End of the world – Chapter 8

End of the world – Chapter 8

I apologize for the delay of this chapter. Real life kept intruding upon my time.

For the last week and a half, Jason, one of my sons, and two of my daughters, Pam and Patricia, and I had been camped out on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Central California Valley. We, mostly I, had been looking out across the valley each night, watching for a light that would indicate where Frank, another of my sons had settled. He had been banished from our family because of his antisocial behavior. When it happened I left home with him to take him across the valley to find somewhere he could call home. Before we got too far he pulled a weapon and indicated my companionship was no longer required. I left him there and returned home but over the next several weeks I grew increasingly uncomfortable, threatened, not knowing where he was. The four of us had traveled to this spot that overlooked the valley where we could see fifty miles west, across the valley, and easily that much north and south. During this time we had seen no sign of him. It was our last night watching and we had come up empty again. I was packing up our equipment, preparing to leave, when Pam said, “Would it look something like that”?

Pam was pointing down the mountain on our side of the valley. It had never occurred to me to watch this side. I was so focused on where I had told him to go. If I had any intelligence at all I should have started looking at all the places I did not tell him to go. There was just the tiniest spot of light in the distance, down the mountainside from us. My first thought was it was just a star reflecting off water. But as we stared, every now and then it would disappear. I quickly reassembled the telescope. It seemed to take forever to find the light in the viewer. Once I had it centered I stepped up the power. I was looking at a window. I could see the lines dividing the panes but a curtain was blocking the view inside. The light had a flickering quality to it. It must be a fireplace. After a few minutes it went dark for a moment and then the light appeared again. It wasn’t until the second time it happened before I figured out Frank must have walked between the fireplace and the window. I made some marks on the ground to help me find it again in the morning and then we went back to our camp.

Our fire was out and I could see that Patricia and Jason were “snuggling” under their blankets. We politely waited for them to finish though Pam suggested several times, that as long as we were waiting we might find something more entertaining to do.

A while later we gathered around the campfire. When I told Jason what we had found he was all for getting down there now and having a confrontation. When I pointed out that we had not brought any weapons with us and we knew that Frank definitely had a revolver, and probably had the couple of rifles that we later found were missing from the house, it would be a good idea to give this some thought and not be too hasty. Jason calmed down but I could see he was still annoyed. He and Frank had never gotten along. But then I could not think of anyone who had got along with Frank. It was getting late and we were going to have a long ride home tomorrow so we finally called it a night.

The next morning I woke before sunrise. Pam was lying beside me, asleep, warm and inviting, but first-things first. I left the camp and went back to the cliff. I watched as the sun slowly rose, waiting until it was light enough to see. The side of the mountain slowly came out of the shadows. I began looking with the scope on low power. It took a minute to relocate house. A tree covered most of the view of the building from our direction, but if you knew it was there, you could see it. I stepped up the power and it was almost like I was standing beside the house. I could see some signs of life. It looked like a garden had been worked in. I saw a fenced pasture with livestock in it that could not have been in there very long. No sign of Frank though. No smoke from the chimney. It took over an hour for him to appear. If I had taken a break I would have missed him. He walked out of the house and went over to a barn. He was inside less than a minute and then went back to the house.

Now that I was sure, I slowly began taking the telescope apart again. Should I go down and force his hand, make him move across the valley? But what good would it do? Plus my advice to Jason still held; Frank had weapons and we did not. Other than just putting him farther away from us, was I just trying to feed my ego by getting him to do what I told him to do? Or would it be better to let him have his little victory? The net result was that he was away from us. That is what I wanted to accomplish.

By the time I had finished packing I had decided to leave him be. If circumstances changed we could always come back now that we knew where he was. When I got back to the camp I saw that Jason and Patricia were awake and from the way their blanket was moving around they might need several more minutes before they would be ready to leave. When I took a second look I revised my estimate, they might need a half hour. I think our rabbits back at the house had more willpower then Jason and Patricia.

Pam was awake, lying on her side, watching Jason and her sister. When I got to her she lifted the blanket, inviting me back in. I smiled at her and said, “It is very tempting, but we should get ready to go”.

Pam pointed at her sister and brother, “I think we have the time. Besides old man, you can’t last very long anyway, can you”? And, as things turned out, she was right. I did not last very long. Though I would like to think that was more due to her efforts than to my age. I do think I gave her the pounding she deserved for calling me an old man.

