End of the world – Chapter 6

End of the world – Chapter 6

When we returned to the ranch the kids tore through the boxes of clothing. It was like Christmas for them. Sharon had packed the boxes with an eye towards winter so there were a lot of coats and jackets. Sharon took the musical instruments and began sharing them with the children who were interested. Megan, the one responsible for teaching the children, took the books and began making plans for classes for the children. I opened a big box on the bottom and was trying to figure out what a maxi-pad was, and why panties need liners, when Sharon took it from me saying that was just for the girls. So I left and got busy putting the tools I had brought back away in the barn.

It took a while to tell everyone what the town had been like. We tried but it was impossible to relate just how it felt being there. There were so many houses and buildings with no people around. It felt as if there were ghosts just sitting around watching you, not interfering.

After about a month everything pretty much returned to normal. Fall had arrived and we even had our first snow of the season. It was an early storm and the snow did not last but the kids had fun playing in it. The new clothes came in handy. Another month went by and the big news was that Sharon, Janelle and Mikey were all pregnant. Mom was right; it felt like they had always been part of our family. It did look a bit peculiar to everyone when all three of them delivered within 36 hours.

Over the next ten years we made many trips back to the city, sometimes several in the same year. Sharon was able to find supplies that repaired our solar panels and even added some new ones. We found all the materials that we needed to add wind-power to our grid. We now have lights on anytime we want, plus the kids can watch movies again and listen to music. We also brought back appliances, additional refrigerators and freezers. The girls even had hair dryers.

As the kids got older some of them joined us on the trips. With their help we were able to round up some livestock to bring back. We stopped at several farms along the way and found a couple more wagons.

We have quite a family now. Over the last ten years we had to build several new houses to hold everyone. There are over eighty children now. Even though there were different mothers, because I was the only father the kids all called each other brother and sister. Sometimes it was confusing figuring out whether they were really a brother or sister or just being called that. But I guess in the final analysis it really did not matter.

The sun was just starting to rise when Megan woke.

I turned over to look at Dan. It was hard to believe the thirty-year old man sleeping next to me was the little brother I used to tease so much. He was sleeping on his back so I thought it would be pretty easy to wake him. I reached over and ran my fingers up and down his cock. He certainly is not the “little” brother any more. Last night we went to bed and just fell asleep without any lovemaking. Maybe that is why I feel so horny this morning. When my light stroking did not wake him, at least not the big guy, the little guy was responding, I grabbed him with a firmer grip and began to move him around like a gearshift. It’s time to get into a higher gear Danny-boy.

Dan finally stirred. “What are you doing? It’s too early to get up”.

I waved his cock around to show him just how wrong he was, “I think you are wrong there, you’re already up”.

He reached over, grabbed me, and pulled me over on top of him. Once I was settled in on him, I rose up on my hands and let a nipple brush against his nose and then down into his waiting mouth. His tongue was giving me a real tingling between my legs. My pussy needed something to grab on to. I rocked back just a bit and my pussy found the perfect thing to grab onto. I had planned on teasing him a bit, sliding down on him slowly but it felt so good I pushed back until he was buried deep inside me.

His mouth could not reach my nipple any longer so he put his hands on the front of my shoulders and lifted me up so I sitting upright on him. If he went in me any deeper he would be popping out my mouth. I closed my eyes and began rocking back and forth on him. It was a perfect motion with direct pressure on my clitoris. It usually only took a few minutes for me to cum this way. But something was missing. I stopped rocking and reached down and brought his hands up to my breasts. That’s better. As I returned to my rocking he began rubbing my breasts. He gave both of them a big squeeze, and as I was about to reward him with my own squeeze he let out a yell. “Hey, stop that”.

I opened my eyes and looked around. I was sure he was talking to someone that had come in. When I did not see anyone I looked back at him and then had to laugh. His face was wet and I realized what had happened. I was still breast-feeding. He had given them a good squeeze and they had responded like they are supposed to. With a big smile I told him, “If you don’t want milk, don’t milk me”.

He held me up with one hand while he wiped his face with the other. “You squirted me”. He closed his eyes and put his hands on my hips and began pushing me back and forth on him. His tongue came out and licked a drop off his lip. “You don’t have chocolate in the other one do you”?

“You wish. I haven’t had chocolate since we were kids. You’ll have to try Janelle or Sharon. Maybe they have some”.

He laughed, “I already asked. They both said no. Janelle asked what chocolate milk was”.

I rocked back on him. “Besides, this is pay-back. You have been squirting me for years”. I had to add, “Don’t complain. I get milky white stuff if I squeeze you too much also”. I would have added more but the rocking was getting to me. I was finally ready to reward him with that squeeze when I heard one of the kids crying in the playground we have between the wings of the house. Just ignore it. Someone would come out and take care of him soon. But as the crying continued it was hard to ignore. The kids were my responsibility. Everyone had a major job in the family. The kids were mine. Maybe if I rock faster I can get this orgasm taken care of and then I can run out and see what the problem is.

If anything the crying was getting louder. It sounded like he was really hurt. Just one more minute, please. But it was not going to happen. The crying was too much of a distraction. “Dan, I have to go see what is wrong”.

As I rose to get off of him he lifted his hips trying to keep his cock inside of me. Once I was off of him his cock remained pointed in the air. “Don’t worry about me Megan; this will probably go down in an hour or so. There should not be any lasting medical problem”.

I gave his cock a playful slap and it waved back and forth. “You poor baby, I’ll be back if I can”.

I got up and put a t-shirt on and then went out the door and started down the hall. Just before I reached the end of the hall Mary, my oldest daughter, turned the corner and walked up to me. She was one of the reasons I had put on the t-shirt. It was not fair to be a mother in her thirties with a daughter that looked like her and who walked around naked. She had grown up to be a gorgeous young lady. Of course my breasts used to stick out like that before I had nine kids.

“Mom, I need help. I don’t know what to do”.

I had no idea what she was talking about, “What do you mean”?

“My fifteenth birthday was months ago. Grandma and you said that when I turned fourteen I would be ready for sex. Now I’m fifteen and still no sex. I’m ready but my oldest brother is thirteen and he is not the least bit interested”.

She was right. Jason showed no interest in girls yet. Hopefully all that meant was that he was a late bloomer. “You know girls mature earlier than boys. Have you tried anything with him”?

“Yes, but he just pokes my boobs with a finger, giggles, and then runs off to play with his brothers”.

“Well he is still a bit young. You might have to wait a couple of years for him or one of your other brothers to mature”.

“But it’s not fair. I’m old enough now, past old enough. I should not have to wait for them”.

Just then the child outside began wailing again. “Look, I have to go out and see what is wrong out there. Why don’t you go talk with your father? He is still in the bedroom. Maybe he knows something that can help you. I’ve got to run”. As I walked off I hoped Dan had pulled the covers up. That flagpole might scare a young girl. But then she has walked in on us a few times. It won’t be something she has not seen before.

