My fantasy with the boy named Rhys

My fantasy with the boy named Rhys

The boy who was 12 years old, Rhys, was a lovely looking boy. Everyday after school I would see him, and imagine the fun I could have with him. On that day, my fantasy came true…

It was a usual morning before school and I had woken up late. I rushed to get dressed and rushed out of the door, only to see my bus drive past the end of my road. I knew that there was another bus in half an hour or so, so i headed round to the bus stop to wait.

When I got there I realised that there was someone else there…Rhys. He missed the bus as well and was waiting. Everytime I saw him, I imagined him naked, standing there with his little penis all hard and erect, ready for me to suck and play with. His voice was so beautiful and he had the perfect looks. It was when he said he needed to go for a piss, that I realised that my fantasy could come true.

The only available place out of public eyes was the woods nearby, he went and started to follow. He asked me why I was following, and I simply told him I needed to go as well. He found a spot, and because it was 7:30am, not many people were around.

Then he stood, there unbuttoned his pants and took out his beautiful little cock. At about 4 inches it was perfect, with a nice pink helmet, and when he pissed, he let out a moan…

I started to piss, but it was pretty difficult as my cock was rock hard. Then he looked over and saw me. I said, "You have a nice little cock you know." He looked at me strange, but thanked me. At least he didnt run away all say anything, I thought to myself.

I finally plucked up the courage to tell him that I thought he was beautiful. He was pretty shocked, but didnt seem to care. In fact it was him that asked if I wanted to have sex. My eyes lit up and I began to undress. I went over to him and pulled down his underwear again, took his little cock and sucked it. He said it felt good. I didnt let him cum, even if he knew how to yet, I don't know, but I then asked him if he wanted to fuck me. He said yes, and I spread my ass wide, and slowly lowered myself onto his dick. His tiny little 4-incher slid up my ass and I thrust myself on him, it felt so much better with a young, tender cock like his in me.

I got a lot faster in my movement and felt his hard boner penetrate my asshole, I liked the feeling so much and i could hear him groan louder and louder, now thrusting himself. He told me he was about to cum, but I wasn't ready to myself. Before I knew it, I felt a hot rush of cum fire into my bowels. He sat down on the floor, even though I hadn't had an orgasm yet.

After a minute or so, he got up and started to get dressed but I told him I wasnt finished with him yet. I grabbed him and ripped down his little underpants. I saw his little asshole and my urge of not cumming, I rammed my cock up his asshole. He let out a groan, as I entered him too fast, and I was thrusting faster than ever now. Within a few minutes I was pumping so hard he was crying but it was my sexual urge that dominated. A trickle of blood came from his asshole, but I continued, and as I felt my hot cum arising from my cock, I withdrew and brought his head to my cock, and rammed it into his mouth, filling his throat with hot sticky cum.

He wiped his tears and started running home, but I knew he would be back.

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