8th summer part 4: Dad's turn

8th summer part 4: Dad's turn

I was introduced to sex by my brother and our neighbor Danny in my 8th summer, and was used by my brother when he wanted it, and was cornered by Danny every chance he got to do kinky stuff with me and pass me around to his classmates. It was a game I had asked to play, not knowing what it would lead to but I played along and did as I was told. I didn't have much choice but I didn't mind very much because I was the center of attention with older boys. I went from a pudgy somewhat unattractive 8 year old to a pudgy somewhat attractive but plain 12 year old having a variety of sexual experiences with a number of teenage boys, mostly arranged by Danny. Sometimes Danny's clients would find me coming home from school and have me in the vacant field. Most time he arranged for them to have me in one form or another and his clients didn't mind fucking a chubby little girl. Finally I thought I'd get a break when I became 12 and both Danny and my brother went off to college, but I was wrong.

Mom got a job at the hospital working nights to help pay my brother's tuition and I was left alone with Dad. By 12 I had gotten taller but still had ample baby fat and a pudgy shape with budding but noticeable breasts and a round bubble butt. I needed a bra though I hadn't become a woman yet. It started one night when I had gone to my room after taking my bath and I left my door ajar because I thought Dad was downstairs watching TV. I took off my bathrobe and was standing naked and looking at myself in my mirror, not all that happy with what I was seeing but at least I was getting taller and I did have rounding tits and something of a figure, though I didn't have any pubic hair yet. I was shocked when I saw Dad standing in the doorway to my room watching me naked and he said ooops, pretending he had just got there and kind of laughed but he didn't move. He made sure he got a good look at me and where I was in the corner looking in my full length mirror I had nowhere to go and nothing to cover myself with but my hands. I turned my back to him but he could see my front in the mirror. He chuckled and said don't worry honey I used to change your diapers and you may be bigger but I've already seen all you've got, so put your hands down and let me see how my little girl has grown.

I mean NOW Eileen!

I was so red in the face as I dropped my hands to my sides and turned to him. I was so ashamed that he had caught me looking at myself and so embarrassed that now I had to display my naked body to my father.

Now turn around full so I can see it all baby and I turned around showing him my entire naked body. He didn't leave the doorway for a time and he left only after getting a good look at me all over but he took his time looking me over and didn't close my door when he finally left.

From then on the slow manipulation started. The kiss he gave me when he came home from work was now on my mouth and it was lasting longer and sometimes it was more than once. His hand was always around my shoulder and was always brushing my breast. I was getting a lot of full body hugs and one hand was always on or very close to my ass. The hugs would end with a few pats on my bottom. If I had a skirt on he would try to hike it up the back but I usually got away from him before he got it up too high. Once he got it up and squeezed my ass. He would come up behind me as I was washing the dishes and put his arms around my waist and kiss me on the neck, pressing his body into my back and saying how he loved his little girl his hands moving up and down my front just to my pussy and just touching my tits. Each time he did it he got a little braver and touched me a little more where he shouldn't be. He never paid much attention to me before and this attention was embarrassing me. I thought I could at least trust my dad.

We would watch TV and sometimes we would sit on the couch and he would have an arm around me holding me against him with his hand lightly over my breast just barely resting his hand on it and sometimes he would rub my leg with his other hand. Some nights he would be in his chair when I came into the living room and he would make me sit on his lap. Those nights became more frequent and his hands became bolder, moving over me and holding me against him pretending to watch TV, but I could feel his hard-on growing in his pants each night and each night there seemed to be more kisses right on my mouth with show Daddy you love him as the excuse and I would kiss him and sometimes he held me behind my head and made it last too long for a dad to do. I would try to pull away or to avoid him but it didn't stop him. He's my Dad, geez. And he started tucking me in at night.

