Begging For Mercy…Pt. 2

Begging For Mercy…Pt. 2

Looking at the clock, I saw that it read 2:41 a.m. Sleep wasn't coming easy and I knew exactly why. After that treatment that I'd recieved this afternoon, my pussy was feinding for some action. My mom was in her room sleeping peacefully while my father was downstairs on the couch. Slipping out of bed, I put on my robe and quietly glided down the steps. Peeking into the living room, I watched my father move restlessly around on the couch. Ditching the robe on the love seat, I moved in on him and pecked him lightly across the lips. He stirred but didn't awake. Slipping his big semi-erect penis out of his pajama pants, I stroked it gently. He moaned sofly as it grew harder. I gathered my gown around my hips and straddled him.
His eyes opened as I rested my weight upon him. His eyes grew excited at the sight of me. Silently he tangled his fingers in my hair and brought his lips to settle on mine. I tongued him down and writhed across his now hard erection. He brought his hands up to pinch my nipples through my gown. Growing tired of the restriction, I slid the gown over my head and threw it across the room. I was so horny my juices felt like they were pouring out of me. The thought of my mom coming downstairs was so damn erotic I almost had an orgasm from the idea.
"I need you." I whispered against his lips. Remaining silent, he picked me up effortlessly and brought me to settle upon his face. He shoved his tongue up in me and I let out a loud moan. Flicking his tongue faster, I jerked continuously. "Uuuhhhnnn…go deeper please…yes…suck my pussy…eat it." His tongue immersed inside me caressing my walls. I thrashed wildly above him tweaking at my nipples and moaning lustily. "Oh yes…don't stop…I need you." He hit my g*spot just before slipping his tongue out and running it across my clit. I quaked savagely against his face as I reached my climax. My honeyed juices erupted and spewed across his face drenching his tongue. Once again, he lifted me and brought me to perch onto his thick, stony dick. I sighed heavenly as he lowered me onto his organ inch by beloved inch. "Yeeeesssss…fuck yes." I hissed. He exhaled and I bucked when I felt him slide past my cervix and hit my uterus. I shrieked with delight. Holding me with one arm, he used the other to brace himself as he sat up. Letting me go, he kissed me before wriggling beneath me. "Ride this dick." He ordered. I obliged him and started bouncing my hips off his cock, stroking his dick with hard shoves. With every thrust I came up to the head before going back down to meet his thighs. I contracted my pussy muscles causing him to groan with intensity. He took hold of my waist and surging up and down on him at a rapid pace. He ravaged my mouth so I wouldn't wake mom up with my cries and squeals every time he impaled me. I felt my titties bouncing up vigorously every time he entered me. I felt his head expand inside me and I couldn't hold it anymore. My fluids spritzed everywhere as I clutched my daddy in a vise-like grip. He buried his head in my breast as he disgorged his flood-like semen into my body. We held each other for another ten minutes with him still inside me.
Sweat was pouring off us like rain when I finally rose myself off him. He's rocked the hell out of my body and once again I'd loved it. He stood also. Looking at the mess we'd made, he told me to go upstairs and get some sleep while he cleaned up. I turned to do so but he grabbed hold of my arm and pulled me violently back to him and fucked my mouth with his tongue. I grabbed my clothes and skipped happily back up the steps to my room.
Now maybe I could get some sleep…