As mom walked away, I thought what good could dad do? But then again, maybe if he knows what the problem is, there is something he could say to Jason to help. I walked on down and opened his bedroom door. I was surprised to see daddy lying in bed with an obvious erection sticking up in the air. Then I remembered mom just left. They must have been interrupted, poor dad.

As I walked up to the bed I noticed dad’s eyes were closed. I had never seen his whole cock this big before. I had walked in on him a couple of times while he was having sex with mom or one of my aunties but it was always inside of them and I could not see the whole thing. When he walked around it just kind of dangled. Now it looked really big and the end was kind of purple. I could see veins running up the sides. I was getting a tingle between my legs and my nipples were kind of itching just looking at it. I pushed my thighs together to try and satisfy the tingling; it helped but did nothing to satisfy it.

I leaned a bit against the bed to get a closer look. I was about to say something when he spoke first. “Oh good, you are back”. Huh? I looked down and saw his eyes were still closed, he did not know it was me. He thought mom had come back. He put his hand out like he wanted mine so I put my hand in his. He gave me a little tug to get me to climb in bed. I opened my mouth to tell him I’m not mom but hesitated and took another look at his cock. Then I remembered what mom had said, “Your dad can help you get pregnant”. Well, it was not exactly those words but I’m sure that is what she meant.

Dad started to reach out with his other hand to help guide me on top of him. I patted his hands away with mine and crawled across the bed on my knees until I was right next to him. I took one last look at his cock before lifting my leg to move over him so that I could straddle him. That is so big. I wondered how it would fit. My vagina did not seem anywhere near that big. But then, babies come out so that should be able to get in.

I reached down and grabbed his cock and put it right against the entrance. I let go and put my hands on his chest. I took a deep breath and then sat down just a bit so that it spread my lips and just barely went inside of me. It is too big. I could feel it stretching me. But it felt really good. Daddy reached up with his hands and cupped my breasts. He gave them a good squeeze and I felt his hips rise up, pushing his cock a couple more inches in me. I let out a gasp and daddy opened his eyes. He quickly pulled his hands away from my breasts and I fell forward until I got my hands on his chest, “Mary, what do you think you are doing?”

“I’m doing what mom said to do”. Even as I was talking I was slowly letting myself sink lower on daddy.

“What are you talking about? Your mother would certainly not tell you to come in and fu, uh, get in bed with your father”.

“Yes she did”. And I proceeded to tell him what I had told mom. That I’m fifteen now, I’m ready and no one was ready for me so mom had told me that daddy could help me get pregnant. I talked really fast trying to get everything out and the amazing thing was that he did not push me off of him.

“I don’t think your mother said that”.

“Yes she did. You can ask her later”. I put a bit of a pout on my face and went in from a different angle. “You just don’t think I’m pretty enough to have sex with. My breasts are not big like the others”. As I was talking I sat down on daddy a bit more. It did not feel quite as tight now. But the tingle was getting much worse. It was like an itch that you had to scratch. I wanted to move around on daddy to scratch it.

“Honey, that is not it at all. You are very pretty, and your breasts…..” Daddy’s voice trailed off.

“See I’m right. I don’t have nice breasts. You think they are tiny”.

That’s not true. You have very nice breasts. I just don’t think I’m supposed to be doing this with you”.

“Why not? You do it with grandma, mom and all my aunties and they are your sisters”? By this point I was sitting flush on dad. He was buried in me. Every so often I would feel his cock twitch in me. Whenever it happened I would squeeze my thighs against him. “And besides, mom said you could help me get pregnant so that means you are supposed to do it with me too”.

“Honey, I don’t think I’m…Oh please don’t do that”. When he had started talking I had pushed down and forward with my pelvis. If anything it pushed him even deeper in me and at the same time put pressure on that special spot. That tingle had spread from my pussy to my stomach. “I’m sorry daddy. It just feels so good”. I began slowly rocking back and forth on him. I could feel daddy pushing his hips up against me, lifting me in the air. I began moving faster on him.

Daddy had shut his eyes again, “Well, if your mother said I should help”.

“Daddy, would you touch my breasts again”. Daddy reached up and ran his fingers over and around both of my nipples. It was like they were on fire. Daddy let go of my hips and reached up to my shoulders and pulled me down towards him. I thought he wanted me to lie on him but as I got closer he raised his head up and took one of my nipples in his mouth and sucked on it. He moved his head back with my nipple still in his mouth, stretching it before letting go. It popped back to me, making my breast bounce. He then repeated it with the other nipple.

I had stopped rocking on him while he was doing this. The feeling in my breasts and between my legs was so intense. Daddy reached down to my hips and began pulling me forward and pushing me back, over and over. He was grinding that spot on me against him. Doing it to your self was nothing like this. That felt good but this was fantastic. Now I knew what I was missing. I needed something to grab onto when I had an orgasm. Then it hit me and I grabbed onto it. I could feel my thighs tightening against daddy, trying to squeeze him. I knew I was letting out this cry but I could not stop. It just felt too good. Daddy began pounding me. I could feel his cock slam into me, pull back, almost out of me and slam back again. He changed to shorter strokes, not pulling out so far, and was going faster and faster. After about thirty seconds daddy groaned, rammed into me hard and began jerking his hips against me. At first I did not know what he was doing. It was so different from before. Then I realized daddy is cumming in me. When he finished I lay down on him and put my head on his shoulder. He hugged me tight to him.

We lay there, covered with sweat, slowly catching our breath. Daddy was rubbing his hands up and down my back. It felt so nice. I could also feel him slowly getting soft in me and slipping out a bit. “Daddy, did you put your sperm in me”? Breathing hard he just nodded his head. “Daddy, am I pregnant now”?

“I don’t know honey. Sometimes once is enough. Sometimes it takes several times”.

I lay there thinking about that for a few minutes. “Well, just in case once does not do it, I think we should do it one more time”.

Dad gave a little laugh, “Mary, your dad is getting old. I don’t think he’s ready for another. You really tired me out. I may not be getting out of bed for a while”.

“Good, because I don’t want you to get out of bed yet”. Now daddy did not always close his bedroom door so I had learned a few things. A couple of times I saw one of my aunties go in the bedroom right after another had left. I had heard daddy utter these same words about being not ready and I saw what they did to him to change his mind.

I got up off of him and swung around. His cock was lying off to one side, limp. I lifted it up with my hand, straightened it out to point up his body, and let it drop with a plop.

Daddy sighed, “See honey. Your daddy is too pooped to pop”.

