Gail Holmes

The coach seemed drastically hot, mind you it was late July, I’d a weeks half-term from Boarding school, then back for two months, then I’d be finished with the school, mercifully it would be all over then, but I had to stay till the end of term, It was nice to come home, my parents had split up when I was about twelve, I’d stayed with Dad which I’d favoured, although he was much older than my mother I had always got on well with him, a kinder father you couldn’t want. He was nearing pension age, so money was very tight; I think he was glad that my education was almost over, he struggled to make the quarterly payments.

“My…you look better every time you come home young lady, you’re really growing up now!” Sidney told her as she entered into the hallway.

“Dad you say that to me each and every time that I come home” Cindy grinned, as she placed her case in the hallway.

“You’ll make some man very happy one day…that’s of course unless you’ve already done so?”

Cindy had noticed that her father was making remarks like this since Christmas; she wasn’t to sure on how to take him. But the last remark was a mite near the bone.

“What do you mean by that…or have I already done so, I could take that the wrong way Dad!”

Sidney stood back and viewed his daughter; with boarding school he didn’t get to see her that much of her…to him she could be the girl next door. Cindy was a real stunner, if it wasn’t for the fact that she was his daughter he’d have loved to get her between the sheets. He’d not had real sex for nigh on six years, Ok, he’d the odd J Arthur, but it’s not the same, he’d noticed how the fella’s looked at her when they we’re out.

“Come on, you know me!” Sidney smiled; but he did wonder, even though her school was girls only, she did manage to get out weekends, and what young stud wouldn’t give it to her given the chance, he remembered how he was at her age. He felt a numb ache in his groin at the thought.

“I’ll take my bits up to my bedroom; are you going to put the kettle on then?” Cindy lent forward kissing him on the cheek as she spoke, lifting herself up on tiptoe.

Sidney stepped back as she collected her case and a couple of carrier bags, heading up the stairway. For a few moments he stood, his eyes glued following her every step; he could but almost see up under her dress. He did wonder if she had taken to the stairs knowing that he’d be peeking up behind her.

“That feels fresher, it was stuffy on that coach and it seemed to take forever to get home!”

Sidney looked up from the table as Cindy walked into the kitchen; she’d showered and changed into a short skirt and blouse.

“Thanks Dad!” Cindy drew the teacup towards her as she sat at the kitchen table.

“Dad are you sure your all right here!”

“How say you?” Sidney smiled. “We’ve lived here all of your life, why do you suddenly ask that?”

“Well…you know on your own. With no woman around, I mean are you Ok with that.

“I’ll have you know I can cope only to well on my own, why should I require a woman?”
“I didn’t mean in that way. It’s just that sometimes your remarks…well, they’re a mite forward from time to time if you take my meaning?”

“Chance would be a fine thing, if I could just get a woman in when I had the need it would be fine, but life is not like that. And believe me after your mother, I don’t really want one here permanently!”

“So you do miss that side of life then?” Cindy lifted the teacup to her mouth as she spoke, feeling somewhat guilty by her own remark.

“I have you!” Sidney stammered, as if to change the subject.

“Dad…you know what I mean…when was the last time you had sex!”

“Cindy! This is unlike you; why are you asking me these questions, and why now?”

“Dad, I’ve seen the way you look at me sometimes, you’re literally undressing me!”

“I’m sure I don’t know what you mean by that!” Sidney spluttered, knowing she was speaking the truth, feeling very guilty not realising that it had become so apparent. “Yes I might look at you but I mean nothing by it!” He tried to convince her.

“At the moment Dad, I haven’t got a bra on, you detected that as soon as I came into the room, and I was aware that you’d noticed”

“It’s a mans thing, I’m bound to notice whether you’re my daughter or not, it’s only human”

“Dad it’s only human that you need a woman, other fathers don’t look at their daughter like that!”

“Other father’s probably have a wife to gratify their needs” Sidney implied without looking up.

“So I’m right then!”

“Look, if it bothers you…I really am sorry, I didn’t think it was that noticeable, you are a very beautiful young woman, your bound to be observed by one person or another, and I’m no exception!”

Cindy looked at her father for moments realising that she had somewhat humiliated him, yes of course he’d look at her, maybe she was his daughter, but as he himself had said…he’d not a wife to gratify his needs, though he may not make a move, his feelings we’re still there.

