Teacher Reunion

Teacher Reunion

This is a work of fiction. Everyone named IS real and the location, name’s, ages and dates have not been changed, I did attend this school when I said I did but to protect my identity I have not named myself in the story.


“Why don’t you come back to my place?” How long had I waited to hear those words from Ms. McMillan, it had been from the first English lesson I had with her when I was aged 14 if you must know. The first time I saw her I fell for her, even at that age I knew she was the one for me, and for the next 2 years until I left school I dreamed about her.

I will never forget my days at The Foulstone School, mainly because of my English teacher, every lesson at least once my eyes would be drawn to her, if she bent over I’d be looking at her perfect round ass abut the best times were when she marked work, being quite tall I could see perfectly down her top. Ms. McMillan always wore tight fitted; quite low cut tops and she had one perfect set of breasts inside them, her cleavage drove me mad every time I saw it.

I should tell you about her, well Clancy McMillan was her name, she had a mixed brown and red hair that was quite short, it didn’t go to her shoulders but that just made her look sexier in my young eyes, she I assume was around 25 or 26, she looked it anyway and her best feature was defiantly her body, the curve of her hips and that ass well it set my life long love of asses and legs, I used to make sure I could see it most of the class, the way she would sway as she walked drove me wild. She must have had atleast a D if not DD chest, the way her tight tops hugged her figure and her cleavage showed it was perfect.

I guess it was her who started a lot of my preferences, my love of older women, my fetish for panties (although I must admit I never saw hers in school I’d always think about them back home!) my obsession with a curvy body and a round ass, they all go back to Ms. McMillan.

You may think its strange for a 14 year old from form 8L to lust so hard for a teacher he could never have, but if you’d seen my English teacher you’d have felt just the same, she was the hottest teacher in the school, well apart from Miss. Parks the Geography teacher maybe.

I had got the invite in the post, I am not sure how anyone still knew I lived in the same house I did when I was at school, I was now 21, it had been 5 years since I left and upon leaving I had lost contact with most of my friends from there.

I opened the letter and read the note; it was inviting me to a reunion that someone had started up, to be held just after New Year. I was sceptical about going at first, not sure who would turn up or if I would even remember anyone, but it was my mum who talked me into going.

“Go on get out and see them again, it could be fun” she said, I had to admit I was tempted to see what everyone was up to again after 5 years and after a while of thinking I said ok I’ll go.

It was a few weeks before the reunion so I had plenty of time to get some things ready, I was never that good of a dresser and this time would be no different, some jeans and a t-shirt would do I thought so that’s what I wore.

Finally the day arrived, and saying I’ll be back when I’m back I left the house to go back to school. It was so different when I went back in, there had been new things built onto the school, the windows had been replaced and new teachers and new subjects now took up a lot of the classrooms, then I heard a familiar voice.

“Hey look at you!” I turned and saw Leanne, I looked and smiled, not sure who it was at first but then it clicked in my brain, Leanne was one of the hottest girls in school when I was there and now at 21 in the year 2006 she was just as hot, I was amazed she remember who I was, I didn’t look much like I did back then but she must have a better memory then me.

“Hi Leanne, I didn’t recognise you!” I said before to my surprise she game me a quick hug, ‘wow I’ll have to go to more of these’ I thought joking to myself

Leanne and me chatted for a while as more people came over and memories came flooding back. Rachel, Joe, Dom, Chris even Kimberly and others were there, a lot of my form mates and people from other forms I knew, we all caught up laughing and joking at what we’d been doing for the last few years.

On a walk around some of the school I bumped into more people, some teachers, a lot of who didn’t recognise me at first until they heard my name then it came back and we had a laugh, I was still calling them Miss or Mr. Whatever, 5 years on and I still didn’t know their names.

So what you been up to then?” was a popular question, I was tempted to tell them about my writing here, the stories I’d done since leaving but I thought better of it and just said, “Oh this and that” with a smile.

It was fun chatting again to friends, but my mouth went dry when I was she again, I knew instantly who it was, it could only have been Ms. McMillan. She looked just the same, only a little older, now about 32 or 33 though she still had a figure to kill for.

I went back to the shy school kid who lusted after her those years ago, I so wanted to walk over to her and say “Hi” or something like that, but I just couldn’t do it, there was the woman of my dreams for so long stood in yet another tight fitted top and skirt, her cleavage even bigger then in class, well she wasn’t in class now after all this was a social occasion not a class room full of horny 14 year old school kids, we were all now atleast 20 most 21 years old.