One the way home Jason renewed his argument that we should force Frank to move on. I tried to get him to just let it be but I could see that it irked him that Frank could feel that he got the upper hand on us. I was content that I knew where he was and that he was far enough away from us that he was not a concern.

Once we were packed and on the road home Pam sat behind me. Most of the way home she had one arm wrapped around my stomach and the other between my legs, wrapped around my dick. When I told her it was not nice keeping me hard this long she suggested we stop and fix it so that it would not be so hard. I guess I hesitated too long in answering and she took that as a yes, because she managed to get up on her knees behind me and tried to move around in front of me. All she managed to do was to almost fall off the horse. She leaned close to my ear and said, “Well, are you going to help or not”? My mind was not really made up until she nibbled on my earlobe and then ran her tongue around the inside of my ear. I reached back, took her by the waist and swung her around me so she was facing me, her thighs on top of mine. She giggled, “I saw Jason and my sister do it this way on our way out. It looked like fun”.

I had thought it looked like fun also. “Any time I’m in you, it’s bound to be fun”. I just hoped we would not scare the horse.

She put her arms on my shoulders and lifted herself up a bit, wrapping her legs around my waist. “You are so sweet”. She lifted up just a bit more until her breasts were right at the level of my face. “Now don’t talk with your mouth full”.

I started to say my mouth isn’t full but only got as far as “My mouff” when she leaned forward and slid a nipple right into my open mouth. I sucked more of her breast into my mouth and then ran my tongue around and over her nipple for a bit. She was right. I should not talk with my mouth full.

She pulled back a few inches from me and then pushed the other breast towards me, “Now the other one”. As I repeated the treatment to that one she began pushing herself against me. I could feel her pelvis push tight against my stomach, her pussy shoved up right against me, her whole crotch felt so hot. Then she slid down a few inches, rubbing her pussy against me before lifting up and then repeating the motion several times. She finally gave a little low moan and then said, “I’m ready now”. She lowered herself a few inches as she was moving her pelvis around trying to find me. She did not have to look far. Once she got everything lined, up she lowered herself on me. And she was right. She was ready, very ready. I easily slide right into her, not stopping until I bottomed out in her. She ground herself around on me for a few seconds and then stopped. She looked up at me, pulled my head down to her, and began softly kissing me. After a bit she stopped and just rested her head on my shoulder.

The horse had continued walking this entire time. I had one hand on the reins and the other wrapped around her, holding her tight to me. We found very quickly that we really did not need to do anything. The motion of the horse was all we needed. Just sitting on the horse while it walked, had us rocking back and forth against each other. I might slide out an inch but the next step drove me back into her. We continued like that, the horse rocking us, sometimes kissing gently, sometimes passionately, for what felt like hours, but surely wasn’t. My brain would have atrophied from lack of blood by then. Pam finally reached the point of cumming. I could feel her begin to add her own movements to what we were getting from the horse. I quickly wrapped the reins around the pommel so I could use both hands. She pushed her face hard into my chest. “Daddy, I’m cumming”. She pulled herself tight against me and held herself there. I could feel a pulse going through her as she climaxed. Each time it hit her she would try and push me deeper into her. Gradually she relaxed, leaning back away from me; my hands holding her, again letting the horse provide all the movement she needed as the feeling slowly passed in her.

Then she perked up, “Okay Daddy, your turn”. She pulled herself back up tight against me. I expected her to begin sliding up and down on me but she had a surprise for me. She just held me tight and then I began feeling her pussy grab me. It was like a fist was squeezing me and then relaxing. She did this over and over. I had been close to cumming for a while now but this was quickly bringing things to a head.

“Where did you learn how to do that”? I gasped.

“Mom told me about it. Do you like it”?

It was all I could do not to cum right then. I was trying to delay it so I could feel this for a while longer. “That feels great. Wait, your mom told you”?

“Yes. She told me how to do it and then told me to save it for a special occasion. Happy Birthday, special occasion”.

Before I could say anything else she began squeezing me faster. That was the last straw. I let my hands drop to her butt and pulled her tighter against me. Then I had that feeling, like when you pull a rubber band so tight it finally breaks. It was like an explosion went off inside my cock. I could feel the sperm begin coursing out of my body into hers. It felt like all the fluid in my body was being sucked out of me into her.

We held each other tight as the horse continued on the path. After a few minutes I could feel myself deflating. I would be sliding out of her any minute. The return of blood to my system must have brought my brain back to life because I finally noticed the sound of another horse behind us. I whispered to Pam, “Would you look over my shoulder? Are they right behind us”?