The tucking in was the bravest he became, taking my covers wherever they were and making sure he ran his hands over my breasts as he pulled my covers up to my neck. If the covers were already up around my chest he would make sure he grabbed them on my tits so he could get a good feel all the time pretending like neither of us noticed what he was doing to me. At first he was coming in dressed but then one night he came in his robe. Each night the robe was open a little more and he was naked underneath. He'd sit on my bed at the head and put one arm around me and rub my thigh over the covers with the other and each night he was exposed a little more because he was naked underneath his robe. His hand around my shoulders was always on my tit now and though lightly the last thing he'd do is give my tit a good squeeze before he got up to leave. One night he was actually feeling me up while he was talking to me about school like I didn't know what he was doing to me. He couldn't help but notice that my nipple was getting hard under his feeling and he was taking it between his fingers and lightly pinching it like it was just the most normal thing for a dad to do to his preteen daughter. And there was always the good full hand squeeze of my breast as he left.

Then one night he came in and his robe was sort of open and when he sat on my bed his robe opened fully and his cock was fully visible and hard sticking out and he pretended not to notice as he talked to me about school and things while he felt my tit and played with my nipple, his cock growing bigger and more visible kind of bobbing up and down. He made no pretense about feeling me up now and his other hand was on the inside of my thigh moving up and down, sometimes brushing against my pussy under the covers all the while pretending to be talking to me about shopping or school and ignoring what he was doing to me. This went on for a few nights, him coming in with his robe open and sitting on my bed right next to me and I guess cuz I didn't say anything but kept looking at it finally on Friday night he said, would you like to touch it? Cuz he saw me looking at it, I mean it was right there sticking out under my chin so it was hard to miss the whole front of his robe was open and I could see him erect right under my face, see his mass of dark brown pubic hair and his balls resting on his leg. He's a big man and a strong man. I didn't say anything and he said it's okay baby and took my hand and put it on his shaft and squeezed my hand closed around it. I sort of let him but sort of resisted and his grip got stronger as I tried to resist. As he did this he leaned down and kissed me and his tongue was probing into my mouth. Danny had taught me this and I let his tongue in and let him hold my hand on his hard cock moving it up and down as he frenched me with his tongue.

When he was done frenching me he whispered kiss it baby and took me behind my head and pushed my face down on the wet head of his big cock. I resisted and he squeezed the back of my neck as he pulled my head down on it and said, I said kiss it. I kissed it right on his pee hole getting his precum on my lips and he gasped and I don't know why but I licked the head of his cock and sort of sucked on it a little to try to get him to loosen his grip on my neck cuz he was hurting me. This was too much for him and he got up, closed his robe, and left without a word.

The weekend came and mom was home so nothing happened but on Monday night he came into my room and took his robe off, pulled back my covers, and got in bed with me. I said Dad what are you doing and he said shut up. He pulled my night gown up and started to pull down my panties. I tried to pull them back up and he let go and slapped me hard across my face bringing tears to my eyes. So off came my panties and then my nightgown and now we were both naked in my bed, my dad with his cock rock hard against me. He held me tight against him and squeezed my soft bubble ass, probing my asshole with his index finger as I tried to stop crying. He licked his finger and pushed it into my asshole finger fucking my ass as he french kissed me. His hands were rough and it hurt having him jab his finger in and out of my asshole. But I let him rather than risk another slap. I tried to sort of push against him and he said do that again and I'll beat your ass red and with that he took his finger out of my asshole and slapped me hard on my bare bottom. Understand? And I nodded but not before he gave me another hard slap on my bare ass. Understand? And I said yes and got another hard spank on my ass for the 3rd time. Now put your arms around me and I did as he reinserted his finger in my ass.

So I stopped trying to resist because he is a big man and strong and I didn't like being hurt like this. It was easier to just let him do what he wanted to do to me without getting slapped around. Tears kept running down my cheeks because my face and bottom stung from his hitting me but he didn't care. He had this look on his face that he was going to do it anyway and I wasn't big enough to fight him off.

