full hardness and was excited as before. Mom knew how to excite me and My playing with her titty seemed to make her moan in pleasure as well. She took my hand from her tit and placed it down between her legs. I felt her silky soft pubic hair and a definite moistness between her legs. Mom told me to explore her with my finger and that I should be able to get my finger between her slit or as she said, “the lips of her pussy.”

After some basic attempts, my finger did slip between the folds of her slit and I immediately felt the wetness and slippery texture of the area my finger was exploring. “Oh, Baby, that feels wonderful! What you are feeling is my pussy or, as some may say, my cunt.” It is the most intimate part of a girl’s or woman’s body, always very tender and extremely excitable. Now move your finger down the slit toward the bottom and you should be able to slid your finger into my pussy. Now that is where a man places his penis when making love to a woman. My finger found the hole she was describing and slipped easily into her pussy as she gasped again with pleasure. “Now, Honey, I want you to see the area you have just explored with your finger, move down on the bed so you can get a good look at what has been going on.” Mom then raised her knees and spread them so that I had a clear view of her excited pussy. She took her own fingers and gently pulled back the outer lips and then holding her pubic hair aside, I had was an unobstructed view of her entire cunt. I was taken by the color of her lips with a dark skin look yet, inside those lips it was a brilliant wet pink color. It was exciting!

“Here is the hole where your finger was a few minutes ago,” she said as she moved her own finger into her hole and moved it up and down and in and out. “This is how a woman plays with herself just as you boys or men “Jack off” or stroke your cocks. Now, I am going to teach you one very important lesson and show you the central point of a woman’s erotic center. This little button, here, see it? That is called the clitoris or “clit.” and is the most sensitive point a woman has….excite it right, and any woman will be yours. Some men say that a woman’s pussy resembles a small boat, wide in the middle to accommodate a passenger and narrow at each end. At the far back of the boat is a little man, guiding the boat to its destination…that is the “clit” and it is said that one has only “To rock the little man in the boat” and the woman will reach her destination or climax! You remember in the story “Behind the Green Door”…. it was this little button those women were licking with their tongues to excite the girl and they were trying to bring her to a orgasm or climax. Practically “every” woman enjoys having her clit excited by an artful tongue, weather it be a woman or a man. When I took your penis in my mouth and gave you pleasure, that is a way a man can also give a woman pleasure….by using his tongue! There was a pause in her explanation of just how sexual pleasures were exchanged between men and women, when she gently placed her hand on the back of my head and gently applied pressure. I knew what was expected of me and I lowered my head between her out-stretched legs and stuck out my tongue and caressed her pin k pussy with the flat of my tongue.

“Oh, Tommy, that’s it, gently now at first and go up and flick that button I showed you. Oh! Oh! Yes, Yes, right there……. you are such a dear boy, so good to your Mother.” I sucked the button between my lips and moved my tongue rapidly back and forth, up and down and Mom jumped each time I did so screaming softly and clutching my head between her hands. “Oh, my God, you are a natural Honey. You are driving your momma simply mad Baby you have such a talented tongue and I think you enjoy eating out a woman……..Are you enjoying this Baby?” I mumbled and nodded my head as I relentlessly lapped at her soaking wet pussy. My face was glazed over like a Kryspy Kream Donut as I licked her to a shattering climax. Mom was ecstatic with pleasure as she pulled my head up and kissed me full on the lips and sliding her tongue in and all around my mouth. She reached down and guided my still hard cock to her wet pussy and my cock easily slipped into her dripping cunt. We moved in a slow sensuous motion as she guided me through my first sexual encounter with a woman. She kissed me a nibbled on my lips, neck and ears, telling me what a wonderful lover I was and how happy I had made her. WE sucked, licked, and fucked the night away and into mid- morning until we both showered, dressed and went to the kitchen for something more substantial to eat.

We talked about our feelings and what pleasures us the most and we both agreed that the oral sex was just fantastic. “You know, we must not mention this to anyone and keep it as our little secret. I don’t want you to share any of this with Sam, just yet, maybe in time, we can invite him over and just see what happens. “Are you going to tell Maria what we did last night?” I asked, smiling broadly.

“Would you want me to?” she asked smiling back at me. “I know Maria is really in need of sexual attention and with that talented tongue of yours and your “harder than rock” cock she would be very pleased to have a handsome man like you in bed for an evening…..does that interest you?”

“Well, I can tell you “sex” interests me and Maria is so pretty and kind of “fluffy” and I’d sure like to see her naked……is she as sexy as you are Mom, would she like doing the things we did?”

“Honey, Maria likes men and women alike, she is what they call bi-sexual and can get pleasure from a man as well as woman, just like in that typewritten story you read at school.”

“Has she licked your pussy Mom?” I asked inquiringly.

“You ask way too many questions young man.” her face turning red as a beet.

I had suspected that Maria and Mom were a little more than just good friends as they always seemed to be nervous when I would come into the house unexpectedly at times. It excited me to think of them licking each other……that would be wild and fun to watch.

“Maybe we’ll have Maria over for dinner some evening, would that be ok with you stud boy?” Mom teased me….. I just smiled and say let’s go for it!

To Be Continued…..

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