I suppose I write this in an effort to understand the events of the last few weeks. To justify my actions to myself, and no one else really, or perhaps to find if there is someone that can understand my motivations, and excuse my shortcomings. I have always felt myself to be a good person, considerate of others and their feelings, and helpful when I can. I have always prided myself on working very hard to avoid ever hurting anyone, and until now I have felt as thought I have done so. I met my husband, Phillip when we were both still in college.

It was at a frat party, he was a senior and I was a young, naive freshman from a little town. A small town girl who had her first shot at jumping out into the big world. I suppose I figured that it was going to be my chance to cut loose, live life on the wild side; something that was hard to do in my little home town, at least not without causing a scandal or having everyone know of it. Including my parents.

I managed to get myself rather drunk, never having been much of a drinker but wanting to ‘fit in’ to the scene, and ended up in the back of Phillip’s van.

Truth was, Phillip would be my first. And as it turned out, my only; 6 weeks later I found out that I was pregnant. It was an amazement to me to find that Phillip was to stick by me, in fact it amazed me that he even remembered who I was. I guess because of the kindness and concern that he showed, I deemed him to be a good man and agreed to him when he offered that we get married. I quit school and had our first son, John. Phillip finished school and got his degree, moving on to find work in a small practice. Two years later would bring the arrival of our second son, Chris; ending any thoughts Iíd had of returning to school, and entrenching my status to that of mother and homemaker.In hindsight, Phil was a good husband and a good father; although not the man I would have chosen given different circumstances.

As the years rolled on, our sons were getting older and Phil spent more and more of his time consuming himself in his work. He had become almost a stranger in our home, to the boys, and in our bed. It was 4 months ago when Phil was offered a job with a large law firm out of state. The offer was too good to refuse and I think Phil had already made the decision to take the job, regardless of how the boys and I felt about it. To me, it didnít matter very much; I didn’t like where we lived much to begin with, and didn’t have what you would consider to be any close friends either. My concerns were to be with the boys and how they would react. I didn’t worry about John too much as he had always been a very outgoing child; making friends easily and always eager to try new things.

Chris, on the other hand, was the complete opposite of his brother. Shy, quiet, yet very intelligent. Phil was committed to finishing up matters at his existing job, and his new firm was comfortable with letting him start in the fall. In the mean time, it allowed the boys to finish out the school year and for us to find a new house. As it happened, we stumbled into a true bargain almost immediately, but only if we could act fast. It was decided that Chris and I would head out on our own to the new house, new town, new state, while Phil and John would stay behind until our old house was sold. John was relieved to hear the news as he wanted very badly to finish out his baseball season, which he'd been involved in for years. It was only two days past the end of the school year when the moving van was to arrive, and off Chris and I went.

The month to follow would pass quickly for me; unpacking into the new house, finding my way around the new town, basically settling in. It was only then that I noticed that Chris was not taking the move as well as Iíd hoped. His room was still full of unpacked boxes, which I had merely assumed was due to laziness, until I began to realize that they were full of things that Chris had always considered important. When I asked, he would merely say that it was nothing; everything was fine. He didn’t go out of the house too much, content to stay home and help around the new house and that worried me. He needed to get out, meet some new people, make new friends, but it was slow going for him and I was hesitant to push him.

It was a Saturday night, after a whole day of running errands around town and to the mall, that would find Chris and I watching a little late night television. I had been sipping on my wine for a while, relaxing as the two of us sat on the family room sofa, and Chris was intently watching a true grade B monster movie on the tube. It was almost comical how bad it was, and the two of us shared our laughter watching it together. It was at a commercial break that I jokingly began to tickle Chris, mimicking one of the pathetic acting attempts of the movieís monster. He squirmed around on the sofa laughing as I tickled his ribs and under his arms, offering a faint resistance. The two of us rolled off of the sofa and down onto the floor before I finally decided that heíd had enough.

I must admit, I had had enough as well as the excitement and the wine combined to make me feel a little light headed. We had come to rest entangled on the floor when the movie resumed on the television. I rolled myself over and rested my head on Christopher's belly as he watched his movie, when I realized that in all of the rolling around, Chris's bathrobe had opened up and he was not wearing his usual pajama shorts, but the pair of boxer shorts that we'd bought at the mall that afternoon. It was at my suggestion that we buy them for him, in an effort to get him to try something new, and he had agreed under the condition that we buy them large, as that was what was ‘in style’, or so he insisted.

