Shaved by Mom and Brother

Shaved by Mom and Brother

You now how it is, you see someting, someone, and your mind starts racing thinking of all the possabilities, but never realise that within a few days all those things will happen.

Thats what happened a few weeks ago. Let me explain, my name is Jake, I'm sixteen, 5'6" and fairly muscular due to the amount of sport I play. After a hard training session I got home to find no one in which was strange as my Mom never normally goes out so early in the evening. I thought no more about it and got a drink and something to eat, when I became aware of noises coming from upstairs, the kind of noises you know are made by people fucking each other!

Slowly I climbed the stairs, my cock growing harder and harder with each step I took pre cum jiuce oozing out and soaking my shorts. I'd seen plenty of porno movies and mags to know what happens, but this was going to be my first time seeing it for real.

When I reached the landing I realised the noises were coming from the bathroom. Gentle I eased the door slightly further apart to get a better look. By now my cock was so hard it almost hurt and my balls were starting to twitch. What I saw blow my mind and it nearly blew spunk from my cock!

There in front of me was Mom on her knees with her head impaled on my younger brothers cock sucking for all she was worth. My brother, Sam, was sat on the edge of the bath eyes closed in sheer heaven, neither aware that I was watching. It was too much, I had to release the burning hot load from my balls. Before I could stop myself (not that I wanted to) I had stripped off and was jacking off my load as my Mom sucked off my brother. Somehow we all came at the same time and as Sam pumped his spunk down Moms throat. As he dis so, he opened his eyes and saw me for the first time and smiled. Mom just turned and grinned as she leaned over and sucked the last drops of cum off my cock.

As I stood there with Mom gently licking and teasing the end of my cock, I noticed that Sam had completely shaved off all his body hair. Although he is younger than me his growth of hair was way in front of mine and Mom had said in the past that he took after our father in the hair department, but it was not something she particularly liked and that she preferred the sensation of touching smooth skin.

Sam saw me looking and said that Mom had just finished doing the job in the shower and that the feeling was incredible, and he said it made his prick look twice the size, and I had to agrre with him it did! Even though it had subsided it still looked massive compared to mine. Mom just smiled and added that sucking a hairless cock and balls was so much nicer than one all covered in hairs. I then noticed a wicked smirk flick across Moms face and she asked if I would like her to shave my cock and balls and make them as smooth as my brothers?

What could I say other than, yeah of course. Mom stood and I saw for the first time her shaven cunt and glisening lips and my cock began to stir again. Sam moved out of the way and I stood in the shower as Mom covered my cock with shaving cream. Carefully over the next few minutes Mom expertly worked her razor to denude me of all my pubic hair to leave my aching, erect cock standing proudly to attention. Sam and Mom were right the feeling was sensational as Mom rinsed away the last traces of the foam and hairs.

Once I had dried off we all moved through to the bedroom. I kept noticing how Sam was looking at my clean hairless cock and licking his lips. Mom saw too and took the initiative. She said

"Jake, Sam has explained that he has greater feelings for boys than girls and that he wants to suck cock to see what it tastes like. Will you let him suck yours and taste your cum?"

Well, why not, I said. I had dreamt of this moment for a long time but never really expected it to happen. With a bounce of excitement Sam sat on the bed beside me and lent down to take hold of my cock. Slowly he lowered his mouth and licked the pre cum that was running down the shaft before taking me into his mouth. The feeling was unreal as he slowly bobbed up and down sliding his tongue around the head of my cock.

After a few moments Mom made us shift positions into a 69 and gently she introduced Sam's cock to my lips. The taste of his juice was great, slightly salty but somehow sweet. Without a thought I opened my lips and took my brothers cock deep into my mouth savouring the flood of juice he was giving me. I looked over at Mom, her eyes were closed and she was fingering her smooth hairless cunt for all she was worth and pulling on her left nipple.

Finally, after was seemed ages, I could hold back no longer. With several deep thrusts I sent wad after wad of spunk gushing down my brothers throat. I'm sure he'd done this before because he swallowed every last drop. He then came, and for the first time I experienced the feeling of a load of spunk hitting the back of my throat. Mom stopped and motioned for me to get up. She came over and kissed me fully on the mouth taking Sam's spunk from me before leaning over to kiss Sam. I then realised when I saw Sam that Mom had given his spunk back to him in his mouth!

Over the following weeks we had many repeat performances of the evening. Both Sam and I shave our bodies completely either by ourselves, with each other or with Mom. They were right, the feeling of running your tongue over smooth, freshly shaved cock is sensantional.

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