1derful Tease Ch. 02

1derful Tease Ch. 02

The days had passed and Dad and I pretended like nothing ever happened that morning. Mom was unaware of any strange behavior. Even though we pretended to be the same it was evident to me between the glances and smiles dad would give I had turned him on.

After a week had passed I had come to the belief it was a fluke moment between us and things were almost back to normal. Friday night came and as predictable as can be Mom was on her way out the door. Things were pretty silent as Dad and I finished dinner and settled in for the night. My boyfriend was being a jerk so I was not going out. I rather mope around the house. Not feeling so bold I went to my room clicked on the TV and getting comfortable for bed. Taking a quick shower, I placed on a night shirt and a pair of light yellow full bottom panties. Then I settled on my bed for the evening as I watched TV.

Around ten o’clock Dad poked his head in the door wearing boxer shorts, to say good night. I asked him if every thing was alright maintaining his attention for another minute. He came in and sat beside me. I leaned over and hugged him as he planted a kiss on my head. He was about to get up when I asked, “Dad you know how you always say we can talk about anything?”

Dad held me and says, “Anything you need to talk about I am here for you.”

I know I surprised him by asking, “Why do you stay with mom when you know she is off every weekend with some guy? You do know that is what she is doing?” I think he thought I was going to ask a boyfriend question.

Dad took his time being silent before saying, “I know she is with other men.” Then dad became silent again.

I looked up at him moving about a little and said, “I don’t understand. If you know, then why when she comes home you act like nothing happens and every thing is great!”

Dad replied with some stuff and basically danced all around my question with out answering it. I grabbed his hand holding it in my own upon my bare leg and said, “Dad I want to know you said you would always be honest with me. This bothers me because I do not understand why mom is out right now doing something with another guy and you seem to be ok with it?”

Dad started to explain this whole bunch of garbage and I interrupted him saying, “Daaad, just answer me!”

Dad then took a deep breath and says, “Yes your mother is with other men, but I enjoy it.”

I was dumbfound and had to ask, “Enjoy it? How do you enjoy it?” Now sitting Indian style I rotated toward him as to listen intently.

Dad thought for a moment then trying to relate he said, “Let’s say you and your boy friend are having sex.” I nodded, “Then let’s suppose he says to you he wants you to have sex with his buddy.” I look at him strange. He says, “Of course a buddy that you have always wanted secretly. Would that get you excited?”

I think about that for a bit and then saying, “Yea I suppose so but what did it do for my boyfriend?”

Dad says, “Well seeing you in that wanting state is a real turn on, and to give you something you really want is a turn on. Not to mention the sex after is very hot because of your aroused state. You see?”

I look at dad and still not sure what he is saying is the truth. I question him, “So what about you while mom is out doing her thing what do you do?”

Dad nervous laughed a bit then replied, “I do what men all around the world do.” Making a jerking motion with his hand.

I said, “I guess if you say so, it just does not seem to make sense to me. Why would you not be with other woman having sex, if mom is with other men?”

Dad says reaching around holding me tight, “Because_____, I don’t know why honestly. I like my time I spend with your mom and I never thought about being with another woman. And this conversation has reached the end my young inquisitive one. Good night.”

Dad moved to get up, but I held his hand firm to my leg. With a pouting look I asked, “Can I ask one more thing before you go?” There I sat fluttering my eyes and a begging look on my face.

Dad moved so he was facing me and one leg under his bum and the other hung off the edge of the bed. I smiled from ear to ear as I knew that was a yes. I looked at his boxers only for a second and I think his eyes caught me. But I couldn’t help glancing down at his groin the image of his penis was just visible as the thin silky material pressed firmly against it. The out line of the curled limp shaft and the bulbous head made me want to look more.

I cleared my throat and gulped hard then said, “The other day you know when we were outside?” I dropped my look to the bed, but now I was looking right at his dick. I became flush with a rush of cold and scared.