Whether he didn’t notice, or was unaware I don't know but as he lay on his back, the fly of his boxers was wide open; exposing nearly his entire crotch to my view. Still a bit out of breath, the two of us just lay there for a moment, Chris distracted by the television. I I knew I should have turned my eyes away but couldn't. I stared in fascination at his young manhood; his skin so soft and smooth, just a light dusting of pubic hair and the alluringly soft, smooth pinkness of his penis. Being only 14, he was not what you would consider large in size, but by the relaxed flaccid size of him it was obvious that he was no longer a little boy. I could feel his heavy breathing under my head, and it's sound and motion reminded me of an exhausted lover and I began to feel incredibly turned on. As I watched with growing excitement, I could see his cock slowly stretch itself out; a purely automatic reaction to his calming breath and waning excitement.

I lay there, still and silent as I could be, for what seemed to be an eternity, turning my gaze back to the television. Eventually, judging by the rhythm and depth of his breath, and the late hour of the night, I believed that he had fallen asleep. Preoccupied by the thoughts of what I'd seen, I turned my head to glance once more at his body. As I watched intently, Chris's cock began to engorge with blood, becoming fully erect as he slept; standing tall outside of the opening in his shorts. It was magnificent, so smooth and soft looking, devoid of the thick mat of pubic hair that his father had.

I guess I never really got used to the idea of giving head to Phillip because he was so hairy down there, (he had scoffed when I had suggested that he trim it, and with most things with him that was the end of that). But looking at Chris, what little hair there was seemed to be so soft and baby fine that it almost made my mouth water. And there it was, he was, a mere foot away from my face and looking so inviting. It had been such an incredibly long time since Phillip had even looked at me, let alone wanted to have sex, that at times I thought that I would go mad from abstinence.

My breathing was becoming hard, and with the wine having fully charged my body with excitement that, in that moment, I lost touch with my senses and gently reached out and eased my hand around Chris’s cock. The feeling was intense, the heat of his erection feeling as though it would burn my hand. His body never moved, but I heard and felt a long soft sigh come from him as my hand slid down over the velvety softness of him. I could see a bubble of lubricating pre cum begin to form on the tip of his cock, and I was nearly in a state of mesmerized ecstasy when suddenly Chris’s body jerked.

He sat quickly, propping himself on his hands; his motion lifting my head up off of his belly as he rose. My hand was still holding on to his cock, and as I rose with him it gave him a firm tug. He arched his back in an unconscious effort to free himself from his unknown grip, and with his moving, my head moved closer to him; the end of his cock brushing the cheek of my face. I rolled over onto my stomach quickly, lifting myself up onto all fours but still above his midsection, my hand resting between his thighs. I hadnít the courage to turn and look at him, I simply stared down at his crotch; watching his bobbing penis as he sat himself up. My hair had fallen down around my face and was covering his body like a blanket, tickling his belly and blocking out everything from my site but his beautiful erection.

Chris sat motionless for a brief moment, then suddenly scooted himself backward and jumped to his feet. Before I had sat myself up on my haunches, tossing my hair out of my face and over my shoulders, he was gone.

I heard the sound of him as he raced out of the room and up the stairs, slamming his bedroom door behind him.

As I sat there on the family room floor, total panic set in. I was worried about him, I was worried about me, I didn’t know what to think. What had I done? What had come over me? Had I forever destroyed the relationship between Chris and I? Would Chris tell his father about my behavior?

I got up and poured myself a drink, needing something stronger than the wine I’d been drinking, only to put it to my lips and find it undrinkable. Was I so drunk and careless as to let this happen to me? Was it the alcohol or was it me? After pacing the room for an hour or so, I retreated upstairs to my room to try to sleep, but the truth was that I couldnít sleep at all. I lay there, still as could be, thinking about what had happened; excited at my boldness, exhilarated by the sight and feel of Chris’s smooth young penis in my hand, and on the other hand terrified that my world was about to come crashing down around me.

I woke early the next morning, having slept little during the night, but not feeling tired. Despite my fears, I actually felt more alive than I had felt in years. What was it? Why did I feel this way? I wrapped myself in my bathrobe and went downstairs to the kitchen to make some coffee. As I stood waiting for my water to warm in the microwave, I could hear the sounds of Chris waking and making his way downstairs. I felt as though I needed to remain as calm as I could, and make Chris his usual Sunday morning breakfast. Chris came down the stairs and entered the kitchen, dropping himself heavily in his chair. He looked half awake, but the smell of breakfast cooking was waking him up.

