The Girl Next Door_(10)

The Girl Next Door_(10)

The Girl Next Door

There is something about the girl that lives next door; I mean, I always think that she’s spying on me, talking about me on the phone with her friends. I mean, whenever I look over at her house I usually see her lying on her bed doing her homework or writing in her diary and then as she’s writing she looks up at my house and I dive out of sight. And then I would look up again a second or two and she will be giggling on the phone probably telling her friends that I was spying on her again.

But I’ve never been asked to go over for a play date when I was young. Even though we are the same age and have been in the same classes ever since she came to our town called Lake Welles. So everyday I went to bed after taking a quick trip to the bathroom and looking a bit at her house through my window. And I woke up everyday thinking nothing new is going to happen, just a regular boring old day.

And I did the same thing ever since she came to our town when I when I was 5. But now I’m 14 and going through what adults call ‘puberty.’ When I was 12 my dad told me that I was beginning a new phase in life and not to trust any one at school. Well enough about that, the girls name is Kate. She is quite cute and began to go through puberty during the 7th grade and now were going into the 8th grade. She has some nice breasts that she doesn’t fear to let go. Like the one time in 7th grade she didn’t wear a bra and she was denounced the slut of the grade.

Well its now 8th grade and a whole new school year. Meeting all my new and old classmates and teachers. I really enjoy meeting people at school that I haven’t seen for a while. So I’m hanging out by the lockers talking to my friend Bill and I feel some one who I think is feeling my ass. So I look back and nobodies there but in my back pocket is a piece of paper. “Wonder who put this in my pocket,” I said to Bill So I unfolded the piece of paper and it said:

‘Instant Message me my screen name is cutypie73’

And that’s all it said. So I got through the day and got home and did all my homework. So I went online and added the screen name on the piece of paper on my buddy list. And the screen name was on. And I IM’d her with my screen name acdc88

Acdc88: who the hell r u!?
Cutypie73: Some1 u know
Acdc88: from where? School? Camp?
Cutypie73: nooooo dumbass. Im ur next door neighbor.
Acdc88: OH wassup…
Cutypie73: nm just hanging out
Acdc88: wow, this is fucked up.
Acdc88: I mean this is like the first time ive talked to u, and its online! :-O
Cutypie73: ya this is weird
Acdc88: u wanna come over errr something?????? Get to know eachother in person….
Cutypie73: sure!
Acdc88: alright!!!!!! Come on over! C ya here
Cutypie73: c ya!

OH MY GOD I thought Kate for the first time is coming to my house! This is going to be awesome! So I ran downstairs to see my mom “yo mom can Kate come over, like now?”

“Sure! Its not like u and her are going to do any thing sexual, u barely know her!” Said my mom. Well I am still pretty excited to finally have Kate come over. And 30 seconds later I hear a knock on the door and Kate was standing there in the door was Kate just standing there, smiling all pretty like.

“Come on in Kate! You wanna a tour of our house?”

“Sure!” She said. So I showed her the first floor, and then got to the second floor.

“Here’s the bathroom” I said, “and this is my room!” and she walked and looked around.

“I like your room” She said as she sat down on the bed. “It looks like u have something on your mind, what’s up?”

“Well… Have you been spying on me?” I said

“Ya… kind of. Have you?”

I looked suspiciously around my room and said “uhhhhh, nooo…” She laughed and laughed at that. “Ya actually I have been spying on you, a little.”

“I thought so.” We just sat there looking at each other for a few minutes. “OH MY HEAD AHHH” she screamed

“Hey what’s up?” I asked

“Oh it’s just a massive headache I've had all day!” she said as her voice started to fade, “I usually loose my voice when I get headaches so come close I need to tell you what to get to cure my headache.”

“Ok what do u need?” I said gently as I listened contently a few inches away from her face. She just looked out into the room and took her arms off her head and looked at me.
I gazed into her vivid blue eyes as she gazed into my eyes. And like it was written in script of a movie. We came to together and kissed, and kissed, and during our kiss we exchanged tongues. We were just sitting there in my room frenching on the bed. And then I heard footsteps coming up the stairs.

