Tricked into Hypnosis

Tricked into Hypnosis

Intro (1998-2004):

My name is Al, and I want to setup my story with a little history before I jump to the mind control of my 17 year old online female friend. If you wish to skip over this part and go right to the sexual part then you may, but I think you will be intrigued to read my discovery into the hypnotic world which is all true. Besides it is not the typical sex story, it is more about a sexual experience. Don't expect dialogue or a sex scene with lots of action, you won't find it. You still might find what I have to say arousing in another sort of way.

Well, for starters I learned hypnosis online. I have been an overweight guy for a while, and I originally looked in hypnosis as a means to lose weight. As much as I tried, I only was able to enter the state for a few seconds before losing it. I am in the rare 1% of people who just have trouble going under. It has a lot to do with my inability to concentrate, but I have not given up my pursuit of it. I have tried hypnosis with different people or groups over the past 15 years with very little or no success. I believe in it wholeheartedly and didn't want to give it up.

Anyway, how did I learn how to hypnotize people online? There was a lady I met in AOL Chat who told me she could hypnotize me through typing in a chat window. It was a little hard for me to imagine how that could happen especially with my little success in it, but she wanted me to try anyway. I figured what the hell, so I gave it a shot. Nothing worked, but because of my failed experience with hypnosis I saw the similarities in the induction. The induction is the ways and means to set up the trance, and it is the most crucial part of the session. If you can get the person to trust you then relax enough, the window is wide open for more. She was disappointed that she was not successful, but I started to make inquiries about how such a trance could work.

When a person watches TV, reads a book, travels down a long road daydreaming, we enter a trance state. You might notice how time might fly by and in the case of the car, you might realize you have gone past your exit or gone a great distance without even realizing it. With the TV someone might have called you a few times because your concentration was so intune with the show, you didn't hear them. Well the book, takes you into the words, and if it is a good story, you might find yourself seeing the scenes unfold or even with empathy towards the characters. Ask yourself have you ever cried or felt sad during a movie or reading a book? You were in a trance state and didn't even know it.

Well this lady took another crack at me, but again was unsuccessful eventhough I very much wanted to experience it. I told it seemed too easy for someone to type what she was typing and have it work. I thought if it was that easy, and from what I knew of my failed attempts that I could certainly do it. She said I probably could, and volunteered herself for me to try. I was quite successful in my first try, but I did make some mistakes in making her feel totally comfortable. I forgot to tell her to blink and instead had her focus totally in my words. This created eyestrain and tears built up until she couldn't handle it anymore and snapped out of the light trance that I had her in. I later made other mistakes, but she helped me sculpt my new hobby and I found it a turn on that I could make a person feel this way with just words.

My next stage came in the way of Yahoo chat in the Erotic Hypnosis Room. I met some very nice people who were intrigued to help me go under, but once again, whether it was in chat, the phone or in person, all attempts failed. I did learn even more from these people. I learned that there were people in the chatroom that you couldn't trust. I was told that they could hypnotize you without you even knowing it. This intrigued me a great deal and did some surfing on it as well as asking questions from the others in the chat. They told me that these predators were common in the room and they had to "deprogram" a few people to free them of the mind control that had enslavened them. It wasn't hard for me to believe this because the more that I read about it the more I understood hypnosis had power beyond what I ever thought was possible.

I was so curious about these predators, I decided to create a fake profile of a young teen girl and drop her into the chatroom to see what happened. The profile had a fake pic, but it wasn't over the top, it looked like a 16-18 year old taking an ordinary picture for her profile. I typed up the profile with interests and subject matter that I thought was appropriiate and left the age blank so they had to ask. Well it worked right away, and before I knew it I was in dialogue in private chat with my first predator. I told the predator my age was 16, and he warned me I shouldn't be in the adult chatroom, so I left the chat, but the messaging didn't stop as I hoped it wouldn't.

He asked me why I choose to enter the "erotic hypnosis" room and I just said I was curious about hypnosis and not about the erotic part of it. He asked me about what I knew about hypnosis, and did I want to try it. I played innocent and said I didn't know anything about it and again said I was just curious. I said I wanted to know what hypnosis was, and he was so very happy to explain it to me. After explaining it, he asked me if I would be interested in trying it, and I said, thanks but no thanks. I figured that if he was trustworthy, he would've said, " have a nice day" and be done with it, but he wanted my teen creation deeply hypnotized. So we continued to chat about it, and he explained what it felt like. He used the description of relaxation to setup the induction that my innocent teen chatter would be unable to recognize before it was too late. I saw it immediately, and because I was unafraid of being hypnotized because of past mistakes I just read every word and responded sleepily as past subjects had done for me. It was easy to fake hypnosis because I knew how they responded. Yet I was still learning, and watched how this predator worked his magic. He used a different method than what I had learned, and kept taking my character deeper and deeper until he wanted me unable to think for myself and only do as I was told.