"Good morning, honey." I said to him, trying to act as normal as possible even though I was twisted up in knots inside.

"Morning." he mumbled, as he continued to just look down into the table.

I served him his breakfast, bacon and eggs, and poured him a glass of O.J. He sat silently, picking at his food. It was obvious that he had lots on his mind. I nervously finished with the food and fixing myself some coffee, and sat down at the table opposite Chris.

I felt as though I had to say something to him. "Chris, honey… about last night…," I began. "I… I know what I did was wrong. And I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable. I don't know what came over me."

Chris sat silent, still looking down at his plate. "It's something that I shouldn't have done and I swear… I swear I'll never do anything like that again." I offered to him in a soft voice.

Slowly, he looked up from the table and into my eyes and said, "It's okay, Mom."

Chris had a look on his face of relief, although he never said it, and he turned his eyes back down, still sitting silent and motionless.

"Oh, honey… I’m so sorry." I began to say, but stopped as I began to loose control. I did not want to add the burden of crying in front of Chris to his mind, and so I stood up from the table and walked to the sink. I began to wash some of the pots and pans from the cooking, but I was also silently listening to hear what Chris would do. I fully expected him to leave, to run, to do something but, to my suprise, he remained sitting at the table. I turned around to see that he was looking at me, quickly turning his eyes as not to let me notice. I sat back down at the table across from him, nervously; trying to think of what to say.

"Chris…", I finally had the courage to begin, “I want you to know that you can tell me anything. I promise, whatever it might be, it can stay just between us.” I was hoping to dispel any fears he might have had, but he merely nodded his head in agreement. "Are you okay?" I asked him, my own condition being one of extreme nervousness.

He again nodded but said nothing.

The tension in me was building to a peak, and I felt as though I would faint if I didn’t get up from the table. Just as I was beginning to move to get up, Chris softly spoke out, still looking down at the table, "I thought were going to be mad at me."

His words suprised me, so much so that I let out a huge sigh of relief as I said, "Mad at you?"

He looked up at me for a moment, a slight smile on his face as he heard my sigh.

"Oh, baby. I’m not mad at you. How could I be mad at you!" I blurted out in a nervous laughter, feeling as if a thousand pounds of weight had been lifted from me.

As he heard me laughing, his smile grew a little wider.

"I was so afraid of what you would think of me…" I began, pausing as I didn’t know what to say next. Both of us were still in a nervous state, but for the moment, the tension had been released. It was out of instinct that I realized that whatever would happen from this, had to happen here and now.

And with that, I asked Chris, "Why would you think that I was mad at you?"

He sat silent for a moment, the smile slowly fading from his face as he pondered the question. "It’s okay, you can tell me." I said.

" …just between us. I swear." I was holding up my fingers in a boy scout salute in an effort to lighten the situation up even further. Chris looked up to see my 'high sign' and began to chuckle a bit.

"I’m sorry." I apologized, "Really, I want to know what youíre thinking."

"Well, …" he began, "… I thought that you were gonna be mad at me, ‘cause…"

He hesitated again, and tried to swallow away his tension.

"It’s okay, Chris. Go ahead…", I tried to coax him.

"Well? Because I, … you know… I liked it."

Again, I couldn’t help myself from letting out a sigh of relief. "It was just that …" He stopped again, but this time his look became more serious.

"What is it, baby?" I asked.

"Well, I… liked it and… I, it felt really good and I…' He stammered along. " Well, I got scared that…"

“It’s all right sweetheart, you can say it.” I said.

“Well, I’ve never done that with a girl before… I mean…” He said, almost ashamedly.

I sat silent for a moment, unable to wipe the grin off of my face as a mental picture began to form in my mind. “… I wanted to, but… I don’t know, I guess I just got scared…” He finished.

I was totally speechless. The more he spoke, the faster my mind raced with thoughts of his body and of my own; the wetness building between my legs uncontrollably from my thoughts. My mind was racing with the mental images of this young boy masturbating, caressing his member to pleasure, spewing his load from his velvety soft boyhood. My breathing had become strong and hard as my excitement grew, until I felt a bit dizzy.

Chris was completely unaware of my sexual tension, as he labored with his own thoughts and questions. We both sat silent at the table for several minutes, each hopelessly lost in our own thoughts, when Chris finally broke the silence.

He stood slowly from the table and said, “I’m gonna go to my room, okay Mom?”

“Okay, sweetheart.” I responded, attempting to hide my breathlessness.

As he reached the doorway, I blurted out before I could stop myself, “Chris?”