It was classroom M25, my first form room before we changed for tutors, where I saw her, I didn’t know what subject was taught in there now, it was Mr. Dickson teaching History when I was there but, she was there today, stood chatting to someone, I don’t remember who but it was a student from my time there. I watched her laugh and my eyes focused on her breasts as they hung and bounced with her laugh, I imagined her without the top on and began to get hard.

I shook those thoughts from my mind as I was tapped on the shoulder by someone, turning I was greeted by a friendly face form my days at Foulstone and get chatting, but I was distracted, my eyes kept going back to look at Ms. McMillan as we talked and laughed about old times.

Ms. McMillan was gone when I looked again after finishing my chat with Joanne; I was a little disappointed not to see her there but reasoned that she must have gone off chatting to someone else while my attention was off her. I decided to have a walk around, going over to the science block I had a look around, the classrooms were still the same but a lot of the teachers had changed no longer was Miss Malinson there but atleast my old Form Room was the same even if my form tutor was gone.

After meeting up with a few more of my former friends we all went to the hall for the big reunion, it was amazing to see how many had turned up again, I wondered how they all got told about it but it was a lot of fun talking again to people I’d not seen for years, seeing how thy had changed and getting told how much weight I’d lost.

“…Is that you?” I didn’t hear what name was said but I turned to look on the off chance it was me who the question was being asked to.

“Its is!” it was Ms. McMillan, my heart skipped a beat as I saw her smiling face, I was dumb struck, I just didn’t know what to say back to her and I think she knew it.

“Its me Ms. McMillan” she said, I knew who she was, how could I not but I still had to force out a “Hi”

“You look so different” she said looking me up and down “I didn’t recognise you at first, I had to ask someone who it was” she laughed and I smiled blushing a little, I couldn’t help it.

“You look just the same” I managed to say “I recognised you right away”

“So what are you doing with yourself these days?” she asked and I was more tempted then ever to say writing erotic stories, after all she was the one who taught me most about writing in her English class and drove a lot of my fantasies to write about, but I didn’t say it.

“I’m looking after my mum, she isn’t well,” I wasn’t telling the whole truth; my mum was quite well but did require quite some looking after. I didn’t want to say to the woman of my dreams that I was lazing about the house doing not much to be honest.

“Oh I am sorry to hear that” she said with placing her hand on my arm and stroking it, god I was in heaven, the woman of my dreams was touching my arm and I knew my cock wouldn’t take long to get up in my pants.

We chatted for a while, my eyes constantly falling to her cleavage just as it had all that time ago in class, she still had a body to die for I thought to myself. The conversation went well, we laughed and things then something came up I had not forgotten since I heard it the first time.

“So whom did you fancy the pants off of?” I don’t know where that came from I just said it out of the blue, Ms. McMillan’s eyebrows raised and a mile formed on her lips.

She knew what I was referring to, back in English in my last year of school there was a discussion we had as a class about who you fancied, and Georgina had asked her is there anyone who you fancy the pants off? And Ms. McMillan had said oh yeah there is, but never revealed whom to us.

“I’m not saying,” she said coyly “That was years ago now anyway I’m surprised you remembered it” I laughed a littler nervously then smiled back to her, my mind still wondering who she had fancied in class so much.

Music started as we were all in the hall, I never remembered getting told this was going to happen, I was a terrible dancer in school, and still was then too so I was reluctant when my sexy former teacher asked if I wanted to dance with her

“Err… well… I’m not sure,” I said stalling but she didn’t take that as an answer she grabbed my hand and I felt a shock shoot through my body as I felt her skin on mine

“Come on I’ll help you” she said with a grin puling me close to her body, I felt my cock throb as her breasts hit my body and she pulled my arm around her waist and much to my surprise placed my hand on her backside.

I gasped and she must have heard me, but instead of pushing me away she just rest her head on my shoulder, I looked around and saw a few former class mates looking at me, I blushed but they with a laugh turned away and got on with talking, no doubt about me.

I felt my ex teacher push her body against mine tighter, I couldn’t believe what was happening, I felt the swell of her breasts on my body as she swayed and danced with me, my hand on her arse and my hard cock very close to touching her!

I was amazed at what was happening, I was dancing with the women I had lusted after since I was 14 and she wasn’t making any attempt to move her body away from mine, she was pressed tighter even, her breasts squashed against me as she wiggled her ass slightly under my hand and felt the swell in my pants press against her.

It was then she uttered the word’s I’d wanted to hear so many times “Why don’t you come back to my place?”

I froze, what could I say; my mind was all over the place. My sexy former teacher must have known as she kissed my cheek and didn’t request an answer she just took my hand and led me from the school, taking me to the car park she grabbed me and pulled her body against me our lips pressing together as for the first time we kissed, her tongue slipped out and over my lips before I instinctively opened them and let it slip inside.

