My Aunt Teaches Me 2 – Initiation

My Aunt Teaches Me 2 – Initiation

I cannot pretend that I slept well that first night. Both women were all over me at the start and it was only after some moving around that we got comfortable. We ended with me lying on my back, with my legs wide apart. Each woman straddled one leg, their mouths nuzzling my neck and their hands all over my cock and balls. When either one of them woke during the night, they would fondle my genitals, which would immediately woke me with a start. As the night wore on, so my cock became stiff and they obviously became aroused. I could feel the oily love juices seeping from their cunts onto my legs and the heat from their crotches was more noticeable as morning approached.

“What about an early morning session Maria?” my aunt husked, once her sucking at my neck had been completed. I knew she was aroused for she had been rubbing her bush against my leg, whilst giving me the love-bites and her slit had become thoroughly wet and slippery.

“Yes, good idea, but who is going to have him first?” Maria replied. “Actually perhaps you had better, after all I had first call on his sperm last night. Once you have completed, I shall actually enjoy the challenge of seeing if I can get a greater effort from him.

“Oh, my God, please not again!” I begged. “I am still exhausted from last night and if you make me do it again now, I will be exhausted for the rest of the day. PLEASE leave me alone!”

“Hey, we will have none of that!” my aunt replied. “You had better learn that from now onwards your main task is to spurt sperm for whoever Maria and I decide should have it. We will certainly have no complaining – true we will help you as much as we can, but as you will remember Maria saying last night, the effort has to come from you. And, by the way, don’t even think about trying to hide your sperm from us, for we will get it from you in the end. Don’t forget, we have had years of experience of extracting from young men, so there is no way someone as young as you will be able hide from us!”

With her words ringing in my ears, my two Mistresses started working on me. Maria pulled her nipple from my mouth with a ‘plop’ and disappeared under the bedclothes, while my aunt came over me and brought her mouth fully down on mine, forcing my lips apart and thrusting her tongue right down my throat. She pinioned my arms to the bed, and then to my horror I felt Maria’s hot breath on my thighs. Her hands cupped my balls, holding my cock straight up, so that her mouth had easy access to the length of it. Her mouth swept down the length of my cock with her tongue lashing my tender knob with such force that I involuntarily bucked my hips with the sensation. I struggled to free myself from both women, but they were too heavy and strong for me and soon Maria’s expert tongue had her saliva running down my thighs and the sensation was such, that I started to get concerned that my sperm might shoot into her mouth. As if she knew, suddenly the bedclothes were thrown back and Maria announced:

“I think he is ready for you now Sue. I have warmed him up and I don’t want to get him too aroused, or he will spurt into you too soon.”

My aunt needed no coaxing. She came off me and slid her heavy bulk down the bed. This time I had a clear view of what was occurring and what I saw appalled me. My aunt straddled my waist, and then with her left hand she delved into her massive dark bush to find her labia lips. She gazed down over the bulge of her stomach, for she was a heavy woman. Her slightly sagging breasts moulded into her body as she leant over to look into her thick dark bush and I could clearly see her pushing her fingers into her slit and them coming away all oily. She rubbed the protruding lips, so that they involuntarily swelled and opened, and I could see the pink gash surrounded by her dark pubic hair. She moved her fingers to widen the lips and then supporting herself on her right hand, she started to lower herself down over me. Maria meanwhile had my stiff cock in her fist and as my aunt lowered herself slowly down, so Maria aimed my cock into the lips. I felt both the heat and slipperiness on the head of my cock and then ever so slowly I disappeared into my aunt’s cunt. Other greedy lips inside her seemed to swallow up my cock as on and on she came down. All the time I had this extraordinary sensation of my cock parting the damp fleshy walls of her red-hot cunt. Eventually my cock had disappeared totally inside her and she sank down full weight onto me. She wriggled down even further to get every last inch of my cock into her greedy cunt and I felt the walls start to tighten and swish around my length.