“Yeah, Mom?” He said, stopping for a moment.

“Are you still… scared?” I asked, unbelieving that the words had come from my own mouth.

He paused for a moment, then answered, “I guess so.” He gave a half smile then turned to go.

I’m not quite sure he understood what it was that I was asking. Then again, either did I, really. How far was I willing to take this? Wasn’t it enough that I could have screwed up his mind with my own impulsiveness? What in the hell had come over me?

I sat silently at the kitchen table, listening to the sounds of Chris as he headed up the stairs and into his bedroom. I was so incredibly horny that my panties had become drenched with my wetness.

I stood up nervously, feeling my legs quivering weakly below me, and headed upstairs to my room. I stood nervously, looking at myself in the full length mirror on my bedroom closet door, questioning to myself why or how it was that I had become so incredibly excited. Loosening the belt of my robe, I stepped out of my soaked underwear. True, it had been a long time since Phillip had satisfied me sexually. Truth of the matter was that he’d never really been good in bed, ever. Always in a hurry, that was Phil. But it was more than just that. I couldn’t get out of my mind the image of Chris’s cock in my hand, and how much it excited me.

My sexual tension was becoming too much to bear and I contemplated locking my bedroom door and masturbating myself to relief. It was then that I heard Chris’s door open slightly but I didn’t hear him leave his room.

My curiosity piqued, I opened my door slightly and looked across the hall to his room. I stepped back and tied up my robe, then stepped out into the hall, moving toward his door. Inside his room, Chris was sitting on the edge of his bed, staring off into nowhere. I stood silently, not knowing if he realized I was there, when I heard him say in a soft voice, “Were you?”

After a quick moment, I realized that he was responding to the question I’d asked before.

“I guess I was too.” I said to him. I walked into his room, noticing all of the boxes still piled against the walls and sat down on the bed next to him. We sat silently for a few minutes, until he spoke out again, saying, “I don’t want to be scared, …anymore.”

He was still nervously staring forward into space, but then he began to lean back, unfolding his arm which had been resting on his lap. I sat next to him, entranced by his movement; unbelieving that it was real. He leaned himself back, resting his weight on his hands behind him on the bed, unveiling to me the fact that he was indeed wearing the same oversized boxers that he had been wearing the night before.

And there again, his fly was wide open, exposing to me his beautifully soft, flaccid penis. He closed his eyes a bit, as if to announce his readiness to me, and I was incapable of refusing his wish. I saw a little blood begin to flow into his member, and as I sat on the bed next to him, I could see in his face just how scared he really was. And yet he was ready; ready for what ever I would give him.

I reached out and gently put my hand on his thigh, and sensing his tension, I began to stroke his smooth skin. Slowly he began to relax, gently closing his eyes and leaning his head back even further. Looking at the smooth flatness of his belly, I slid my hand up along the softness of his inner thigh, up until it was reaching under the loose opening of his pant leg. I continued to explore with my hand, all the way up to his hip, feeling the growing heat from him, and loving the sensation of his smooth , almost hairless balls as they brushed against the back of my fingers. He let out an almost inaudible moan, and gently spread his thighs further apart to facilitate my stroking. He was ready for more but I wanted more as well. I wanted to take my time, not to give in to his teenage angst too quickly. I slipped my hand back out of his shorts and gently pressed back on his shoulder, wanting him to lay down completely.

He followed my lead without questioning, resting himself down on his back and bringing his arms up over his head. I rubbed my hand up over his chest and down along his taught stomach, feeling the slight ripple of his muscles. As my hand made it’s way down, I reached over with the other and hooked my fingers under the elastic of his boxers, coaxing him to lift his hips to slip them off. I slipped myself off of the bed, turning as I tugged at his underwear, pulling them to the floor as I rested myself on my knees between his opened thighs. Nestling in close, I again began to stroke up his thighs, this time unobstructed by any clothing, soaking in the view of his beautiful naked body under my fingertips. His cock was fully erect, standing up off of his body as it seemed to strain toward his chest.

I could resist no more, slipping my hand lightly over his balls and gently grasping the base of his cock. His body tensed for a moment at my advance, but as I began to slide the skin of his hard on slowly up and down, his body slowly relaxed once again. Releasing him for a moment, I brought my hand up to my mouth, licking my palm and fingers generously, returning it to his dick and slowly sliding it down over the head of his cock.

