Best Friends 3

Best Friends 3

This is the third installment of my tales of the teenage sexual adventures of me and my best friend. The first two stories were true this one is only partly true and the rest is just what i would have liked to happen!

Me and Paul were alone in his house one night when we started to get horny and mess about, we were kisssing and stroking each others hard cocks. I broke the kiss and said " I'm going upstairs but don't follow me until i shout of you".
i left him and went upstairs firstly i went into his sisters bedroom and looked through his older sisters underwear i picked out a blue bra and matching panties and a pair of hold up stockings. I then went into Paul's bedroom and undressed, i quickly put on his sister's underwear then laid on the bed and shouted of him. He opened the door and saw me lying on his bed dressed in his sisters underwear, the look on his face was fantastic.

He came into the room and started to undress i could see his cock was already hard as was mine. I laid there stroking myself through the silky material of the panties.He looked at me and while fisting his own cock he said "you are a dirty cock loving bitch aren't you?"
"Its only your cock i love" i replied
"Well this cock is going to fuck you hard!"
I sat up and moved to the edge of the bed, he stood before me i reached out and took hold of his cock and guided it into my mouth, slowly sucking his rock hard cock stroking his heavy balls. I pushed his cock flat against his stomach and licked the full length teasining his piss slit with my tongue.

I looked up at him and said "I bet you'd love to fuck me while i still had my panties on, I bet you'd love to make me cum in my panties. Wouldn't you?"
He replied with a breathless yes

I laid back on the bed and spread myself out giving myself to him totally.
He laid on top of me and we kissed deep and hard i could feel his cock leaking precum onto my belly, just as my cock was leaking precum into the panties that were tight against my my hard cock.

I pulled him tight against me and whispered in his ear "Fuck me my sweetheart"

He reached into his bedside cabinet for some oil which was always there. he covered his fingers in it then put his hand inside my panties and pushed 2 fingers into my arse. He put some oil on his cock then laid down whilst i crouched over him, he pulled my panties to one side as i lowered myself on to his hot hard fuck pole. I could feel his big cock stretching my arse but he'd fucked me so many times now that i only felt pleasure as he entered me. His cock was all the way inside me , i could feel his pubic hair brushing on my arse cheeks i could feel his big balls squashing against me.

I put my hands on his chest and began to rock back and forth on his hard cock. My cock still encassed in the panties was leaking precum like piss a huge damp patch had appeared on the front of them. He began to stroke me through the damp silky material as i rode his cock. He pushed one hand up under my bra and began to tease my nipples.

I was in heaven " Oh Paul i love feeling your hard cock in my man cunt"
"Tony i love fucking you, you are my little cock slut"

Our speed increased until i lifted up and let him slam into me all i could do was moan and say yes yes over and over.

I was on the point of filling my panties with hot cum and i could tell Paul was fast approaching the point where he would fill my ass with his cum.

Then the bedroom door opened and standing watching us was his younger 15 year old sister!

"oh shit" we both said together

I climbed off his cock and tried to cover myself up. Paul spoke to his Sister " Please Jane don't tell one, please i beg you".
"It's ok i won't, i've thought for a while that you 2 were more than just friends. I won't say anything as long as you carry on and let me watch".
"No way, we can't do that"
"Ok" said Jane" i'll just have to tell Wendy(their older sister) what you do with her underwear when she's out"
" oh shit what do you think Tony?"
I was lost for words and totally embarrased. " I suppose we have no choice unless we want everybody to know."
I laid back down on the bed and Paul came and laid beside me. Jane shut the door and sat on the chair in the corner of the room.
Me and Paul held each other and started to kiss, i could feel my cock stirring again and it felt even more thrilling knowing we were being watched.
I slid my hand down Paul's body i grabbed his cock and started pumping it.
He put his hand inside my panties and returned the favour by stroking my hard cock. We started kissing hard and passionatley while wanking each others cocks. He got up on his knees and turned round, he pulled the waist of my panties down and my hard cock sprang free. He lowered his head taking me in his mouth and sucking me hard.

I looked over at his sister who was watching very closley and i saw that she had her hand up her skirt obviously stroking her own pussy.

Feeling all at once brave i said " Jane do like watching your brother suck my cock? Does it make you all wet ? Are you playing with your pussy under your skirt?"
Jane just looked at me and nodded.
"take your skirt off then we at least can see you better"
She stood up and unfastened her skirt letting it fall to the floor she wasn't wearing any panties and her pussy was neatly trimmed and her lips were all puffy and damp.
She sat back down with her legs apart, her hand went straight back to her pussy one finger making little circles around her clit she closed her eyes and pushed two fingers deep into her pussy.
Paul carried on sucking my cock as we watched his sister finger fucking herself. I in turn was fisting Pauls hard cock.
"Jane take off the rest of your clothes and get on the bed with us" isaid

She stood up again and removed her t-shirt and bra, her tits were quite small but perfectly formed with small dark pink nipples that were as hard as bullets.