Dad gave a long Yeah as to wonder what my question was. I looked up at him and began to ask, “If mom didn’t come home.” I could feel myself becoming sexually excited in my fear but I had to know. I fought for ways to ask and then continued, “And you were watching me, how far would you have let it go?” I could now see the slight pulse in his dick as his hand lifted my chin to look at him.

Dad smiled at me and with a deep inhale and then breathing out just said, “Hun it was a moment I wouldn’t have let you really do any thing even though you looked so cute all aroused. I figured I would just let you play out your fantasy a little.”

I gave him a sarcastic smile of doubt before saying, “Well you were just as aroused as I was, or does your penis always poke out the top of your trunks? Don’t make it out like it was just me. Or were you just so horny because mom would be home from her night of getting laid?” Then I tossed my legs out and rolled onto my side facing away from him. I was angry at his denial and he knew it.

I felt his hand on my shoulder. I gave a shrug and rolled onto my stomach with my head quickly placed under the pillows. Again I felt his hand on my back as it rubbed down my spine about half way then I could feel the warmth of his hand on my skin. I knew my shirt must have lifted when I tossed, but I didn’t care. His warm hand stopped at the top of my panties and rubbed back up this time remaining on my skin under my shirt. When he reached my shoulders he gave a squeeze then repeated the motion.

I could hear as dad confessed to being a bit aroused and apologized for being inconsiderate to me. Explaining it was not something he thought was appropriate and was not ready to admit to me out of fear.

I lifted my head with a frowning look then as his hand reached my neck and squeezed again. I asked with a plea, “Could you rub my neck and shoulders a little? That feels so good please.”

Dad knew he had just been suckered into a giving a back rub out of guilt as he gave a light groan. Then said, “Fine, but I need to go to the bathroom first give me a second.” With that he exited the room.

I Lifted the back of my shirt so it was over my head, but the front still covered my breasts. I placed my face back between the two pillows and waited.

I felt the bed shift a bit as dad climbed on. At first he knelt at my side and began to rub my shoulders and neck. I gave out a groan as it was almost painful his hard grasp of my muscles.

As time passed he rubbed my arms and then as he began to knead his way down my back I felt his leg straddle me. He was seated just below my ass across my legs. I waited as his hand worked their way down my back at a slow steady pace. When he began rubbing my ass cheeks I was so relaxed I just laid there and felt his fingers digging into my bum. He was really good and soon moved down my legs then to my feet.

One at a time he lifted my feet and rubbed them intently while he did this I could almost feel him parting my legs ever so slightly. I became flush wondering just how wet I had become earlier? I wondered if he could tell. I knew if he saw between my legs the yellow would not be the same light yellow. I froze for a second, and then thought I should stop him.

Just at that moment dad put my second foot down and began to move at the same pace back up my legs. This time however he was kneeling down between my legs. I waited quietly as his hands made their way to my inner thigh. With in seconds his hands were on the bottom most part of my ass. He spread my ass continuing the massage. I realized quickly his fingers were in the underside of my panties as they felt my bare skin of my bum.

Then like I never expected I felt his two thumbs with the aid of his hands on my cheeks Knead in between my legs. I knew the thumbs were placed right between my pussy and ass. This felt so intense; I lifted my head up quickly and looked over my shoulder at him. His hands froze in position. I could feel myself drip. With out a word I laid back down. He remained paused for a moment.

Then I felt his thumbs making little motionless circles. His fingers kept my cheeks spread as his thumbs slowly danced lower. When they reached my exceptionally wet lips I wanted to say “Ok dad that is far enough!” Instead I remained quiet becoming more aroused by the second. The feeling made me think it was my boyfriend touching me and I was getting caught up in the moment. The skilful gentle touch kept reminding me it was my dad making me drip with horny anticipation.

I wanted to reach down and rub my clit so hard. Instead I clenched my fingers into the bed under the pillow. I felt his hand as it cupped my crotch slide over my pussy so his palm rested over my pussy. Only then did I realize just how wet I was. I then felt his hand rubbing me openly. I was lost in the moment. I lifted my hips up to give him a better access. Like the wind he took the opportunity to remove my panties.