When she rose up to look I finally slipped out of her. She looked back down at me with a little pout on her face, “Oh put him back. I might not have been done with him yet”. I leaned forward and gave her breast a little nip in response. “Just for that I think I’ll stay right here the rest of the way home”.

I looked up at her, “Don’t kid yourself. I think you liked it. Now are they behind us”?

She rose up again and I could feel her wave. I guess that answered that question. Now I wondered how long had they been there. Just as I was about to ask how far back they were Jason and Patricia come along side us. They both had big grins on their face. I guess that answers the question of how long they had been in sight of us.

Jason spoke up, “Kind of nice that way, isn’t it”?

He had an infectious smile and I couldn’t help smiling myself. I nodded yes and then Pam and I worked on getting her turned around to face forward.

It had been a nice break but now the day began to stretch on. We continued right through lunch, wanting to get home. We only stopped to rest the horses on occasion and let them have some water. When we came up the final rise, bringing the house in view, it was getting pretty dark.

When we finally arrived in front of the house a crowd came out to greet us. Mikey, the girl’s mother, met us first. She looked at Pam and Patricia and then at me, “I hope you had a good birthday”.

I could not help smiling, “The best”.

I got off the horse and helped Pam down. She leaned over to me and whispered, “I’ve had you pretty much to myself for the last week or so. I know some of the girls will have missed you. I’ll give them a week and then I want to spend some time with you”.

“I’m looking forward to that” I said and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.

A couple of the kids took the horses and the gear to be put away while we went inside and shared what we had learned. There were mixed feelings. They were split like Jason and I. Some felt that it was okay and others felt that Frank was getting away with something and should be made to move on, be taught a lesson. I felt any lesson would be lost on him. Eventually my argument won out. It was getting late so everyone started drifting away to get ready for bed.

I went out on the porch and sat in a rocker and watched some of the kids play out in the yard. They would stay out until they could not see their hand in front of their face if we let them. There were several large trees out there from which we had hung tire swings. Some of the older kids were pushing the little ones to cries of ‘higher, higher’, and screams of delight’.

I thought again of what Pam had said earlier. Over the years I have had sex with almost all of the girls, and I enjoyed it every time, no complaints on my side. But I was always moving from girl to girl. I rarely spent more than a week with any one of them and many times in the last few years it was just a night or two with the younger ones who were coming of age. Earlier it had all been centered on the girls getting pregnant, growing our numbers quickly. Now it seemed the emphasis was more on having fun. And I had to admit it was fun. But it felt like I was missing something. The week and a half with Pam was the longest I had been with one of the girls in a long time. I had really enjoyed it with her and it seemed like she had also. It made me wonder. We still had a shortage of males to females so it would probably be looked at as being selfish if I wanted to be with just one girl all the time but maybe there is another girl or two out there who felt the same and we could make a small group.

Megan came out and sat beside me. We made small talk for a while before she got to what was on her mind. “Karen has been sleeping with me while you were gone. She wakes up almost every night crying. She’s still having nightmares. Just eleven and getting attacked like that, I’d have nightmares also. A couple of times she asked me if you really meant it when you said she could sleep with you if she did not feel safe”.

“Sure, you know I meant it”.

Megan nodded, “I’ll let her know you said that. Maybe that will help her sleep better”.

It was getting pretty late so I got up to go to bed. The kids were still out playing but I was beat. A week-plus with Pam, followed by the ride home had tired me out. I was lying in bed, about to drift off when I heard a small knock at the door. “Come in”.

The door opened and I could see Karen standing there in an oversized t-shirt, Megan standing behind her. Karen stepped in but did not say anything. Megan spoke up first, “Karen wanted to say goodnight to you”. I sat up in bed and held out my arms to her. That was all she needed. She ran over to me and I gave her a big hug. “Honey, would you like to stay here with me tonight”? She looked up at me with a big smile and nodded her head. I turned to Megan and asked, “Would you mind if Karen sleeps with me tonight”?

Megan answered, “I think that is a great idea”. As she turned to leave she said, “I’ll see you two in the morning”.

Once Megan was gone Kathy snuggled up against me and went right to sleep. We had been asleep for several hours and Karen must have moved away from me in the bed. She woke up and was far enough away from me that she did not feel me around her. She woke me with a scream, “Daddy. Daddy, where are you”.

I reached out to her and pulled her to me. “I’m right here. I would not leave you”. She moved into my arms and fell back asleep. This was repeated for the next two nights. On the fourth night she finally slept through the night without waking.