“We’ll see about that”. Now I was talking it up pretty good but I had no idea what to do now other than stick it in my mouth. I had watched mom and the others but I was clear over by the door. And I never had to nerve to go and ask mom, “What do you do with daddy’s cock when you have it in your mouth”?

I lifted his cock again, lowered my mouth right over the head and closed my lips around the shaft. I took my tongue and ran it around the head. Not really knowing if that was what I was supposed to do. I just wondered what it felt and tasted like. But as soon as I touched it with my tongue daddy’s hips lifted. I ran my tongue around and he moved again. I could also feel his cock expanding and getting harder. Apparently a warm, wet mouth and a tongue was all that was necessary for a guy.

I took him out of my mouth and kissed my way down his cock. When I got to the bottom of his shaft I could feel his balls. I tried to suck one into my mouth but they kept moving around. I moved my way back to the tip of his cock and put it in my mouth again. I started moving my mouth up and down on his cock like I had seen my mom do. After a few minutes of this daddy spoke up with a hoarse voice, “If you keep that up any longer you are going to waste a lot of sperm”.

I pulled his cock out of my mouth, “No way. I have plans for that sperm”. I moved around so that I was on my side next to him. He stayed where he was, waiting for me to get back on top of him. “Daddy, could you get on top of me this time”?

“Are you sure? I’m a lot bigger than you”.

“Please. I want you on top of me”.

Daddy moved back to the side of the bed. I moved into the middle and lay down on my back. Daddy got up and moved towards me, “Are you sure honey”?

“Daddy, don’t I look ready”? I did not know how I could look any more ready. I’m naked. My legs are spread out in front of him. “Come on daddy”. I put my arms out to him. As he moved around to get between my legs I could see his cock was back to its old glory. Yes, I’m ready. He moved between my legs and then up until his head reached my breasts. He gently kissed one and then the other. I could feel the head of his cock pushing against the inside of my thigh but missing my pussy. He shifted around and it bumped into my mound and slid through my pubic hair. “Here let me”. I reached down, grabbed him and pushed him down to my entrance. He pushed and immediately slid right in several inches. I moved my hand away and he lowered his body on mine. The weight of him on top of me, pushing me into the bed was really nice. I wrapped my arms around him. My legs did not feel right on the bed so I lifted them up in the air. That made my pelvis tilt up towards daddy’s body and he slid deeper in me. Daddy put his hands under my butt and began stroking into me, long, deep, steady strokes. I just lay there, holding him, enjoying the pleasure he was giving me.

While we were sweating away, my mom was in the kitchen with grandma taking care of Ben. Ben had fallen off the climbing bars in the playground and had broken his arm. Ben was one of Terri’s kids. When Terri walked in and saw his crooked arm she started crying. “Now Terri, he’s okay. He fell out of the playground bars. It’s a clean break. He’ll be fine in a few weeks. And he will have this great cast to show off”.

Terri came over wiping a tear away. “Ben, you know you are not supposed to climb those bars”.

I handed him to his mother. “Now if you will excuse me, Dan and I were busy, uh, talking about something”. She did not even notice as I walked away.

When I got to the bedroom door I could hear noises inside, pretty unmistakable noises. I was curious who had cut in line in front of me so I opened the door a bit and peaked in. I could see Dan was pretty occupied with whomever he was lying on top of but I could not see their face, it was on the far side, away from me. The legs sticking up in the air were much too slender to be mom or Susan or Shelly. It had to be Terri. She was the only one of us who had kept her girlish figure. The noises coming from Dan, and the vigorous pounding he was giving Terri, indicated he was cumming any moment. I should beat a quick retreat. My hand was on the door when the proverbial light bulb went off. Terri is in the kitchen with Ben. Who the hell is this?

Before I could move around to get a good look I saw Dan stroke in hard and hold it. Dan gave a loud grunt followed by, “I’m cumming”. Who ever it was moved their hands from his back down to his butt and they were pulling at him, like they were trying to pull him in deeper. When Dan was finished and had relaxed a bit I finally heard a small voice from under him, “Thank you daddy”.

What the hell? I know that voice. I almost shouted, “Mary? What are you doing”?
I quickly walked around to the far side of the bed. I could see her face now. Her body was completely covered by Dan, just her legs still sticking up in the air. She looked so little under him.

Dan was stammering. I could hear “I’s” and “Uh’s” and “We’s” but could not really understand anything. He was trying to get off Mary but she had a pretty good hold on him. Her legs were now wrapped around his waist and her arms were once again around his back.

Mary was very calm, “Mom. You said daddy could help me get pregnant. That is what we were doing”.

“What I said was, talk to your dad. I did not say anything about fucking him. I said he could help you with Jason or the other boys”.

Mary remained calm, “No. What you said was talk to dad. Maybe he knows something that can help you. And as you see, he does know something that can help me. You and my aunties have been fucking him for years. I’m old enough now, why can’t I”?

I was not sure why. I just felt that it was not right so I fell back on the parental standby, “Because I said so, that is why”.

“Mom, that is just stupid, ‘Because I said so’. You always say that when you don’t want us to do something but you do not have a good reason”.

I could see Dan squirming trying to get out of her but her legs had a pretty good grip on him. “Why don’t you let your dad go? We can talk about this later”.

She spread her legs wide allowing Dan to get up on his hands and knees. He then got out of bed and disappeared into the bathroom. Seeing her lying there, naked in bed with her legs spread out like that, I realized she was not my little baby any longer. Once Mary had left the room, I went over to the bathroom door and told Dan I would talk to him later. Then I left and went looking for mom and some advice.

Dan stayed in the shower for a pretty long time. Was what I did really wrong? Megan sure seemed to think so. But I have been having sex with my mother and sisters for years now. How is that different? Well for one thing, you never had sex before with someone you used to change a diaper on. But it sure felt good. Plus there is the excitement of being with someone new.

When I got downstairs I worked my way through the crowd to grab a bite. We have way too many kids. There are only nine adults but over eighty kids. It was hard to get an accurate count without paper and pen. Plus I was having a hard time remembering all the names. Too many times I was hearing things along the line of, “No Daddy, I’m not Timmy. He is over there. I’m Kenny”. There were so many of us we were stretching the resources of our land. We were going to have to address that pretty soon.

For the rest of the day I puttered around doing odd jobs. Now that we had a group of boys between twelve and fourteen I did not need to do all the hard work. They were more than capable. Jason, my oldest, had turned into a pretty good leader. Between him and Paul, the second oldest, they pretty much took care of all the routine tasks. It gave me time to do more planning. Right now my only planning was, what do I do about Mary?

During the day I kept an eye out for Megan and Mary. I thought one of them would show up for that “talk”. But throughout the day neither of them appeared. At dinner the oldest ones sat together. Mary, at fifteen, and a few of her sisters, were now in that group. When Mary made eye contact with me she would give me a little smile. Megan, while it did not seem like she was avoiding me, we did exchange a few ‘pass me this and that’s’, never really made lasting eye contact.