He laid me over on my back and sort of was half on top of me, rubbing my pussy with his middle finger now and sucking on my pudgy tits licking my nipples and nibbling on them. I might of liked it if he wasn't my dad. His cock was dribbing precum against my hip and he was breathing heavily. He had his middle finger in my pussy and was roughly finger fucking me in and out in and out. I said Dad please stop and he said shut up again and kept finger fucking me harder as my pussy got wetter and he moved from nipple to nipple sucking them hard and erect.

My legs were a little open from his hand pushing into my pussy and all at once he was on top of me and he growled open your legs and I said no Dad, no, not this and he grabbed a handfull of my hair and yanked my head hard and said spread your legs in a real mean whisper. So I spread my legs open for him as he took his cock in his other hand and placed it on my wet pussy lips and shoved it into me. I gasped because I had been fucked before but by boys, not a man, and my Dad was a real man. His cock was much bigger and my pussy was quivering and the force made more tears fall from my eyes because it was big and hard and it hurt me. He thrust into and out of me as tears rolled down from my eyes and he pulled my knees up so he could get his big cock all the way in me as he leaned on me. With each thrust my pussy opened a little more until he had all of his big cock up inside me holding my legs up as he humped me deeply.

He was banging the bed into the wall in a steady rhythm harder and harder. The bed was squeaking and hitting the wall and I was getting hammered by this man who was my father and had his big cock up my pussy and was fucking away on me like I had never before experienced. He would slow down and then start up again, sweat pouring off of him onto me underneath him looking me in the face with this little smirk as he kept working his big cock in and out of me in full thrusts, slow, then fast, then slow again, for a long time. My pussy had opened enough to accept him but it still hurt cuz he was so big. He would speed up and the bed would hit the wall hard each time he thrust into me and I put my arms around him to hold on as he pounded away on me. As soon as I thought he was done he'd slow down and go easy then start up again banging the bed into the wall and pounding his cock in and out of me. I held on to him as tears ran down my cheeks and he kept this smirk as he looked down into my face holding my knees up and leaning into me with all his weight as he fucked away at my pussy. It seemed to go on forever and ever.

His cock was so big that I could feel every thrust and my pussy was quivering around it. I thought he must be hitting my stomach or lungs he was so far up inside me and his balls were slapping against my ass. At last he started pounding really hard, letting go of my legs and I held him tight to keep in place and his cock was like a jack hammer pounding into me. He humped and humped me really hard and the bed kept hitting the wall as I held onto him and he was breathing more heavily and groaning. When he finally shot his big load of hot cum into my little soft quivering pussy, unlike the boys, I could feel his big cock throbbing and pumping more and more cum and it kept cumming and cumming and he was groaning loud and making odd noises and my whole bed was shaking until it finally stopped and he sort of collapsed on top of me panting and kissing the top of my head as he gasped oh baby, oh baby, my sweet little baby, over and over again. His cock was still in me and it was still huge and my pussy was still quivering as he lay on top of me and I could feel it throbbing less and less until it finally stopped. I was covered with his sweat and my tears were all over my face. I couldn't believe that I had just been fucked, really fucked so hard, by my own father and I was only just 12 years old.