Maria, having safely delivered my cock inside my aunt, moved swiftly up the bed, with her huge hanging breasts dangling over my face.

“A bit of smothering, I think” she said and with no warning she sank down over my face so that my whole head was encased in her warm dark tit-flesh. The light disappeared as she closed her mammaries around my head. Then to add to my imprisoning, I felt her weight coming fully down onto me and under her weight my head sank into the soft pillows on the bed. Luckily I could still breath out of the corner of my mouth, but the heat and scent of her enveloping me to such a degree made my head swim and I felt totally swamped in this woman.

Even though Maria had my top half fully bound, I was not allowed to forget what was happening to my lower half. My aunt had been sitting quite still, although I could feel her cunt muscles gripping the length of my cock. However as soon as Maria had settled over me, my aunt began to slide herself ever so slowly up my shaft. Up and up she went and I could feel the cool air wafting against the soaking length of my cock. She raised herself up until just the head of my cock was nipped between her lips; she paused and then with a grunt sank fully down onto me again. Her sliding down produced the most intense sensation in my cock and I bucked and fought to thrust even deeper into her. She met me all the way, wriggling down so that I had the sensation of the head of my cock head nuzzling the neck of her womb.

This motion repeated itself many times and each time I got nearer to exploding. The greatest sensation was when she plunged down on me for when she withdrew, her womb clung to my cock and only released it reluctantly. The act of releasing slid great folds of soft moist skin over the bulging head of my cock and threatened to make it explode.

By some unknown message, Maria became aware that I was close to climaxing, for suddenly her huge breasts came off my face and she looked down at me. She lowered her face and proceeded to lick my eyes and lips, tasting me as she did so.

“You are going to have to learn self-control, darling,” she murmured whilst nibbling my ear. “We don’t want any sperming until we are ready; is that understood? I will tell you when you are to shoot your sperm and you will hold back until I give you the order. You concentrate on my tits and let me decide when you should shoot. Neither Sue nor I want you aimlessly shooting your sperm anywhere when we are not ready. So you only sperm on my order, is that understood?”

I could only grunt in reply, for as she spoke, so Maria was rubbing one of her fat nipples over my lips so that it stood out; a great inch of dark peaking flesh, jutting out from the smooth bulge of her breast. She then squeezed my cheeks, which had the effect of opening my mouth and the nipple was fed in for me to suckle. While suckling I could look past the swell of Maria’s breast to where my aunt was enjoying herself impaled in my cock. She was bouncing up and down with gay abandon, with her big breasts jiggling and swaying with the motion. Her head was thrown back, her eyes were tight shut and she was biting her lower lip as she concentrated on rubbing herself over the length of my shaft. Suddenly a low growl came from her lips.

“My God, I am almost there Maria,” she breathed. “I want him to come with me, can you arrange that?”

“I am sure we can” Maria replied and she removed the big nipple from my mouth so that she could bring her face down close to mine. I stared up into her dark eyes and noticed again her strong features. She had wide cheekbones, big dark eyes; her full lips and long dark hair were framed above me as she spoke.

“Now my darling, you are going to sperm your aunt on my order, do you understand?” The question needed no answer, for my breathing was becoming ragged with the exertion of holding back my boiling sperm. Maria’s hand crept round behind my aunt’s bulk and slid under her to grasp and cup my tense balls.

“Oh Yes! He is very nearly there. I can feel all this new sperm boiling up inside him. This is going to be a massive climax when it comes Sue, are you ready?” At that my aunt threw back her head and yelled:


Maria’s face came to within an inch of mine.


I needed no second order for the sperm was roaring out of me. I bucked and grunted and thrust into my aunt as my seed spurted and frothed its way into her tubes. On and on I pumped and my aunt rode me all the way. Her grasping cunt reacted to the invasion of my seed by milking my cock with waves of squeezing up the length of my shaft. As my balls drained, so the torrent of sperm slowly subsided, I was panting and gasping for air and was aware of Maria massaging and shaking my balls to get the last drops of sperm from me.