I was not too interested at the moment as all I wanted to do was orgasm hard. I think I might have pissed my self when I felt his two fingers enter my pussy. I was so wet I could hear the squish sound each time his fist bottomed out.

With the other hand dad parted my cheeks and without notice suddenly I felt his tongue touch my anus. I lifted my hips off the bed slightly and rocked into his fingers. I was going out of my mind. My dad just licked my ass. He was teasing me with slow strokes not letting me cum and every so often would dab his tongue in my pussy or touch my anus.

Finally I had to cry out, “Make me cum!” My legs were as spread as they could go, my hands gripped the headboard. My mouth now bit down on the pillow.

I really was not expecting him to do what happened next. Dad with little hesitation entered me. I was at a loss at first. Not knowing exactly what just filled me for a brief instance. Then I felt his thick sausage sliding into me a little further.

My head flipped around as I said, “No! You can’t!” I also knew he already had it in me, and he knew I was also on the pill. I fought with my mind for a reason why he can’t. I could now feel him press it all the way in as his pubic hair touched the tight skin of my ass. My mouth opened in a moment of shock and delight.

Dad leaning his big sculpted body into me placed his lips over mine. At the same time I felt his hands squeeze onto my perked breasts. My aching erect nipples as if it were possible became more erect. Our tongues touched for the first time. I let out a moan of submission, I wanted so badly for my dad to make me his.

Feeling his hips begin to move and his cock pumping into me making my pussy lips spread wider than ever. I began to orgasm, holding onto his arm like I was hugging a teddy bear I came hard. I broke the kiss to scream out as the shuddering climax ripped through me. I was lost I may even have blacked out slightly.

My body shook as it was consistently slammed hard. My head felt like a nail being driven by a hammer into the head board. Stopping dad held my hips just off the bed as his cock seated deeply within me squirted off. With a loud grunt I could feel the throb on my parted lips and then a piss of fluid streaming into me. I began my own mini orgasm as I felt him Cumming. I was delirious out of my mind with mixed emotions and the grinding on my pussy felt oh so good.

He leaned his sweaty body back over mine planting small kisses into my neck. Then holding me tight we rolled to the side in a spooning position. I was going to close my legs but really couldn’t from the girth of his erection still in me. In stead I wrapped that upper leg over his and pushed back into his slowly deflating cock. Being careful to not squeeze hard to make him pop out I was enjoying the moment. I wanted to say something but was at a loss for words so we both just kept quiet. He was holding me just under my breasts and I was holding his big arms.

It seemed longer but was more like a minute or two. The cock reached the stage it was slowly being squeezed out by my small body. With a little whimper from me it popped out and laid slick and wet on my lower leg. I felt empty for a few moments as my crotch constricted the open passage trying to return to where it used to be.

We were quiet for a while I could hear the TV and the breath of my dad in my ear. Every time I thought about what had just happened I was sick to my stomach then I was happy. I was giving off a little under breath laugh to myself of confusion. It had felt so good, but yet I couldn’t control the emotions inside. At the same time I know it was all so wrong.

Dad’s fingers specifically his thumbs continued to feel my nipples as for the next fifteen minutes we managed to just be quiet. When I felt dad suck on my earlobe it sent a thrill down through my body causing my pussy to tighten and forcing some of his sperm to trickle out between us. Dad didn’t seem to care as it puddled up a bit and squished between our skins. His fingers were tweaking my nipples making them very perky which was making me aroused.

I felt his cock twitch on my lower leg while he sucked more playfully on my ear and neck. Reaching down I took hold of it and began a gentle massage. The cock was still seeping fluid making the shaft slippery to my touch. It felt bigger than my boyfriends but not as big as it felt inside me. Dad gave a slight moan of approval to my fondling, as he placed kisses on my neck. It was making me not think strait as I asked him, “What are you doing to me?”

Dad whispered in my ear,”Nothing you didn’t want me to do.”

