More Than Friends – part 1_(0)

More Than Friends – part 1_(0)

I had grown up in a perfect world for a child, that is to say that I got pretty much everything I wanted.
My father and his friend had set up a company selling houses when they finished university, which soon exploded into a multi-million dollar corporation which meant that money was no issue.

My father and his friend settled down and soon became family men, which wasn’t like my father had hoped, from his point of view he got “the short straw”, a girl, whilst his friend Jamie was blessed with a baby boy, Jamie Jr.

When dad found out mum couldn’t have any more children he had no choice but to play all those things he had dreamed off with me, which to his delight I enjoyed.

Daddy’s little girl cant stay little for ever though and I was soon in my early teens, the business continued to grow which meant dad and Jamie Sr. were always away on business for a long time,
Leaving my mum to spend gossiping time with jenny next door, who happened to be Jamie’s (Jr.) mum.

I had grown up with Jamie, our giant luxury homes provided enough playing area for us when we were toddlers but now we were older we had discovered a new kind of play.

It was obvious me and Jamie would end up going out with each other; our parents had always talked about it saying it was bound to happen.

We had been out a few times before when we were about 10, but it was the crappy kind when you’re too young to know what a proper relationship is.

As I started puberty when I was about 13 I had different feelings towards Jamie, finding him more attractive and as the talk about sex circulated in the girl’s locker room I became more curious.

One day when we were in our little tree house at the bottom of Jamie’s garden we were doing our homework and a conversation broke out about one of Jamie’s school friends had told the rest of the boys that he had seen a girls fanny.
I asked him if he had seen one, also taking the time to tell him that the word circulating the girl’s locker room was pussy.
He put his head down into his book and didn’t say anything, which I assumed meant no.
“Do you want to see one” I asked him
I hadn’t done anything like this in my life but my curiosity at a young age drew me to see what the banging noises were in my parent’s room.
Jamie looked into my eyes, those hazel eyes were so much more beautiful now than I had ever remembered them being.
“Erm” he managed to get out.
“I’ll show you if you show me your cock after” I said
“O…..ok” Jamie stuttered.
I turned to face him on the bench and began to un-button my jeans, then undone the zip, stood up and slid them down.
Jamie’s hand shot down to his crotch, trying to hide his boner
“Why do you have no bum in your panties” Jamie asked as I gave him a twirl.
“it’s a thong” I told him “all the girls my age wear them”………..”And it’s an ass, your 14 years old, you should know this stuff
I sat back down in front of him in my blue thong.
“Well then, it's your turn to take off your jeans” I told him he hesitated slightly then began to undo the button and zip and slid them down, revealing his boxers and a bulge where his exited prick was sticking out.
I could see he was nervous, I was too but I tried not to show it, I just let my curiosity take over. I stood up a little off the bench and grabbed the sides of my thong, my hands were trembling, I slowly slid my thong over my ass and sat back down so my pussy was still covered.
I lifted my feet onto the bench which still had my jeans wrapped round, pulled off my shoes and jeans and slowly slid my thong down past my knees, past my ankles, off.
“Do you want to smell it” I asked Jamie, holding it out in front of him, my legs were closed so he couldn’t see anything.
“Yeah” he said excitedly, pulling the thong out of my hand and stuffing it under his nose.
It was fun watching him, the love of my life, sitting there with a boner smelling my thong.
“Take down your boxers then” I said to him, still concealing my womanhood from him.
He stood up slightly as I had and slipped his boxers down, he was shaking uncontrollably then sat down and pulled his boxers off.
Incredibly he sat like all boys, with their legs open. His stiff penis stuck out like a round diving board.

This is amazing I thought to my self, best friends all our lives and we were speechless the time we were both trying something new, together.

I opened my legs and sat like him, which meant he could only see the top of my pussy and the patch of short golden hair which had started to grow back after its first shave.
Realizing Jamie had the unfair advantage I lay back on the bench with my legs opened in the air, giving him the best view he had ever seen.
I sat back up and moved next to Jamie.
“Can I touch it” I asked him, looking down at his penis. It was about 6 inches long which I thought was pretty long for a 14 year old, it had small patch of hair where it met his waist.
“Erm…ok” he said nervously
I reached down with my right hand and touched the shaft with my fingers; it flinched as I touched it and Jamie breathed in quick. I took his left hand and guided it to my pussy, his cold hand on my pussy lips sent a wonderful sensation through my body, one I had never felt before, it felt like I was falling through the air.

“JAMIE………SARAH” came a shout from the house.
We scrambled to get dressed, I quickly jumped into my jeans, my heart was pounding in my ears, the faster I tried to get dressed the more tangled I became.
I buttoned my jeans up, chucked my shoes on and sat at the bench where my homework was, my mother was walking over the lawn towards the tree house.
Surely she didn’t see us, she couldn’t have I thought to my self over and over.
I noticed my thong on the floor and quickly lunged to pick it up, I stuffed it in my pocket and sat on the bench

“Oh there you two are” my mother said, surveying us as she spoke
“Your tea’s are out”………
“Are you ok honey….you look a little flushed” she said looking at me
“I’m fine mother…’s just a little warm in here that’s all”
My mother went and I drew a sigh if relief.
“Let’s go get some food then” I said to Jamie. As I passed him I bent over and kissed him on the lips then climbed the small way down the steps out the tree house and went in for my tea.

