Next Door Delemma

Next Door Delemma

Alex had just moved into a new house once again. His family moved a lot due to his father’s job. Alex had just turned 17 last week and he was enjoying his new life. He felt more comfortable in his new neighborhood than ever before, epically because of the friendly environment that the neighborhood had shown to them. Many of their new neighbors had stopped by to welcome them to the neighborhood. But one person in particular intrigued Alex more than anyone else had before.

Her name was Mrs. Susan Patterson. She had been living in the house next door to Alex’s new house for over 15 years. She unfortunately, had lost her husband two years ago. She had discovered that her husband had cheated on her and that he never loved her. She had been very secluded and sheltered because of the event. But she seemed to have a change of attitude once Alex’s family had moved in.

Her relationship with Alex started when his parents had offered that he would maintain her lawn since she had not been good at keeping her house up. He would mostly just cut grass and maintain the garden in her back yard. Over the summer Alex and Susan became very close. Their friendship had become something that both of them had experienced in a long time. And it was about to get a whole more interesting…

“Alex could you step inside her for a moment please?” she said softly.

“Just a minute, Mrs. Patterson.” He responded. For the first time he had truly seen her beauty for what it really was. She was 5’ 6”; 125 lbs and she had dirty blonde hair that looked gorgeous. Mrs. Patterson worked in a salon and it certainly showed. Her complexion was perfect in every way.

“Forget about that stupid yard work, that can wait.” She had just come out of the shower and had nothing on except a small pink towel. She wore it so low and it showed a moderate size of her bust. Alex was mesmerized by the scene and quickly came to her.

“What is it Mrs. Patterson?” he said.

“Could you please help me move these boxes into my room. They are pretty heavy,” she said in humorous tune “are you sure you can handle them?”

“Oh I think that I can manage.” He was so energized with the newly formed image of her in his head. He seemed to have no trouble with the boxes.

“I had never noticed that you were so strong, do you work out?”

“Well…yea. Me and some of my friends work out after school, its nothing much really” he said “do you need anything else?”

“Well yes. Could you take that one box to the bathroom for me?” she said softly.

“Of course!” He had taken the box to the bathroom. When he came back he saw that Mrs. Patterson had taken off her towel and was completely naked. She hadn’t noticed him there to he continued to watch as she changed. The sight made Alex hard instantly. He had never seen anyone naked before in his life, besides his porno mags under his bed. But this was far better than anything he had seen before.

Suddenly she had turned around to see Alex staring in awe. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” she screamed as she quickly covered herself. She was very tense and did not know what to do. There was a eerie silence until Alex spoke up.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Patterson, I didn’t mean to walk in on you. I didn’t know you were changing.” He said frantically “I should just go home and-“

“Oh no, its alright” she said calmly. “I’m sure that wasn’t the first time you have seen a naked woman before?”

“Well, Mrs. Patterso-“

“Please! Call me Susan.” She said. “We’ve gotten to know each other for some time now, and I feel that we can refer to each other on a first name basis from now on.”

Alex became more and more comfortable once Susan had said that. “Well, its just that I’ve never actually seen a naked person before.”

“Well why don’t you come over here and ill show you something,” she said. Then she had slowly taken off her towel once again revealing her naked body. Alex was shocked by this and started to shake at the sight, but he tried to keep his composure. “It has been so long since I have any sort of pleasure.” she spoke, “Ever since my husband left me I have been so lonely and horny. But that’s about to change.” She slowly had gotten off her bed and told Alex to come over. Then she started to slowly massage him. He was shocked at this and didn’t want to go through with this, yet her soft hands felt so good he didn’t want to stop either.

“I bet you haven’t had your cock sucked before?” she spoke.


“Well you’re in for a treat!” She started to massage his already hard cock and he felt so good at the time. Then she slowly unzipped his pants and started to suck his cock. It was obvious that she had not done anything sexual in a while. She did it with such passion that Alex had to stop her because he did not want it to end early. It felt so good and now he felt so comfortable and was now fully confident that he wanted to go through with what was happening.

“How about we switch things up and I taste your pussy?” he spoke with passion.

“Oh yes! I’m so wet and I haven’t had anyone eat me out since forever." So she lay on the bed and slowly he started to lick her pussy, from top to bottom.

“Ohhhhhh Goooodddd! You have no clue how good that feels. PLEASE DON’T STOP NOW!” she was shaking at the pleasure as her felt tingles from her head to her toes. Her pussy was so wet from the attraction that she had with Alex all of this time. She screamed loudly as she felt herself cumming. “Are you ready to taste me?” she said while panting. She became so excited that she took her hands and forced his head further into her hot pussy. “OH MY GOD! OOOHHHH YEEESSSS!!!! YESSSSSS! OOOHH GOOODDD!” she screamed as juices poured out of her. Her scent made Alex even more aroused.

“How about you get a piece of my cock?” he said.

“OH YES!! Are you kidding? You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for you to fuck me!” Alex was shocked by this and spared no time. He took his cock and slowly rubbed it along her lips until he slowly pushed his cock into her tight, hot pussy.

“FUCK ME ALEX! FUCK ME LIKE CRAZY! SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!” she moaned as his cock glided through her wet pussy easily. She then spread her legs even further, allowing Alex to fuck her harder and faster. She then leaned backwards into his lap forcing his cock further and further into her pussy.

“IM CUMMING, IM CUMMING” he said suddenly as he removed his cock from her and shot his entire load into her face.

“Oh my god, your juices feel so hot!” she then started licking up his hot cum. “Well was that fun Alex?”

“Lets just say this wont be the last time ill be doing more yard work.”

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