We both moaned into each others mouth’s as her arms went around my neck and pulled me closer, our kiss becoming more passionate as she ground her body against mine harder, my hands rubbing her ass and squeezing making her moan as one of her hands slipped down my front and grabbed the bulge in my pants. The kiss broke and Clancy looked into my eyes, her hand was still cupping my cock as she got her keys out and unlocked the car door

“Get in” she said eagerly pulling me into the car, we hooked our seat belts and she drove off at speed towards her house.

“Here we are” Clancy stopped the car and we got out, she didn’t waste any time puling me by the hand to her front door then inside, I didn’t know what to do she was in total control at this point, stopping to close the door she grabbed me again and gave me a hard kiss, her lips sucking my bottom lip as it ended she giggled and took my hand again leading me up the stairs and to the bedroom.

“I can’t believe this,” I said as she pushed me into her bedroom, a big double bed was waiting for us there and Clancy giggled as she saw me look at it

“That’s for us” she said seductively “And I am for you” she walked in front of me and shook her hair from side to side as she cupped her breasts and gyrated her hips

“Look Clancy I’m…” Her finger pressed to my lips cutting me off

“Don’t worry it will be great, oh and call me Ms. McMillan will you I like the sound of that” she said while putting her hands on my shoulders and moving in for a kiss, I melted in her arms then, I was helpless I’d have done anything she wanted me to without question.

I felt myself getting pulled towards the bed and went with it, I was a little surprised when she fell back and pulled me on top of herself on the bed, but the kiss never broke, she giggled as we kissed then moaned as my bulging cock rubbed against her crotch, her legs were open and I was nestled between them right where I had wanted to be for so long.

Ms. McMillan pushed me away and I looked down at her with surprise but she licked her lips and in one swift movement ripped her top open, her breasts just held back by her tight bra before my eyes, I stared at them before she reached up and pulled my head down and rested it on her breasts, I kissed the naked flesh that was peaking over the bra and she moaned running her hands through my hair as I kissed and licked.

“Oh god!” she moaned as the bulge in my pants rubbed against her crotch, right over her pussy. I kissed her soft white flesh as her hands ran up and down my back, her back arched up so I could kiss her breasts better, my cock was aching for release from its confines to find a new home inside my sexy ex teacher.

My lips sucked on the orbs I had longed to feel since the first time I saw them, both moaning Ms. McMillan’s hands pulled my hair and in turn my head up to her lips so we could kiss deeply, my hard cock rubbing against her crotch harder now. The kiss broke and I felt her hands slide down and begin to hastily rip my pants pen, pushing them down best she could I wiggled and kicked them off now just my boxer shorts tenting over my hard cock, it throbbed as she looked down and smiled before reaching inside and grabbing my virgin cock for the first time, I moaned and my cock throbbed as it was held by this sexy woman, slowly she dragged her hand up and down it just as I had so many times thinking of her in my teens.

I bit my lip trying desperately not to cum all over then, its not easy being a virgin and having the woman of your dreams rubbing your cock for the first time, but that’s what was happening and I was doing my best to resist the temptation. My ex teacher was giggling and licking her lips as she stroked my shaft, she was enjoying watching me try and not cum on her hand inside my boxer’s.

Mercifully she let go of my rapidly throbbing cock and pulled her own pants off, now naked under me I admired her body as she thrust different parts of her body out for me to inspect, my hands roaming over her flesh and eyes locking on her big breasts and neatly shaved pussy.

“So do you like?” she asked and I could only nod, no words would form in my mouth, that brought a giggle from Ms. McMillan “I’m glad so”

I felt her hands pull my head down for another kiss and this time my naked cock rubbed on her naked skin, just above her pussy, I was in heaven as I felt my cock tingle.

“I’m sorry but we need to use protection” she said into my ear “I’m not on the pill and I don’t think getting pregnant is a good career move right now” she laughed and gently pushed me off her before opening her draw and pulling out a pack of condoms opening it she pulled one out and handed it to me “Hold this for me” she said putting the box back.

I looked at the small silver packet and my heart was pounding with anticipation as I watched my naked ex teacher lay back on the bed on her back before sitting up, her breasts hanging slightly in front of my eyes as she sexily reached out and took the packet off me ripping it open she pulled the yellow condom out and smiled as she looked at my still hard cock.

“Here we go” she said slipping the condom over my cock head and grabbing the shaft gently rubbing it as she pulled the latex over it covering my cock fully, I watched and moaned as my cock jumped in her hand, she smiled and told me not to be so nervous she’d look after me.

