A Peasant Girl – Chapter 5

A Peasant Girl – Chapter 5

In winter, Anna had more free time and she used it to learn her letters and numbers. Her father didn't approve of women in school; he said they were all hags or worse. But he let her learn a little, because the fashion these days was tending more toward the educated girl, and his mind was always on improving her as a match so he could skimp more on her dowry.

When she wasn't reading or working, Anna and her brother would run off to the barn, where they had set up, in an empty stall, a cozy nest of warm blankets and hay. Vladimir would usually fuck her straight away, as soon as she was naked. He seemed insatiable, and as of yet he hadn't tired of her as a vessel for his semen. She enjoyed these bouts of carnal pleasure as well, and Vladimir had become so skilled that he was usually able to bring her to orgasm at least once with his rutting.

On a few occasions, Vladimir would fill her with jism, then immediately pull out, dress and leave her by herself. But usually, after completion, they would lie in the warm of each other's arms, holding each other, sometimes dozing away the long winter hours. On more than a few days the holding turned to petting, then to penetration, and Vladimir was quite proud of his ability to fill his little sister's belly with his seed twice in a sitting. Once, during a snow storm when even Anna could not be forced to work outside, they spent the day in the barn, and Vladimir fucked her three times, though by the third he was weak and complained that it was too hard for him, so she had to finish him in her mouth.

One afternoon, Vladimir was late in pulling her away to the barn, and Anna lost track of time. When she saw the light fading, she was disappointed; she would have to please herself later under the blankets in bed. But then Vladimir staggered in from the cold. "They say Siberia is bad," he groaned with a smile. "I can't see my hands before my face."

They were alone in the room; Anna's mother was in the kitchen making supper and her father was napping in his bed. "I was afraid you'd be out all night," she said coyly.

"Well keep your knickers on because there's no way we're going to the barn in this storm," said Vladimir quietly. "A pity. I am simply dying for a fuck, and your tight little cunt is always the solution. Still…" He paused, deep in thought.

"You can't mean…"

"Why not? We could be quick, keep most of our clothing on, no one would be the wiser. Father's sacked out upstairs; it would take a horde of Turks to wake him. And Mother knows to stay in the kitchen. Your bed is right here. Bend over and let me fuck you Anna."

The two siblings might have been on very good terms at this point, but Vladimir was making this an order, and Anna didn't hesitate or question. "Very well Vlad, but keep quiet." She knelt beside her bed and then draped her upper body over it, presenting her pert young buttocks to him. He quickly dropped his trousers, but didn't remove them, and then hiked up her skirts to gaze for a moment at her tiny pink pussy, which was still tight even after all his fucking. He saw her rose of an anus as well, and thoughts excited him, but he decided now was not the time.

Anna spread her legs a little as she felt her brother press into her from behind, her pussy reacting almost instantly at the familiar intrusion, shaping itself to him. She had grown skillful too; her vaginal muscles clamped down on him in rhythm with his thrusts. He was rutting fast now, like a dog in heat, obviously horny and only concerned with his own release. Anna didn't mind; it was a token of her love for him.

Vladimir's pace quickened and he grunted, "St. Ivan, I'm so close Anna!" Then he stiffened, and Anna expected to feel the pulse of his cock and the splash of his spunk into her hole. Instead, her slipped out of her.

"What is it, what's wrong?" she asked, turning to see Vladimir looking up at the dark shape in the doorway.

"So that's what the two of you have been doing all this time together," her father's voice growled, low and menacing.

Anna had never felt such a beating in her life. She was stripped naked, lying on her bed while her father mercilessly thrashed her, careful not the leave marks which might hurt her resale value. She could barely see through the tears, barely hear over her own voice crying out with each stroke of the lash. Vladimir stood to one side, his pants pulled up, his face a mask of uncaring harshness which was only broken by his eyes, which were filled with sorrow.

"How am I supposed to marry off a harlot?" asked Anna's father, stopping for breath. "Soon it'll come out that Sergei Ivanovich has a slut for a daughter. St. Pyotr, she even fucks her brother. And then you'll be no good to me at all." He turned to look at Vladimir. "Why did you let her talk you into it boy?" His face softened. "I'm not mad at you; it's this witch's fault. But I wish you'd have just sowed your oats with Serina the blacksmith's daughter, or even a married woman or a whore. At least they wouldn't be ruined by it; Serina's had more men in her than Napoleon's fleet."

Anna could see the pale shape of Vladimir through her tears, the pain in her back and rear almost too much to bear. She didn't expect what came next. "I was the one who did it," said Vladimir, slowly but firmly. "I took her without her consent, and while she might say yes now, she only let me do it the first time out of fear."

There was silence. Anna's father seemed to be trying to parse this new information. Finally he said, "So then the little bitch was just doing what you told her?"

"Yes father. I know I've made her worthless to you, and I'm willing to face the consequences."

Her father laughed, a jolly sound, but one which filled Anna with dread. "Hell boy, what consequences?" he said, still laughing. "She belongs to me, and as my eldest and only son, you have every right to her. I don't know why I haven't had her myself."