“Please Dad, I didn’t mean to upset you” Cindy got up from her chair and walked around the table towards him putting her arm around his shoulder. She leaned forwards, in doing so; her blouse fell open slightly, as Sidney turned to her, his eyes searching the open fissures feasting on the firm breasts within.

“Sorry Dad, I didn’t mean that to occur” Cindy immediately placed her hand over the front of her blouse pressing it together, standing upright once more

Sidney smiled up towards her. “T’was my pleasure sweetheart…Sorry…there I go again, I do mean nothing by it, believe me!”

“There’s no stopping you, you old goat is there!”

“Old goat…that’s not very nice!”

“Come on, we’re going out, I’ll treat you to a pint. I’m eighteen now I’ll have you know!” Cindy smiled lifting him by the arm.

The pub was quite full being market day, but they managed to find a seat away from the bar, Cindy didn’t like to stand, and she knew her father didn’t, he like to sit and browse the crowd so to speak, she watch him intently, his eyes seemed to be on the females, and the young ones at that.

“You’ll get shot one day Dad!” Cindy chuckled.

“What just looking, no I don’t think so!” Sidney smiled, sipping his pint down slowly.

“But it’s what your thinking Dad, that’s what makes the difference!”

“A cat can look at a Queen I’ll have you know!”

“But a cat hasn’t your train of thought Dad, even I know that, and so do they. Its written all over your face, you have a dirty mind. I think we’ll have to get you sorted out!”

“You mean find me a woman! I think not, I’ll stay, as I am thank you. I don’t think a woman my age would turn me on like these young fillies do. Excuse the thought!” Sidney smiled to himself.

At that moment a friend of Cindy’s noticed her and came over to the table.

“I didn’t know you were home Cindy, how are you, its ages since I’ve see you.

“Charlotte hey…Nice to see you to. Yes I got home this afternoon. You’ve met my Dad haven’t you?”

“Yes, he’s often in here aren’t you Sidney…So how long are you home for then?” Charlotte asked turning back to Cindy.

“Just two weeks, I’ll be finished at the end of term. Then back to look after Dad here!” Cindy put her hand down on Sidney knee giving a light squeeze. “I think he needs it!”

Cindy noticed the hardness within his trousers as she moved her hand upwards.

“I think he needs a woman around the house to look after him, don’t you Dad?” Cindy clutched his cock as she spoke. Sidney nearly choked on his pint placing it back down onto the table.

“If you say so dear!” Sidney wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, and then placed them both onto the table in front of him. Cindy had not moved her hand but started to knead Sidney’s cock.

“Can I get you both a drink?” Charlotte quizzed looking at Sidney with a smile.

It was a couple of seconds before Sidney could catch his breath. “Thank you, that would be kind of you” He stuttered.

Charlotte eased herself up from the table taking the three glasses with her. “I won’t be long!” She smiled.

As Charlotte moved away from the table Sidney put his had down under the table onto Cindy’s.

“Cindy what in heavens name do you think you’re doing?” Sidney spoke but never turned towards her.

“Dad don’t tell me you don’t like it?” Cindy grinned grasping him tighter. “My that feels chunky!” She implied as she continued to rub his cock backwards and forwards.

Sidney’s cock became firmer with the added attention he wasn’t to sure how long he could hold back, Cindy certainly seemed to know how to satisfy a man in that way.

“Are you Ok Sidney…you look a little flushed?” Charlotte asked, sitting back down placing the drinks from the tray onto the table.

“He’s a little hot I think, I’ll have to get home when we have finished our drinks. What are you doing to night?” Cindy smiled towards Charlotte. “Fancy going out to a club?”

“Sounds fine to me, be like old times” Charlotte mused as she sipped her drink.

Cindy had removed her hand from Sidney’s lap by now, much to his displeasure, even though he was getting a mite close to cumming. He looked across the table to Charlotte, she was a beautiful girl not much older than Cindy, he’s hand went down to his cock as he glanced at her, wondering when she’d last had cock, evil thoughts made his cock pulsate violently. Fat chance had he of fucking something as young as that, still he could dream he thought. Her breasts were small but looked very firm under her long blonde hair as it hung down over them. Sidney sensed that she knew that he was scrutinising her. He lifted his glass and smiled at her.

“Sorry I was miles away, thanks for my drink, it was kind of you!” Sidney implied as to take her thoughts away from him.

“Think nothing of it, I was going to buy you one the other day, but you’d gone before I could get to the bar” Charlotte smiled.