It had been an early dinner so afterwards most of the kids disappeared to the swimming hole. The remaining little ones made a run off to our playroom. It reminded me of a herd of deer running across the field. I went out on the porch and sat in one of the rocking chairs. It was one of those rare quiet moments. You had to grab them when you could. We had so many kids and they all needed and deserved attention. In the beginning I had no idea that things would turn out like this. Hey Dan, would you like to have sex all the time with five willing women? Scratch that, now eight willing women. Well duh. What guy would have followed that logic through to its natural conclusion, over eighty kids. Who am I kidding? I would still have said yes.

So here I am, enjoying a quiet moment rocking on the porch. The door opened and I looked up to see mom coming out to join me. She did not say anything, just sat in the chair next to me and began slowly rocking with me. I think she valued the quiet as much as I did. As always I marveled at what a fine looking woman she was. She was forty-eight now, I think, we did not pay a lot of attention to the calendar any more, and all the kids she had and she was still a fox. But then we had a lot of work here; it would be hard not to keep trim.

After about ten minutes she finally spoke, “I hear you have put a wrinkle in the sleeping arrangements”. I started to protest that I had not started it all but she put up a hand to stop me. “I know. I’ve talked with Megan and Mary. Mary takes the blame, though I think she really means the credit, for everything. And Megan is all right now. It just came as a shock to her at first. And Mary is right. We said she would be ready for sex when she turned fourteen and she is already past that now”.

“I don’t know mom. She just made sense when she was explaining it to me”.

“Yes she does, doesn’t she. Though I don’t think Jason is quite as innocent as she led you to believe. We can talk about that later”. That said mom rocked in quiet for a minute. I could not think of much to say after that so I kept my thoughts to myself.

Finally she turned towards me with a funny look on her face. Usually when I saw that look it was because the joke was on me. I wondered what’s coming.

“I don’t know if you have thought through the ramifications of this”.

I was not sure what she was getting at, “Ramifications of what”?

“Well it certainly is generous of you to help Mary get pregnant. I can see where you could be available for someone who is over fourteen”.

I just nodded my head, oblivious.

“So, have you thought about how many sisters Mary has who are over fourteen”?

“No, why”?

“Well, let see. If I count right she has nine sisters all over fourteen, and lest I forget, there are two more that turn fourteen later this year”.

I still did not see where she was going with this, “So”?

“What do you think Mary is doing right now”?

“She went swimming with the other kids”.

“That is not quite what I meant. What do you think she is talking about with her sisters while she is swimming”?

“I don’t know”. Then it finally hit me. “No, she wouldn’t”.

“Why wouldn’t she? She is a fifteen year-old girl who has just had sex for the first time and really good sex if I heard correctly. Why wouldn’t she be sharing with her sisters? And I think sharing is the right word for me to be using. They see their brothers as these dirty, nasty little bothersome toads that play tricks on them all the time, while you are the only man here. Their daddy, one they look up to”.

“Oh god, they are going to wear it off to a nub”.

Mom gave a small laugh, “Yep, I think they just might do that”. Then she added, “Now the good side to all this is that the rest of us women can either slow down or stop having babies all together, seeing as to how the new team is being sent in”.

I just did not know what to say. I just started rocking faster.

Several minutes had gone by before mom spoke up again, “I have my own confession to make. This is not easy so just be quiet and let me get it all out”.

She hesitated just long enough so that I thought she had changed her mind. She finally just blurted out, “I’m pregnant”.

“Mom, you can’t be”.

“I think I know if I’m pregnant or not. I’m about a month along”.

“But we have not slept together in months now”.

“That’s right, we, haven’t”.

I just looked at her with my mouth open. “Who”?

“About a month ago I had just gotten into bed when someone knocked on my door. It turned out to be Jason. He came in and asked if he could talk about something personal. I said sure and he came over and sat on the bed. It was pretty hot that day so I was under just a sheet and he was not wearing anything.

He said he was embarrassed and was having a hard time getting it out. I told him he could say anything he wanted. He said that Mary wanted to have sex with him but he did not know what to do. He asked if I could tell him some things, answer some questions. He said that Mary had made fun of him when he had fumbled around. He did not want it to happen again. I said I would do what I could. He asked what girls like boys to do, what they want them to do first. I told him girls like to be held, kissed, that before he tries to have sex with them he should touch them all over.

He asked if I meant their breasts. I told him yes, their breasts, but other places also. He asked how he should touch their breasts. Should it be soft, hard, fingers, hand? I just said yes, all of those, at different times. He wanted to know which one at what time. How will I know if I’m doing it right? Before I could answer, he asked if he could touch one of mine and would I tell him if he was doing it right. I did not know what to do. How do you let your grandson touch you? But then I wanted him to be a confident young man also. While I was thinking about what to do he took my silence as a yes. He reached up and pulled the sheet down to my waist. While I was still trying to figure out if I was saying yes or no he put a hand on top of one of my breasts. He asked if this is what he should do. I told him yes and that he should caress it. When he did it was much too hard. I gave a little yell. I then took my hand and showed him how to move it around a woman’s breast. I was about to tell him that he was doing fine, that he could stop, when he reached out with the other hand and began caressing my other breast.

It felt so good. I thought what is the harm? I had not been with you in a while so, it just felt so good, I did not say anything and just let him continue. After a minute or so I told him there were other areas that he should rub, ‘what were they’? I told him that a woman likes to have her stomach rubbed lightly, the inside of her thighs, I almost said more but stopped there.

I closed my eyes as he moved a hand down to my stomach. He moved it around in small circles and eventually I realized his hand was in my pubic hair, moving around feeling the hair. Every now and then his hand would move just a bit lower, closer to my pussy. I knew I was wet by now and would get embarrassed if he touched me and found out but I just could not help myself, I felt my legs move farther apart. I wanted him to touch me. He finally asked if he could look at my vagina, that he had never seen one up close. Again I did not say anything; I just moved my legs farther apart. As he moved down and between my legs I opened my eyes to watch him. He was on his knees between my legs. He touched me, spreading my lips and then ran his fingers around in circles over my lips. I new I should tell him to stop but I couldn’t. He looked up and saw me watching him. He put his hands on either side of me and began moving up. I could see his cock. It was completely erect and I knew what was going to happen. Once his head was up to mine I felt the head of his cock slide up along the inside of my thigh. He bumped around a bit like he was trying to find the entrance. I could not help myself, I moved so it was positioned right against my pussy. He looked down at me and smiled. He closed his eyes and then pushed right into me. He lay down on me and began thrusting at me. It took just a minute for him to finish. I had barely begun.