Suddenly my aunt was spent and with a massive sigh she slid off me. My livid red cock oozed out of her, slick with her copious juices and with dribbles of sperm seeping from its end. However, I could not have been prepared for what came next. Quick as a flash Maria gathered up by slackening cock and fed it into her mouth and started to suck viciously. She wound herself around my waist and vacuumed my cock, so producing the most incredible sensations inside me. I screamed with agony as the nerve ending in my cock cried out for release. Then just as I thought I would pass out, with the greatest effort imaginable, a huge spurt of sperm shot from my cock and Maria greedily gobbled it up. She came off me with a wide grin on her face.

“I knew you could do it, darling. There is always one last spurt if we are prepared to work for it. Mmmmm that tasted so good. I can see I am going to get the taste for young sperm.”

I was totally spent. I lay on the bed gasping for air, with my aunt lying by me still keening with her secondary climaxes. She would clamp her thighs tight together and moan, as another wave of sensation would wash over her. Maria by this stage was off the bed and into the bathroom, but I was too exhausted to move. Eventually my aunt rose over me and smiled down at me with her wide sexy grin.

“Ooohh darling, that was marvellous. I can’t tell you how I have longed to do that – ever since I kissed you all those years ago, I have longed to make love to you. And to think that now I can do it all the time – it is just too marvellous. I am going to drain those balls of seed until I have turned you into just one big sperm-production plant. But now you must have a bath and we then will all have breakfast. After that Maria and I will tell you how your life will proceed from now on.”

My aunt had prepared a lovely breakfast and I found that I was extremely hungry and thirsty. Both women remarked on the fact that they would have to ensure my liquid intake was kept up, as they would be extracting so much from me. I was too interested in drinking glasses of juice and milk to replenish my liquid levels to notice at the time. After breakfast, we moved into the sitting room, where I was placed, still totally naked between my two women. Hands started caressing my genitals again, but it was my aunt speaking that held my attention.

I was taken into a small cloakroom. Two shavers were plugged into the wall and each woman took up one and switched them on. The buzzing sound filled the room and my aunt started by shaving my head. Hers was a coarse shaver, but once the majority of hair was removed, then Maria followed with a finer machine that shaved me totally to the skin. All the hair on my head went, as did my eyebrows and the thin hair on my chest. Then my legs were shaved, as was all the hair under my arms. Eventually only my pubic hair remained.

“This is the bit which I have been looking forward to most,” said my aunt as she knelt down in front of me and started to shave around my cock. She was gentle and careful, but I held my breath in case the shaver nipped the loose skin around my balls. But she was careful and soon my cock and balls stood out bare and vulnerable. The buzzing sensation then went all around my genitals and then down between my legs and around my anus.

“Bend over and touch your toes,” my aunt ordered. Upon doing so, I felt the shaver move around my anus and back to the base of my cock as she completed her task. Then it was Maria’s turn and when she had finished there was a huge pile of my hair all over the floor. I had never felt so naked or vulnerable in my life for apart from my eyelashes there was not a single hair on my body. In particular as I have said, I was concerned at my cock and balls, which stood out totally vulnerable without any hair to hide them. We then moved into the kitchen where Maria rubbed baby oil all over me, so that my skin was smooth and fresh.

“Lovely!” my aunt exclaimed. “It has turned out better than I ever imagined. So let’s continue the training.” She took my hand and the three of us moved back into the sitting room.

Maria knew exactly what was to come for she placed herself into the middle of the sofa and motioned for me to kneel in front of her. My aunt sat down beside me and pushed me forward so that I was kneeling down between Maria’s open legs where I found myself gazing directly into her huge dark bush.

“So, darling,” my aunt started. “What we want to do know is to explain to you the intricacies of the female body as you will be spending an awful lot of time pleasuring women and it is important that you learn which are the most important parts”.