He laid there for a few minutes and then got off of me, pulling his cock out of my tight pussy slowly, and rolled off of me and went to the bathroom. I layed there on my back whimpering with all of his gooey cum inside me, my pussy quivering and sore from the relentless pounding of his big cock and the force of his thrusts. I squeezed my legs together to keep the cum from oozing out onto my bed sheets and I could feel it spreading between my thighs. When I heard him flush the toilet and open the bathroom door I ran into the bathroom keeping my legs tight together and dropped his cum that wasn't on my thighs out of my pussy and into the toilet. My dad had some big load. I wiped myself and I pee'ed and went back to my room, wiping the tears on my face. My pussy was red and sore and burned from peeing and my face had been rubbed raw by his beard and still hurt where he had hit me. He was sitting on my bed, his robe on and now tied around him. He looked at me and pointed his finger at me. Two things he said. Never resist me again, never, or else you'll truly regret it. And never tell anyone about this or I'll send you to a reform school for good. Understand? I stood before him, still naked, with my head down wishing he would just leave me alone. I was only 12, a little girl, his daughter, and he was a big man, and even though I was standing and he was sitting we were almost even. I had been played with by boys, but he was a man and had given me a real hard fucking and I was sore and defeated and humiliated. He stood up and grabbed my arm and squeezed it hard and shook me and said understand? And I mumbled, yes Dad. Never tell. That's right, he said with vehemence and shook me again. Now cover yourself before your mother gets home and he made for my door. As he was half out my door he leaned back in and said, and Eileen, you were no virgin. I can tell, so keep that in mind when I tell you to do something from now on so we can keep that just between us, too. You do as you're told from now on you fat little slut and no one gets hurt. That last remark hurt the most.

And so it began again. I was getting fucked regularly, getting fucked really hard and long, night after night, whether I liked it or not, wanted it or not, letting him touch me wherever and whenever he wanted, letting him open my blouse or put his hand under my skirt whenever he wanted to, wherever we may have been. Letting his fingers probed my pussy lips or asshole in public when he thought no one was looking. Letting his tongue in my mouth on every kiss. I was totally defeated and my shame and humiliation only seemed to make him do it more. Now I was getting fucked by a man, a real man, my own father. Getting really fucked hard and deep and long again and again. My father gave me my first orgasm and many thereafter. Some nights I'd have 2 or 3 or 4 orgasms before he finally came. I had never had an orgasm before and it was the only good part of it for me and as I got older the pleasure of coming on his cock grew though the embarrassment and humiliation of being fucked by my father never lessened. He was always rough and never nice about it.

When my brother came home from college, Dad made it clear without words that I was totally his now. I don't think he ever knew about my brother using me but I guess he made sure just in case. He knew that at 12 I was already no virgin and that my opportunities were few, so maybe he suspected but he never asked. We could be watching TV, the 3 of us with mom at work, and I'd be (reluctantly) on Dad's lap and he'd be shaming me by feeling me up and kissing me in front of my brother and making sure that my brother saw it, much to my humiliation and distress. Nothing was ever said but my brother never bothered me again. My brother was older now, much older than me, and he had never really liked me at all even when he would use me to get himself off. He had used me when he felt like it but it was no big deal for him. He had his own life to lead now and was out most nights. He didn't care any more about what Dad was doing with me than he cared what Danny had done with me before. I wasn't bothering him anymore and that was enough for him. Danny's mom had remarried and they moved away before Danny came back from college, so I was my dad's sole possession.

And if he said come with me to the store on a weekend afternoon and it meant sucking his dick in the parking lot of the super market in broad daylight with my jeans down to my ankles or completely off while he had his finger up my ass, bare to the world or whoever walked by. On vacation we'd go in the ocean and he'd pull our bathing suit bottoms down and finger fuck me while people were swimming around us and I held him with one arm around his neck while I jerked his cock off with my other hand as he worked his fingers in and out of me under water, his back to the shore so mom couldn't see what we were doing or his cum floating to the surface. I did what he wanted and he did whatever he wanted to me whenever and wherever we were. It almost seemed like he wanted people to see how he treated me and how I obeyed him. By 13 I became a woman and my dad took me for birth control, telling the doctor I was sexually active and he wasn't about to raise a bastard kid. And he made sure I took my pills regularly, like I would ever really want to get pregnant with his baby. The birth control pills swelled my breasts even more as I became fully developed adding to his pleasure. I grew bigger and developed but was always kind of pudgy and plain though I still had a shape. It didn't stop him. The only thing he insisted was that I shave my pubic hair so I would still be his little girl.

No matter what he could do to me whatever he wanted, and he did. My dad was insatiable.

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