I could tell he felt bad. He said it’s not supposed to be that quick is it. That he did it all wrong. He asked if he could do it again and then get it right. I could feel his cock still hard in me. Well we’ve gone this far, why not. The second time he lasted a bit longer. Not long enough, but longer. He stayed in bed with me that night. The next morning was better yet. That night he came into my bedroom and without saying a word got in bed with me. He actually was quite good that night, both times”.

I had been listening in silence throughout her entire store. When she stopped for a moment, I finally said, “You are right, Jason is not quite so innocent. That makes me wonder about Mary. So now Jason is going to be a father”.

Mom got a funny look on her face and hemmed and hawed for a moment. “Well I’m not sure if he is the father”.

“What do you mean? You just said you had sex with him”.

“Well, yes, but he might not be the father”.

“For him not to be the father that means you had to”, and my voice began trailing off, “have had sex with someone else”.

“The third night, Jason did not come to bed until after dark. It was like he was a virgin all over again, fumbling around. He came too quickly. The next morning I woke up to him getting on top of me. Then it all became clear. It was Paul. They had tag-teamed me”.

I started laughing out loud. “Mom, you tramp, sleeping with any grandson that comes along”.

She also began laughing, “You are the one to talk. You are sleeping with eight, no, nine women. So far that is”.

“Don’t remind me. Well, what are you going to do”?

“I’ll have the baby of course. I just don’t know whether to let them know one of them is the father. I’m not sure if I can take everyone saying ‘look, little Jason and Paul got grandma pregnant’. I am inclined to tell everyone you are the father”.

“That is okay with me if you want. I might disagree if it was just one of them. But since you don’t know which one, you might be right”.

We stayed there for another hour without talking. Just watching the sun gradually go down, enjoying the quiet. When we finally got up mom said, “I think I will put a lock on it for the boys. I think they have had enough time in the classroom. Good luck to you though”.

“What do you mean by that”?

“Well I only have two boys to deal with. You have ten or more girls that are going to be running you ragged. I had better see what I can work up as an energy drink for you. I think you are going to need it”. With that said she went on inside. I stood by the door for a few minutes longer thinking about this. No, Mary would not get them all riled up. Would She?

Would she ever. It turned out mom was right about what was going on at the swimming hole. When the kids returned I was getting lots of glances from my oldest daughters, and some from the ten to twelve year-olds also. There were so many looks that I decided to go straight to bed, which was probably the big mistake that night. When I got there the room was pretty dark but the light in the bathroom showed me that someone, or from the look of it, some ones, was already in my bed. I was actually relieved. Two people meant Janelle and Mikey. I was back on safe ground. I did not have to think about whether or not it was okay to sleep with my daughters. I guess it was okay. Even mom seemed unconcerned about it.

I walked over into the bathroom and got ready for bed. I kept thinking about Mikey and Janelle and began getting hard. Mikey was the most, for lack of a better word, athletic of the girls. The two of them together and they were always together, could really wear me out. But I could use a distraction.

I turned out the light and went back into the bedroom. I walked over to the bed, lifted the covers and climbed over one of the girls to get in the middle. There was no point in having two girls in your bed without being in the middle is there? I remember mom walked in on me with Janelle and Mikey one time and called me an Oreo. Of course I did not get the joke and she had to explain it to me. I do like being that creamy center.

The girls were lying on their backs but did not do anything. Maybe they just came in to sleep with me. They sometimes did that. But maybe I can stir up some interest. I moved each hand over onto one of their thighs, just above their knees. They might have been dozing because they both jumped just a bit. I slowly moved my hand and inch or so up their thighs and then slid down between their legs. Whoever was on my left sucked in her breath and I could feel her legs tremble a bit. It must be Mikey on my right; she put her hand on mine and pushed it up towards her pussy. Mikey was never one to pussyfoot around, so to speak. I was glad to comply. I moved my hand up until my palm was resting on her mound so I could move my fingers around, caressing her clitoris, in and out of her pussy. Each time I came near her clitoris her hips rose up against my hand.

One the other side I was just getting up to her pussy. Just as the outside of my hand touched the lips of her pussy she clamped down on my hand with her thighs, trapping it there. Her hand had been lying between us, by her side. Now I could feel it slowly move up on to my hip as her thighs opened once again, freeing my hand, then she spread them farther apart that they were before. She rested her hand for a moment on my hipbone and then moved on to my pubic hair. I had finally reached the spot on her where my palm was also resting on her mound. I could feel her soft pubic hair and my fingers began wandering around her pussy. She very slowly moved her fingertips through my hair until she bumped into the base of my cock. He had been standing there like a good little soldier waiting for someone friendly to come by. But when she bumped into him, instead of grabbing him she moved her hand back several inches. That did not seem at all like Janelle. What is going on here? Her hand moved forward again until she again reached my cock. This time she took hold of me around the base of my shaft. That’s more like it.

My fingers had been busy and they were both starting to breathe hard, their hips beginning to rise up off the bed as I stroked them. While the hand on the left of me was exploring up and down my cock I felt the hand on my right begin its way up my hip. When it reached my cock the other hand moved to the base while the new hand moved up to the head. I could feel her fingers moving around the slippery head. At she touched the lubricated head it seemed to startle her. She pulled her hand back quickly and then hesitantly returned to touch the head with one finger and gradually took it in her whole hand. She began sliding her hand up and down on my shaft; down until she met the other hand and then back up, slowly and then a bit faster.

There is something wrong here. Mikey has never hesitated in anything in her life, especially in bed. Could it be my sisters, though they never came in two at a time? And the pubic hair is so sparse and so soft. Could it be Mary and someone else? Who ever it was, I really did not care too much at this point. It just felt too good. But it would be nice to know. Finally I asked, “Just who is in here with me”?

From my left side I heard, “It’s me daddy, it’s Elaine”, and then a voice from the other side, “And me, Debbie”. Even though they spoke up they did not stop moving their hands, they did slow down, but that made it feel even better. But I stopped, thinking, they are only fourteen. Elaine pleaded, “Daddy, please don’t stop. That feels really good”. Debbie added, a bit breathlessly, “Yeh, daddy, don’t stop”.

Already? When mom said they would begin chasing me I figured next week, next month, maybe next year. Plus I thought the fifteen year-olds would go first, then the fourteens next year. Boy was I wrong. It’s the youngest first, and on the same day as Mary.

I started moving my fingers again just a bit. I was confused about what I should be doing. I really enjoyed being with Mary this morning, but I guess I had not completely given myself absolution for having sex with my daughter. But the more I thought about it, these girls are the same age we were, my sisters and I, when we started. Now to tell the complete truth, my reasoning might have been influenced by the two soft hands traveling up and down on my cock, not to mention the two very wet pussies that my fingers were massaging. I lifted my right hand a bit higher on Debbie. My fingers were now up in her pubic hair. I felt her other hand settle on the back of mine, pushing my hand back down to her pussy.