With that Maria’s fingers delved into her bush and parted the soft hair to reveal her wide lips. I noticed how her dark thighs and pubic hair contrasted with the pink gash of her cunt. The heavy lips allowed the tiniest of pink to show through the hair.

“I will use Maria’s cunt as an example, but you will find that all females are roughly the same. So you concentrate now.” She then moved so that her fingers smoothed Maria’s hair aside to reveal more clearly the dark outer lips. “First we have the outer lips. These love to be sucked and licked and you will be doing plenty of that. Why don’t you try now?”

With that she pushed my head down between Maria’s huge thighs. I resisted as much as I could, for I dreaded the idea of licking the big slit that was gazing up at me, but in reality there was no going back.

“Come on silly!” my aunt said. “Don’t try and resist, or we will have to punish you,” and she pushed me more firmly down so that my face was touching the soft hair of Maria’s cunt.

“Now you give those outer lips a lick and see what happens.”

I could not resist, so I stuck out my tongue and gave the lips a long wet lick. The reaction from Maria as incredible. She bucked and snorted loudly and with both her hands, she enclosed the back of my head and pushed me further into her crotch.

“Do that again!” she ordered.

“Yes, do so,” my aunt said, so I gave the lips another wet lick. Maria screamed and I shot away thinking I had hurt her.

“No silly!” my aunt admonished me. “She loves it and will want you to do more. In the end if you keep going you will quickly bring her to a climax. But look what has happened to the lips. I looked down and to my amazement; the outer lips had opened like the petals of a flower revealing another set of pink lips inside.

“These are the inner lips,” my aunt said. “I am going to open these for you, for inside them is one of the best and most sensitive parts of a woman’s body.”

With her fingers she rubbed the inner lips very softly and Maria groaned and sighed, wriggling her thighs on the sofa. My aunt gently prised the inner lips apart and there inside them was a bright pink nubbule of jutting flesh.

“Now darling,” she said very softly. “I want you to lick that little nubbule and see what happens. This is Maria’s clit and it is an area you must learn to love”

Very slowly she again pressed my head down between Maria’s thighs and I noticed at once the heat coming from Maria’s body. She was like a furnace and as I looked up over her tits before going down, I saw her eyes were tight shut and her breathing was laboured. My nose was engulfed by the scent of her cunt hair and I licked very carefully inside the inner lips and felt the nubbule with the tip of my tongue. As I swept my tongue over it, the reaction from Maria was immediate. All the muscles in her body tensed, she gasped audibly, but most incredibly there was a gush of her love-juices, which washed into my mouth.

I came off her in a hurry, with my face slippery with her juices. I looked up at my aunt who was smiling broadly.

“So that really is all it takes, darling,” she murmured. “What will normally happen is that a woman will sit down over your face and you will expected to lick her out. We call this “queening” and I am sure you will get used to it. But we can’t leave poor Maria in such a state, so what I want you to do now is to go back in there and continue licking her lips and clit until she climaxes. This will give you a good idea of what we will expect from now on.”

I did not dare disobey, so I moved back down between Maria’s thighs and she slid her hands around the back of my head. She pressed me into her soft flesh and I started to lick her with all my strength. She was moaning and sighing and I was having to drink up her copious juices that were flooding out of her and threatening to swamp me. I licked and slurped and I could tell by the increase in heat and by her undulations that she was not far from a climax. Then it hit her like a tornado. She bucked and screamed and forced me deeper into her crotch. Wanting to do a good job, I licked for all I was worth and then suddenly she was spent.

I came out from inside her, soaking and sticky with her love-juices. Not minding at all, she gathered me up and kissed me full on the mouth forcing her tongue inside my mouth.

“Thank you my darling!” she cooed. “That was simply marvellous. OOOhhhhh!! There goes another secondary climax. My god, this is marvellous, I shall want that tongue of yours inside me all the time!” We lay clamped together on the sofa while Maria keened and moaned at the sensation of the secondary climaxes. Finally she was finished and she unwound me from her embrace so that the ‘training’ could continue.

