Me and Charlie

Me and Charlie

I was home alone working in the kitchen, well cleaning actually. I was moving out but I still had some cleaning to do. I called Charlie to come over and visit before I left. He showed up at about 3:30 that afternoon just as I was finishing up in the bathroom.

I'm short 5'4 I have a little meat on me I have died hair black with 2 red strips that seporate in to sections, I have black eye cantacts and huge 48DDD breasts I was wearing a blue mini skirt, with a white t-shirt. I'm hot well thats what I think. Charlie is 5'6, huskey like he should have been on the football team and he was hairy he was wearing his usual jeans, a wife beater, and a green and blue button up shirt that he never buttoned.

He closed and locked the when he came in, he walked threw the house looking for me. I was up stairs cleaning the shower, I didn't hear him come in. He walked in quietly I had one leg up on the stool ready to step onto it when I felt a hand cup my pussy from behind I wirled around to find him smiling at me. I hit his sholder playfully he pulled me close and kissed hard. I pushed him away and I took a deep breath and blinked wildly.

"What was that for?" I asked, "I want you" he replied "NOW", "Can't it wait a little longer" I replied, "NO" he said "I need you now." He pushed me against the wall and kissed me hard again, I kissed him back. I pushed him away, and wiping my mouth I walked around behind him and shoved. He hit the wall hard I hard his back crack a little, I lunged at him and kissed him violently. Charlie pushed me back a little "thats more like it" he replied. I lunged again and he pinned me against the wall I could feel him borner wanting to escape his pants.

"I need a shower" I said, "I'll be right out, watch T.V." he walked out I closed the door but didn't lock it, I was hoping he'd come in. I stripped down and stepped into the warm shower, I was standing under the shower getting my body wet when I herd the door close, a smile broke out over my face the shower curtin flung open, Charlie stud there naked and hairy, I got excited. He stepped in and closed the curtin behind him.

"you look so yummy" he said, "mmmm huh" I replied "you look yummy too, I wouldn't mind a little meat right now." He pushed his body against mine and kissed me, I could feel his prick push it's way into my pussy lips "mmmmmmmm" he moaned. I jumped up and wraped my legs around him, he turned off the water and carried me to the bedroom he lay me in the middle of the bed. He climed on top of me pulling the blankets over us he kissed me before he reached under the sheets and guieded himself into my cunt.

"Be gently" I said "remember I've never done this before." he smiled at me sweetly, he placed the head of his prick inside me, I jerked a little. This happened 4 minutes and every 4 minutes after that he pushed another few centemeters into me. When he was half in I yelped out in pain "You ok?" he asked ask he pulled out about an inch. He reached down and rubbed my lips gently, "I'm alright" I said "keep going. I don't want you to stop" He continued to inch himself in, my nails digging into his back, he flinched "sorry" I said, he shrugged it off then he realized his dick was in.

He smiled at me "I'm in. I'm all the way in!" he said excitedly, he had a sparkle in his eye."Go slow ok Charlie?" he nodded "ok", he pulled almost all the way out before pushing slowly back in fully. He did this over and over I stoped feeling the pain after 30 minutes. He slow fucked me for half and hour then I asked him to speed up a little, sweat began to form between our bodies.

Another 15 minutes and I was digging my nails into his back again from all the pleasure he stopped and looked at me. "Don't stop, Don't stop I'm almost there!" I said, he quickened the pace again, he was going full speed. I dug my nails deep breaking the skin on his back small streams of blood ran down his sides, my body jerked and my back arched and my pelvice jumped into him just as I started to cum I yelled out " Charlie your making me cum, I never want you to stop, Oh My God your so good", he made one last thrust and started to cum too. After 30 seconds of cumming he collapsed on top of me, I pushed him off me, we were breathing hard, he landed beside me and ignoring the small trickles of blood running down his back fell asleep. I curled up in his arms and fell asleep too.

I woke up beside him a few hours later Charlie was sitting in a chair watching me sleep, he crawled into the bed and whispered into my ear "I love you" and kissed me.

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