The Rape of Sasha…and the Awakening!

The Rape of Sasha…and the Awakening!

Sasha was an eighteen year old bitch who thought she was better than anyone else. She judged everyone and everything that past her by. That was when Toby Longhead decided he was going to teach that bitch how to suck huge black cock! He was also going to bring along two of his white boy buddies to join in the fun.

Sasha was a student at the local University where Toby was a maintenance man. It was rumored that Sasha had a rich daddy who gave her everything. It was also rumored that she was saving her cherry cunt and big tits for the right rich dude that came along. Toby had a hard time believing that one. The girl was built to be fucked and fucked hard. He couldn't believe she had never had a cock in her pussy. He dreamed of spreading the bitch's long legs apart and tying ropes to her ankes. He would then tie her ankles back to the wall of his van where he had secured hooks to hold ropes. Her pussy would be spread so fucking wide………..ahhh….he was ready to blow a load already just thinking about it.

He stood now watching her walk by him down the hall. Her eyes were lowered and her head was turned away in an effort to not look at him. Toby had tried to ask her for a date, but that whore said no! She said she would never date a man who held a mop for a living.

Toby and his two white boy buddies, Tim and Pete, waited in his van in the University parking lot. Toby new Sasha had a night class on Thursday nights. They parked right next to her car……

It was easier than they ever dreamed knocking out Sasha and pulling her quickly in the van. Quckly checking to make sure no one had seen them, they raced the van up to the mountains out of town.

"Fuck, Toby, she has the biggest tits I ever saw" said Tim. His huge hands were already rubbing his hard prick through his pants.

" Well, boys, let the fucking start" said Toby as he stopped the van in a remote area.

Sasha moaned and realized she was very uncomfortable. She was trying to focus her eyes and clear her head. Her eyes suddenly got very wide as she took in the seen before her. Three huge men were VERY naked and kneeling infront of her. It dawned on her why she was so uncomfortable. She was on her back with her arms tied and strung high above her head. What was even worse, her legs and ankles were also tied and hung against the wall. She was totally nude with her legs spread wide apart. Her pelvis was also tilted enough that she could see her own cunt and asshole. In those split seconds of taking everything in, she realized these men were not even looking at her, they were looking between her legs, while they rubbed the biggest cocks she had ever seen. A scream rose within her……

" That's right, bitch, you scream all you want. I want to hear you scream!!!! Not in pain, though, I want to hear you scream when I make you cum. I want to hear you scream when Pete makes you cum and while Tim fucks you up your ass!" said Toby. His voice was very controlled and patient.

Sasha was shaking and she finally recognized this big black man before her. She had said no to him one time, when he had asked her out. She guessed she was going to pay for saying no. She was crying as she realized what was going to happen to her. She had seen cocks before, but had never touched one or had one inside her.

"Please, PLEASE, don't do this," she begged and cried.

"Baby, don't worry, were not going to hurt you. You may be a little uncomfortable, but all we want to do is make you cum out of your mind, " Toby chuckled as he started to pinch a nipple.

"OK, Tim and Pete, I want you to start sucking the shit out of her nipples. Make them hard and pointy", said Toby.

Sasha screamed NO as Tim and Pete took positions on either side of her. They bent over and their wet tongues started to lap and suck her boobs. Tim had her tit almost all the way down his throat. Pete held her other tit in his hand to help it be more pointy and hard as he sucked. Sasha thought her tits were going to fall from her chest. She moaned and screamed again. Tim and Pete were also pumping their pricks with their free hands.

" Now the action is really going to start, bitch. I'm going to start fucking both of your holes with my fingers as I suck your clit with my mouth," said Toby his face already inches from her cunt. Sasha couldn't believe this was happening to her.

Toby took his left index finger and ran it around the rim of her cunt hole. Sasha moaned and screamed for him to stop. He took that moment to ram his index finger all the way up her hole
taking her scream to a higher pitch. Tim and Pete were still sucking both her nipples hard and raw while Toby fucked her cunt hole with his finger.

