Sarah Followed Me – Chapter 3b

Sarah Followed Me – Chapter 3b

Part 10

I woke up the following morning with Sarah’s new dildo poking into my side. Sarah was still sleeping and I grabbed the toy dick to look at it. I brought it to my nose and could smell rubber and a hint of Sarah’s pussy. I reminisced of last night; fucking her with the dildo and watching her rub her clit at the same time. I also mused over the thought of flicking my tongue over her swollen clit causing her to moan in pleasure. It was hard to believe what I had done with my sister last night. If it wasn’t for the pink dildo that smelled like sex in my hand I would have thought it was a dream.

My relationship with Sarah was getting closer and more intense by the day. To think I was hesitant to even allow her to move in with me. When the request was made to me I figured she would be the annoying brat I grew up with. I was definitely wrong and saw a different side of her now. She was a grown up woman that could make my dick hard in an instant. But not only was she a sex figure to me but I was starting to feel much closer to her emotionally. I was now comfortable just hanging out with her. I didn’t care to go out with the guys to the bars and pick up chicks. I would rather spend the night with Sarah and watch a movie or just chat.
I rolled on to my side, wrapped my arm around her, gave her a squeeze and kissed her neck. She was now lying on her back and my arm snuggled right under her tits. “Mmmmm,” Sarah awoke and rolled towards me. “Good morning,” she said as she snuggled up tight into my arms and nestling her head into my chest. We were facing each other and my already hard dick was resting against her upper pubic bone.

Sarah didn’t move for awhile and I figured she had slipped back to sleep. I then began to think if we would ever have sex together. Would she give up her virginity to me? I knew I wouldn’t think twice giving mine to her. But I also knew that I would never dare to make that move. “Had we already gone too far?” I thought to myself. It was no longer just teasing and self satisfaction but pleasing each other. What was Sarah thinking of our escapades? I definitely enjoyed fooling around with her and was surprised at how natural it felt, but had we stepped over the line? I figured I would leave that up to Sarah to decide. I would not make any further moves and would let her take control.

I must have fallen asleep again too because I woke up to Sarah slipping out from under my arms. “Where are you going,” I said? “No where. I’m just gonna get some breakfast. I’m starving. I worked up an appetite after last night,” she said giving me a wink as she walked out of the room naked. I admired her ass as it traveled down the hall way to the kitchen.

I got up too, put some boxers on and went to the washroom to take a piss. I had to sit down on the toilet because my dick was semi hard and I would have pissed all over the place had I stood.

When I entered the kitchen Sarah was still naked and leaning over looking into the fridge. She finally grabbed some orange juice and stood up. Her nipples were rock hard as usual but I excused it for the coldness of the refrigerator. I also grabbed a glass of the juice for myself and sat at the kitchen table next to Sarah.

She obviously didn’t think last night was going too far or she wouldn’t have been so liberal with her attire this morning. She just sat at the table naked with one foot on the seat of the chair with her pussy exposed for me to stare at. “Your absolutely stunning sis,” I said admiring her beauty. “Thanks Kev, you’re so sweet,” she replied. I then got up and went to take a shower.

Half way through my shower Sarah opened the shower curtain to join me and startled me at the same time. I nearly slipped on the wet tub but caught myself. “I need a shower too. I hope you don’t mind,” she said. “Not at all,” I replied helping her into the shower. She then grabbed the soap and began to wash my back. She quickly moved to my cock and lathered it up real good.

She then rinsed it off and immediately kneeled down. She placed her lips over my penis and began to suck me off. The water was now soaking her hair and it draped over her face and back. The heat from her mouth was slightly warmer than the shower. I grabbed the top of her head and felt it move up and down as she continued to suck my cock. She took her time and was in no rush to get me off. It didn’t matter though; I was already close to blowing. She then grabbed my balls with her other hand and I grunted with pleasure.

“I’m gonna cum,” I said warning Sarah. She didn’t flinch though. She only continued to bob up and down and swirling her tongue at the same time. “I can’t hold it any longer,” I moaned just before the first spurt of cum projected into Sarah’s mouth. She still never flinched and kept milking me of my cum.

When I was weak in my knees and my balls were empty she stood up and licked her lips. Sarah must have swallowed my cum while I was filling up her mouth. “That wasn’t so bad. My friends say its gross but I kinda liked it,” she said confirming that she swallowed and didn’t spit.

Once I gathered my senses I started to lather her up with soap. I started at her shoulders and raised her arms to wash her arm pits. I then washed her back and her butt; concentrating on her ass crack. I then washed her chest making sure her nipples were good and clean and poking at the same time. I then knelt washing her legs starting at her feet and up to her thigh. The only part left was her pussy. I then lathered my hands, dropped the soap and rubbed her pussy lips and clit. My fingers slide easily between her lips but I made sure not to enter her vagina and put soap in there.