“I would have like that…someone to talk to here!” Sidney grinned thinking to himself did she really mean it.

“You come down anytime…it would be nice to see you” Charlotte replied with a smile that Sidney didn’t quite know how to take.

In his younger days Sidney had had no predicament with women, he’s mates often envied him for his charm, he wondered if he might still have his appeal. He certainly wouldn’t say no given the chance with Charlotte.

All matter of things where going through Sidney’s mind by the time they got back home, he made up his mind that he would have to visit the pub more often in the future, he never knew, his luck might change.

“You have an eye for Charlotte don’t you Dad?”

“After what you did…what can you expect, it was bad enough just looking without your help. I must go up to the bathroom!” Sidney knew he had to relieve himself, he’d not felt so horny for ages.

“No need for that Dad, I have something that I’d like you to see…can you give me a couple of minutes I’ll call you” With that Cindy made for upstairs, going to the bathroom first.

Sidney sat down in his armchair, his thoughts went back to the pub and Charlotte, and he did wonder if he was reading too much into her words. “What would a young girl like her think of his immoral thoughts, and what would his daughter Cindy think if she really comprehended his feelings” He wondered.

“Dad…can you come up now!” Cindy cried out, from the top of the stairs.

“I’ve only just sat down!” Sidney thought to himself. “I’m coming!” he called back to her; Sidney stubbed the last of the cigarette out he was smoking into a nearby ashtray and headed for the stairs.

“Where are you?”

“In my bedroom, come in!”

As Sidney entered the room Cindy was sitting back on the bed. “Come on in then, I’m not going to bite you!”

As Sidney walked towards the bed Cindy drew her leg back revealing up under her short skirt. He could only but look, Cindy had taken her panties off, he’d full view of her pussy, which to him was a work of art, the hair being very thin thus exposing the thin line of her pussy, no puffy lips just the thin line with a slight fold.

“God Cindy…please, I don’t need this!”
“Dad, it’s just what you need, now come on over to me” Cindy held her hands out to ward him.

As he came up to her she reach forward undoing his belt, then his fly’s, easing his trousers and underpants down towards his knees. His cock was rock-solid, if it had ever gone down after the pub.

“Christ Dad…that’s humonguss, Cindy leaned forward taking his cock in both hands, rubbing them slowly up and down. “To think that was my maker, I can’t understand Mum walking away from something like this” Cindy looked up to his face with a smile.

“You don’t mind do you?”

“Do I have choice?” Sidney never stepped back, it’s just what he wanted.

Cindy looked back at the huge cock with its bulbous head and then engulfed it into her mouth. Sidney shuddered, placing his hands onto her shoulders as she started to suck him. His thoughts went back to Charlotte once more.

“Do you like Charlotte?” Cindy asked stopping for a breather.

“Why d’you ask that?” Of course he like her thought Sidney. “She a pretty girl”

“So you do then…I saw the way you were looking at her!” Cindy went back down as she spoke.

“What do you expect with what you were doing to me at the time?”

It was moments before she pulled away again; Sidney had started to work with her as she bobbed her head.

“I think it’s your turn now, lets see just how good that cock of yours really is!”

Cindy lie back on the bed pushing her head up to the pillow then spreading her legs slowly in a provocative way, which was too much for Sidney. He went down on her, the light musty scent appealing to him; he lifted her clit with his tongue. It had been so long since he’d touched a pussy let alone smelt one, effortlessness he eased his finger up into her. Cindy let out a low moan, placing her hands down onto his head, her long fingers running through his hair.

“God Dad! I’ve been thinking of this for so long!”

“Well…why haven’t you had it then?” Sidney paused lifting his mouth from her pussy, licking his lips as he did so

“Not just this…I mean with you. Please don’t stop!” Cindy eased his head back between her legs gently, lifting to meet him.

The aroma of her pussy was orgasmic; Sidney’s hand went down between his legs gripping his now very hard and fat cock. To his fingers she felt tight he could only envisage the sensation that his cock would have, once inside her.

“We shouldn’t be doing this!” Sidney said, easing away and looking up to her.

“I know…naughty but nice though don’t you think. I take it that you’re not enjoying it then. It’s time you moved on!”