I continued stroking lightly on his shaft as his head moved to where he could feed himself one of my nipples. The sight of him sucking my nipple at first scared me as to the reality of my dad was sucking my nipple. He was so handsome looking, as the side of his cheek sucked in and the stubble of his face touched my soft milky white breasts. I felt that tingle in my crotch as he sucked hard. My hand brushed his hair as he sucked more. My body was quickly betraying me as I was becoming so aroused by the moment. My mind was sick I know my dad had just had sex with me, but now I wanted him to do it more than ever.

I placed the almost hard cock between my wet pussy lips and with the head just resting at the soaked hole. I jerked the shaft squeezing it on the way up to harden it, pushing it into my self. In about ten strokes I could feel dad’s cock was stiff enough to enter. Try as I did it seemed as I lowered so did he. I knew he was either teasing me severely or up to something. With all the nipple attention I was going out of my mind. I blurted out, “Just fu_!” I froze mid word I realized in one breath. I had never sworn in front of Dad.

Dad lifted his head so his face was directly in front of mine and inquired, “What do you want?”

I moved both hands up and pulled him to me as I kissed him and sucked on his tongue so hard like it was a cock. I needed him so badly and I couldn’t say anything. As I continued to suck on his tongue I felt his fingers twirling in my pussy. I was pushing my hips to make contact but he was teasing me all the more. I broke the tongue suck and out of breath whispered, “Please.”

Dad kissed my lips and asked, “Tell me what you want? I want to hear you say it.”

I took a deep breath and swallowed as he continued to stare at me I looked back. My mouth watered to kiss him. I staggered out, “I want you to ____.” I was so horny breathing heavy. “Are you going to____; will you please?”

His hand was rubbing firmly over my clit and I could feel the tip of his cock still just pressing my opening. I tried to move my body down onto him. He looked at me and said, “You want me to fuck you? Then say it.”

I looked right at him as the words came out, “I want you to fuck me.” I felt flush, it was an intense moment I was not only saying fuck in front of him, but I was being vulgar asking my dad to fuck me.

The feeling of him entering me was out of this world I could feel the expansion as his cock pushed into me. My mouth opened slightly as I took in the moment looking right at him. When he was fully inside he paused and again said, “What do you want?”

My eyes were gazing at him I felt his fingers back on my breasts pinching my straining nipples. I muttered out, “I want you to make me feel good.”

Dad pinched harder as he said, “I want to hear my little girl swear, I know you swear when I am not around. Just like I know you are having sex with your boyfriend. So stop holding back and tell me what you really want.”

I closed my eyes a little and said, “Right now I need to fucked by your fucking big cock. So fuck me!” With that I reached around and planted my finger nails into the flesh of his firm ass hard pulling him into me.

He began to grind his organ into me. I felt the shaft as it pulled the fat mushroom head back and fourth. Like a violin his cock was playing my opening. In moments my eyes were rolling back as he pumped at a steady pace. Dad was twiddling my breasts and alternately pinching a nipple. His mouth was firmly biting on my neck and I was in deep lust. My mind raced as I neared an orgasm feeling it come on with a thunderous blow to my pussy. I let out a loud moan that was echoing back through my mind. Oh it rushed through my entire body like electricity.

Dad never broke pace and was still pumping hard as I came down from the climax. God it felt so fucking good I couldn’t get enough of it. Like I had waited my whole life to feel this stretching cock itch my pussy. Coming back to reality I laid almost limp as he continued a slightly slower assault, slow but a firm pace. My nipples became extremely sensitive to his touch and sent quivers down my pussy.

Moving about dad shifted then lifting my leg up he moved, he tried to keep it in but it came out. Lying down on my back with my legs spread he guided his cock back in. Then placing an arm on either side he leaned in and we kissed. My hands fell to his chest feeling the large pectoral muscles and my legs just curled around his ass. We fucked like this for a real long time. As wet and lubed as I was I was beginning to feel a little tender down there.

Breaking the kiss I asked, “Are you going to cum soon?”