Now one important thing about hypnosis, you can't make another person do something against their will. For example, tell them to rob a bank, run around the street naked or kill themselves, unless they really wanted to do it. Now in your subconcious state you are more open to possibilities. With my teen character, when the predator asked if I had sex, I said no. Did I masturbate, I said no. Did I date yet, I said no. Was I interested in sex? I also said no. So by rule, he couldn't make me masturbate. Now this is where a skilled hypnosist is separated from the pack. If you tell the mind to imagine they are at the beach or working or in school, the mind can see this clearly as if they were really there. You want to turn on a girl thats not sexual in any way, this is an example of what can be done:

He took my teen into a fantasy playground, where she was playing sports and getting very muddy from head to toe. She was told that she needed a shower, so he led my victim to the bathroom. Mind you, this is all under hypnosis, at least the guy thinks it is. He then instructs my teen persona to have the girl take off her dirty clothes and put them in a place to be washed later. The predator waited for this to be done. The shower was to be started in the mind only and once at a comfortable but warm temperature, she was to imagine she was under the streaming water. A soft and relaxing soap was used to clean herself off, but her nipples were espcially dirty so she would concentrate the bar of soap there for a while. The cleaning would feel increasingly good there and the more she cleaned the better it felt. Soon the girl would be stimulated into arousal and using the soap to her pussy and then an orgasm would soon be reached. He then instructed the girl to forget everything about the trance except that it felt really good, giving her a trigger that would return her to the wonderful state of trance in the futrue and told her to turn the computer off and have wonderful dreams about having sex and wanting to touch herself whenever she felt this way.

See how the mind can easily be manipulated? I tried it again with another predator, then another, and many many more. Some truly sadistic people who wanted the girl to give out personal information, have sex with an imaginary dog I had made up whenever I had to step away from the computer during a chat, and other weird things like peeing. Now some people were nice and warned that the chatroom wasn't a place for a young girl and left it at that. I developed new profiles just to see who was trustworthy and who wasn't. I wrote down names, took notes, and found myself totally immersed in the whole concept of sneaky hypnosis. I found that I was getting turned on a little at times, but mostly wanting to try something myself on someone. I wanted to test the boundaries of control.

I found a nice college girl with a mic who I hypnotized and had her orgasm freely in the chatroom to prove my worth to the others. It was all about ego and control for me at that time. She was a good subject, and when I had her begging for more, I told her that she could only cum if she did it on mic in the chatroom. I kept her on an orgasmic edge until she couldn't take it anymore and agreed to do it. I simply said a trigger phrase that only I could use on her and she would cum, long and hard and she couldn't help moaning. In fact moaning only make the experience better for her. Every guy in the room loved it, and I got pms from other ladies who wanted to try it out for themselves but not in front of the group on mic. I said no problem, but they later found themselves doing it later anyway and loving every second of it despite themselves.

My thirst for control deepened, and when I met an interesting lady who wanted to speak on the phone, I was aroused deeply. She was a great subject and became a great friend, although she was intially afraid to trust me while under. I kept talking to her online and the phone to see if I could peak her interest, but I dared not sneak hypnosis on her because I enjoyed her company so much. After a good long time, she relented and wasn't disappointed and loved her orgasms as they came one after another. There was one problem though and she passed out whil we were talking and forgot about the whole trance the next day. In fact, she became afraid to try it again because she didn't know what had happened. Most of the time, the deeper the person goes, the better chance the trance will be lost like a fading dream. It was like this for her.

I continued to do some online hypnosis for a while, and although I continued to chat with this lady, she didn't ask to be hypnotized again. She did ask how I could hypnotize someone online, so the sneaky guy I was, I decided to show her what I typed. Before she knew it, she was relaxing again, and loving the feeling. Yet, dial-up connections as they were, I lost her and the next day she didn't remember anything to my disappointment. Such is luck. After what amounted to a 1/2 year of chat, I decided to take a step to date her. I had lost a lot of weight and gained much confidence in myself. She was 4 hours away from my place and I offered to check out an event in her neck of the woods with her and she reluctantly agreed after some prodding. She met me at the event so to assure her safety if I ended being some stalker online out to get her. When the event was over, I had impressed her enough for her to compliment my butt which was a first for me, and gave me a nice gentle farwell kiss.