Sidney didn’t need to be told twice he slowly crawled up the bed positioning himself between her legs, then taking his cock into his hand manoeuvring it towards her pussy. Cindy felt a slight apprehension of its girth as it started to spread her pussy lips apart, wondering if she would be taking on just a little to much, never had she seen, let alone had a cock of this size. She started to take short sharp breaths in hope that would release her pussy muscles; she’d heard that this helps.

“Are you ready for this?” Sidney questioned, noting her anxiety. “Dad I’m fine, it’s just a bit bigger than I thought!”

This wouldn’t be the first time that Sidney’s cock had been questioned as to its size, nevertheless, this after all, was his daughter, and he didn’t want to damage her in anyway.

“Worry not, it will go in with ease very soon, like a knife through butter” Sidney smiled down to her kissing her gently on the lips as he spoke.

“I admire your clarification, I’ll have to remember that?” Cindy smiled, feeling a mite tense feeling the girth of his cock separating her inner pussy walls

Sidney eased his cock leisurely in and out of her, using her juices to lubricate it, slowly but surely each time he re-entered he’d go just that much deeper. Cindy’s placed her hands under his arms then onto his shoulders.

“God Dad, you’re so gentle, it feels so pleasurable. Thank you!”

“Thank you for what?” Sidney whispered in her ear.

“Just…just for being my Dad! God that feels so good!” Cindy eased herself down the bed lifting her hips trying to get just that bit more of him.

“There’s no hurry, you’ll have it all very soon now, just lay back and enjoy it!” Sidney mused, he really wanted to ram it straight up her, but he knew she couldn’t take that sort of action. Her pussy felt not unlike a velvet purse, he started to hasten his momentum once he realised her depth.

Cindy curved her back upwards as she went into a violent orgasm as he started to thrust himself up into her, moaning loudly she shuddered with the pleasure of it. She been fucked before but never like this, Sidney was so gentle but so forceful at the same time, on one occasion he misjudged his depth hitting bottom; she squealed loudly but hung onto him thinking that he might just pull out. She was now riding with him, matching his every thrust, unexpectedly Sidney pulled out, Cindy was gutted thinking that he’d finished but she’d felt no swelling from him.

“Dad…what’s wrong?” she asked reaching up gripping his arms.

“Nothing sweetheart I just want to spin you over” Sidney smiled.

Cindy whipped herself over onto her tummy lifting her bottom into the air; she’d never had it this way. Sidney edged up behind lining his cock up to her pussy, then with one almighty push he ploughed it into her, Cindy yelled out with the delight of it, he fucked her hard, this way he felt that he could use his full chunky cock to its full, and that he did sending her through multiple orgasms, Cindy gripped the pillow gasping for breath her body was now racked with contentment, she could take this as long as he was willing to muster it. But again he stopped; Cindy eased herself down onto the pillow taking in deep breaths.

“We’re not finished yet young lady!” Sidney reached forward lifting her back into the kneeling position.

Sidney lifted himself above her, this time aiming his fat cock at her back passage.

“God Dad no! It will never go!” Cindy implored sensing his cock spreading her anus.

“Trust me sweetheart it will go, and what’s more you’ll enjoy it!” Sidney laughed as he kneaded his cock slowly in and out of her tight hole. “Relax believe me once it’s in you’ll never want it anywhere else!”

Cindy started to take her short sharp breaths once more, slowly but surely Sidney’s cock went in, then his speed increased. Cindy gripped the bed covers with both hands; enjoyment wasn’t a word that she could use to describe her sensation, she could feel her father’s balls slapping against her pussy as he fucked her. Her whole body was electrified, orgasm after orgasm came and went, sweat started to roll from her brow, but Sidney still kept up the pace fucking her as hard as only he knew how. Suddenly he pullout of her then forced his cock straight up her pussy, Cindy yelled out again, but this time it was for the shear force as Sidney blew his load. She felt as if her belly would explode, she could sense the flow welling inside her, Sidney let out his first loud moan, his cock just pumped and pumped. Cindy lie whilst the turbulence welled deep inside.

He gradually eased from her rolling onto the bed beside her, Cindy turned onto her back lying down beside him.

“Christ Dad, that was orgasmic, by no means would I ever have contemplated it could be so invigorating, I feel shattered!”

Sidney sat up on one elbow and smiled. “Join the club!”

It was at least half an hour after they’d laid and cuddled that Cindy decided that she should really go to the bathroom, but even as she got to her feet, volumes of spunk started to spurt from within her.