As she approached the bed i reached out with one hand and stroked her very wet pussy, we knew she wasn't a virgin and in fact had a name as quite a horny bitch around town. I pushed my finger into her hot wet cunt, she moaned with pleasure.
Paul stopped sucking me and sat up to watch me finger fuck his sister.
I pulled my finger out of her pussy and stood up, i removed all the underwear i had been wearing. I told Jane to lie on the bed. It was strange in a matter of minutes i had gone from being Paul's cum loving fuck puppet into being in complete control of him and his sister.
Jane was laid on the bed next to Paul her hips gently thrusting into the air as her cunt demanded attention.
"Paul stroke your sister,s cunt!" I demanded
He reached out, you could tell he was unsure as to wether he should be doing this, his hand reached her hot cunt and she spread her legs to allow him better access. He gently teased her clit with his fingers before sliding a finger deep inside her, he began to move it in and out and twist it around inside her. Jane began to moan and thrust her pelvis harder and harder into his hand, he added a second finger and increased his speed.
" I bet you'd love to taste that sweet looking pussy. Wouldn't you Paul?"
"Yes". He replied and started to lower his mouth towards her cunt.
"STOP" I shouted "I'll decide when and how you taste her."

I pulled her to the edge of the bed then standing between her legs a slowly pushed my solid cock against her wet cunt lips.She let out a small sigh, i carried on teasing her by rubbing my cock up and down her pussy lips and around her clit.
"Fuck me Tony please fuck me!" she begged.
I push my cock all the way in in one go, it felt wonderful she was so tight and wet, i slowly started to fuck her. Paul was watching wide eyed and stroking his cock.
I looked him in the eye and asked " do you still want to tase your sisters pussy?"
I pulled my cock out of her fuck tunnel, he bent towards her pussy again.
"No, if you want to taste her suck her juices of my cock!"

He didn't hesitate he took my full length all the way in his mouth and sucked me harder than ever before.
I pushed 2fingers into Janes pussy and fingered her while her brother was sucking my cock.
"Jane suck your brothers hard cock!", i told her .
She shuffled round on the bed until she could reach his cock with her mouth, she started sucking on his cock like her life depended on it.
I carried on fingering her pussy for a while then i pushed another finger in to her arse, she started to suck Paul's cock even harder.

i pulled my cock from his mouth and placed it back at the opening of her cunt, she pushed herself all the way on to it. Paul got off the bed and went round behind me, i was fucking his sister then i felt his cock press into my arse.
He just stood there steadying me by holding my hips, when i pulled out of his sister i pushed back on to his cock and when i thrust forward into her his cock slid out of my arse. We carried on in this way for a few minutes then Paul told me he was going to cum.
I told him not to cum in me but that i wanted his hot cum all ovr my cock.
When he said he was ready he pulled out of me and i pulled out of his sister i laid on the bed next to her as Paul began shooting his hot cum all over my cock.
Jane reached out and began to spread it all over the full length of my cock and around my balls, she even pushed a cum coated finger into my arse.

"now my cock is all lubed up with cum, i am going to fuck Jane in the arse" i said.
Her eyes lit up and immeadiatly she crouched over me and guided my cock to her arsehole. I let her decide how fast to take it as i didn't want to hurt her, but it didn't take long for her to take my full length and begin to ride my cock.
She was facing away from me so i pulled her down so that her back was flat against my chest, i reached round and with one hand pulled and pinched her nipples and with the other i teased her clit.
I looked over at Paul who had stayed hard and was wanking his cock again.
I whispered into Janes ear, "look how hard you are making your brother. I think he wants to fuck your cunt while i fuck your arse. Do you want him to do that?"
"Yes, yes ,yes " said Jane
Paul didn't need asking twice, he climbed onto the bed and knelt between our legs. He guided his cock towards his sisters cunt and with one quick push he was all the way in.
Jane let out a small scream.
"Oh fuck it feels like i'm being split in two! I've got my brothers big cock in my pussy and your cock up my arse."
I could feel pauls cock rubbing alongside mine seperated only by the thin membrane of skin dividing her cunt and arse.
I knew i was close to cumming. "Do you want my hot cum in your arse? Do you want me to shoot deep inside your slutty arse? Do want to feel me cum inside you?" I asked her.
"yes fuck my slutty school girl arse and fill it with your cum. And i want my brothers hot spunk deep inside of my hot cunt!"

Her dirty talk took me over the edge and i could feel my balls tense up then explode as i shot my hot cum deep into her arse. The feeling of me cumming up her arse sent her into a pulsing orgasm as her body began to convulse in involuntary jerks, and this in turn pushed Paul passed the point of no return as he began to unload deep into her hot tight pussy. Once we had all finished cumming Paul rolled off to the side of the bed But Jane stayed where she was , i could feel Paul's cum running out of her cunt and my cum running out of her arse and forming in a pool round my cock.

Jane got off me and off the bed picking her sisters panties up off the floor where i'd left them she began to wipe her pussy with them before putting them into the pocket of my jeans which were also laid on the floor.
She explained that she had to go and clean up as she had a dated that night! And left the room but not before making us promise to do it again sometime.

After she left Paul lent over me and began licking and sucking my cock clean, when his mouth was full of both mine and his cum and his sisters juices he crawled up the bed and kissed me i opened my mouth and let the salty sexual liquid into my mouth, i swirled my tongue around it and pushed it back into his mouth. We carried on kissing until we had both swallowed quite a bit of it and our mouths were empty.

I'd love this to be a totally true story but it isn't it was true up to his sister joining in, he came in my arse and i came in the panties.

Altough i did fuck his sister and i always had a feeling that they fucked each other but i was never lucky enough to experience a three some with them.

Once agian if i get a good score i may write some more. I have some more true stories to tell or i may write another fictional one.

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