Comfort and Support

Comfort and Support

Comfort and Support
A Story within a Story

A winter nighttime at their farm house in Sweden….

By D.R. Millennium:
NC 17: Slash/Incest

Disclaimer: I did not create and do not own any readily recognizable media characters. I have no agreement, legal or otherwise, with the creators or owners. This is purely for entertainment–I have not made, do not seek, and will not accept any profit for it. This story is in no way meant to reflect on the lives or life styles of the actors/actresses who originally portrayed the characters. I have nothing but fond affection and respect for them, for giving me so much entertainment, and no disrespect is meant by anything herein.

Virgil moved; he was awakened by the sounds of quiet sobbing. He decided not to say a word; instead, he put his arm protectively around John’s waist. John, however, was so into his feelings that he did not feel the loving touch until minutes later. “I… I’m….” John began to say, but Virgil stopped him gently. “Please…please can you tell me what it’s about? I want to know, John.”

“Oh, it was, well… it’s difficult to get used to it all, you loving me, being actually in love with me. I guess I did without and longed for it for so long. There were times I almost… almost gave up hope or I’d be afraid to show even a little of how I felt. If you had been disgusted with me, yes… I would have died; I know it, Virgil that would have been too much, too much to take, losing you as a friend and a brother too,” Virgil listened to this in silence. He knew that this would not be an easy wound for John to heal from. He was going to need patience, nurturing, as well as reassurance- qualities which Virgil knew and had been told that he had in abundance.

“Shhhhhh- you need not fear. I don’t loathe, regret, or feel any way like that. We are a part of each other- we share the same flesh and blood, home; so many of our own memories are the same,” he turned John over to lie in his arms, kissing his tears away. John reveled in that warmth, that loving patience that was his beloved.

Against Virgil’s warm, broad, vital chest, he could feel his tears ebbing, comfort replacing the chasm of fear that his anxiety had opened up. “Here, blow your nose,” Virgil said warmly as he reached over and gave John a clean tissue. “Just like a baby, huh?” John said after clearing his nose, laughing. “No, not really- you’re just being the loving, gentle kind man that I love. Honestly, if you were a brute… rough, coarse and callous, I couldn’t have been a friend to someone like that, let alone love,” Virgil spoke calmly, but his tone was a serious one.

These words chased the tears away, causing John to smile from deep within, manifesting it with his arms, in which he returned the embrace. Virgil returned the hug and took the lead in giving his ‘white-blond’ treasure, as he liked to call him privately at times, a gentle kiss. “Stay close to me… sleep well,” Virgil said in a voice that was lulling John to a peaceful rest.

“Ohhhh…” John yawned quietly the next morning, then he smiled; Virgil was still holding him in that protective embrace, however this time, John’s movement caused Virgil to open his sea-green eyes, which were calm and alert. “I’m fine; I just opened my eyes… I remembered, but first let me…. I need a moment to myself,” John’s voice was warm and intimate as Virgil let go of him, closing his eyes as his beloved rose from their bed. When John returned a bit later, he found Virgil sitting up in bed, smiling shyly. Without a word, he nodded, relieved that he could take his turn now to make himself more comfortable.

“I don’t mind the cold,” John said as Virgil returned, relaxed as he hopped back into bed, “as long as we’re not out in it too long.” “I know what you mean. I’ve worked, done rescues in this kind of weather and much, much colder; believe me and it’s not pleasant.” “I remember; Dad was worried about you…and Scott; he feared frostbite.” “Yes, Dad didn’t know,” Virgil chimed in, “that you gave us that special insulation for our snow gear that you invented. We were in the Arctic as I recall, working to divert an avalanche and blast a hole deep inside of a glacier. But we were fine, when by rights we should have been really very frostbitten,” Virgil smiled and glowed with the knowledge that such a one as his beloved, with such a fine mind, in addition to having such an exquisite body and kind spirit was his.

Yawning, he stretched; he did not wish to discuss rescues, work or even fine inventions- no, they were on leave and Virgil still felt a need for a good, long rest. “No, no more discussions about work. I’m so glad we can rest and relax here,” John looked out of the window at the snow flurries moving in the field. “I do not have to go to the greenhouse today; I’m staying indoors,” Virgil yawned once more as he resettled into the bed. “I believe that I shall take a holiday myself- no designing.” John ended his sentence with a grateful yawn, smiling at Virgil who was making himself more comfortable in the large bed in a feline fashion.

Virgil watched John relax and ready himself to get back into bed, with a graceful stretching of his limbs encased in soft red, warm pajamas, deeply yawning as he did so, reminding him of a graceful swan. In silence, John got back into the bed and returned to his former place, back into Virgil’s arms, which enclosed him in their loving, protective embrace once more.

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