Placing her hand downwards quickly between her legs, her fingers finding the large gapping hole that was once her tight pussy, the thick syrupy solution filling her hand as she tried to walk. Sitting down on the toilet the thick cream started to ooze from her in a never-ending flow she was mesmerised sitting kneading her tummy as she scrutinize the balanced flow

Sidney was fast asleep when she finally came back into the room after she’d bathed and changing her clothes.

“Dad, I’m going out with Charlotte will you be alright?”

Sidney blinked up as she spoke, sitting up. It was a struggle for him, smiling he looked up to her.

“Fine…fine sweetheart, what time will you be back”

“Late, more likely, don’t wait up will you!”

“That’s fine, are you sorted now?” He smiled.

“Just great Dad, and thank you. It was just what I needed.”

Cindy had rang Charlotte when she’s got dressed and arranged to meet her at the club, Charlotte was already there when she arrived.

“You look happy with yourself?” Charlotte grinned as she spoke.

“Tell you about it later, I’m dying for a drink” Cindy replied with a smile on her face.

They’d been friends ever since kindergarten, each knowing each other’s secrets and more; both had lost their virginity on the same night, but not with the same boy of course, but brothers.

As Cindy danced the night away, she still felt residues of her father seeping into her panties, not that she minded; it just refreshed her mind of the afternoon’s pleasure.

“So what are you so happy about then?” Charlotte quizzed when they finally sat down to sip their drinks.

“Tell me!” Cindy hesitated looking around making sure nobody was within earshot. “Tell which lover would you consider your best sex?”

“Sex is sex!” Smiled Charlotte. “It’s much of a much-ness, if you ask me it’s overrated, okay I enjoy it but I wouldn’t go to say that I’ve had an exceptional lover. Why what have you to tell me?”

“It’s has to be our secret, I mean nobody…nobody must know!” Cindy moved closer across the table as she spoke.

“Cindy do we not have our secrets, I mean we’re nearly sisters.”

“I…I’ve had the fucking of my life today, and what’s more it’s there at any time I want it, with no questions asked.

“You only came home today…where have you got this outstanding lover from?” Charlotte was fascinated as to what Cindy was about to tell her. “I’m intrigued, tell me more, and is this lover available of yours?”

“Well!” Cindy grinned. “I never anticipated that reaction from you?”

“Well we’ve shared before haven’t we, Ok not at the same time, but we have shared and then compared our views!” Charlotte laughed.

“To what age would you go then?”

“Age…I haven’t thought about it really, but if you done it why shouldn’t I, if its as good as you say. Yes I’d love to try it, if you say he’s good that’s good enough for me!”

Cindy looked down at the table, shaking her head and grinning to herself.

“He might not fancy me anyway!” Charlotte quizzed.

“Oh God, no worries there, he fancies you all right” Cindy considered with a smile.

“So what’s the problem then…just tell me when, lets see if he can gratify me as much?”

“Could you stay the night?”

“At your place! I see why not…but what would your father say, he’s bound to find out what’s happening if we take this guy home?”

“They’ll be no worries there!” Cindy smiled.

“Then who in hell is this guy then?” Charlotte summoned banging her hand lightly on the table. “Come on Cindy I’m coming over all wet at the thought of it!”

Both girls looked around to make sure nobody had noticed their high spirits.

“It’s my Dad!”

“Cindy…you jest!” Charlotte beamed

“Nope…I mean it. He gave me the fucking of my life and it was absolute pleasure from the word go”

“You let you’re father fuck you. Don’t get me wrong he’s a good-looking guy, and looks after his looks and dresses well. But your father?”

“I didn’t! I seduced him if you like. As you say he’s a good looker, and I might include an exceptional lover. He’s certainly opened my eyes. You wouldn’t deem the amount he cum, I’m still leaking now, I think I must have had six years worth, when I went into the loo it pored from me!”

“Cindy you’re having me on! I’d never dream of letting my father fuck me!”

“However!” Cindy grinned, “Would you let mine?”

Charlotte smiled. “I must admit I have speculated from time to time what he’d be like in bed, but I have never considered it myself. Hell, I mean he’s your father?”

“So…he’s my Dad, but believe me if you want the fuck of your life he’s the guy to do it!” Cindy smiled. “Are you up for it?”

“Come on! He’d never agree to it…would he?”

“Believe me, he’d fuck you given the chance, he fancies you like hell. You must have seen the way he looks at you. But one thing…he mustn’t know!”

“Now you are joking, how can that be so?”