Life pretty much had returned to normal at home. My only problem now was to figure out what how to convince the family we needed to split up to survive. There was still some resistance to breaking the family up. They just did not seem to have the foresight to see what the future held for us the way we were growing. Jason, Paul and a few others made a trip down to town and I had them get some books for me from the local library. I wanted to see what I could find out about businesses in our part of the valley.

We were having a hotter than normal summer and today had been particularly brutal. I had been out with several of my older sons repairing fences. Livestock and the weather gradually took their toll. Even though we had stopped during the hottest part of the afternoon, I was beat by the time we finished for the day. When I got home I took a shower to cool off, ate a small dinner and then just went to bed. It was so hot that I pulled all the covers off the bed. Karen was outside playing so I stayed up for a while reading from a couple of the books Jason and Paul brought back for me. I was having trouble staying awake so I put the books aside, turned off the light and went to sleep.

I was having a great dream. A couple of the girls were holding me down and giving me a fantastic blowjob. Just as I reached the point in my dream where I was going to cum, dammit, I always woke up then, so of course, I woke up. You know that feeling where you have just woken up from a dream and you are trying to get back in it? That was what I was doing. I wanted to feel those lips again. It had been over a week for a guy that was used to having sex almost every day and night. I was going through withdrawal.

Then I realized I’m not dreaming the hand that is going up and down my cock. It felt so good. Whoever it was must have been doing it for a while because I was well lubricated. Maybe Pam finally came over, or one of the other girls. I kind of hoped it was Pam. I must have moved because then I heard Karen’s voice, “Daddy, are you awake”?

“Honey, what are you doing”?

“I just wanted to know how it felt. I’ve never really touched a penis before. Frank stuck it in my mouth, and, then, you know, tried to stick it in me. But I never really touched it, you know, with my hand”. Then I could feel her fingers moving around on me. “It was so soft when I started but now it is really hard”.

“Honey, you should not be doing this”. Even while saying the words I did not move her hand away. It felt so good. I could feel that electric zing going through me. It would take just another minute and I would be cumming.

“I’ve watched some of my sisters and brothers. Am I doing this right”? Her little hand started moving up and down my cock; the electric charge building.

“Yes honey, you are doing it right”. I started raising my hips slightly each time as her hand went down. “You should stop now or I’ll make a mess in the bed”.

“That’s okay Daddy. I know what to do”.

Before I had time to think about what she said I let out a grunt and brought my hips up sharply. She moved over me and I felt something hot and wet engulf the head of my cock. I looked down and saw she had moved over to take the head of my cock in her mouth. I did not have time to think of anything else when her tongue ran around the head, the built-up electricity suddenly discharged and I started to pump sperm in her mouth. Her tongue continued moving around the head as my sperm went out over and around, coating her tongue. When I had finished she carefully pulled her mouth back, keeping her lips tight against my cock, until she finally had me out of her mouth. Her lips were still tightly closed. I saw her cheeks bulge a bit as she moved her tongue around in her mouth. She visibly swallowed and then moved up to lay along side me.

“Daddy, did I do it right? Sometimes one of the boys comes into our bedroom to be with one of my sisters”. Karen shared a bedroom with three sisters, one her age and two others that I thought must be fourteen or fifteen. “Sometimes they are on top of the covers and I’ve watched what they do, but I did not know if I was doing it right. Cindy always spits the sperm out when the boy squirts it in her mouth but Debbie swallows it. I wanted to see what it tasted like; what yours tasted like. A couple of times the boys tried to get in bed with me when my sisters were already with someone but I didn’t let them. I wanted to do it with you first”.

“Well, yes honey. You did it just right. But you are too young for this. We cannot do this again. Do you understand? I will get in big trouble with your mother. I know I look pretty big to you but she will beat my butt like a drum if she knew what we were just doing. You need to wait a few more years”.

“I know Daddy. I was just curious. I didn’t think you would wake up. I didn’t like it when Frank made me do it. That wasn’t right, and he’s mean. It was fun with you though. I wasn’t sure it would be, but it was. Besides, I had my birthday and I’m over twelve now. It won’t be long”.

I have to admit it was a nice way to end a day. She moved up next to me and we both drifted off to sleep. When I woke up at daybreak, Karen was already up and gone. Her chores this week included collecting eggs and then helping fix breakfast so she had an early start.