"But she's not a virgin, I've taken her many times…"

"Boy, she could have broken her berry riding a horse or any other way. These days, men don't put much stock in whether or not a girl's still intact; they only care if she's a good fuck, like a virgin should be. And if the little bitch submits to you, she's better than I'd hoped."

"But the Cossack said…"

"By St, Iosef, you've been listening to that old dog," laughed Anna's father. "He wouldn't know a cunt from an asshole, believe me." There was silence again. Vladimir seemed to be doing some digestion of his own. Then her father broke the stillness. "So boy, is she a good fuck?" he asked.

"I've… I've never had another, so I can only say that I think so," Vladimir said, ashamed.

"You've been sticking to her instead of shopping around? She must be a good fuck then."

"Why don't you see for yourself?" As these words exited Vladimir's mouth, Anna's hope for any happiness died, and she sank to the bed, unable to move.

"Well you started her, I wouldn't be much of a father if I didn't let you finish her," her father said with a chuckle. "Besides, your old man might be a bit too much for that cunt without some preparation." He got up and took from Anna's basket of clothes a dress, which he proceeded to tear into strips. "I don't think she'll be needing too many dresses from now on," he said with an evil laugh. "When spring comes, I might just make her go about nude all the time." He took the strips and roughly tied Anna's hands over her head.

"She doesn't scratch father," said Vladimir with a grin.

"I just like trussing the little bitch up," said her father with satisfaction as he tied Anna's feet brutally to the bedposts, pulling her into a spread-eagle, her eyes staring up, seeing nothing. She didn't look when Vladimir shucked his pants and got between her spread thighs. "Ah, you take after your grandfather," said her father with satisfaction, seeing Vladimir's cock standing at attention. "He was always ready for a fuck, my father. He knew how to run a household too; his wife stayed in the kitchen and he boffed the maid whenever she didn't escape him. Then he'd go in, half naked, and make my mother clean him off. He got me my first fuck too, so I guess I'm just carrying on the tradition." He laughed. Anna shuddered with the horror of it.

When Vladimir, with a few helpful pointers from father, had fucked Anna's poor pussy raw and spurted a huge load of semen into her, he pulled out and gestured to his father, "Your turn old man. Let's see if you've still got it in you."

"You young turk, I fucked your mother three times before lunch today," said her father with a laugh as he pulled off his trousers and hauled his bulk onto the bed. He was built like Vladimir, stocky and solid, with just a hint of going soft in his flabby thighs and buttocks. "God above, a young cunt smells so sweet," he sighed, sniffing Anna's privates as he massaged his massive cock to life with one hand. "I haven't been with a bitch this tight since before your whore of a mother stretched herself out bringing you."

Anna tried to remain calm, to submit, because she didn't want to be beaten, but at the same time the thought of her father reaming her tight opening with his huge member filled her with shame and dread. When he pushed into her, it was not slowly or gently; he jammed half his length into her in one terrible thrust. She cried out and he laughed, "Guess I'd better slow down a little; don't want to split her in two."

He did slow down, but his thrusts were just as brutal, just as uncaring and cruel. "Good thing you've got his spunk in you bitch," he leered down at her. "You need all the lubrication you can get to take me." Her father had worked his entire giant cock into her, violently driving her rump into the bed with each hammer blow. Her groin was on fire, both from the pain of her taut muscles but also from a pleasure she found distasteful but nonetheless present. Her father, brutal though he was, still was an expert lover, and his huge cock stimulated her in ways she hadn't thought possible.

"The bitch is beginning to like it," her father crowed. "Good, maybe she'll put a little more fire into it." He kept pumping, and Anna could see from the corner of her eye that her brother had his cock in hand and was stroking it, already hard. "You like it, don't you bitch? You like Daddy's big cock in your belly. Say it bitch."

"I like your big cock in my belly," said Anna, half meaning it. Her own liquid, combined with her brother's sloshing jism, had made the pain subside to a few sharp stabs each time he penetrated her. As he ground ever deeper she could feel another barrier, this one unyielding and deep inside her, which made her squirm every time her father's head slammed into it.

And then with a rush, her father pressed through his daughter's final barrier and her world exploded into a massive orgasm which just kept coming and coming, wave after wave. She found herself gasping and screaming, her entire body shaking with the spasms of it. Just as she was about to descend, her father cried out, "Oh yes, bitch, Daddy's going to fire his spunk straight into your belly. Get ready, here it comes, you greedy whore."

With the first jet of sperm driving forcefully into a space she hadn't even know she had, the orgasm began again, more and more fierce, her body tensing with every further splash of her father's manhood deep within her young pussy. When he pulled out and the spasms finally slowed and then stopped, she could feel a river of liquid, some of it hers, some of it her fathers, some her brother's, running from her abused opening.

"Come on son, make a mess of her," she heard her father saying, then she felt the splashes of her brother's warm fluid on her face, breasts, and stomach. She was too exhausted to do anything, lying there until he finished, wiped his cock off on her left breast, and pulled his trousers up again.

"I guess she's good for something after all," said her father, and Anna passed from exhaustion into a blackness that couldn't drive away all of the humiliation and pain. But as she floated away into sleep, she thought to herself, "Finally my father wants me."

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