Coming Mother Chapter 7

Coming Mother Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Dressed as scantily as possible, Shellie entered the small
town on the bank of the river. Her shorts were tight and high on
her very long, slender thighs, with part of her ass showing. The
crotch molded and outlined the sugary slit of her cunt, and her T-
shirt clung to her firm tits deliciously, the color of her nipples
showing through.
Jay wore his cut-offs, and Shellie had warned him to make
sure the head of his cock wouldn't stick out.
"I don't mind your cock showing," she had told him. "but I
don't trust some of these modern young girls. One of them may see
your cock, and before I know what's going on, she'd be on her
knees sucking on it."
Jay had giggled. "I wouldn't mind, Mom."
"Of course not," she had grinned at him. "You're a lucky
boy, that's for sure."
They held hands as they shopped for what supplies they
needed, taking their time. As his mother selected fresh
vegetables, Jay stood a few feet behind her, watching her body.
Each time she leaned over, the cheeks of her ass showed, and he
was becoming excited.
"Mom, you just gotta stop leaning over," he whispered to her.
"What's the matter, honey?"
"You're giving me a hard-on," he said.

Her eyes drifted down the front of his young body, searching
for evidence of a hard-on. She saw his cock pressing at the
frayed shorts, and flashed a smile at him.
"Am I really doing that," she teased. "Or have you been
looking at some young piece of ass?"
"Mom!" Jay complained. "You know you're doing this to me.
Every time you lean over, I see your ass."
"You mean," she said softly, turning and leaning to examine a
red tomato. "Like this?"
"Ahhh, shit, Mom!"
"Mmmm, something wrong with me?"
"You wanna make me come on the fucking floor!"
"Would you, baby?" she asked, looking around to make sure
they were alone. "Would you really come on the floor just by
looking at my ass?"
"I might, damn it!"
"Mmmmm, that would be very nice," she purred and let the back
of her hand rub across his crotch. "I'd lick it up if you do."
Shellie deliberately went out of her way to show her ass to
her son, glancing at him often. He was being tormented, she knew,
but it was fun to tease him, watch his young face look around
guiltily to see if anyone was watching them. She leaned over a
bin of lettuce, and wiggled her ass slightly, knowing her son was
watching. She heard him grunt, and then felt his hand cupping her
ass for a squeeze.
"You fucking hot bitch!" Jay snorted. "You just wait until
we get back on the houseboat, Mom. You're gonna get it hard!"
"Oooh, I hope it's hard," she giggled. "Here, give Mother a
quick feel, then try to think of something else until we're
finished shopping."
She grabbed his hand and, looking around the small grocery
store, pulled his palm into her cunt briefly.
"Oh, shit!" Jay groaned as he pressed his hand upon his
mother's cunt.
He wasn't the only one excited. He felt the moisture seeping
into the crotch of his mother's shorts. "See, damn it! You can
come and no one will know about it, Mom. But if I come,
everyone's gonna see!"
"Then don't come, not yet," she replied.
The grocery store was small, operated by an elderly man.
When they had entered, he had been behind the counter, sitting on
a tall stool. But now Shellie noticed he was stacking cans on a
shelf near the check-out counter, his back to them. Her hand
darted for her son's cock, feeling the head round and hot, wetness
dripping from his piss hole.
"Can you come fast?" she hissed near his ear as she squeezed
his prick.
"I'm about to come right now," he groaned.
With one more glance at the man stacking cans, Shellie took a
head of lettuce and quickly squatted below the bin, out of sight
if the grocer should glance at them. She pulled her son's cock
from the side of his shorts, and gulped it into her hot, wet
"Mom!" Jay gurgled.
"Shhh," she whispered, pulling her lips from his cock a
moment. "Just hurry up and come, baby. I'll suck you as fast as
I can … but you have to come fast."
She swallowed her son's cock, her hands holding his thighs.
Her eyes glowed up at him as her lips clutched his prick. She
darted her face back and forth, sucking fast, her tongue flicking.
Jay stood with his legs shaking, trying to look around, trying
hard to pretend his mother was not squatting there sucking his
cock frantically. Shellie was amused at his attempt to act
innocent, and she sucked hotly.
Throwing caution away, she pulled the crotch of his cut-offs
to one side, exposing his hairless balls. She fondled them,
twisting and pulling as her wet lips darted and sucked at his
prick. Her tongue licked and probed his piss hole. The juices
seeping out of his cock coated her tongue, the taste exciting her
tremendously. Being in such an exposed position crated a strange
sort of excitement for her, and Shellie sucked very hard, her eyes
glassy with exhibitionistic rapture.
She twisted her lips around her son's throbbing cock, sliding
her lips back and forth on the hard shaft. Her cunt was swollen
with desire, her long clit bulging against the tightness of her
shorts. Dropping a hand from her son's shaking thigh, she rubbed
her cunt. Soft curls of pussy hair had escaped the crotch of her
shorts. Her cunt was pulsating as hard as her son's cock was, and
she felt the tingle of an orgasm growing.