After a good breakfast I joined my sons and we continued working on the fences. It was another hot day, though this time we got smart, quit early, and then moved to some work in the shade when it got hot. I called it an early night once again after dinner and was on my way to bed when I met Jason in the hallway. He asked if I wanted to join a bunch of them in the gym. Oh great, the last thing I needed was to go play some basketball with the boys on a hot day. “No, I’m beat. I think I’ll just go to bed early”.

“Dad, I think you’ll…”

“That’s okay son, maybe another time”.

Last year we had built an extension to the house. It was a large one-room building, connected to the house by a hallway. The room was about 30 feet square and was used for classes and as a gym. When the little kids were using it mats were pulled out to cover the floor so they could take naps.

As I was turning to walk away, Jason and several of the boys, followed by around twice as many girls, started down the hall to the gym. I hope the girls get to play too and that the boys don’t make them just sit and watch.

For the next couple of weeks things were fairly uneventful. Karen did not have any further bouts of curiosity. She began alternating with Megan and I, spending a week with me and then a week with Megan. When she was with Megan some of the other girls would come and stay with me, usually just a day or two, sometimes longer. Pam had not come as she said she would and I found I was disappointed. I was looking forward to being with her. She probably was busy with the other boys. I couldn’t really complain. I was with other girls all the time, how could I expect her to come to me whenever I wanted.

Our numbers were gradually changing now. We now had one male for every two females if you counted everyone. Nature appeared to be doing her job. In the beginning we needed females and that is what we got. Now we need more males and she is answering once again. The ratio in the group over fourteen was still one male to about every five females, but that would change as the younger ones got older. I guess I will just have to rough it until they arrive to help. It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it.

I was on my way to my bedroom one night when Jason once again passed me on the way to the gym with a group his brothers and sisters. I politely turned down their invitation to join them and continued on my way to bed. When I got there, Beth, one of Sharon’s younger daughters, thankfully over fourteen, was waiting for me. We had been together a couple of months earlier. She had wanted to get pregnant but had been unsuccessful so far. I had assumed she had been spending time with one of the younger boys since she had not come back to my bed. Whatever the reason, I was happy to find her there, she was, how do you say, enthusiastic in bed. After a strenuous bout of lovemaking we both drifted off to sleep.

I could not have been asleep long. I was still feeling the effects of our earlier activity when I felt her moving around on top of me, trying to wake me. And Beth, climbing on top of you, was bound to wake anyone up. She was sitting astride me with her hands on the bed under my armpits, her breasts dangling in my face. She ran one nipple over my lips and I sucked it into my mouth. Then she pulled back up, stretching her nipple out until I let it go with a pop, followed by running the other nipple over my lips. It appeared I was rising to the occasion, not quite there, but just about, when I felt her begin to dig her pelvis around trying to find me and get me back into her. Unfortunately I was not quite there yet so the poor boy was lying on my stomach and not sticking up in the air where she was busy rooting around.

With a little frustration in her voice she said, “Why don’t you help me”?

I was trying to get my arms down to help with some guidance but her arms blocked mine. Just as I was trying to figure out how to get my arms around hers, I felt her grab me in her fist and begin rubbing the head of my cock against her pussy. That got me to full attention. She then pushed back against me, pushing me half way inside her, and let out a long groan, followed by “Oh thank you, I needed that”.

I heard a familiar voice down towards my feet say “You’re welcome”.

Oh god, when had Karen come in? “Karen, you know you should not be in here”.

Beth, who had begun thrusting her hips at me so that I was now deep inside of her said, “Oh Daddy, let her stay. She has already helped. And besides, I know you have had two girls with you before”.

“Yes Daddy. Let me stay. Maybe I can help again”.

I tried to protest “But she’s too young, and the two girls were both older”. Beth sat up on me and put her arms at her side. I would have said more but by now Beth was moving faster, grinding her pelvis against me. I guess Karen will not see anything she has not seen before. She’ll just be closer.

Karen had moved around alongside Beth and was watching her. She reached out and touched one of Beth’s nipples and said, “Your nipple is really hard. Does that always happen when you have sex”?

Beth opened her eyes to look at Karen. She slowly nodded and said, “So is the other one”. Beth turned her body slightly towards Karen.

Karen reached out with her other hand and touched Beth’s other nipple. She started to pull her hands away and Beth reached out to stop her. “It’s okay. It feels good when you do that”.