Dad looked at me and asked, “Are you ok? I can stop I don’t want to hurt you.”

I shook my head no as small tears of love emotions crept from my eyes. I ran my fingers down his stomach and back up saying, “No I want you to finish inside me. The second time is better right?”

Dad kissed my lips and then with his finger wiped my tears and placed them to his lips. Then said with a smile, “This will be the third tonight! I just never stopped after the second.”

I smiled with a small sniffle and asked, "How long have you wanted to___ pausing___ fuck me?”

Dad placed his arms so he was looking down at me and says, “Kay how long have you wanted to fuck me?” Leaning back to sit up on his knees his thumb stroked my clit as he slowly fucked me.

I was quiet not wanting to answer his question either. Then as he was pinching my clit while he looked at it so intently I asked, “So who is better me or mom?” I let out a giggle.

Dad pushed deep into me and said, “You both have unique qualities. It would be hard to compare. Physically you’re both very close. But your pussy tastes ‘Mmm’, and feels incredible if that is what you mean? But she does things you don’t.”

I looked at him and replied, “Like have sex with other guys? You really like that don’t you?”

Dad nodded his head, “Yes it is a real turn on.”

I said, “Well I have sex with James, does that turn you on?”

He kind of snarled and replied, “Not really the same thing.”

“What do you mean?”

“You mother has sex with men, whom I want her to have sex with.”

I could feel his excitement in the topic and my own curiosity was sparking a bit of excitement in me. I asked, “So you know the men mom is with?”

Dad’s pace began to pick up slightly, “Yes, I know them.”

I smirked at him and asked, “Have you ever___, like with them and mom?”

Dad answered, “You mean a Threesome where we both fuck her? Yes! For God sakes Kay my cock is inside you fucking your pussy I think it will be Ok if you speak freely to me. I want you to do that; it turns me on.”

“Dad did you want me to fuck your friends for you too?” I met his hand on my clit with my own hand. “Would that turn you on to see one of your buddies fucking me?”

He leaned in and said nothing as he kissed me his hips were thrusting into me at a rapid pace. My tongue played with his for the moment. My arms pulled him close on top of me as my nipples poked into his hairy chest they ached.

Sensing the excitement I prodded him further. Talking into his ear, “You want me to do that? Do you think your friends would want to fuck me like you are?”

He let out a small,”Mm hmm.” In my ear as he bit my neck.

I wanted to make him cum in the worst way and the topic was turning me on as well. I humped back at him as he drove his cock home. I said, “I will do it for you as long as you are always in the room while I do it.”

Dad bit my neck hard and started to cum he slammed my pussy furiously as the shaft felt so big. Finally he held it in tight. I jumped through my skin grunting and grinding on him. I was burning as he filled me with his sperm. My hands scratched at his back and my feet wrapped tight.

Slowly the spurts from his body faded to a halt. His teeth released my neck and it still hurt where he bit me. We remained frozen for a long time before he moved. The feeling of withdrawal of his cock hurt as it finally came out. I knew the muscles down there were sore and unresponsive as the opening remained in an open state. He placed a finger in my opening and ran it around the edge.

Dad asked, “What about James? His little pecker is not going to fit so tight anymore in my little girl?”

I retorted, “What about mom her little pecker is going to be limp?” With a childish tease look sticking out my tongue.

Getting up dad shut off the TV, turned out the light, and placed the covers over my well used naked body. I was almost hurt inside as he left the room. He just left no good night nothing. I was wide eyed as I looked into the dark ceiling. All these emotions ran through my mind. I wondered in a brief moment did he still love me. I began to cry silently as the tears rolled down my cheeks.

The side of the bed moved I was frightened at first but then realized it was dad. He snuggled in close and felt the tears. He asked if I needed to talk. I shook my head and managed to get out, “No I wouldn’t know what to say right now; we can talk in the morning if that is ok with you.” Then I curled up half on his chest as he held me. I loved him back just as dearly as I fell asleep.

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