Mother's Girl

Mother's Girl

If I rest my head on the pillow on the other side of the bed, I can still smell mother’s hair. She uses a preparation with a slight scent of pears, but her preterred fragrance is Anais Anais and this morning, as usual she showered with Anais Anais body shampoo. The bed is warm from her body and her scent lingers as does the indentation in the bed she has so recently left.

It is a mid afternoon in late July. The yellow curtains are almost fully closed but the sunlight is filtering through the fabric and one vivid bar of bright yellow is shining on the floor where the gap is letting the light through. One of the windows is slightly open and a light warm summer breeze is bringing the sounds and smells of the garden into the bedroom.

I am 25, unmarried and have always been thought a little strange or possibly very shy because I have never really had what is thought of as a normal relationship. I had one or two boyfriends at school, but apart from allowing a few furtive and inexperienced attempts to touch me in private places, I never seemed to have had any sexual urges for the opposite sex. I suppose that deep down I’ve always known why.

I am not unattractive. I am a blue eyed, natural blonde, around 5’7” and weigh about 125 pounds. My measurements are 34C-25-34.

I am naked.

My mother is downstairs opening a bottle of Chardonnay and will shortly be coming back to bed with it.

We have just discovered each other's urges and needs.

The door opens and my mother comes in with the wine and two lead crystal glasses on a tray. She is also naked and as she walks over to the bed I admire her forest of dark brown pubic hair and her 36D breasts and the way they swing as she stoops to place the tray on the bedside table. She pours two glasses and hands one to me and I sit up to take it from her allowing the solitary crisp white cotton sheet to fall from my breasts as I do so.

My mother gets into bed next to me so that our bodies are touching and languidly places her left thigh over my right one as she takes a sip of the chilled, crisp, white burgundy. I take a sip of mine and carefully place the glass on the side table before turning to her and kissing her full on the lips allowing wine to trickle down the outside of her throat and onto her breasts as I reach down between her thighs to fondle her rapidly swelling and parting outer labia.

Her glass is drained before she lets it fall to the floor and turning towards me, places one hand on my left breast and the other between my thighs. We pull each other close and our tongues lock together.

I allow my face to slide down her body licking the wine from her neck and breasts, sucking and licking each pert brown nipple in turn before drifting southward as she arches her back and clenched buttocks off the bed. My probing tongue passes over her navel and approaches her fanny. She shivers and lets out a little moan as my tongue parts her hairy labia and I taste her slightly sweet, slightly sour sexual juices and flick my tongue tip over her pertly protruding clitoris. I give her vagina a deep, french kiss and then thrust my face between the buttocks I have rapidly pulled apart and tongue as far as I can reach into her pliant bottom crack.

It is now her turn and she lies on top of me holding a breast in each hand and swirling her fingers round each nipple; pulling, squeezing and rolling each in turn and at the same time pressing her pubic mound into mine and rocking her hips up and down. The effect on me is electrifying. I wrap my thighs round her back and thrust up to her keeping pace with her thrusts. She starts to rub her fanny sideways across mine in the same general rhythm as I reach once more for her mouth with mine and penetrate her lips with my tongue.

She breaks off and slides down the bed until her face is between my legs and her nose is rubbing my clitty and her tongue is licking the entrance to my love tunnel. She pushes her tongue inside me as far as she can and manages to just catch the ridges at the top of my cunt wall and then its like a starburst as she catches my G-Spot for the first time! Oh God! No-one has ever triggered this before; even I, have never really known where it was, but I certainly do now. She looks slyly up at me and grins asking me if that was my first encounter with Miss G. I don’t have to tell her that it was. She licks it again. When I recover she is lying next to me sipping her second glass of chardonnay. My fanny feels like its had an electric eel inside it.

After we have both finished our second glass of wine during which time we gently fondled and caressed each other’s breasts and lightly fingered each other’s pussies, my mother reaches under the bed and produces large strap-on dildo. This is a fearsome looking object, some nine inches in length and very thick in girth and as far as I can tell is moulded very realistically, but my experience in these things, is limited! . It has a large pair of balls and a reservoir tank into which Mum proceeds to pour a quantity of cream. She asks me if I am still ‘intact’ and somewhat shamefacedly I have to admit that I am; I certainly have never been penetrated by a man. She tells me that it is my rightful and just deserts to be de-flowered by my mother.

She pulls the top sheet off the bed and places a thick fleecy white towel on the bottom fitted sheet and I lie on it. She straps the dildo in position and applies a coating of KY Jelly over its entire surface. I lie at her instruction, with my knees up and my thighs splayed open. My pussy with its fine coating of honey blonde pubic hair, is already open but I pull the lips further apart exposing the sticky pink inner parts glistening in the sunlight and my clitoris straining perkily from under its hood of pink flesh folds. Oh Gosh I want this……… I’ve waited so long for someone other than myself to give me sexual relief ….. and to think that it should be my Mum, who I never had the slightest suspicion till this morning might swing both ways, taking my cherry…… Oh God Mum please be gentle with that awful thing.. both frightening and wonderful at the same time…….. Mum, remember it’s your little girl lying here waiting for something most women don’t wait a quarter of a century for ………. I feel the end nuzzling my clit and slipping down to my vagina …………….. it slips inside ………. I look down and see an inch disappear then two; there is resistance ………… Oh God ……… don’t tease me ………. She rocks backward and forward a few times, almost pulling it completely out and then placing a finger over my lips and giving me a look of total fulfilment she lunges forward and sinks seven or eight inches straight down into my deepest recess ……….. a momentary blockage and then it is through ……… I gasp in pain and she places her hand gently over my mouth as the downward stroke commences but the pain is nothing to the pleasure I feel as that wonderful pink rubbery cream filled beast explodes deep inside my cunt filling me with its soothing, cooling contents.

She removes it and goes down on me licking the cream from my pussy and flicking her tongue over my clitty; gently at first; then not so gently; then with urgency as I thrash about on the towel as she raises herself up and pushes two the three fingers inside me and finger fucks me to a buttock clenching, thigh straining, calf tensing, toe curling orgasm …….. Oh God! ….. Oh God! …. Oh God!…… I didn’t know it could be like this … Oh thank you so much Mum!

I look up at her and feel so much that it is hard for me to speak the words.

‘Give me a couple of minutes mum and I’ll fuck the arse off you as well!

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