I thought I would give it one last token effort. “Are you sure you girls want to do this? You are still pretty young. Are you sure you want to get pregnant”?

Debbie spoke first, “Daddy, we are the same age as our aunties and mom when they began. And besides, aren’t we doing it right? Doesn’t it feel good for you”?

I was about to say it felt very good when Elaine surprised me, “We don’t care about getting pregnant. We just want to have sex. Everyone says it feels so good and we are old enough now so we want to know what it is like. And besides, we won, so we get to go first”.

That caught my attention, “What do you mean, you won”?

“Daddy, can you stop for just a minute? I cannot think right when you are doing that”.

I moved my finger out of her pussy and then lowered my hand down to the inside of her thigh and gave her a squeeze. “Daddy, that does not help either”. I moved my hand up to her stomach and she continued, “We won the drawing. All of us over fourteen got together and drew straws. Mary did not get a straw because she already had sex with you. Debbie and I got the short straws so we get to go first. Or rather, I get to go first and she gets to go second. It was going to be on different days but since it is our first time, and we were kind of nervous, Mary said you would not mind if we went together. You don’t do you”?

“No, I don’t mind. But you say you just want to have fun, what if you get pregnant”?

It seemed that Elaine was going to do the talking, “That’s okay if we do. I mean, that is what we are supposed to start doing, but that’s not why we are here now. What do we do now? I get to go first, so, do you get on top of me? Will your penis fit in me? It feels awfully big”.

She’s still nervous I thought. “First things first. You are pretty little. I would squish you. Why don’t you get on top of me? Let go of my co, penis, no, not you Debbie”. They had both let go. “You are going to help”. Debbie eagerly grabbed a hold of me again.

While Debbie waited on one side of me, still holding my cock, I guided Elaine around until she was facing me, on her knees, next to my hips. “Would you two like a light on? It’s pretty dark in here”.

Debbie answered first, “Could I turn on the light in the bathroom. I don’t want it to be too bright”.

When I said yes, she let go of me, got off the bed and went over to the bathroom and turned on a light. It was a small light. With the door half closed it was like being outside with a partial moon, just enough so that we could see each other.

I watched Debbie as she walked back to the bed. She was no longer the little girl I had carried on my back on the living room floor. Her hips now had a woman’s curve to them. I looked up to Elaine as Debbie got back in bed and moved up next to me. Elaine’s breasts were like Debbie’s. They both were on the small side but while Debbie had small nipples Elaine’s were larger and were quite hard at the moment. My hands were still on Elaine’s hips. “Debbie, take me in your hand again”. She quickly grabbed me and then giggled. “He moved”.

“I think he was just showing how happy he was to see you”.

When I looked up at Elaine I saw her looking at my cock with a frown on her face. “Don’t worry honey. I won’t hurt you”.

She turned to me and smiled, the frown gone. “I know you won’t Daddy. What do you want me to do now”?

I moved my hands to her hips so I could guide her. “Move one leg over so that you are straddling me, like you are going to sit on me. But keep your legs straight like you are kneeling. Don’t sit on me yet”. She moved one leg over and stopped. I let my hands slide up her sides to support her. My thumbs were in front, right below the swell of her breasts. “Debbie, I want you to point me at her pus, err, her vagina. And keep your hand right at the top of my penis so that only an inch sticks out”. Debbie had moved behind Elaine when she got on me and I could see part of her face between Elaine’s thighs as she followed my directions.

I could feel just the faintest pressure of Elaine against me. I was dying to get inside of her but she was so small I needed to go slowly. “Now Debbie, I want you to move my cock around in small circles around the opening”. As Debbie did as I directed I watched Elaine’s face. Her eyelids got heavy and she closed her eyes. I knew that with Debbie’s hand at the top of my cock, Debbie’s hand would also be rubbing against Elaine’s clitoris. I moved my hands around her chest until they were covering both of her breasts. I slowly ran a finger over each nipple and her eyes flew open. She looked down at my hands and then closed her eyes again, a smile on her face.

I looked down at Debbie, “Debbie, move your hand down a little bit”. As she did, Elaine’s body sagged down on me trying to regain the contact with Debbie’s hand. When she did that I sank an inch inside of her. Elaine sucked in her breath at the sudden invasion in her. “Daddy, you’re inside me!”

I continued caressing her breasts, “Honey, does it hurt”?

“No. It feels so good. I want all of it in me”.

“Debbie, you can move your hand away. Come up here next to me”. As Debbie moved up alongside of me I looked down between Elaine’s legs. I could see my cock, all but the last inch, sticking straight up, disappearing into Elaine. “Now when you are ready you can start to lower yourself. Go at your own pace. If it starts to hurt you can stop”.

Elaine, her eyes closed began pushing down. She had to be very wet as I just sank into her. With my hands supporting her weight, she lowered herself on me, rose up, lowered, rose, sending that same couple of inches into her over and over again. It felt so tight and so smooth at the same time. I finally forgot my own instructions, dropped my hands to her hips and pulled them down towards mine. As I did this I lifted my hips up towards hers, plunging the final couple of inches into her. She gasped. Our bodies were now flush against each other with me trying to get in deeper. “Daddy, you are so deep in me”.

With my hands still on her hips, I began rocking her back and forth on me. She picked up the motion, and as I pulled my hands away she continued rocking on me. After a few minutes she began letting out a low cry. Through clenched teeth she managed, “Daddy, what’s happening to me?”

“It’s okay honey. You are having an orgasm. That happens during sex. Just let your body go with it”.

I could feel her pussy tightening around me. During this whole time I had been focused on her, trying to make it a great experience for her. But with her pussy clenching me, my own needs jumped up to be met. I waited just a moment longer so that she was at the end of her orgasm and relaxing just a bit, and then I moved my hands around to her butt and pulled her tightly against me and thrust hard into her. I began thrusting faster into her, trying to go as deep as I could on every stroke. It was not long before I felt her tense up again. She dug her fingernails into my shoulders. “Daddy, it’s happening again”. She buried her face in my chest and I heard that low cry escape her throat again. When her pussy began spasming around me again that was all I could take and I began spurting in her. My own grunts joined her cry as I shot all I had into her.

We lay there, her on top of me, catching our breath, our hearts slowly returning to normal. Elaine asked softly, “Is that what cumming is”?

I just nodded my head against her.

“I heard mom and the aunties use the word but I did not know what they meant”.

A quiet voice along side of me interrupted my recovery, “Daddy, it’s my turn now”. I had completely forgotten about Debbie.

“Okay honey. But you need to give Daddy some time to recover”. I pulled Debbie close to me and wrapped my arms around Elaine and Debbie, hugging them both.

