Marathon, PT 1

Marathon, PT 1

We arrange to take the day off and have a marathon. After a relaxing morning of coffee, you excuse yourself to get ready for our guest. You take a bath, shave your body smooth and put on a sexy pair of thigh high stockings, a g-string and a spaghetti strap bustier. Our bedroom is clean, and it’s a rainy day outside.

Our friend, Dale, comes over as planned and we join you in the bedroom. Dale is a good looking guy, about my size with big broad shoulders and a goatee. We walk up to you and each give you a kiss. I get behind you and turn you toward Dale. We sandwich you while standing up, hands all over the place. He pulls your head to his to kiss you, his soft lips touch yours and his tongue darts on yours, and explores your mouth and tongue. You get into the kiss and really kiss him deeply back. I am behind you nibbling you’re your exposed neck and ear. You reach down and start bunching up Dales’ shirt, and he interrupts your kiss to help you remove his shirt. Once his shirt is off, you resume your passionate kiss. You feel my hard cock through my shorts rubbing against your ass. You reach back and give me a little rub. You start to kiss Dale’s neck, and you move down to his nipples and lick them just a tad, making them rock hard. You stand back up straight, and he cups your breasts though the bustier. You turn your head back and lean into me, pushing your chest forward, and you stick your tongue out at mine looking for a kiss. I meet your tongue and suck it as we kiss. Dale slides the straps of your bustier off your shoulders, and pulls the cups down, exposing your breasts. He takes one nipple in his mouth and bites it lightly while rubbing his tongue on the exposed surface. He takes the other nipple in his hand and plays with your nipple ring, sliding it around in your nipple. He then places his mouth on the other nipple and moves his hands down to your legs, unsnapping the garters attached to the bustier. I slide my hand down your tummy, and slide my hand into your g-string, and tease the wet opening of your pussy just a little with my finger. I slide a finger into the string, and begin to tug downwards on your underwear. Dale notices this, and grabs the other side and helps me slide them down your legs. You now stand before us with your stockings and bustier on, with your shaved pussy and tits exposed.

You turn around, and guide Dale to stand next to me. You get down on your knees in front of us. You turn your attention to Dale first. You unbutton his shorts and unzip his pants, and slide his shorts off, exposing a semi hard 6” cock. You pick it up and guide it into your mouth, sliding your wet lips along the head of his shaft. I watch you take this cock into your mouth and I take off my shirt. While you’re sucking on him, feeling him grow in your mouth, you reach over and start undoing my shorts as well. You get my pants down, and turn to me, and take my already hard cock all the way down to my balls, and begin to work my shaft fast and hard, while you’re using your free hand to work his cock. You pull us closer together and then begin to take turns swapping whose cock is in your mouth. Whoever isn’t getting his cock sucked reaches down and takes turns rubbing your tits and teasing your hard nipples. You pull us closer together, guiding the heads of our cocks right next to each other, and lick both of our heads at the same time. You work up and down the bottoms of both of our shafts. You lift up his now rock hard 8” cock and you take one of his balls into your mouth. You feel him grab a handful of your hair as he holds his breath as you work his balls in your mouth. You are rubbing my cock while sucking on his balls. You switch, and take my balls in your mouth and work his hard shaft up and down.

We stand you up, and sit you down on the bed. I sit behind you, and he is kneeling on the floor in front of you. He leans down, and kisses both of your feet, and begins to kiss your legs slowly, moving upwards as he does. I reach around you and unsnap the rest of the buttons on your bustier, making you totally naked, save your thigh-highs. He reaches the top of your stockings, and starts to kiss and lick your naked skin on your thighs, and spreads your legs to get better access. You lean your head back and lean back to kiss me. Our mouths meet in a deep kiss while Dale begins to tease your already open pussy with his tongue. He licks the lips of your pussy with his rough tongue, and you can feel his goatee on your thighs and his moustache brush against your raised hard clit. You respond by reaching down and opening your pussy for him to get deeper and kissing me harder. He begins to suck on your clit, and nibbling on the lips of your wet pussy. He penetrates you with his tongue, and rubs his goatee and mustache all over your open pussy. You start to cum, and you grab his hair and pull him up your body. You release the long kiss with me, and turn to him, and you kiss him deeply, and sloppily, tasting your wetness on his breath, lips and goatee. You look at him and demand that he fuck you. You reach down and spread your ass cheeks and pussy open wide and he slides the head of his long fat cock into your open cunt. He starts gently, but you raise your legs into the air to allow him full access, and he finally slides his entire hard shaft balls deep into your waiting pussy. He begins to fuck you long and hard, and I slide out from behind you. I straddle your face and drop my balls into your mouth. You moan around my balls as he fucks your pussy with his rock hard cock using long deep strokes. He pulls out of your pussy, and rolls you onto your side. You open your legs up and he lies down behind you. You position yourself on the side of the bed and I stand in front of you. He rubs the head of his cock around your open pussy, and then slides back in and beings to fuck you again. I stand in front of you and feed your open moaning mouth my rock hard cock. The ridge of the head of his cock is hitting your g-spot and you are rubbing your clit while he slides his cock in and out of you. You drop my cock out of your mouth, and scream in pleasure as you cum as hard as you ever have before. He gets close to cumming, and you can feel that he’s beginning to fuck you a little harder, trying to climax. You ask him to cum in your mouth. He pulls out and I get out of the way. He stands on the edge of the bed, and you lay down on your stomach, with your head hanging off the side of the bed.