“Look at the time!” Charlotte looked down at her watch.

“Twelve forty-five, why what difference does that make. He’ll be asleep anyway by now I should think” Charlotte remarked.

“Exactly, we’ll go back to my place, you jump into bed with him it’ll be dark, after this afternoon he’ll think nothing of it, he’ll just think I want some more! Then we change over when it’s all done”

“Sounds like fun…but surely he’ll know that it’s not you?” Charlotte smiled.

“With the lights out…we’re both the same size, our hair is the same length, without light we’d seem the same! But let me warn you he’s big in that region…very big!”

“By big…I take it you mean big, big…as in thick big well I’m sure if you took it I’d be able to!”

“Both actually, thick and long, but don’t worry he’ll work it in, but don’t be surprised by his changes”

“Well he like to move you around, not staying in one position for to long. It’s like being on a merry-go-round. Cindy chuckled.

It was nearly two o’clock by the time they’d both worked out the scheme and got back to Cindy’s place. Charlotte was somewhat sceptic when she entered the bedroom, but finally got into bed beside Sidney; she was more than ready it, even though she hadn’t told Cindy that she’d had a crush for her father for years. She wondered what he’d of thought should he have known that it was she in bed beside him, not Cindy. Her hand went down to find his cock, snuggling up to him as he started to stir, her fingers did but only just fit around it.

Sidney pulled her closer, his hand cupping her breast, squeezing it gently.

“This is an unexpected surprise!” He whispered in her ear”

Charlotte just kissed him on the cheek saying nothing; he’s strong hand manipulated her petite breast rubbing the raised nipple between his fingers. He lean across her body taking her nipple into his mouth whist his hand travelled down her body reaching between her legs.

Sidney guessed straight away that it wasn’t Cindy; her pubic hair was thicker than this afternoon, knowing what the girls we’re after, he thought he’d play along with them. The only person he could think of was Charlotte; even her smell was different. Assured that it was in fact Charlotte his cock speedily became bigger, he eased himself to the side, putting his hand on her head easing it down between them. Charlotte got the grist of his meaning; not knowing exactly what Cindy had done and immediately went down on him. Sidney eased her legs over each shoulder spreading her pussy over his mouth, she tasted good, bloody dam good.

Once he’d found her clit he started to suck it gently, playing with it, tickling it with the end of his tongue. He could hear moans of delight from down under the covers. Beside the bed in a small cabinet he stored a small torch, just in case of power failure, he just had to see this pussy, he knew Charlotte would have know idea of his doings, so he reach across to the cabinet collecting the torch, placing it into his mouth as he started to finger her, her blonde pussy looked so delicate from this position he could see her clitoris as clear as day itself, rubbing it roughly his finger, Charlotte went through her first orgasm pulling her head away from his cock, her body was nearly curved double through her action, giving out a loud moan.

Cindy was outside her father’s bedroom door and hearing the moan she knew that everything was going to plan, now she herself was getting excited, placing her hand down between her legs she inserted two fingers, jigging them in and out of herself.

Charlotte became quite concerned, at this moment she could barely enclose Sidney’s cock within her mouth, its immenseness was more than she’d ever dreamed of. She knew it was more than two hands width long, not forgetting the amount that she’d already in her mouth. It had to be at least 10 or maybe 12 inches long. Meanwhile, Sidney was enjoying the sight of her pussy, opening it, shining the beam of the torch deep inside her, he’d never seen inside a fanny before, it looked so silky and wet, with glistening gossamers of her cum spreading from one side to the other. It was all too much for him…he knew he had to fuck her and now.

“Come on young lady up you come, I think it’s time that we got down to some serious fucking!” Sidney eased her back up the bed laying her to one side of him.

Charlotte was surprised by his language but knew it was more than she dared do was to speak. She lay rigid beside him, her thoughts on that enormous cock. Sidney placed himself above her, reaching down opening her legs.

“Come on young lady, you we’re more than obliging this afternoon”

Charlotte gingerly opened her legs, feeling his cock thump heavily against her leg as he lowered himself between them. Sidney took hold of his cock and guided it up to her pussy, she was much wetter than Cindy had been, entrance was easier but she was still very tight. Her inner muscles gripped his bell end. Charlotte moaned loudly as she felt her pussy being stretched by the enormous organ, but little could she say without betraying herself, she gritted her teeth, clutching at the bedclothes, slowly Sidney eased it in and out, little by little it gained head, she was as Sidney had anticipated, tighter than Cindy.