Elaine turned her head around towards Debbie. Her eyes were still closed. All we heard from her were these gratified ‘hmmm’ sounds. Debbie asked, “What was it like? Did it hurt? Did you like it”?

At first all Elaine said was ‘hmmmm’. Then, in a soft, kind of dreamy voice she said, “It didn’t hurt. It felt really good. I don’t know how to describe it. It was like this huge thing was plunging into me but it felt so good. It was rubbing against that special spot, you know what I mean, and after a while it got so hot there, like it was on fire. And it felt like I was grabbing daddy. It was like cramps but in a good way. You are going to like it”.

Debbie reached out and shook Elaine’s shoulder, “Okay, get off Daddy. It’s my turn now”.

Elaine gave me a hug with her arms and squeezed my hips with her thighs. The squeeze caused her pussy to tighten and I slipped out a couple of inches. Then, as she lifted her leg to get off me, I slipped the rest of the way out of her and landed with a soft plop on my stomach. As Elaine settled in by my side Debbie reached out and lifted my cock up and then let it drop. “You used him all up. What am I going to get”?

Elaine looked at Debbie, “You remember what Mary said to do if this happened”?

Debbie wrapped her hand around me and moved me this way and that. “Could you help me? I’ve never done it before”. She moved down and sideways, putting her head on my stomach. I could only see the back of her head now.

Elaine started to move down to join Debbie. “Well neither have I”. She moved down until she was sideways on the bed, lying on her stomach across from Debbie. “What do we do now”?

I was just about to offer a suggestion when I saw Debbie’s head move forward and felt a tongue move across the head of my cock for just a moment and then it was gone. “What was it like”?

Debbie did not say anything. I just felt my cock being tilted over towards Elaine. Again I felt a tongue briefly move around the head of my cock, like it was being teased. I decided to just lie back and enjoy whatever they decided to do. I was not going to even see who did what. I lowered my head back to the bed and closed my eyes. I put one hand on Elaine’s butt and the other on Debbie’s hip. Every few seconds I could feel my cock being pushed one way and then the other as tongues began to swirl around me. Then suddenly someone lowered their head and took my entire limp cock in their mouth. It was so hot in there. As someone began sucking on it and running their tongue around me I could feel myself getting harder. Who ever it was tried to say something but I could not understand what it was. I almost laughed and said, “You are not supposed to talk with your mouth full”. Someone, Debbie I think, gave my stomach a playful slap but did not say anything.

I noticed Debbie’s butt was a bit closer to me now. I moved my hand from her hip found I could easily reach her pussy. I slowly began moving my fingers around, sliding a finger into her. I found I could easily get two fingers in her. I began moving them back and forth in her. After a while I pulled them out and then began rubbing against her clitoris.

As I got harder she had to pull me farther out of her mouth until finally just the head of my cock was in that hot mouth. When I heard Elaine say “Let me do that” I finally knew that it was Debbie that was giving me the erection. It only seemed appropriate since she is the one who was going to be using it. Debbie let go of me and Elaine pulled me over to her mouth. She worked me over with her tongue and then began kissing me down my shaft all the way to my balls. Debbie lowered her head on my stomach. I could feel her pushing back against my hand. Every so often she would tighten her thighs on my hand and then open them again.

I finally reached down and touched Elaine’s head. “You had better stop that. I’m loaded and ready to go off any second”.

Elaine moved her head back so she could talk, “That’s okay with me. I’d like to see what it looks like”.

Debbie’s head popped up off my stomach, “No. I want him in me”. She reached out, nudging Elaine back. My cock was tingling and I wanted in her too. Debbie got on her hands and knees and quickly moved above me. Her breasts were very small but the nipples were really hard now. As she lowered her chest to mine I could feel them against me. She lowered her hips to mine and began moving them around, trying to line up her pussy with my cock. When she got to just the right position she hesitated, holding her body with my cock pushed right against the lips of her pussy. I had my arms around her but now I moved them down to her butt and squeezed each cheek. As I pulled her to me the head slipped just inside of her. She let out a gasp and I let up the pressure with my hands and I slipped back out of her.

Debbie’s hips pushed down against me, “No, please put him back in”.

I moved my hands from her butt to the top of her hips and pushed down firmly, causing me to enter her again; this time by several inches. I held it there for several seconds, enjoying the sensations of being inside of her then I pulled back a couple of inches so I could stroke into her again but she thought I was pulling out. “No, please stay in me”.

“I’m not pulling out. It feels too good inside of you to do that”. I continued long, slow, steady strokes in her, each stroke sinking a bit deeper until I was finally buried to the hilt in her. I started to thrust faster into her but she turned to me, “No, slower, feels better”.

After a few minutes I put my hands under her shoulders and lifted her up so that she was sitting on me. “Okay, now push down with your hips against me and rock back and forth. You can go at whatever speed you like”. I used my hands on her hips to help her get the motion right. I was ready to cum in her at any time and was having difficulty holding back. It would be great if she could have her own orgasm first, like Elaine.

Debbie started slowly but it did not take long for the signs to show up. Her breathing got harder as her rocking increased in intensity on me. I moved my hands to her breasts. They did not quite fill my hands but they worked perfectly. As I began running my fingers around and over her nipples she began moaning softly. I lowered her to me so that I could suck first one and then the other nipple in my mouth. I ran my tongue around, flicking her nipples and then lifted her back up. She suddenly began grinding her pussy against me. “Daddy, I’m cumming too”.

I could feel her pussy kind of ripple around my cock. That pushed me to the edge and over. I let go of all those stray thoughts I had been concentrating on to keep me from cumming and focused on the hot, wet, clenching pussy that I was sliding in and out of. Holding my body still, I grabbed her butt and shoved her down on me so I was as deep in her as I could get. I then pulled her up a few inches and shoved her down on me again, faster and faster. Each time I hit bottom in her I could hear a little gasp from her. As I pushed her down on me it was like an electric charge was building up in my cock. It took about thirty seconds for it to discharge. One final thrust into her and I was cumming. I could feel stream after stream shooting out of me. I heard a cry and it was a moment before I realized it had come from me. I held her hard against me. I could feel her pussy grabbing me right to the base of my cock. I could feel myself softening but it still felt good to push into her. Finally I stopped and just held her against me as we relaxed.

After about a minute Elaine asked, “Did you like it”? I had completely forgotten she was there.

Debbie now had the sleepy voice that Elaine had earlier, “That was nice. Now I know why the aunties are pregnant all the time”.

I put my arm out. Elaine had been lying against me but now she put her head up on my shoulder and I put my arm around her. It was a pretty comfortable position for me. My arms around two beautiful naked young girls lying on me or against me, and my softening cock still partially buried in one of them. I was beat and was beginning to drift off. Their heads were right up next to each other and I could hear them through the fog, talking to each other, comparing what it was like, how it felt, how I felt inside of them.