"Mom, oh, Mom!" Jay groaned, humping his hips back and forth,
fucking his mother in her hungry mouth, and still managing to keep
any eye on the man still stacking cans.
Shellie drew her hand from her cunt and shoved her fingers
underneath his ragged shorts, holding one cheek of his ass. She
pulled him forward, taking his cock deeply, urging him to fuck
into her mouth. Her lips were stretched, her mouth full of hard
cock, and her cunt was getting close to orgasm.
Jay, very excited to have his cock inside his mother's wet,
hot mouth in such a public place, began to thrust back and forth,
fucking into her mouth with quick, short strokes. His balls were
swollen, and Shellie clutched them, squeezing to help him come off
She felt his cock swell even thicker between her lips, and
she sucked in a frenzy, letting her son fuck her mouth as fast and
hard as he could. His piss hole was dripping more and more, and
she swallowed often, her tongue racing about his piss hole as he
pulled back, then sliding along the deliciously hard shaft when he
pushed inward. She loved the way the swollen head brushed at her
Jay couldn't swallow back the moans of ecstasy. He grabbed
the back of his mother's head with both hands, and jerked her
mouth onto his cock as he shoved forward. Shellie gave a muffled
whimper of ecstasy, and her cunt contracted into a hot orgasm, her
ass shaking, her knees opening and closing.
With a grunt, Jay came.
The hot cum juice spewed out of his piss hole and struck
Shellie in the throat. A muffled squeal came from her as her
orgasm intensified, her eyes rolling dreamily as she sucked the
cum juice out of his cock, her throat working to swallow it all.
The cum juice was thick and hot, creamy and still sweet as it
burned into her mouth and down her throat. She clung to her son's
cock with tight lips, her tongue lapping, until she felt it
starting to relax. Then, with a soft cry of excitement, she
released his cock and stuffed it back into his cut-offs.
When she stood, her legs trembled. She looked around, and
the man was just finishing with his cans. Shellie grunted at her
son, stuck her tongue out at him, then began to gather up the
things they needed, shaking her ass at him teasingly.
Just before they approached the check-out counter, she
whispered, "Do you feel better now, honey?"
Jay nodded, his eyes bright.
While Shellie stood at the counter, Jay was close. She felt
his fingers sliding up and down the back of her shorts, rubbing
along the split of her ass. With a subtle movement, she pressed
back at him, and Jay pushed his thumb as deep as he could into her
ass, as deep as the tight shorts would allow. Then he turned and
walked outside to wait for her.
"That isn't nice," Shellie said as she came out carrying her
sack of vegetables.
"What isn't nice, Mom?" he asked, innocently.
Poking me in the ass like that, not when you can't do
anything about it until later. You know what that does to me,
don't you?"
Jay shook his head, watching two very pretty girls wearing
skimpy bikinis on the other side of the street.
"It makes me want to fuck you," she said. "And stop looking
at those little cunts as if you'd like to eat them up. Are you
trying to make me jealous?"
"I don't wanna eat them up, Mom," he said, taking the sack
from her as they started back to the houseboat. "Just their cunts
and asses, that's all I wanna eat."
She noticed that he looked at every pretty woman or girl they
passed, and she was in a bikini or skimpy shorts, he would turn to
watch a wiggling ass with appreciation.
"You like those things, don't you?" she teased.
"What things?" he asked, turning to gaze at a very shapely
ass on a woman about his mother's age.
"Those wiggling asses, what else?" she giggled. "Your eyes
are about to come out of your head."
Shellie walked a bit ahead of her son, and as they approached
their houseboat, she began to walk with an exaggerated wiggle.
Jay laughed and watched her as she climbed aboard. She turned to
him and stuck her tongue out as he climbed onto the deck.
"I can wiggle my ass with the best of them," she said.
"Better, Mom," he grinned. "But best of all, I can fuck your
wiggling ass."
"Mmmm, you sure can, baby," she purred as he entered the
cabin, placing the sack on the counter near the refrigerator.
"Like right now."
She peeled her T-shirt over her head, tossing it onto the
couch, then shoved her shorts down. Kicking them from her feet,
she sat on the couch and shoved her rounded ass to the edge,
opening her long legs, her cunt glistening.
"Fuck me now, Jay!" she gasped hotly. "Sucking you off in
the store got me so fucking hot! Come on, fuck Mother now!"
Jay shoved his cut-offs down swiftly, staring at his mother's
parted legs. Shellie rubbed at her cunt with her palm, creating a
friction on her long clit. Her eyes gleamed with passion as she

watched his young cock lift into hardness. She drew her hand from
her cunt, shoving the other one to it instead. When she licked at
her pussy-wet palm, Jay's cock lurched into full hardness, almost
smacking his stomach as it jerked upright.
"Ooooh, you're so hard for Mother's cunt!" Shellie sobbed,
taking turns at licking her cunt-wet hands. "I want that, honey!