Chris let out a tense guttural groan as my slippery hand slid down his cock, gently squeezing as it went. His hips unconsciously lifted up, pressing his cock against my sliding as if to penetrate into its grip. His dick stiffened to steel in my hand, the head of his cock swelling as it strained to push, as I continued to slide my hand gently up and down his meat. His legs began to move; opening, then closing tightly against my sides as I jerked him off. His cock was now so hard I thought it was going to explode, and I became even more excited; listening to the sounds of my slippery hand as it pumped over his cock.

“Uhhh…. Mmmm… Ughhhhh…” He moaned.

“Yes, that's it sweetheart…” I whispered to him. I leaned in closer to him and began to feel an ooze of pre cum as it leaked from the tip of his dick, and knew he was close. I lengthened my strokes, sliding my hand fully up and over the head of his cock now, mixing his pre cum with my own saliva to further lubricate my hand.

I sped up the pace of my stroking; faster, then faster I pumped his cock.

“Uh, Uh, Ugh…” He continued to moan, faster and faster to the rhythm of my stroking.

“Oh Mom…”, He began to call out, “I’m gonna… I’m gonna…”

“Yes, baby.” I replied. “That's it. Don't hold back. Come… Come for me…” I pleaded breathlessly.

I slid my other hand up the length of his thigh, resting it snuggly in his crotch. I pressed my thumb firmly into the stiffness at the root of his penis below his sac, reaching my fingers up and over his pubic bone; kneading him like a cat with one hand while pumping away with the other.

It was more than he could take, and he quickly let out a deep, final grunt as he came. “Unnh, Unnh, Unnh.” He groaned out as he released his load, shooting his cum high onto his chest in a rope-like stream of beauty. His back arched up off of the bed, thrusting his hips up to meet the pounding of my hand. I was so hot, I could think of only one thing; I wanted him, I wanted to taste him in my mouth right then and there.

As I continued to stroke on his squirting cock, I brought my face down to his crotch, smelling the wonderful aroma of his orgasm covering him. I could not resist, bending down the final inch between us, and kissed the head of his cock; tasting his salty semen on my lips, then gently sliding my mouth down over it’s head and down the shaft. This new sensation for Chris must have been maddening for him. He struggled to lift himself, his hands instinctively reaching out and cupping my head, spreading his fingers into my hair.

"Oh god! Oh, god!” He cried out. I started pistoning my head up and down, taking him deep with every stroke of my mouth. It was only a matter of seconds before I felt him begin to release another stream of cum; gushing deep into my throat. His body had become stiff as a board as all of his energy had become focused on his straining cock, his knees clamped tightly to my sides and his hands holding tightly to my bobbing head. I couldn’t swallow his cum fast enough, spilling a stream of his white honey from the side of my lips, down onto him.

I didn’t want him to stop, my own excitement growing to where I felt that I could come, right then and there. Again, and then again he gushed; his hips thrusting up to meet my lips as I engulfed his fountainous cock, until he had no more left to give. I continued to suck him, slowing my pace but never letting him leave the warm confines of my mouth. His penis began to lose it’s stiffness and his body finally relax; his hands gently stroking through my hair as I swirled my tongue along the underside of his shaft. I gently released his cock, letting it slip from my mouth softly, and continued to run my tongue over him; cleansing him thoroughly. His breathing slowed, becoming softer and deeper, and I could sense that he was heading gently for sleep. I stroked his body with my fingers, feeling the smoothness of his skin, enjoying the sight of my young son in total post-orgasmic relaxation.

As Chris slowly drifted off, I had an incredible feeling as though I’d just given him the ultimate motherly gift. My baby, my boy, my young man. I tried to stand, but as I did I began to feel the rush of blood to my head. I was so hot, so flushed, so horny all at the same time, the rush of blood made me dizzy. My legs began to quiver under me and I feared I would fall onto the bed, onto Chris.

Reaching out to steady my dizziness, I started to lean forward over him. My legs seemed to loose their strength and I had to do something quickly. Without thinking, I instinctively climbed onto the bed, looking for a place to regain my balance. It left me, curiously , straddling my young, spent son. The belt of my robe had long before slipped itself undone, opening my robe loosely over him. As I knelt over my son, my breasts hovering down over his him, I felt him slid his hands under my opened robe and along my waist, inching them upward across my skin.

The feeling was electric; his soft fingers sliding on my skin down to my hips and then up my waist. It was so tender, so loving, and although I was unsure if I wanted him exploring me, the sensation was too much for me to stop him. He had wanted to be unafraid, wanted to know what it felt like to be with a woman, and now it was my turn. It was my turn to be unafraid, to let go of my inhibitions and experience something new. My body began to rock to the gentle motions of his hands, unconsciously coaxing them on. My eyes were closed tightly as I wanted to sense nothing else when Chris lifted his face up gently, finding my breast with his lips and began to suckle.

