A Peasant Girl – Chapter 8

A Peasant Girl – Chapter 8

Anna was never again late with her chores. Fear drove her, but also desire; she knew if she was quick, she and Noor could spend more time in each other's company, and if she was good then her father and brother would let her have free time. She obediently suffered their advances, and when they had spent themselves in her she escaped to the last field, where Noor would pet her hair and sing songs Anna had never heard before, strange haunting songs that made her smile through her tears.

As both girls grew more and more in love with each other, they explored each other's bodies, each fascinated with the other. At first, all they did was caress, lying in the spring grass, letting the summer sun beat down on their naked bodies, feeling the chill winds of autumn whisper into their ears. Noor could give Anna an orgasm that nearly caused her to pass out, while Anna in turn had become adept at penetrating the horse-maid's pussy with a finger, hitting just the right spot to drive Noor over the edge into waves of pleasure.

Anna grew quickly, not just in mind. Soon her breasts were heavy, nearly spilling out of the blouses her father gave her to wear. Her waist was small but her hips, as her father lecherously remarked, were ripe for childbearing. Noor preferred to call her "curved like the back of a mare," which made Anna giggle. Vladimir didn't say anything; he was too busy grabbing hold of her hips to bury his desperate force inside her.

Noor, for her part, grew too; the horse-made was older than Anna, but she stayed looking as young and beautiful to the peasant girl. Noor's figure remained slim and lithe, which would have made her upset were it not for Anna's obvious attraction to her. The horse-maid's breasts were small, not, as she said sometimes, "ready for children," and her hips, while they grew curvier, remained slim and boyish. Anna didn't care; to her, Noor was the most beautiful thing in the world. Sometimes, after they had made love, Anna would lie with Noor atop her, just gazing into the horse-maid's face and marveling at how beautiful it was. When Noor noticed, she blushed, which always drove Anna wild.

Finally, far later than most sensible people in the village felt was proper, Vladimir married Ilona the baker's daughter, a less-than-perfect catch. Everyone said she was too young for him, as he was a member of society now and she was barely a woman. There were whispers that Vladimir Sergeyich fancied children, or that he was having an affair with a married woman and didn't need any pussy at home, or even that he wasn't the woman-loving type, all of which were disregarded by polite people, although the rumors did have a way of sticking in the back of the mind.

Vlad, for his part, simply let it be known that the marriage please all parties and that the dowry had been sufficient to overturn any objections, which was mostly true. The fact that he did fancy them young and that he didn't really need pussy at home anyway were nobody's business. He had Anna, although since he was living in town now he didn't have her as often.

With Vlad gone, Anna was free to leave the house for longer periods, and she finally had some contact with the town. Her father approved, because while he wasn't totally sure he didn't just want to keep her around for the work and the fringe benefits, he reasoned it didn't hurt to show her off a little, just in case someone of influence might take a liking to her. To this end, whenever Anna went to town, she had fine clothes to wear, sometimes of linen rather than wool, always slightly more revealing than was proper. Sergei Ivanovich took secret delight in showing his daughter off, no matter what polite people might say.

One day Anna was returning from the cheese shop with an order for her father when he almost ran into her on the street-corner. "By Christ girl, watch where you're going!" bellowed her father before he recognized her.

"I'm sorry father," said Anna, trying to look as obedient as possible.

"Ah, no harm done, my fault entirely," he said, almost too civilly. "You're quite… fetching in that outfit," he continued, looking her over with a look she couldn't quite identify.

"Thank you father."

"You should come with me to visit your brother," said Sergei Ivanovich, with a smile that wasn't quite kind. "His house is just a street over, and I'm sure he and the little woman would love to see you."

Anna couldn't refuse, so she meekly followed her father up the main street and into the residential section of town, through the houses of the rich aristocrats and the influential officials, out into the outskirts of town where the middle class and laborers could afford to have homes. Vladimir's house was small, Anna realized, smaller than a cottage. But he was still young; men his age weren't expected to entertain the Tsar.

Anna's father barged through the door without knocking, and as Anna peaked around the door jam, she saw that the inside of the house was larger than it looked. But all these thoughts left her mind when her brother called out, "Come in, little sister, don't lurk on the doorstep like a beggar.

Vladimir and his father were both sitting at a plain table, Vladimir just pouring the vodka, when Anna first saw them. She saw his wife too; Ilona stood meekly in the corner, but her eyes flashed a nervous hello.

"Ah boy, you've got taste," said Sergei Ivanovich, gazing at Ilona with an approving look. "I bet she's like a little girl at night, heh?"

"Ilona, make my sister at home," ordered Vladimir with a snap in his voice. "Father and I have things to discuss."

Ilona scurried over to Anna, who watched the young woman with an eye almost as critical as her father's. Ilona was the exact oposite of Noor: pale, blonde, and voluptuous, with curves that put Anna's to shame. Her face was pretty enough, but it had a bovine look, whereas Noor's eyes sparkled beneath her dark brows. Anna decided that her brother did have good taste, in a way.

"Come, come, we'll go in the back room," murmured Ilona, barely above a whisper. She was obviously terrified of something.