Oooh, Mother wants that hard cock … right up the fucking cunt!"
She lifted her knees, her ass hanging over the edge of the
couch. She pulled her knees to her swelling tits, wrapping her
arms behind them and arching her cunt to her son. Her eyes blazed
with hunger as he came close.
"Don't just push it in, baby!" she gasped. "Ram it in!
Ohhh, God, ram it into my cunt fast and hard!"
Jay placed the rounded head of his cock upon the hairy, fiery
lips of his mother's cunt, and rammed quickly.
"Ohhhhh, God, yes!" Shellie cried out, her eyes closing as
her son's cock filled her pussy.
The quick thrust caused her tits to jiggle. His balls
slammed into the crack of her ass, causing it to pucker.
"Fuck me! Oh, Jay, fuck Mother hard and fast! I want to
come fast, honey! Oohhh, my cunt … my cunt needs your hard cock
right now!"
She shot her ass upward as her son began to stab his cock in
and out of her cunt. The wet sounds excited her as she shook and
wiggled her ass to his pounding rhythm. She gasped and cried out
with ecstasy, loving the beating of his cock against her puffy
cunt lips and throbbing clit. Her pussy was grabbing at his cock
with squeezed of wet heat.
She twisted her head from side to side, sobbing with desire.
Humping her ass up and down with him, she clung to her legs, her
tits smashed by them. Jay moved his hands down his mother's
satiny thighs and cupped her ass, lifting it to him. He stabbed
as hard and fast as he could, grunting, his balls beating against
her fiery asshole.
Shoving her ass upward, Shellie cried, "Jay, it's going to
happen! Ohhh, baby, you're going to make Mother come! Ahhhh, it
feels so good! My pussy is swelling, darling! Mother's cunt is
so wet and …"
She rammed her crotch upward hard, and the gripping lips of
her hairy cunt closed about the base of her son's cock, sucking
with rippling greed. The muscles of her flat stomach rippled as
she came, her beautiful face contorted as if she were being
Jay's cock was unable to resist the tight grip, and with a
shout, he came, sending wild gushes of cum juice into his mother's
cunt. Shellie rammed her ass upward, taking the rapid spurts of
his cum juice into her cunt with hunger. Each pulsating spurt of
cum juice into her pussy sent her into a tighter, more steaming
orgasm. Her pussy pulled hard at his prick, his balls smashed at
her asshole.
"Oooh, feel my pussy, Jay!" she sobbed. "Can you feel
Mother's cunt sucking your cock? Ohhh, darling, Mother's cunt is
sucking your cock off! Fill me up, baby! Fill my cunt up with
that sweet cum juice!"
The sensations were tremendous, and Shellie thought she was
going to pass out with ecstasy. However, it finally ended, and
holding her son's hips, keeping his cock inside her cunt, she
lowered her legs until her feet were on the floor, spread about
Her eyes were misty with excitement as she whispered to him.
"Piss in me," she whispered. "Piss in Mother's cunt."
"You mean it, Mom?" Jay asked. "You really want me to piss
in your cunt?"
"Oh, yes!"
With a giggle, Jay sent a few spurts of hot piss into his
mother's pussy.
Shellie gasped as she felt it, and cried out, "More! Jay,
fill my cunt up with hot piss! Ooooh, that's nice, darling!"
Jay let it go hard. The piss splashed into her pussy,
gushing from the hairy lips and over her ass, dripping to the
floor. Shellie wiggled her hips wantonly, hissing with pleasure.
She could feel the stream of his piss stinging deeply into her
"Ohhh, baby, piss in me! Piss in Mother's cunt! Ahhhh, that
feels so good! I can feel your piss splashing deep in my cunt!
Keep it up, darling! Piss real hard in my hot cunt!"
Jay giggled as he pissed into her pussy. Only the head of
his cock was in her cunt now, her hairy lips holding it just
behind the ridge. Her thick pussy hair was wet with juices and
piss. He touched her long clit, causing Shellie's hips to jerk
with sensitivity.
"I'm about to stop, Mom," he said.
"Oh, I know," she purred.
Jay's cock squirted a final time, and he started to slip his
prick from her cunt.
"No, wait!" she called out. "Now it's my turn."
Jay's eyes opened as he felt hot piss streaming from his
mother's cunt, and looking down, he saw the golden piss spattering
his body just above his cock. He giggled, and tried to work his
relaxed cock into her pussy.
"Mmmmm, do you feel it, honey?" Shellie asked, her eyes
glistening with perverse heat. "Can you feel me pissing on you?
Do you like it, darling? Do you like to feel my hot piss
splashing on you this way?"
Jay nodded, staring at her hairy cunt as the golden piss
slowed and began to dribble. Then, with a final squirt, Shellie
let him pull his cock from her cunt.
"Ohhhhh, I love you so much, Jay!" she squealed softly, her
eyes shining up at him. "I love you so very much and I love the
things we do with each other."

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