You take his cock with your juices all over it into your mouth and start working it. I move in behind you and spread your legs, and begin to eat your already fucked, dripping wet pussy. He begins to shoot his hot load down your throat, and you suck his cock dry, taking every last drop. You refuse to stop sucking on him. You feel him get a little soft, and you keep working his shaft. I raise your ass up in the air, and spread your pussy open for my cock. In one long stroke, I slide my cock all the way into your hot waiting pussy. I start to pump you hard, my legs slapping against your ass, you’re barely able to keep Dale’s cock in your mouth. He is starting to get hard again. You feel me start to hit the back of your cunt, and then you feel me shoot hot jets of cum deep into your pussy, triggering your third orgasm.

You’ve got Dale hard again, and he lies down. You get on top of him, and slide his cock back into your pussy. You start to ride his cock up and down. I stand in front of you while watching you fuck Dales cock, and you take my soft cock back into your mouth, tasting the mix of our cum and your hot pussy juices. You work on my shaft until I’m hard as a rock again. I move around behind you, and lube my cock up. I stop you from bouncing on him for a moment, and I guide my hard slippery cock into your ass, double penetrating you from behind. I slide all the way in slowly, and then start to pump your ass with my cock. Once I get in a rhythm, you raise up a little to give Dale some room to work. You stay still while he and I get into a rhythm fucking both of your holes at once. You can fill your pussy filled with is cock, and your ass with mine, and you can feel our cocks pressing against the thin wall between your ass and your cunt. Dale has your tits in his mouth, working hard on both of your rock hard nipples, and messaging your nipple ring with his tongue. You are in total overload, and begin to cum so hard you nearly pass out. Your screams take us over the top, and we both begin to cum. Dale shoots his second hot load deep into your pussy, sending you over the edge, and into a multiple orgasm, and I fill your ass with my cum. The feeling of us both coming in your body at the same time is simply too much, and you collapse onto Dale’s chest, with us still inside of you. I slide out of you and lay down next to you. You move off of Dale, and lay between us, exhausted; we all fall asleep, naked together.

Nearly two hours later you awake to the feeling of a hand rubbing up and down your naked back. You open your eyes and see me asleep. You turn your head to find Dale laying next to you awake, rubbing your back. You roll toward him, and he puts his arms around you, and pulls you close. Your breasts are pulled tight against his chest, and he leans down to start nibbling your neck. His hands begin to wander, rubbing your ass, and grabbing your cheeks, and rubbing your sides up to your tits. You reach down and find his cock already pumping full and near hard, and begin to rub his shaft. He takes your nipple into his mouth and beings to nibble and suck. His hands move down to your pussy and you spread your legs for his hands. He slides a finger into your pussy, still wet with our cum, and rubs your clit and g-spot with his thick fingers. He pulls out and feeds his fingers to you. You taste yourself and both of us on his fingers. You pull him on top of you. You lie back, and spread your legs wide open and straight, giving him a great view of your open and waiting pussy. You reach down and spread the lips of your pussy open and you grab his cock with your other hand and guide him into your pussy. He slides all the way in balls deep on the first stroke. He grabs your legs and holds them open against your chest and starts to pump his cock in and out of your pussy, his balls slapping on your ass.

…I wake up to find you next to me on your back, with your legs on your chest getting your pussy pounded by our new friend’s large hard cock.

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