He leaned forward kissing her on the lips, his tongue going deep into her mouth. Charlotte’s hands were on his hips, just in case he lunged into her, she’d had this happen before when a guy had got fed up with waiting.

“Don’t worry little one, slowly but surely, he’s getting there!” Sidney grinned to himself; knowing it was more than she dare do than to speak. Each time he withdrew he’d lean just that bit heavier on it the next time in. Charlotte was squirming beneath him, more from the pleasure than the pain; she felt good, in the end she knew she would be able to take it. Then suddenly his cock slipped straight in, Sidney eased back just before he hit bottom, then started to fuck her in earnest, in long quick stabs, Charlotte gritted her teeth loving every minute of it, squealing loudly, lifting to he’s every thrust, her nails digging into his back but Sidney was oblivious to the pain, her pussy was unlike sheer velvet.

“God…it’s good!” Charlotte blurted out.

Sidney paid no heed, letting her envisage he didn’t identify the difference in her voice, he continued to fuck her hard, and then as with Cindy he stopped suddenly easing his cock out of her. Charlotte wanted to question his move, but knew differently.

“Come on then over onto your tummy, you know the score!” Sidney smiled to himself in the darkness of the room.

As Charlotte rolled over onto her tummy Sidney reach under lifting her up onto her knees, then thrust his cock straight back up her. Charlotte winched at the suddenness of his movement, but welcomed the new enjoyment, Sidney gripped her buttocks in his broad hands as he plunge into her.

“If she wanted a good fucking that was just what she was going to get” He thought to himself.

This time she noticed the difference, taking the whole of his length. Sidney pulled out then force himself back into her hard; Charlotte’s pussy gave out a loud fanny far’t as the inner air was expelled from deep inside. Orgasm followed orgasm; again she gave out loud moans and cries of pleasure rocking backwards and forwards meeting his aggressive thrusting. No! This time Sidney thought, he wasn’t going into her back passage, he’d blow his load straight up her, assuring himself that she’d get as much of a load as did Cindy, he was very close at this time to cumming himself. Reaching under her he cupping her breasts into his hands, clutching them, squeezing them, using them as levers to pull himself deeper into her, Charlotte went out of control, moaning, panting trying hard to catch her breath, clutching at anything that was at hand.

Sidney’s time had come, he could sense the flow of his manhood, his balls felt as if they would burst, feeling only to sure, this would be the supreme blow of all times. He’d wanted her for so long, his cock thickened as the seed travelled along it’s girth, Charlotte screamed out as her inner pussy walls were stretched to limit, the intense throbbing as the seed pumped along the already thickened shaft then the powerful blast as it gushed deep, almost filling into her womb itself. The inner swelling took her by sheer disbelief; never had she had any guy blow like this, she felt so full she though she’d burst.

As to make sure Charlotte didn’t lose to much of his sperm Sidney pulled out slowly leaning his cock to one side and then the other, allowing air down the sides time to escape, then eased her down on the bed, lying beside her taking her into his arms kissing her gently on the lips, which she returned in a loving manner.

When Charlotte did manage to get up from the bed it was as much as she could do to stand on her own two legs, they were buckling under her. Sidney swung across the bed ready to assist her.

“I’ll help you to the bathroom, don’t you worry yourself now!”

Charlotte was speechless, she couldn’t stand without aide what was she supposed to do now. Her pussy had already started to leak, running down her legs.

“Oh my!” She whimpered, knowing this would be the end of her charade.

“Charlotte don’t worry your little head, I knew it was you from the start, now come on let me help you!”

“But Sidney how! The room was in pitch darkness, its impossible.”

“No two pussy’s are the same, your hair is thicker than Cindy’s that was the first let down. Did you not enjoy it?” Sidney asked switching on the bedroom light.

“Sidney believe it…yes I enjoyed it!” She smiled, throwing her arms up around his neck

Cindy heard all the nattering; coming to the bedroom as they both came out, instantly placing her hand over her mouth thinking the worst.

It’s Ok, she’s fine, I’d like to thank you both, never have I had such a brilliant day, two of the most beautiful girls in town and I’ve had you both within six hours of each other.

“I must get to the bathroom!” Charlotte cried out “It’s going everywhere!”