“Hey girls, I’m right here”.

They both said “Oh Daddy” at the same time. Debbie added, “Go to sleep. It is going to be morning soon and you need your rest”. I closed my eyes again and knew I was drifting off. Tomorrow I have to be sure to tell Mary no more pairs. I’m too old for this. I’m sure I heard some giggles and I wondered, did I say that aloud or was that just a dream?

When I first stirred in the morning, I was still half asleep, but I could feel a hand moving around my cock. I already had a hard-on. It was that kind where it was so hard it kind of itched, you just ached to stick it in someone. Because of that I did not really pay attention to who was in bed with me. I was not awake enough to remember Elaine and Debbie being in my bed the night before. Somewhere in the recesses of my mind I must have thought I was with one of my sisters. Though if any thinking was taking place at all, it probably was being done with the other head.

She was lying on her back next to me so I quickly turned over and moved between her legs. Her legs did not spread and lift apart like I expected so I used my knees to move them apart and then pushed them up into the air. I moved forward just a bit until I was positioned right at her entrance. Any movement at all would push me into her. Still holding my body above her on my hands and knees, I lowered my head and found her mouth and kissed her gently on the lips. At first she did not respond. I continued little kisses, moving from her mouth to around her ear, and then on her eyes, before returning to her mouth. She put her arms around my head and began returning the kisses. I took my tongue and ran it over her lips and then into her open mouth and found her tongue. For the first few seconds her tongue did not move, and then it began returning the fencing I was doing with her. In a few more seconds she began exploring my mouth with her tongue on her own.

I was now in a spell of lust. I was not quite sure who I was with but I had to fuck them. I pushed forward with my hips and sank halfway into her. She sucked in her breath, threw her head back and arched her body up to mine. She felt so hot and tight around me I thrust again so I was completely buried in her. Just as I was about to lower my weight on her and fuck her with earnest, she cried out, “Oh Daddy”!

In that split second the entire previous night came back to me, Elaine and Debbie. I’m with Debbie. Where is Elaine? Who cares? I pulled back, almost until I came out of her and then pushed back into her. She was so small that I kept most of my weight on my knees and arms, but I did lower myself so that I was pushing her down into the bed. She was new to this and I did not want to scare her so I restrained myself from just pounding into her like I had intended. I began long, slow strokes into her.

And I was rewarded when she said, “Oh yes Daddy. That feels so good slow like that”.

So for what seemed like the next hour, I continued going slow, every now and then speeding up when I needed to, and then returning to the slow, long strokes that she liked. Each time I bottomed out in her I could feel her head bounce up in the bed. Finally I could not last any longer. I changed to short strokes, barely pulling out an inch before plunging back into her. When I began exploding in her like a roman candle I held myself tight against her with a sharp push against her as each stream left me to fill her.

When I was finally finished I could feel her hands caressing my back and the back of my head. I put my hands under her back and then rolled over, pulling her with me so that she ended up on top of me, careful to keep myself inside of her.

I finally noticed that we were alone. “Where’s Elaine”?

She gave a little laugh, “Wasn’t I enough for you”?

“You are more than enough for me. I just wondered what happened to her”.

“She had milking chores this morning. She said not to tire you out too much, that she would be back later”.

“Well I don’t think you followed directions very well. You tired me out pretty well”.

Debbie gave another little laugh, “Well that is her problem, or maybe yours. I got mine. I hate to say it but I had better get up too. I am supposed to help the aunties and grandma with breakfast this week”.

She started to move to get off of me. I took my last opportunity to grab her butt and push myself deep in her one last time. I was just hard enough so that I could appreciate it.

“Daddy, if you do that again I will just have to stay here in bed with you”.

“No, you better get up before your grandma comes looking for you”.

She got off of me and started to move to the side of the bed. I admired her trim ass and took a little slap at it. She giggled and then scooted off to the bathroom. The light came on and she partially shut the door.

Then I remembered something else from the night before, straws. “What happens now”?

She stuck her head out, “What do you mean”?

I turned to her, “The straws. Is someone else going to show up in my bed tonight”?

She smiled, “No. We get you for the whole week. Then they will have a new drawing with the remaining girls and someone else gets you next week, and so on, until everyone has had a turn”.

“You and Elaine will be here for the whole week”, I must have looked a bit startled to her.

“Don’t worry Daddy. We’ll take good care of you”. When she came out of the bathroom I saw she had put some shorts and a t-shirt on. It was getting pretty cool now. I wondered when they had brought their clothes to my bedroom. It must have been yesterday before I went to bed. She came over and kissed me. It was certainly a different kiss than I had ever received from her before. Not a child’s kiss on the cheek this, but a lingering kiss with promises involved, on the lips. And with a sway of the hips she was gone.

As it turned out I was saved that morning from having to repeat the performance with Elaine. When she returned to the house after milking the cows she was nabbed by her grandmother and enlisted into helping prepare breakfast. Meals were a real project now with so many people in our family. And I needed the rest. Elaine and Debbie were like Mikey and Janelle. They could exhaust you. It was great, but demanding.

Over the next several months all the girls eventually passed through my bedroom. My early fears that my sisters would beat the shit out of me never materialized. In fact they supported it. In part because they were getting older and were more than willing to pass on the major portion of the burden of childbearing to the next generation. It also got the girls off their backs asking about sex.

The time was almost eased by finding out two of the girls were more interested in sleeping with each other than with me. It ended up not being eased because several other girls passed their fourteenth birthday during this period. It was like there was a never ending line stretching out in front of me.

The two girls had been fighting against their feelings and did not really face them until the first of them was in bed with me. We had sex and afterwards she began crying and it all came out. I had her sister come in and we all talked about it. They both wanted to have a child, but did not really want to be tied to a man. They spent the week with me, just long enough for them both to get pregnant, and then they happily went back to their bedroom. It was an interesting week, the three of us in bed but the two of them spending more time with each other than with me. They were with me just long enough for the daily injection and then they spent the rest of the time with each other. I got quite a few ideas being the bystander though.

Another development during this time was the boys began maturing. They started chasing the girls, not to punch them or tease them, but with all the erections running around they finally had the right idea.

It was a welcome change for me. As much as I liked sex with all the girls, every morning and every night with so many could wear you down. The boys coming of age was going to spread things out and keep the sex special, not let it become just routine.

Over the next few years we had a second explosion of children that made the first one, fifteen years ago, pale in comparison. Our family was increasing by about fifteen children a year. All the younger girls were involved but some of my sisters were still having the occasional child also.

I was sitting with my seven sisters, I included Sharon, Janelle and Mikey as sisters, and mom talking about this, deciding what we should do to accommodate the numbers, when seven year-old Cindy ran into the kitchen shouting, “There is something wrong with Karen”.

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