Summer on the Family Farm Pt. 1 Aunt Sandy

Summer on the Family Farm Pt. 1 Aunt Sandy

Summer on the Family Farm Pt. 1 Aunt Sandy

I’m out of Rum, Why am I always running out of rum, ah that’s why because I keep drinking it. So since I can’t drink (the drink shops are all closed atm) and since I can’t play any games at the moment I shall revert to my first passion writing, and I can’t get into Eve. Hopefully you will all like this. It was noted that many of these stories that I have read here are Lacking, I’ll do my best so that you wont find this one so. So anyway read it and lets get some feed back and I’ll try and tailor something up to all your tastes.

Right then little disclaimer here uh this is a fantasy don’t bloody do this you twits. The author is not responsible for other people who cannot control their own raging hormones.

Oooh, can of Iced coffee that’ll help. Right I’m going to add a little when I do lengths and measures I’ll add it in both English and Metric so its easier for some of you to understand it’ll be in parenthesis so for you Americans Ignore the Parenthesis the rest of you when you get to a measure read what is in the parenthesis to give you an idea.

It all started one summer when my mother sent us off to visit our cousins out in the backwoods. They lived way out in the middle of nowhere we were a bit bummed out. The Parentals disappeared in a cloud of dust leaving us on a small 70 acre (28.33 hectares for you metric folks) farmstead. There was a main house and several out buildings, including a barn and smoke house and about a half dozen other smaller buildings. Aunt Sandy made us feel at home as we could be she was a small woman about 5’4” (163 Cm.). she was busty and her daughter Karen was a bit taller than she, and quite pleasing to the eye. She was 15 a year older than me and two years older than Susan my sister. Anyway Sandy informed us that our other cousins Tasha and Nicole should be joining us soon and that we should get some rest as we had been on the road almost all day, and it was late the sun was nearing the horizon.

Aunt Sandy showed us to our rooms and I immediately fell into the soft bed and floated off into dreamland. Having barely managed to get my pants off. How could I have been that exhausted ? no idea I was. I woke to the mirthful sound of giggling . I opened my eyes it took me a bit to realize where I was and I got up and the giggling broke out again. I started towards the door and I heard rushing footsteps I took a shower and headed downstairs to the kitchen where breakfast was served.

At breakfast Aunt Sandy informed us of the chores that we were expected to do, Tasha and Nicole were to go out and pick the vegatables in the garden and then later milk the cows and goats with Karen and Susans help. I really didn’t get a chance to look at the girls she gave the directions to the girls she informed me that we were to go out and mend some fences, I said okay I had no idea how to do that but she seemed to know. After breakfast she packed a small picnic and headed out to the barn I followed right on her heels I guess it was the fresh morning air that cleared my bleary head she was dressed in a long sleeved shirt and white T-shirt and some very short shorts that just clung to her plump backside.

She saddled two horses “you do know how to ride don’t you?” I shook my head she just grinned, “okay then don’t worry these are good girls they aren’t very excitable, after getting some tools and a spool of barbed wire and tied them to the back of the horse she looked at me and for the first time I looked in to the warm pools of her hazel colored eyes framed by her light blonde tresses. “you probably want to know why we are going out on horses rather than out in the truck, well some places are not accessable by vehicle and unless you want to lug all that stuff from the road to where we want to work and back and then do it again horses are better for this. Besides it gives me a chance to get to know my nephew.” I just nodded dumbly my eyes were being drawn to the various curves of her body mostly her breasts, she helped me mount, and she got up on her horse I followed her, not that I had any choice in the matter stupid beast wouldn’t do anything I wanted it to, just followed dumbly along behind Aunt Sandy’s horse. Which gave me a nice view of her figure and when she pushed her horse to a trot much to my distress and my nuts banged against the saddle horn [note that in america horses used for farm work use an american style saddle that is high in the back and front much like old style knights used with a high front and back and with a large post in the front used for tying rope to.] but to my delight I got a great veiw of her backside as she bounced in the saddle.

We rode till the sun was halfway up on the horizon Aunt Sandy said it was almost nine, what the hell time did I get up? We approached the fence and we started work using a come-a-long and wire crimps to mend the hole in the fence. It started to get hot and I was uncomfortable in my jeans and shirt sweating like a pig Aunt sandy was sweating too. She took off her over shirt and I could see the large globes of her breasts almost as clearly as if she were naked the white material of her T-shirt was almost transparent where it was wet. It took nearly an hour to mend the hole mostly due to my incompetence but aunt sandy was a patient teacher and she didn’t get mad even when she tore the back of her shirt on the barbed wire.