Sarah raised her leg and rested it on the side of the tub. I rinsed the soap off and opened her pussy lips so that I could see her spread cunt close up. I then placed my mouth over her clit and circle my tongue around it. At the same time I inserted my middle finger into her pussy. My finger slid in easily and I explored the inside of her vagina.

Sarah moaned loudly. She must have been getting more comfortable with me because I hadn’t heard her that loud before. “Shit…Oh Kevin don’t stop,” she groaned in pleasure. I then slowly inserted two fingers opening her tight pussy even more. I took my time not to stretch her too quickly and cause pain. “Ahhh fuck! That feels so good,” Sarah moaned letting me know I was hitting all the right spots.

My tongue flicked faster and harder over her clit sending her to the limit. “Ooooh,” she nearly screamed as her pussy pulsated over my fingers in an orgasmic rhythm. She then started to convulse slightly and I stood up and held her close to me supporting her until her orgasm subsided. I held her for a little while longer until she was stable again. We then washed each other’s hair and finished our shower pruned from being in the water so long.

“Thanks Kev,” Sarah said. “Ya. Thanks for cleaning me sis,” I said with a smirk.

Part 11

That night while I was brushing my teeth before bed I thought about how awesome my shower was earlier that day. I also thought how Sarah couldn’t have regretted anything we did so far otherwise she would have slowed down. But she wasn’t. It seemed like she wanted more and more like I did. I still told myself that I would not pursue any further than we had already gone. I was enjoying this too much to ruin it by taking it beyond Sarah’s limit. But what was her limit? Did she just enjoy playing around like we’ve done already or did she want to go all the way? We pretty much did everything before sex. What else was there?

I always believed that sex was a much bigger step than just fooling around or oral. I had fooled around with girls before but knew that unless they were really special to me I didn’t want to lose my virginity to them. Don’t get me wrong; I wanted to fuck the living shit out of some of my girl friends, but I didn’t want the first time to just be a fuck. I wanted it to happen with someone I would never forget. I wanted it to be with someone that would cherish the moment just as much as I did. I knew that if it was just a fuck for the girl and much more than that for me then I would feel like shit the next day.

How would I feel if Sarah and I did it together? I figure it would mean a hell of a lot for her since she was a virgin as well. I also knew that I would never forget her or the moment since she is my sister. In fact I always thought that the best person to lose your virginity to would be friend that was a virgin also. Sarah was really the best candidate; we were really close with each other, she was a virgin, and she was also hot.

Just as I was about to spit out the tooth paste Sarah joined me in the washroom naked and sat on the toilet to pee. I nearly choked when I saw her. I finished rinsing my mouth as she wiped her pussy clean with some toilet paper. I then bent over to dry my face with a towel on the rack and Sarah reached around me and grabbed my dick. I took and extra long time to dry my face as she stroked my penis to get me hard. She then stopped and I finished drying my face. “You’re such a tease sis,” I said. Sarah smirked at me in the mirror and started brushing her teeth. I went to the bedroom.

It was another hot night so I laid on top of the covers naked with a hard on waiting for Sarah to join me in bed. She came in the room a few minutes later and I admired her silhouetted body as it approached the bed. Sarah climbed into bed on my side and began to straddle me with her leg. I thought she was going to continue to her side of the bed when she stopped and sat on top of me with her hands rested on my chest and her pussy on my hard dick. “Mmmm,” she muttered. She rubbed my chest rocking slightly back and forth. I could feel the inner lips of her pussy pressed on top of my penis and her swollen outer lips creating a groove that my shaft filled.

Sarah then leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. “I love you Kev. You mean so much to me,” she said in between kisses. She then thrust her mouth harder into mine and shoved her tongue deep into my mouth giving me the wettest and most passionate kiss. “You make me so hot sometimes!” she said and then kissed me again. She also started to rock her pussy and this time I could feel her hard clit press against the head of my dick. “I want you so bad right now,” she whimpered as she thrust her clit harder against my cock.

Sarah then sat up again and her inner lips were moist and this time straddle my cock. She was extremely wet and I could feel the warmth of her vagina enveloping the top side of my penis. She then slid her pussy with ease up and down my dick stroking it with her lips and making it all slippery. I then realized that there was indeed more stuff we could do before sex. I wasn’t inside her but we were definitely closer than we ever were before. I was so turned on my dick was throbbing. I watched her face and tits as she continued to slide up and down on my shaft. She continued to slide further and further to the point where the opening of her vagina would stop at the head of my penis. Sometimes my penis would hit her inner pubic bone on her down stroke and bounce out over towards her clit.