“There’s not room in your bed for you both…so where are you sleeping. It could be a nice morning for us both if you came back in with me? I’m always at my finest in the morning?” Sidney smiled

“I’ll have to make sure that Charlotte is Ok Dad, I think she’s a little messed up, I join you as soon as we’re done!” Cindy smiled knowing that she would be getting more cock later; she’d felt quite envious earlier hearing Charlotte’s moans.

When Cindy went into the bathroom Charlotte was standing in the bath with her legs spread wide apart.

“God! I’ll be here all night at this rate, it’s never ending!” Charlotte informed Cindy with a grin as she came in the door

Cindy looked down at Charlotte’s pussy it was covered in thick creamy cum, and draining from her in a thick stream.

“I’ve been standing here for five minutes and it’s still seeping from me. I’ve never been in this much of a state with it before!” Charlotte moaned, Christ it was wonderful.

“Told you so, knew you’d enjoy it! You seemed to be moaning enough?” Cindy laughed as she got a handful of tissues and started to wipe Charlotte’s pussy.

“I’ll give him that, I have never experienced anything like it, it was purely magnificent, never have I enjoy it that much in my life. But it’s this lot, how long did it take to drain from you?”

“About fifteen minute or so, but even then I was dribbling all evening” Cindy laughed.

“Where in hell does he get it all from?” Charlotte mused, lifting her foot off the bottom of the bath before the syrupy fluid went over it.

“As I said…he hasn’t had it, that I know of for about six years!”

“He or’t to get a job as a sperm donor, he’d be able to serve a dozen women with the quantity that he pumps into you!” Charlotte laughed.

Cindy stood beside the bath placing a hand on her back and another on Charlottes tummy pressing, there was a loud gurgle then more cum gushed out from her pussy, spurting in thick globules down into the bath.

“He really did want you didn’t he. Christ he must have given you twice as much as he pumped up me. How long have you been winding him up then?” Cindy laughed, still pushing on Charlotte’s tummy.

“I haven’t been winding him up! What’s given you that idea?”

“Well…usually that’s what make a guy come more, and I know he’s fancied you something rotten. Didn’t you see the way he looked at you in the pub this afternoon?” Cindy quizzed.

“That was nothing, he’s always looking at me like that?”

“Well that’s it then, he finally got you, now your paying for it. Are you going to have more with him?”

“What tonight?” Charlotte mused. “You have to be joking…I’ve to get rid of this lot yet!”

“No, not tonight…I mean again. I have to go back and join him now, or they’ll be nowhere for you to sleep, unless you want to go back in with him that is?” Cindy laughed.

“No…I think I’ve had a good enough filling for one night thank you. But I like the idea of more, I mean would you mind?”

“Hey that’s my Dad we’re talking about!” Laughed Cindy as she started to dab Charlotte’s pussy again. “I don’t mind as long as I get my fair share for the next two weeks. I think you’d better put a couple of tampax in there or your going to mess my bed up over night”

Cindy and her Father we’re sitting down to breakfast when Charlotte came down stairs.

“Tea or coffee?” Cindy grinned towards her as she made for the table.

“Coffee please!” Charlotte smiled.

“So how are you this morning then?” Cindy asked in a polite manner.

“Trifle damp!” Charlotte spoke under her breath, with a silly grin.

“Can’t be that bad now, I’ve had a brand new filling this morning, I’ll agree not as much as you had, but it was sheer heaven, I think I’ll be dribbling all day. Sit down I’ll get you some breakfast!”

“So what are you two going to be up to today then?” Sidney looked up from over his paper as he spoke.

“Shopping I think…I’m sure that’s Ok with you, isn’t it Charlotte, nothing to hectic!”

“Sounds fine, I’ll go along with that!” Charlotte replied lifting her coffee cup to her mouth.

“By the way Charlotte”

Charlotte looked up to Sidney as he spoke. “Thank you for last night…it was like a dream come true, I take it you found it enjoyable?”

Charlotte felt somewhat embarrassed by his words, placing her hand down into her lap. “Yes…yes of course I did!” She looked up to Cindy with a smile.

“Not sore down there are you?” Sidney lifted in his seat to look over the table. “It’s just that you have your hand in you’re lap?”

“No…no, I’m fine” But when she thought about it; yes she was a slightly sore, but then who wouldn’t be with a cock the size of Sidney’s, and she didn’t even get to see it.

What would Charlotte have thought if she had known what a good look Sidney had of her pussy with his small torch?


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