It was Jamie's 16th birthday. We had talked about that day in the tree house every now and then but our attention was drawn to other boys and girls, I had grown more mature now, I was now a 34C bra size and size 10, my ass had filled out a bit and that 1 off shave as a young teenager was now routine along with my armpits and legs. I was becoming a woman, fast.
I had also noticed a change in Jamie, he had obviously matured early, his voice was deeper and he had now grown somewhat of a mustache, which he was always advised to shave off.
Even though I had been, and was going out with other guys I was always jealous when I saw Jamie with other girls, I told my self I didn’t love him, that I was just looking out for him, but deep down I knew I liked him a lot, if not loved him.

Jamie was having a party in his house, our fathers were away as usual but Jamie already got the new TV he wanted off his dad.
I put on my white mini skirt which hugged my ass so tight, my long smooth sleek legs were nicely tanned from a natural sun, (along with my more private parts from a sun bed) my black vest top made good work of boasting my C cup breasts and I made a good job of painting my toe nails for my new sandals. My long blonde hair was tied up at the back, thanks to the nanny. My mother was hardly seen these days, she was either in jenny’s or out somewhere.
I nipped into her room and borrowed some of her Jean Paul Gaultier perfume.

I went next door to Jamie’s, he answered the door. He was wearing shoes, jeans and a T-shirt, his hair was it's usual messy but somehow stylish.
“Oh…alcohol” I said, noticing the pint of beer he had in his hand.
I went in, the place was full of people from my year in school, I didn’t realize there were this many.
I went into the kitchen where all the alcohol was and got myself a vodka and red bull.
The night was good, the music was blasting, everyone was up dancing, people making out in the corners.
I was starting to feel the effects of the vodka and red bull’s.
I awoke in a bed. It wasn’t my bed and when I realized this I quickly sat up, my head was pounding and I still felt slightly drunk. I looked at the person next to me, it was Bradley Thompson, he was a cute guy but an asshole.
I looked down, my tits were showing, I looked under the covers, no thong, I was completely naked. I looked over to brad, he was naked too. I lay back and closed my eyes for a moment, trying to think of what I had done, or more to the point what he had done to me.
I climbed out of bed and stumbled around, looking for my clothes.
They were in a pile at the foot of the bed, mixed with his. I sat on the bed and got dressed.
“Hey babe” brad said, sitting up and rubbing my back
I said nothing, just continued getting dressed
“Aw come on, don’t be like this, we had a great time last night……..if it makes you feel any better you made me wear a condom….”
I didn’t show it but it was a relief.
“Look brad… was a one off, I was drunk, you can brag to your mates all you like but you’ll never get the satisfaction of me ever again”
It was slightly harsh, but it had to be done. He was that type of guy so I told him straight
I was expecting his usual come back what all the people I knew said he used… were crap anyway….
“Well” he said, then paused “normally I’d say you were crap, but id just be fucking lying to myself, you were fucking amazing”
I walked out the door with the biggest smile on my face I had ever had.
I went down stairs into the kitchen. Jamie was there with 3 girls clinging on to him.
“Have a good time last night Sarah” he said when he noticed me walk in.
I smiled at him and sat on the table opposite.
“We had a great time….didn’t we girls” one of the girls said on Jamie's arms.
“I'm going to get some sleep” I told him before the girls could answer.
“Ok” he called after me as I left “I’ll catch up with you later”
I went home to find it empty apart from the nanny and slept all day until 9:00pm when I was woken up by a familiar sound coming from my parent’s room.
I walked over to the room half asleep, the light was on and I could hear noises inside.
I pushed the door open; I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

My mother was lay on her back with her legs in the air, getting fucked of someone, it wasn’t my dad, I recognized him, and when he saw me and looked right at me I knew who it was.

“The fucking gardener…….your fucking Paul the fucking gardener” I shouted to my mum. The sight was horrible but funny, seeing my mother and Paul just froze on the bed, locked in their passion.
“oh honey please don’t tell your father” my mother pleaded, but she still stayed in the same position.
“I wont” I said and left the room, simply because I couldn’t be bothered to here her plea’s.
I went back to bed and began some serious thinking about if I should tell my dad or not.
My mother must have thought that was my final answer because they continued fucking, even harder, her screaming echoed through the house. It was kind of turning me on listening to them. I reached down and rubbed my pussy, thinking of the one person who really mattered in my life…..Jamie.

I had decided not to tell my dad that my mother was fucking the gardener, she had managed to persuade me with a talk about needing some when my father was away and that I didn’t want to be the one to wreck the family.