When I got home, she left me a message online that she wanted to talk on the phone with me the next day. I was sure she liked me, because it was a long while since our original conversation that resulted in hypnosis. She played aloof with me for a while, but she was giggly and admitted how turned on I made her feel with my NY accent. She commented how she wanted me to visit again soon and when I brought up the thought of hypnosis again, she said she was interested to try again sometime in the future. She said, listening to my voice, she felt like I had a way about my tone that she couldn't help but relax with. Hearing that, it was easy to snap her back into hypnosis without her knowing it. So I did, and she was begging me to make her cum before she knew what was happening. By this time, I was getting quite good at it, and the pleasure I gave her was the result of practice. This time I made sure she didn't fall asleep nor forget the trance. So when she was finally awake, she made it known they were the best orgasms of her life. Ego time again.

Our relationship lasted a few months, but our distance killed us, because neither one of us was ready to move to the other. It was nice while it lasted, and we are still friends almost 5 years later. A lot has happened in that time, and my hypnosis skills are even better than ever. Which brings me to why I am writing this so-called diary. I wanted to share a little event that has transpired in the past year. I became the predator.

In 2004 I created a new profile of a 16 1/2 year old boy who lost his parents and seriously injured himself in a tragic car accident. I found a website called Warpmymind with files on it to hypnotize and delight the listener. I used an introduction file and copied it to my media player so I could share it with others I might meet online. I sent the file to interested people in a chatroom called Intro to Hypnosis. I used this file to further relax them to deeper states of hypnosis afterwards. The file had its own addicting quality to it, so the transition was easy. I hypnotized a few 17-19 year olds, and had some fun with them, but they weren't really good subjects until I met this one girl who was just about to turn17 years old. So without further ado here is my tale….


Her name is not important but to make things easier I will call her Paula. She wandered into my lifeless chatroom one day and left without saying a word, so I pmmed her and asked whether she was interested in hypnosis or perhaps had any questions about it. She was curious, as most of the girls had been. I explained a few things, but she quickly changed the subject after reading my profile about my parents' death and became instantly sympathetic towards my plight. Which is what it was intended to do. I explained how I used hypnosis to relax me and make myself feel better whenever I felt down. I talked about how I wanted to kill myself because after the accident I was now living with an Uncle who I never met before in a state I never lived in before, Virginia. I was alone and lonely, and at times I just withdrew from the world. So I opened the hypnosis chat to find other people like me that were interested in it or wanted to learn a little about it.

Paula was instantly impressed both by my photos that I had put up for the profile and for the boy himself. I was charming to a fault and we just chat a couple of hours before I turned the subject back towards hypnosis and the file. She was interested, but had no privacy, having to share the computer with her younger brother. She wanted to try it another day, so we added each other to our messenger friend's list and chatted some more. I was able to interest her in the hypnosis, but stating how much it helps me everyday, but for the most part, it is the most relaxing thing in the world to me. It was an oversell, but one I didn't want to lose on her.

About a week later we chatted again and this time Paula was alone. She had a mic and wanted to chat with me on it, and wanted to hear me too. I told her okay, but not to make fun of my deep voice because everyone makes fun of it, especially the NY accent from where I was born and raised. I had to say that much or she might suspect I am not who I claim to be. She giggled at my voice, but claimed it was sexy the way I talked. Before I could even send her the mp3 hypnosis file, I asked her if she would want to try to be put under by my voice. She had headphones on so no one else could hear even if she was disturbed. It helped block out other sounds too, so it would be easier for the both of us. Once she agreed, she was in a trance about 5 minutes later. I took her very deep, and the deeper she went, the easier it was for me to work with her mind.

From all the various hypnotists I had encountered, I fashioned my own unique method of mind manipulation. I used a deepener to move the person from a light trance to a deeper one using an elevator where each floor would represent a level of trance. This was common with many hypnotists, but what I added was tying the pleasure and the relaxation to a reward. It worked like giving a dog a bone for every successful trick. After a while, the dog wants to do tricks. The reward I would give my subjects would be in the form of words.