I knew that the angle her pussy was in compared to the angle of my dick that it would be unlikely that I would penetrate her. It was pretty damn close though and I was starting to precum profusely. “Ya better be careful sis. I don’t want to get you pregnant,” I said getting a bit worried my precum would swim its way up her pussy. “Don’t worry. Mom put me on the pill at the beginning of the summer because she was worried I’d be fooling around when I went to university. I guess she was right,” she said with a laugh. “Really,” I replied with some relief since I was already getting paranoid we were going to get into trouble. “Ya, mom was pretty cool about it,” she said as she renewed her rocking motion.

My balls were now soaked with her jizz and I could feel my stomach below my dick getting wet as well. Sarah then leaned forward and French kissed me again. She rubbed her clit into my dick again. I knew that our angles were different now and that if she aligned us right I would slide right into her. I didn’t move a muscle though. If she wanted it she would have to make the move. She played with her clit against the head of my dick while her tits brushed against my chest.

After a few minutes Sarah then laid flat on me and urged me to roll over on top of her. I did willingly and ended up in a push-up position over top of her and between her legs. I took the sign from her and started to rub my dick against her pussy as she laid there motionless. I slid my dick up and down the length of her pussy pressing my balls against her opening on the up stroke and ending on the down stroke with my head at the opening. I did this for a while hitting her inner pubic bone a couple of times on the up stroke. Once I had to quickly stop as my penis was about to go in the other direction into her pussy. I wanted to keep going but forced myself to stop.

I then started to use my hand to control the direction of my dick and to apply a little more pressure in spots. I continued to slide the head of my dick up and down her lips stopping sometimes at her clit and wagging it left and right over her clit. I also got more daring around her vagina opening circling it and applying a little bit of pressure just so that the tip pressed against it. Sometimes I would just stopped at the opening and remain stiff to tease her and myself. One push and I could be buried deep inside her. I continued to do this for awhile. I was actually surprised I hadn’t blown my load by now. I figured it was probably because I was just as nervous as I was excited.

Then one time while I was teasing my head around the opening of her pussy Sarah rocked slightly and half the head of my penis entered her and then withdrew. I froze for a second and then carried on like before. The next time I stopped at her vagina she did it again. This time I didn’t move my dick from her opening like before. I then applied equal pressure back causing the head of my dick to enter her in the same amount. Sarah then did the same and we took turns.

After a minute or so of doing this Sarah instead of waiting until I was done my turn rocked at the same time. The entire head of my dick went inside her and we both froze. She was pretty tight and her vagina gripped behind the head of my penis. I knew that she was probably feeling her pussy stretch but I could tell also that she was in no pain. I’m sure the dildo worked her in a bunch but I was still slightly thicker than the dildo. I then pulled out slowly knowing that she would have to stretch again slightly since the head was a bit bigger than the shaft behind it.

I then took control slowly pushing the head back into her pussy again and pulling it out. After about ten in and outs Sarah was a little looser and I could increase my pace. Sarah then started to rock her pelvis with me. For every ten strokes we took a step deeper. After about 15 minutes of slow methodic strokes I was nearly all the way in her. I could tell Sarah’s pussy was starting to relax more and more and she was enjoying it at the same rate.

After another five minutes I was sliding in and out of her with ease. With ever penetration Sarah’s pussy sloshed from her wetness. My hips pumped up and down faster and faster and she gyrated her hips at the same pace. “Ahh you feel so good inside me,” Sarah moaned. “I never thought it would feel this good,” I replied. I didn’t think I could last much longer especially since Sarah was groaning as if she was going to go too. “I’m not going to last much longer,” I said giving her some time to figure out what she wanted me to do with my cum. “Oh, come inside me please. I want to feel you explode inside my pussy just like you did in my mouth,” Sarah said.

It wasn’t ten seconds later when I started to erupt plastering the inside of her pussy with my cum. At the same time Sarah started to jerk into an orgasm milking my dick of its last drop. I then collapsed on top of Sarah trying to catch my breath. I laid there for a minute kissing her neck and being careful not to pull out just yet.

I then rolled over and my cum trickled out of Sarah’s pussy. “Thank you Kevin,” Sarah said in a loving way. “Thank you too Sis. I’m so glad you chose me to be your first and am grateful that you were mine.” I replied. “I love you Sarah,” I said rolling over to give her a kiss. “I love you too Kevin,” she said pressing herself against me.

So when do you want to do it again,” Sarah said while wrapping her leg around me. My dick then sprung to life and I started to suck on her tits. The End.

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