The gossip about the party had spread around school and died out after 1 week as usual. Despite brad saying he had kept our intercourse safe I went to get checked out anyway, thankfully I was all clear.

My 16th birthday had been and gone, 2 months after Jamie’s.
My mom and Paul the gardener had gone out with jenny and her bit on the side, which Jamie know about but had also decided to say nothing, so Jamie came round mine for the night whilst they were out, no doubt having wild orgies like dirty whores.

Jamie came around when I was in the shower; he walked in as usual and shouted for me.
“I'm in the shower, make yourself comfortable” I shouted down and continued getting washed.

We arranged for tonight to be like a date as we hadn’t spent much time with each other lately, plus we were both single now.

I heard the bathroom door creek open, I couldn’t see as the shower glass was fogged up. I slid the shower door open a little and popped my head out.
Jamie was standing in the doorway.
“Hey” I said to him “do you mind, I'm in the shower here.
“Sorry, I didn’t know……….besides I’ve seen it all before” he said, still standing there.
“Yeah but that was ages ago, I’ve changed since then” I said as I rinsed off.
“You feelings have changed ?”
I thought that was a bit of an odd question for him to ask
“No, my body has changed” I said as I turned off the water
“Yeah, it got better” Jamie said. He always said stuff like this to me now, in a joking way.

I got out the shower, not bothering to tell him to turn around, I just put my arm over my tits, got a towel and faced away from him and got dried.
“I’ll wait down stairs shall I”? He said
“Yeah that might be a good idea”
When he left the room I continued getting dried, wrapped my hair in a towel, put one round my body and went into my room to get dressed.
When I went in Jamie was there, lying on my bed reading my magazines.
“Wow, this woman in here is fit” he said, holding a picture of a model up.
“Hello…….I want to get dressed” I said, pointing at the fact that I was in bath towels.
I un-wrapped the towel around my hair and threw it at him.
I could see him surveying me, tracing my long tanned legs to the towel, up to where it covered my breasts then to my eyes, then stood up and walked towards me as if to leave.
“No you don’t” he said, standing right in front of me.
He put one hand on my hip and the other around my back and kissed me firmly on the lips.
I didn’t react, I had been here before, kissing Jamie as a young girl, but back then I was inexperienced and didn’t know what I know now.
Jamie broke the kiss and looked into my eyes.
“I'm sorry” he said “I shouldn’t have”
But I knew he should have, I put 1 hand one his face and pulled him towards me, planting my lips firmly on his. My tongue pushed into his mouth and met his, we kissed for what seemed like forever before I fell backwards onto my bed, Jamie still holding me in his arms and our lips locked together.
Jamie’s hand ran up my smooth thigh and pushed under the towel which barely covered my tight 16 year old ass.
The towel gave way and loosened, his hand glided up my stomach and stopped on my tits. It felt fantastic, his hand needing my c cup tits, making my nipples erect.
Jamie broke his lips from mine and slowly kissed the side of my neck as he pulled the towel out from under me.
I fumbled around until I found his jeans button and undid it, he pulled them down with his right hand as he caressed my left tit with his left hand and sucked my right nipple.
I pulled his T-shirt off as he slid his boxers down, his cock sprung free; it was about 7” long and fat as fuck. I needed it in me, I needed to taste it.
FUCK ME” I shouted at him.
All this was new from now, I had seen Jamie naked, I had kissed him plenty of times but unfortunately I had never had the opportunity to fuck him, but that was about to change.
I felt his cock slide in my pussy, it felt like I was going to split; my tight pussy couldn’t take it.
I let out a slight moan type cry as the thickness of his meat pushed further into my tight cunt.
“OHH FUCK ME, YES, FUCK ME” I moaned as I felt the entire length of his cock in me,
I nibbled his ear as my body withered about, his cock was pumping in my cunt faster now, slamming in as far as it could go.
I lay there enjoying every second, I had never felt this good, nor had a cock so big in me, I was close to orgasm straight away and kept this feeling for a while until it finally took over, I pushed my tits up into his chest as the feeling in my pussy exploded around my body, I hugged Jamie tight as the rest of my body went limp, my eyes were rolled back into my head, it lasted for ages, or what seemed like ages and could definitely take the record as my best orgasm ever.
When I got my feeling back I was a little shaken, Jamie rolled off me, his cock was still pretty hard so I kneeled in between his legs as he lay on his back and took it into my mouth, I had never tasted myself before, I couldn’t complain but I wasn’t there to taste myself, I sucked hard on his dick, my pussy flavor wore off and it was soon the taste of his hot sticky cum that I could taste, my mouth was full of his cum and I quickly swallowed to make room, the cum spilled out my mouth and dribbled down my chin, it tasted sweet but salty, and I loved it.
The cum which escaped my mouth got rubbed onto my tits before we got into the shower together and got washed off before going back to bed, that night we slept holding each others naked body.

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