“Uhhhh..” The long moan coming from me unknowingly as a shiver ran through my body. My nipples stiffened under the sucking of his mouth, begging out for more.

“Yessssss…” I moaned out, encouraging him on.

His hands were still roaming my waist, holding on tighter as he pulled himself closer to me. I tried to pull away from him, the pleasure almost being to intense for me only to have him find my other nipple in it’s place.

“Oh, my baby…” I cooed to him, “Yes… that's it…”.

He began to strengthen his sucking, releasing my nipple only to find the other again. He gently clasped it with his teeth and began to bite ever so slightly. The feeling was not one of pain but of ecstasy, so intense that I felt the first wave of orgasm rush through my body.

“Yessss baby, harder… HARDER!” I cried out as I felt another, then another wave roll through me. His hands were now gripping tightly at my hips, pulling them down as he mashed his face to my chest. I could feel the moisture flowing from my crotch as I came. My knees slowly began to spread further and further apart under the pull of his arms, drawing me down closer to him. I soon felt the sensation of his once again hardening cock as it tickled the moist hair of my pussy. Slowly, I could feel the strength of his growing shaft as it slipped between the lips of my pussy.

“Oh god,… no… I… I can't!” The words I spoke to myself were meaningless, as I felt powerless to stop myself.

My knees continued to open to him, until my hard clit pressed down along underside of Chris’s rock hard penis. I rocked my hips back and forth, sliding my clit along his shaft and sending myself closer to another orgasm. I made one more feeble attempt to pull myself pull away, not really wanting to stop, when I felt the tip of his cock part the lips of my pussy; poising precariously, ready to enter.

It was the moment of truth and I was powerless to stop. He sensed the moment as well as he stopped, relaxing his grip ever so slightly and releasing my nipple from his mouth.

We froze together for that moment, each wondering, each wishing, each wanting something.

I leaned my face down to his, whispering to him to open his eyes and look at me. As he turned his eyes into mine, I smiled softly to him and let myself slip down over the length of his shaft.

I had done it. I had my little boy inside me, and I felt like I was going to explode.

I felt completely liberated, completely opened up to him, sparing nothing for my son or myself.

I pressed myself down onto him, then sat motionless, feeling the warmth of his cock deep inside of me, squeezing him inside of me like an act of giving birth once again, only now drawing him back inside of me. I started to rock my hips slowly, feeling every inch of his small erection.

Chris’s face began to twist and contort , revealing that he wouldn't last long. I desperately wanted to have an orgasm with him inside of me but knew would have to work fast. Lifting myself with my knees, I began to pump my hips up and down onto his cock, trying to build my own orgasm.

Faster and faster I pumped, feeling his little man inside of me, hearing the smacking sounds as my soaked pussy thrust onto his dick; over and over and over. It didn’t take him long as I began to feel him tense up, and I knew that it meant he was ready. Knowing he was so close was enough to push me over the edge as well.

“Oh Mom!” He cried out, “Oh Mom! I’m gonna cum…I'm going to come again!”

I raised myself up, pressing my hands firmly onto his chest, and crashed down hard one last time before he came. I mashed my pussy down on his cock, grinding to feel him as deep as he could go. The feeling of his hot seed spewing into me was what set off my orgasm, causing my body to writhe uncontrollably over him.

“YEEEEESSSSSS!…” I screamed!

Chris grunted and groaned away as he feverishly pulled at my hips, wanting to push himself deeper. I was openly screaming now, unable to control myself under such an earth shaking spell.

“YES !” “YESSSSSS !” “Fuck me !” “Fuck me !” “Fuuuuuhhhhck Meeeeeee!!!!!!!” I screamed like a mad woman.

My body had become one spasm of pleasure after another, and I couldn’t stop it’s shaking. My dizziness as returned Chris continued to pump himself into me, emptying himself utterly, and leaving himself nothing behind. Never in my sixteen years of marriage had I ever felt so sexually fulfilled as I did at that moment.

As I felt Chris’s body go limp with exhaustion, I slowed my motions and let him slip from inside of me. I rolled off of him in a daze, my entire body tingling with excitement and sweat. Laying there breathless and euphoric, Chris snuggled up next to me, squeezing me tightly.

Neither of us spoke a word, only lay there in silent thought. I wanted it to last forever.

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