“well that about does it” she smiled lets go cool off it’s too hot to work right now anyway. We mounted the horses again and she led me to a large pond it was actually a stock tank fed by a windmill. There were several large trees nearby and she and I dismounted and she hobbled the horses and let them graze a bit. “Care for a swim?” She asked

“I uh didn’t bring my suit” she chuckled and slipped her shorts off as she walked past me then she shucked her shirt and panties and I got the first view of her naked backside. She wiggled it so deliciously as she stepped into the water. I stood there dumbly as she slipped deeper into the water. Well are you coming she said neck deep in the water now and turning toward me. I pulled my shirt over my head and started opening my pants gods she was going to get a free show and I hadn’t seen anything and worst of all I had a raging hardon. After what seemed like an hour of hesitation I let my pants drop and peeled out of my briefs. I walked out into the water my hard cock bobbing with each step. She grinned as she watched me I don’t know if she was looking at my cock, or me, which was 9 ½ inches (24 cm) and rock hard. Finally my embarrassment was alleviated as the cool water slipped past my waist. I swam up to Aunt Sandy “you remind me of your father when he was younger she grinned with that I felt her fingers slip around my cock I gasped and nearly went underwater it was so unexpected. She said “lets move to shallower water mostly so you don’t drown” and swam away quick as that. I did my best imitation of a drowning cat splashing and moving ever so slowly toward her when I could finally stand on the soft muddy bottom she grinned. “I saw you looking at my breasts”
“I-I-I didn’t” I stuttered.
“Sure you did” she grinned she backed into shallower water showing off her pert plump breasts. I stood there speechless her breasts were the most beautiful things I had ever seen. Round and firm with a large slightly distended areola and nipples that were as long as the tip of a finger. My mouth watered “would you like to touch them?” she smiled knowing that I wanted nothing more than to maul them. I nodded well then comon there are some things that I want to do too. She turned and walked over to the horses and pulled out a blanket and spread it out on the ground. I walked up she laid down on the blanket and for the first time I saw her her creamy caramel colored thighs at the top of which was a thick thatch of blonde hair surrounding what I knew must be he pussy.
All of this was almost too much and I nearly shot my wad right there, I was trembling. She saw this and pulled me down onto the blanket, She pushed me onto my back and straddled my waist and slipped my cock into her juicy wet pussy, it felt like my cock was incased in velvet lined vice. I couldn’t help it I blew off my balls emptying into her. She groaned, your gonna have to learn to not get so excited James. “Am I your first?”
I was speechless her vaginal muscles were contracting around my cock milking it back to hardness I nodded in my delirium. She pulled my face to her chest suck my nipples Jamie, please eat my breasts. I felt my mouth opening and sucking the firm erect flesh of her nipple into my mouth it tasted so good I felt her hips starting to rise and fall the sensations were exquisite. She ground her hips against me slowly moving her hips faster as my tongue teased her nipples. She pulled my mouth to one breast and then the other as she started riding my cock harder and faster. Soon I felt the telltale tightness in my nuts as then the throbbing in my cock, Oh fuck yes she cried as I felt the muscles of her pussy contract strongly around my cock that was all it took I was shooting off again into her. She gently laid my head back and got off my cock and took the leaking slightly limp thing into her mouth and she gently sucked the rest of my seed into her mouth. We had lunch then naked the rest was good for me it wasn’t long before I was hard again. Aunt sandy got up on her knees and said I want to do it this way and she got on all fours, doggie style yeah I had heard of it but well I was inexperienced but I had the concept down now. I moved behind her and plugged her sopping wet hole again. She moaned and then I started thrusting it felt so good she was moaning and cooing and soon screaming, “oh fuck yes Jamie fuck me” I thought I would shoot off right there but I didn’t it took a bit longer I leaned over and bit her neck “oh godddd yes she moaned deeply” that was all it took I was plastering the insides of her slot once again with my creamy seed. She slumped on the ground as we came together. We rested like that for a bit my cock still inside her my chest against her back finally she said we better be heading back to the farm I have to cook dinner. We got up and she washed up in the water we got dressed and headed back to the farm…

… be continued….

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