I broke the kiss and said silently “Oh shit my mom! Quick act natural.” And I jumped off the bed and quietly ran to my fluffy chair and sat down. And a knock came on the door. “Ya?” I screamed. And my mom walked in to the room

“Oh hi guys! Hope I’m not bothering you two. Well I am off to go pick up your father from work and your sister from figure skating. I’ll probably be back in 2 hours. So have fun whatever your doing! Bye!” And my mom walked out of the room.

“How ‘bout we wait till your mom has left the driveway, before we doing anything else.” Then I looked out my window and saw that my mom had left the driveway and turned the block. “Good, she’s gone. So what do you want to do?” I asked as I walked over to the bed and sat down.

“Well, I was thinking about getting to know you better.” She said as she we came together again. While we were kissing she took off her shirt and I did the same. She laid down on the bed as she kicked off her shoes and threw them at the door. I came down on her and necked her while she undid her pants. “Enough of this Childs play! I wanna see your cock! Show me cock!”

“Alright sexy,” I said calmly as I undid my belt buckle, and then my fly, and then my Pants button. So I took off the pants and threw them across the room. I kneeled above her as I my boxers were pitched up like a tent with boner. And I undid my boxers and my penis shot out. “Well you wanted to see my Cock. Now do you just wanna look at it or do you wanna do something with it?”

”I’m sorry, I’ve never seen a large penis before. I mean that thing has to be 11 inches!!” she said staring at my penis. She got up and pushed me over and I fell down.

I looked up and was about to talk but Kate just crawled over to me and started to suck my cock. She sucks and blew on it. I can’t describe what I’m feeling, besides that this has been the first time I’ve talked to her. But I was feeling great, I was having sex with a girl, a girl was giving me a blowjob, and nobody could bother us.

While Kate was giving me a blowjob she took off her bra and underpants and did in a way that I didn’t realize until I sat up and said, “I want to fuck you! I know where my dad keeps his condoms, I’ll go get one.” I went off to my dads stash of condoms and grabbed a few and put one on and walked back into my room. Kate was waiting for me lying on her side exposing her boobs and her mound. I walked over to the bed with my boner with a condom above and Kate rolled over on her back and parted her legs.

And there right in my face was her opening. I hyperventilated as I looked at her and then her slit. “Are you going to do me? Or just look at it?” She asked.

“Hold on,” I said and grabbed my digital camera and took a picture of Kate as she posed all sexy for the like picture that I was about to take. I took the picture and a few more and put the camera on the desk. So I then took my finger and put it into her vagina and she gasped and started to breathe a little faster. “You OK?”

“Yah. I’m sorry its my first time. Go on. Move your finger back and forth.” She said. I moved man finger back and forth slowly and quickened the pace every 5 seconds or so and then added my 2nd finger into her clit. She was already moaning and said mumbling ‘oh yah baby!’ or ‘More! More!’ Her legs opened even farther apart.

I took my fingers out of clit and moved closer to her. I inserted my cock into her vagina and humped her slowly. She was gasping even harder as I hard already squirted but there was no use telling her since I had a condom on. She still was gasping and saying ‘oh yah baby!’ or ‘More! More!’ and ‘faster! Faster baby faster!’ I continued to hump her and she lifted her legs and placed her feet behind her head allowing me to go further into her clit. I held her legs there and fucked her continually with a rage. “Oh baby yes! Oh I’m gonna cum! Oh god! Oh god!” and she had her orgasm and I let up a little on her when she had her orgasm. My Mom had left at about 5 o’clock and it was 6:40.

I took my penis out of Kate and started to say, “Well my mom will be getting back soon so we better clean up.” I got up and flushed the condom down the toilet got into my boxers and then my pants and put on my shirt. She got dressed too.

She put her shoes on and came body to body with me, “will you be my boyfriend?” and gave me a soft kiss.

“Sure I will!” I said without hesitation. And returned the kiss. “Call me or talk to me online!”

“Oh I will see you later.” And she left my house and walked 30 feet to her house and walked up her stairs. Walked into her room and sat at her window sill and looked at me and I looked at her.

The End….

For now

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