Once my cock was covered by the condom my former teacher laid back on the bed and beckoned for me to get on with her, I was so nervous I could hardly move but I did manage to move towards he. I moaned as I watched her legs open wide, her sexy thighs spreading and revealing her pink pussy lips, they were swollen and oh so sexy, she rested her feet on the bed legs open and nodded as I slipped in between them my cock bouncing and throbbing with anticipation as it moved closer to the promised land of Ms. McMillan’s pussy.

I felt her legs wrap around my back and pull me hard against her, luckily my cock was positioned right because it sank straight into her, I moaned so hard as did she when I felt my cock gripped by her tight pussy, it was like nothing I’d felt before even with the condom on it felt like my cock was naked inside her.

“Oh god!” she moaned into my ear as she began to move her hips under me my cock moving in and out a little, instinct too over me then and my hips began to buck back and forwards quite quickly, my technique was terrible but it was my first time I reasoned afterwards and my ex teacher didn’t seem to mind, she was thrashing and moaning below me, her mouth open as she moved her hips with mine and came out with a whole manner of things from her mouth.

“Oh fuck! Fuck yes! Oh my cunt is so hot! Fuck me like a bitch in heat!” I couldn’t believe the words that were coming from such a sexy mouth, all I did know was my cock was ready to burst.

“I’m gonna, aaahhhh! Cum!” I shouted as I felt the impending orgasm, my sexy ex teacher moaned and kissed me hard her hips thrusting under me as my cock jumped in her tight gripping pussy, I couldn’t hold on and let a blast of cum go into the condom, filling the end of it as more and more shot out of my cock, I was panting heavily as Ms. McMillan kissed me and moaned.

“Stay where you are” she said breathing heavy, my cock was still hard inside her as my orgasm finished, it was then I felt her pussy grip and release me over and over, a steady rippling effect that sure kept me hard, normally I’d go soft after cumming but not this time this woman knew how to make the most of a hard on!

I felt her lips on mine and that was the signal to keep going now, I thrust my cock into her and out again at my same rapid pace as before but this time she held me tight with her thighs and told me to slow down. I took her words to heart and slowed my pace, my cock now half the speed as before, this was so much better for us both, I could feel her tight grip more and she seemed to approve, her moans came thick and fast.

“Oh that’s, it fuck me! fuck your teacher” she said gritting her teeth as I felt her pussy grip tighter on my cock, I didn’t know what was happening but remembered reading in one of the many erotic stories I had read that this is when a woman orgasms.

I thrust into her hard, my cock getting covered in the cum inside the condom but I didn’t care this was too good to worry about anything at all

“Oh god Ms. McMillan your so good!” I moaned and that did it for her, as soon as I called her ms. McMillan she came hard, her back arched up and her breasts were thrust towards my face as I felt her pussy get hotter and a sudden rush of liquid leaked out down the sides of my cock that was buried inside her pussy and down her ass.

This new sensation was all I could take, I may have cum just a short time before but it sent me over the edge and I shot a little more cum from my aching cock into the condom. This time I did start to go soft and pulled out, Ms. McMillan quickly grabbing my cock and sliding off the heavy with cum condom looking at the reservoir of cum I had deposited with a smile.

She looked at me as I watched her hold the condom, it was glistening with her juice and the lube it came in, licking her lips I didn’t know what to expect, but it wasn’t what she did next that’s for sure. Taking the condom she lifted it over her head and turned it upside down, the open end now right over her mouth and my thick cum ran down the inside and dripped out onto her tongue, every bit she took, dripping it into her open mouth and onto her outstretched tongue swallowing all my seed shaking the latex cover to get every drop, this making some small spots drop onto her cheeks, she smiled and put the used condom on the side draws then smiled at me.

My cock had got hard again and was glistening the cum it had been swimming in inside the condom as I watched what Ms. McMillan did with the cum I had left, she leaned forwards and took my cock in her hand before flicking her tongue over its head and wiping off the cum, moaning as she placed her lips around it and sucked me clean, I was close to cumming again, but I didn’t have much left to cum with!

“You taste very yummy” she said with a big grin as she wiped off the small cum spots on her cheeks and them licked her fingers clean of it. I didn’t say anything I was too shocked and excited to, she got up off the bed and came over hugging me, our naked bodies pressed together, her head on my shoulder since I am about 6 inches taller then her.

“Do you still live close to the school” she asked me with a giggle

“I still live the same place I always did” I said my hand rubbing her naked ass gently, she wiggled it a little

“Good, because you can meet me after school is out anytime for extra lessons on your technique” she said looking up into my eyes with a wink.


Once again this is fiction but I really wish it would happen! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing, and Ms. McMillan if you read this you are still my dream woman!

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