The sound of my mother and father arguing woke me up the next morning. I slipped into my robe and crept downstairs. I hid behind the wall and listened to what was being said. My daddy was butterball ass naked. I assumed he took off the remainder of his clothes last night considering that they were soaked with our juices.
"…it smells like pussy all up and through here. You been fucking somebody in my house, AnDre?" My mother was all up in my father's face yelling like she ain't have no sense. I couldn't help but notice her petite body. Compared to my voluptuous body she looked frail, but he still had an big onion ass and big titties that looked made for sucking…I shook off the thoughts and went back to their conversation.
"Techinically it's my house. I'm the only one that pay the bills up in this mothafucka." My father was so calm you would have thought he was talking about a superbowl game. "And the truth of the matter is, yo' ass ain't giving up the pussy so I had to get it from somewhere." I watched his dick swing big dick in front of him as he walked up to her and got horny all over again. I couldn't wait for mom to take her ass to work.
"You arrogant son of a bitch." She raised her hand to slap him.
"You fucking hit me if you want to." He warned her. "I will knock yo ass into the middle of next year." I got turned on even more as his forcefulness.
My mom looked like she was on the verge of tears and she said the last thing I expected her to say: "I want a divorce."
My dad acted as of she just said she wanted to go have a slice of pie. "I hear you." he said. "You'll change your mind." He assured her and gave her juicy ass a smack as she turned to walk away. I raced back up to my room to digest what I had just heard. My mom was getting a divorce because of me, I thought. If they really did get a divorce, it would be no question who I would be living with. There was no doubt in my mind that my dad had me hooked. I took a quick shower, and slipped into a double-zipped sweaterdress that came to my midthigh. I put on my thigh-high stiletto boots and pinned up my hair just as my mom knocked on my door. "Jazelle, are you ready? Your father isn't going to work, so I'll have to take you to school."
"I have someone coming to pick me up already." I lied swiftly, opening my door.
"Okay, I'll talk to you when I get home."
I followed her downstairs and saw her out. I watched her climb into her car and pull out of the driveway. After that I went in search of my father. I found him dressed in a pair of sweats and a wifebeater on a chaise by the pool.
Glad to be rid of my mom, I stripped from the dress and boots, and crossed the lawn clad in my bikini thongs and matching push-up bra. Without a word, I strode pass my father and dove into the pool. The cool water gave me an erotic tingling sensation down below and made a move to glide a finger across my clit when I noticed my father staring at me. He stood and stripped down to nothing before following me into the pool. He swam over to me, slid up against me and wrapped my legs around his waist before shoving his tongue down my throat. I felt his big dick come free from his shorts and slipping and sliding against my stomach. Reaching beneath the water, he slid my thongs to the side and jammed himself inside of me. I screeched in ecstasy. "Daddy…oh God…help me." He thrust himself into me repeatedly, scraping my back against the wall of the pool.
"Oh fuck…you feel so good…does daddy feel good to you?"
"Unnnhhhh…" I groaned in response. "Harder…please go deeper…" He complied to my request and I clawed at his back. "OH SHIT…I'm cumming…I'm cumm…" My words were cut off when the vibrations of my climax took over. It wasn't long before he followed in suit and let his jism out inside of me. He pulled out of me, and helped me climb out of the pool. We gathered up our clothes and headed into the house. I wasn't able to make it past the kitchen island when Daddy grabbed me and pulled me back; throwing me atop the table. He took a seat upon one of the stools, spread my legs and went to work sending me into another fit. I screamed and jerked as he sent his tongue across my clit. I moaned so loud, the whole damn city should have heard it. I wasn't able to reach the height of my orgasm before he was pulling me off the table and onto my knees. I grabbed hold of his prick and drove it down my throat. "OH FUCK…" Hetook hold of my hair and guided me up and down while I used my jaws as suction. Just before he came, he picked me up. "I wanna cum inside you." Readily, I jumped up and straddled his lap. It only took one thrust for me to squirt all over him. I grinded against him before stabbing myself with his cock again. "Oh shit," He grabbed my hips and made it his duty to lift and bring me back down against his ardor.
All of a sudden, I heard the front door slam. "AnDre." My mother's voice rang through the house.
I tried my best to spring up off Daddy's dick but he kept his hands on my waist thrusting me up and down. "Wait, baby, almost."
He shoved himself inside me one more time and held me there just as my mom walked in.
"AnDre, have you seen…what the fuck?"
I couldn't help but moan in bliss as he held me close. My father didn't give her a second glance.
"ANDRE." she hollered.
"Hold up, babe; give me a minute." He told her, but it didn't even take him that long before he erupted inside of me.
I could only imagine the look on my mother's face. Once he'd emptied himself inside of me, he lifted me up off him and set me on my feet.
"You no good bastard…how could you do that…to our little girl?" I watched her horrific expression ball up into a frown and tears started coming down.
Daddy tried to walk towards her. She met him halfway and slapped the shit out of him. Not stopping there, she kept punching him in his chest and stomach as she hollered, "You won't get away with this. I'll see that you rot in prison."
He grabbed her fists and pushed her up against the wall, and tongued her down against her will. Using one hand he held her wrists while the other traveled down the length of her thigh lifting up the skirt that she wore. He reached down into her pantyhose and rubbed her clit roughly.
"No, don't do this…stop."
Maybe it was wrong but as I stood there naked, the sight turned me on. My father's forcefulness always turned me on. He then turned to me and motioned me over. "Take off her panties. Not wasting anytime time, I went over and did as he asked ignoring her cries of protest. I removed her pantyhose, underwear, and skirt leaving her there nude. Her Brazilian waxed pussy had me creaming as I watched my dad run his fingers through it. "Mmm" He sucked his fingers into his mouth.

He took her over to the table and threw her down on it. Spreading her legs, he bent and ran his tongue through it before shoving his prick into her hard. She screamed something serious as she tried to raise up and fight him off of her.
"I know you like it." Daddy said thrusting himself repeatedly. He called me over and told me to climb on top of her face. "Let her suck her baby girl's clit." Wet, hot, and horny as hell, I didn't waste any time climbing abroad. Her cries were blocked when my pussy came down onto her mouth. She moaned at what I supposed was the brutal fucking that daddy was giving her. "You eat her pussy and you better make her cum too." He ordered as he slammed into her hard and deep. She groaned and her tongue darted out into me and I was ready to blow up. "Mmm, I knew you would start to like it." Daddy said raising his wet fingers from Mama's glistening pussy. He slid them to me. "Taste." He shoved them into my mouth and the sweet taste of her sent me wild thrashing on her face as her tongue became more and more insistent on my clit.
"Oh fuck…oh fuck…oh fuck." I came in her mouth and she lapped me up as I jerked . Daddy repeated the action only moments later and leaned over to kiss me.
"It's your turn again next, princess." He told me sucking at my lips.
"Hallelujah." I shouted in praise.

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