“Good!!” my aunt exclaimed. “Now you probably wonder why we want you to do this so I will show you. Maria can you take up the position over the back of the sofa?”

“No trouble,” Maria said and proceeded to move round to the back of the sofa and then leant over it. My aunt took me by the hand and led me round so that I had a good view of Maria’s large rounded backside protruding upwards as she lay over the back of the sofa. My aunt took up a position behind me and then proceeded to push me forwards towards Maria’s backside. She reached around me and taking my cock in her fist pointed it directly forwards.

“Now forward you go!” she exclaimed. As I moved slowly forwards, so I could see she was aiming my cock between Maria’s legs, which were spread apart. I tried to hold back, but she was pushing me on until eventually the head of my cock probed into Maria’s deep bush. My aunt let go of my cock and with a shove of her hips, pushed me into Maria, right up to the hilt. Maria sighed and I could feel her cunt muscles that so recently had been spasming with her climax, grip the length of my cock. My aunt grasped me by my hips with both her hands and moved slightly away from me.

“Now Exercise!!” she commanded. With that she started to undulate my hips back and forth, which had the effect of moving me in and out of Maria. I gasped as my cock slid easily in and out of her cunt and I could feel the sperm rising in me. The penetration and feeling brought on by this method of entry was incredible and I feared I would pass out from the feeling. On and on my aunt went until I knew I could hold back no longer.

“OOHH my God, I’M COOOMMMIIING” I screamed as my aching and exhausted balls churned forth another huge load of sperm, which I spurted into Maria’s eager and hungry cunt. I bucked and fought as the sperm flooded and frothed out of me. My aunt had moved up behind me by this stage and was holding me into Maria, who in turn was thrusting back at me, to try and entrap my cock and push it further into her. Suddenly Maria climaxed as well and the combination of her milking cunt muscles and pouring love-juices extracted the final spurt from me. If my aunt had not been behind me, supporting me, I would have collapsed onto the carpet, so exhausted was I. But she held me into Maria with ease so ensuring my demanding Mistress was able to use my cock to the fullest advantage. Finally I was allowed to slide out of Maria. My cock was livid and shiny from Maria’s juices and I saw huge gobs of my sperm beginning to run down her legs. Her little lips were pulsing in and out with her climax and each time they pulsed out, so another stream of sperm slid out of her. She had collapsed over the sofa, breathing rapidly, but looked round with love and her desire in her eyes.

“Oh my!” she breathed. “Sue, I am going to fall head over heels for this gorgeous little boy. Can I have him all to myself for a time this afternoon, for there are so many things I want to do with him. My whole body is alive with lust for him – I must have him!”

“All in good time,” my aunt replied. “I am keen that we continue his training, but don’t forget, we can both have him for ourselves during the night. All those long hours of darkness with just four tits, two cunts and his cock to play with – mmmmm what a lovely thought!!”

I was too shocked and appalled at everything that had happened to me over the last 24 hours to say anything, and I was also so exhausted that trying to resist was the last thing on my mind.

So the first day of my initiation and teaching closed with both women slowing their demands of me as their desires were satiated. The following days and nights merged into sessions of complex intertwined bodies, with tits in mouths, cunts leaking and oozing juices at any time of the day and night and my cock embedded deep inside a cunt, or sometimes being sucked voraciously if either Mistress felt that I was not giving my best effort. My balls were being massaged day and night and I did feel that eventually I would be able to keep up with their demands. I would never have spare sperm in my balls, for as they said, they planned to drain my balls as soon as it was apparent that there was sperm for the taking. Gallons were pumped into sopping cunts as well as being drunk at any time. My liquid intake rose dramatically and both females spent much time researching the most sex-enhancing fluids on the market.

We became inseparable – three bodies drawing fluids from each other. The only difficulty from my point of view was that I had two to lick, suck and service, while they had to share my slender resources. It was however after about three weeks of living in this way that the first change took place. That is the subject of the next chapter.

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