"Tell me, is it true what… what I've heard?" asked Ilona cautiously as she poured tea.

"What have you heard?" asked Anna.

"I… I don't know how to say it." Ilona was obviously embarrassed by even asking the question. "I just keep getting the idea that… well, that you and Vladimir were closer than brother and sister."

Anna thought for a moment, but she didn't see why it mattered. "Yes, that's true," she said. "My brother and I have made love, even after he married you."

"I thought maybe it was a servant or something," said Ilona quietly. She didn't look as shocked as Anna had expected. "I knew he was having someone, but what can I do? He can do what he wants." The pair were silent for a while. "Did you want it?" Ilona asked finally, directly. "For him to have you, I mean."

Anna sighed. "At first, no," she said quietly. "Then, for a while, after our first time, it was like he actually loved me. That was when we were actually making love, when I enjoyed feeling him inside me. But then, once my father joined in…"

"Your father?" asked Ilona, wide-eyed. "You mean, he has had you as well?"

"Does that shock you?"

"No, no, I just… well, I'll tell you later."

"Anyway, after Father joined in, I stopped wanting it, and it started to be… forceful," Anna finished. Then she was shocked when Ilona wrapped her arms around her and held her close.

"I thought I was the only one," said Ilona in a voice both happy and despairing. "I thought I alone knew the torture of the two of them rutting at me like dogs on a bitch in heat. But you, you've endured it for longer." She pulled away and gazed into Anna's eyes. "And they are your kin? How did you do it?"

Anna thought about that for a while. How did she do it? Certainly, the longer it went on, the worse it became, and yet the more accustomed to it she became. "I don't know," she said finally. Then it hit her. "You mean the two of them…"

"Whenever he comes over, your father I mean," said Ilona, sinking into her chair and looking apprehensively at the other room, where low talking could be heard. "Sometimes we expect him, and so Vlad makes me wear nothing, or just my underthings. Sometimes he surprises us. Whatever I'm doing, I have to drop it and pleasure them or… or…" Her head sunk into her hands amd she wept softly. "I had hoped that with you here, they might not, this once. But now I see that we are both doomed."

Anna was speechless. Her mind raced, but in the end she could see no escape, at least not from the present. "Ilona, darling," she said, comforting the sobbing woman. "I know what we have to do. It might seem awful, but it will make them happy. That's the secret: keep them happy and they won't do worse to you."

Vladimir was just finishing his drink when he saw his father's eyes, staring over his shoulder, widen in surprise. Spinning, he saw his wife and sister walking into the room, wearing only their underthings.

"Father, brother, we know what you want," said Anna, her voice flat and lifeless. "All we want is for you to be satisfied with us." Beside her, Ilona was weeping but she nodded.

"Shit boy, you have fantastic taste," said Sergei Ivanovich with a wicked grin as he looked both half-naked bodies over. Two pairs of young supple breasts, two sets of wide hips, two willing mouths. "What do you think, eh?"

"Anna, I knew someday you'd show my bitch of a wife how to be a good girl," said Vladimir, who was already pulling off his shirt. "I've needed a good fuck all day, and now I can have two."

"Or three," said his father, hurriedly pulling off his own clothes. When the two men were naked, their turgid shafts standing out in anticipation, they stood in front of the two girls. Anna had never felt so disgusted, but she forced herself not to think about it.

"Age before beauty," said Vladimir with a grin.

"Oh no, it's your house," said the elder man, grinning back.

Without any further words, Vladimir roughly took Anna by the hand and pulled her to her knees. She could see to her right Ilona having her shift pulled from her, and out of the corner of her eye, Anna took in the naked form of Vladimir's wife as she herself opened her mouth and waited for him to put his manhood in it.

Ilona was even more buxom than she looked fully dressed. Her large breasts drooped slightly, but her nipples rose from them perkily like they were half the size. She was well padded, more ample than Anna at the rear and the sides, but it was a smooth voluptuous roundness, not doughy or lumpy. Anna could feel her brother's cock driving into the rear of her throat as she continued to look on at her father with Ilona.

Sergei Ivanovich thought his daughter was attractive, but he enjoyed his son's wife much more. She was inexperienced; she had still been a virgin when Vlad married her, and had never even seen a man naked until her wedding night. It gave Sergei Ivanovich a tremendous feeling of power, much moreso than fucking Anna, who had become rather pedestrian to him. He needed no preparation; he preferred Ilona confused and panicky anyway, and liked making her scream. She did so as he bent her over the table, yanked down her silk panties, which he had bought for her to wear, and drove his large girth into her before she had even realized what was happening.

Anna found the other woman's plight oddly fascinating, so much so that her brother slapped her and cried, "Pay attention bitch, or I'll get the horsewhip." He lay down on the floor, his shaft, nearly as large as his father's, jutting up like a spike on which Anna knew she must impale herself. Grimly she straddled him, then eased onto him, pushing him slowly up between her legs into her cunt, which, unlike Ilona's, was wet, not with excitement, but for some reason Anna didn't bother to think about.

As her brother's cock drove deeper into her womanly folds, she arched her back and squeezed mightily. The sooner he blew his load, the sooner this would be over.

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