teacher's playmate

teacher's playmate

The bell rings(class is over)
Ms.Smith:Katrina can you stay after class for a while
Ms Smith:Have you been studing for your finals?
Katrina:Yes,but i still need a little help
Ms Smith:Well, would you like me to help u as a tutor?
Katrina:yes that would be great
Ms Smith:Ok well,come to my house after school today around 6pm
Katrina:ok,see you later

~Later 6 p.m.~
The doorbell rings
Ms.Smith:JUST A MINUTE(opens the door)Hello Katrina
Ms Smith:Well come on in
Katrina:you have i nice place Ms Smith
Ms Smith:thanks. what outfit are you wearin?It's cute
Katrina:Babyphat(low-cut tank wit tight fitted jeans)
Ms Smith:Oh where is my manners,would you like anything to drink?(i notice she's lookin down my shirt)
Katrina:Gin please
Ms Smith:Ok as long as you dont tell anybody i gave it to you(comes back into the room wit 2 glasses and the bottle of gin)
Ms Smith:Ok, so what exactly you need help on?
Ms Smith:ok,lets get started!

~we studied for hours and i noticed that it was 11:00 p.m)
Katrina:omg look at the time….i better get goin
Ms Smith:its too late why dont you just spend the night
Katrina:But i dont have any clothes
Ms Smith:its ok you can borrow mines
Katrina:ok,but i need to take a shower.Can you show me where it is?
Ms Smith:Ok follow me
~we walked upstairs to her luxurious bathroom~
Ms Smith:Well you just get start and i will be in my room.(she peaked around the corner and wathed me undress)
~i unlift my shirt(as she could seen i had no bra on),then i unbuttoned my pants and slowly dropped them to my ankels(i had on a black laced victoria secret thong)then Ms Smith ran and got a towel and ran into the bathroom~
Katrina:OMG i didnt hear you comin in
Ms Smith:No, no i should've knocked(lookin at ur body)
Katrina: it is ok ,we are both women.
Ms Smith:your right, u have a nice body for a 15 yr older
Ms Smith:your welcome
Katrina:well whats for dinner?
Ms Smith:Dont u need a shower first?
Ms Smith:Well i need one also
Katrina:Dont u have a second bathroom?
Ms Smith:Nope
Katrina:well u wanna wait or go first?
Ms Smith:no i was gonna get in wit u
Katrina:oh……well thats fine ….i guess
~She slipped off her tight fitted tank and she pulled down her jeans and her pink laced thong~
Ms Smith:Want me to was your back for u?
~she lathered up the soap on the towel and massaged the soap sodtly on my back and she made her way lower.While she was cleaning my back she made her way to my round tight ass and covered it with soap~
Katrina:what are you doin?
Ms Smith:oh, i thought u wanted me to wash it while i was washin your back
Katrina:well i guess this can be our little secret
Ms Smith:sounds nice
Katrina:you want me to wash your back for you?
Ms Smith:did you wash your front?
Ms Smith:want me to wash it?
~She started at my neck and worked her way down to my 36d breasts.movin them around and massaging the carefully.then she went down to my pussy,and washed it and slowly slipped her finger inside of my pussy lips. this made me wet. and wanted her pussy badly.We got out the shower and dried off.~
Ms Smith:what would u like to wear
Katrina:i will just wear a t-shirt
Ms Smith:ok
~we walked downstairs into the kitchen.i bent over to look in the fridge and picked out some strawberries.~
Katrina:i forgot the whipcream!
~i bent over again and my whole shirt flew up~
Ms Smith:you have a nice ass for your age(she slapped it)
~i moaned softly hopin she didnt hear me~
Ms Smith:Did u say somethinf?
~we walked into the living room and she grabbed my ass with a full grip.i moaned this time she heard me~
Ms Smith:did you jus moan?
~i sat down on the sofa wit my legs open while eatin strawberries~
Katrina:want any?
Ms Smith:no thankyou
Ms Smith:are you havin trouble wit health?
Katrina:not really but i jus dont understand the whole lesbian idea
Ms Smith:well women knows what other women like,so this give them an advantage.Like they know how to kiss another woman.
~she slowly moved in and kissed me.but this kiss was wonderful, i broke the kiss.~
Ms Smith:they also kno how to eat eachother pussies
~she slowly moved her hand up my shirt and glided her finer between my pussy lips Ms Smith made me so hot ,but i didnt kno why. Then she raised up my shirt and slowly licked my clit, i moaned wit pleasure.Then i suddenly though "i'm lettin my teacher eat me out"~
Kstrina:i dont think we should be doin this
Ms Smith:are you sure, you looked pleasured.


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