I would say, "You are doing very well now, Paula. I think you are doing so well, you deserve a reward. Do you like rewards, Paula?" Of course, all people love rewards, so I knew she would reply yes. I would then continue, "Good, I am going to give you a wonderful relaxing reward. It is going to be like a wave of massaging pleasure that starts at the toes and rises up the legs and continues all the way to your head. It will feel intensely pleasurable and you will love how addicting the feeling is and want more rewards once you felt it. Understand?" Of course, another yes was said, then I said, "Good girl, feel the wave now."

Once the pleasure wave was sent, it accomplished 2 things for me. The mind recognized that rewards were pleasurable and addicting. My next step was to further her addiction. I made a little hypnosis law with her. Everytime she did anything I asked, she would get a reward. Yet this reward was 10 times better and each time she felt it, she would grow more addicted to feeling it when she was in trance or wide awake in chat with me. I told her that not only did she feel addicted to the wave of pleasure, but she felt addicted to telling me the truth even if she didn't want to. In fact, if she told me the truth to any question I asked, she would get an instant reward of pleasure. Everytime she obeyed me, she would get another wave of pleasure. All this time, I am anchoring these statements in by asking her if she understood. Everytime she answered me, she was hit with a pleasure wave. She was slowly becoming a crack addict for my pleasure waves and telling me the truth at all costs. She felt no shame in telling me her most personal desires or answering the most private of questions.

I found out she was a virgin, never masturbated before and was horny a lot, especially now with the pleasure waves. I heard her gasps on the mic so I knew she was enjoying the trance quite a lot. She was mine to play with now. So once I had certain triggers in place, I woke her up. I had a trigger to put her back under and wake her up whether it was on mic or in the words in our chat window. I made a point in waking her that she would feel so incredibly good and horny that she would want to tell me exactly how she felt as soon as she was completely awake.

Paula couldn't even fathom the pleasure and relaxation would ever feel so good and she was embarrassed to tell me she was horny, so I asked her if she was. She was forced to tell me and once she answered, the wave of pleasure hit her awakened mind. I had her right where I wanted her now. She was starting to moan from the pleasure and I pushed her to tell me where she felt the most pleasure. She told me. I asked her if she ever touched her pussy. I knew the answer, but I wanted her to answer again while awake to further show my control. After she said no, I asked her if she wanted to touch her pussy now? She had to say the truth and she said yes, and the wave hit her strong again. She wanted to, so I told her to do it, and even if a part of her didn't she couldn't resist me at this point, nor the pleasure, so she played with herself. Since she was new at it, I instructed her fingers to rub her clit only, and within 2 minutes she had her first orgasm. Listening to her cum had me ready to explode too, and I did as soon as I released her for the day. I put her back in trance and told her to say goodbye, to take a shower and masturbate again once she had the soap around her pussy.

As our chats and conversations continued, I made her addicted to masturbating, having her do it at least twice a day most days. I had her think of the boys in her school she liked. I gave her fantasies of having sex and giving blowjobs, something she wanted to wait for. Her fantasies grew stronger and her desires to fulfill them were insatiable. I had her imagine being thrown up against the wall and fucked by the boy she liked the most at her school. It was a trigger I gave her and she loved it. It was actually Paula's fantasy to be taken roughly that way and I just made her think it happened. It felt real to her, and she would cum wildly from the fucking once she was ready. It never took more than 5 minutes, but if she begged me to make her cum, I just made her cum. I had so much control on her, that even the days she just wanted to talk, she was begging me to make her cum by the end.

Paula and I exchanged phone numbers and chatted on her personal phone on and off for the next few months. I eventually told her I was moving back to California with my old girlfriend who was back in my life after a year away from her. A happy ending for the boy who was becoming a man, and Paula who was moving to Florida to be with her estranged father. It was an arousing experience, and as much as I would love to do it in person, I would never cross that line. I crossed a line that was as far as I wanted to go, which was far enough.

It was fun while it lasted, and for me giving her orgasms and fantasies to excite her was sexually stimulating for me. Perverted yes, but still gratifying. The chatrooms aren't the same anymore, so I stopped looking. I still have ladies come to me asking for hypnosis and I have fun controlling them. I also think I have put to rest the urge to dominate them while under. I still enjoy giving pleasure waves and that is more than enough for me.

I hope you liked my tale and feel free to comment on what you thought it. Any comments, negative or positive would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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