Sasha looked down between her legs and watched what Toby was doing. It had hurt like hell and she was sure that blood would be all over, but there was not. Instead, against her will, her cunt hole started to cream. She was ashamed. Her tits were being sucked and her hole was being fucked with a finger, she told herself it was only natural for her body to do that.

Tim took a break from her tit to ram his tongue down her throat. Sasha almost bit him, but thought quickly against it. No telling what else they were going to do to her. Tim moaned against her mouth as he squeezed her tit with one hand and continued to pump his prick. Toby took his thumb and inserted it into Sasha's asshole. He rammed both fingers in and out, in and out quickly together. Sasha's entire body shook with the intrusion. Tim continued to run his tongue in and out of Sasha's mouth.

"Liked being fucked this way, bitch" said Toby. He finally brought his mouth to her clit. While he fucked her with two fingers on his left hand, he used his right to fully lift the skin away from her clit to fully expose it. He mouth, teeth, and lips covered her clit instantly. He sucked and bit at her. Sasha ripped her mouth free from Tim to scream. Not pain, but in shock. There was a deep heat forming in the pit of her stomach. She was not sure what it was and she had never felt it before. Tim went back to sucking her tit again.

" Like your clit sucked?" Toby said taking a small break, but went right to work again. He took her clit and rolled it between his teeth. His fingers slipped easily in and out of her holes because they were covered with her juice.

"Aaaaaaauuuuugggggghhhhhhhhhhh, please stop, please stop……aaauuuuuuuuuuu!" she screamed and yelled. That heat forming in the pit of her stomach turned into a burning rage and against her will she convulsed in the hardest orgasm. She moaned and moaned and screamed and screamed as she watched Toby suck her clit and fuck her holes with his fingers. He went faster and faster and sucked and sucked even when he knew she was in the middle of cumming. Her cream exploded out of her hole. Her asshole tightened in the ultimate pleasure and sin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Oh, fuck, Toby. I'm going to explode any minute now" Pete complained as he lifted his head from Sasha's tit and watched what Toby was doing, " I want to fuck her!"

" Put your cock in her mouth. Make her suck it raw!!" Toby grinned as he stopped licking her clit to look up at her face. Tears were streaming down her cheeks and her eyes were closed as she breathed hard. His fingers kept pumping in and out of her.

Pete moved his huge cock up towards her mouth. Sasha's eyes flew open then to see his huge cock coming at her. She opened her mouth to scream No, but that was the wrong move because Pete instantly slid his cock in her mouth. He started to pumped it in and out of her mouth as she moaned and shook with the fact that he was doing this to her.

Toby suddenly stopped what he was doing. Sasha tried to look down to see what else he was going to do to her. He held his thick huge cock in his hand and started slapping it against her cunt. He kept whipping and whipping her cunt with his prick. Sasha new instinctively what was going to happen next.

Tim moved down towards Toby and started to insert his finger in her ass. She jumped when he rammed his finger into her. Sasha looked Tim in the eye as Pete continued to make her suck his cock. Tim had a different look in his eye. He wanted to hurt her. It hurt more with his finger than it had with Toby.

" His fingers are bigger than mine, huh, slut?" said Toby " I made you cum! We have only been here an hour. You have quite a few more hours to go with us, bitch. Were going to fuck your holes all night."

Without any warning, Toby pushed his huge black cock into her pussy full force and full strength. Tim chose to also ram his middle finger as far as it would go up her asshole. Pete held her blond hair in his fist to help ram his cock fully down her throat. Sasha was helpless to only moan as loud as she could. The men were hooting and hollering in instant pleasure as they all pounded her in their own ways. Her ankles and wrists burned against the padded ropes. Her body jumped in all different ways as they rammed her. Her huge tits bounced all over her chest. Pete was still pinching her right nibble.

" Cum, bitch, cum now!!!! Auuuuggghhhh, fuck, your pussy is so fucking hot and tight," said Toby. Tim kept pumping her asshole with his finger and then as Toby moved slightly……Tim was able to bend over and start licking her clit hard.

screamed Sasha. Toby was pounding in and out of her. His ass flexing to get the power to fuck her hard. Her pelvis slammed into Toby's as she had another intense orgasm against her will……..

Part 2 to come if this one was liked!!

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