Karen began rubbing each of Beth’s breasts. Beth reached over to Karen, and with her hands on her waist, pulled Karen towards her. Karen lifted one leg and moved over and sat on my stomach, facing Beth, just inches away from her. Karen continued rubbing Beth’s nipples, “Your breasts are big. I wish mine were as big as yours”.

“Oooohhhhhhh, that’s nice. Don’t worry yours will get bigger this year or next”.

Karen looked down at herself, “I don’t know. I’m pretty flat. Andrea, she is twelve, and she is almost as big as you”.

I watched as Beth’s hands moved up from Karen’s waist to her chest and then moved around to the front where I could not see. “Does this feel good”?

Karen leaned back towards me, arching her back. “Oh yes. That feels really good”. That surprised me. Beth is rubbing Karen’s breasts, and she likes it. Apparently they both do.

“Well see, the size does not matter much, it is how it feels. Besides, it is only the guys and the babies who care about the size anyway; guys to play with and babies to drink from. Now how about leaning over and giving mine a kiss”.

I watched as Beth moved her hands from Karen’s chest and then felt her slide a hand between my stomach and Karen’s crotch. When Karen jumped Beth asked, “Do you want me to move my hand”?

I could feel Beth’s fingers moving in a slow circle. Karen replied, “No, you just surprised me. It’s okay. You can leave it there. It feels good”.

“That’s kind of what Daddy feels like in me, only Daddy feels a bit better, and much bigger”.

I was beginning to feel left out, “Only a bit better”?

Beth looked around Karen at me, “Now Daddy. This is just girl talk. Of course you feel much better. This is Karen’s first time at this. She needs to learn a few things. You just lay back and enjoy this. I know I’m going to”.

Beth had slowed down on me while she was talking to Karen. Now she began picking up speed, rocking her hips back and forth and then in tight circles on me. Karen had her face in Beth’s chest. I could only assume she was sucking on Beth’s nipples. Karen was also beginning to squirm around on my stomach. We continued like this for several more minutes until Karen began bucking hard on me, pushing down on Beth’s fingers. I could hear little squeals coming from her. When she slowed down and then relaxed, Karen leaned forward to Beth and hugged her, “Congratulations. That was your first orgasm. Now it’s my turn. Move over off Daddy”.

Karen got off me and lay down beside me, still breathing hard. “I always wondered what one felt like. I’ve seen the other girls have one but wondered when I would”.

Beth had closed her eyes and was beginning to rock back and forth faster on me, grinding her pelvis against me. A bit breathlessly she said, “Daddy is great for orgasms. He always lets you cum first. The other boys aren’t so considerate. Most of them will just jump on you, pump it in and out for a while, leave their stuff in you and then they are done, whether you are or not. Daddy will let you cum as many times as you want”.

Now that my ego was too big to fit through any doorways, I thought I should reward her. I moved one hand down to her stomach and rubbed it firmly, right where the head of my cock must be. The other hand moved back and forth from one breast to the other, teasing her nipples, firmly squeezing her breasts.

She pushed hard down on me and said, “Daddy, I’m cumming”. She grimaced like she was in pain and hunched over me. She held the position for several seconds, squeezing me with her thighs, and then collapsed on me. She lay there breathing hard for a minute then said, “Okay Daddy, now your turn”. She leaned over and whispered something in Karen’s ear that I could not hear. Karen giggled and Beth moved back on top of me. “Daddy, you just lie still and let us do everything”. She began gently sliding up and down on me, letting my cock slide almost out of her and then all the way back into her. I just lay there with my eyes closed and my arms spread on the bed, enjoying the sensations she was sending through me.

I had not noticed Karen had moved until a warm hand cupped my balls. The shock made me jump. I started to say something but Karen stopped me, “Let her. It was my idea. She wanted to help. It is helping isn’t it”?

I had to admit it sent chills through me. When Beth moved up on me I could feel Karen’s hand slide up my cock, squeezing me, sometimes just running a finger or two up my shaft. Then Beth would push back down, pushing Karen’s hand back down. The feeling was getting too much for me. I moved my hands to Beth’s butt, pulling her tight to me as I began thrusting into her. It was only seconds before I began picking up speed, thrusting harder. Then Karen circled her thumb and forefinger around the base of my cock and I couldn’t take any more. I began sending streams of sperm through the circle of Karen’s fingers into Beth’s pussy. When I was finished Karen gave my balls one last caress and then moved up beside me.

“Beth, did Daddy put his sperm in you”?

Beth, still lying on top of me, turned her head towards Karen. “He sure did. Didn’t you feel it when you put your fingers where I told you”?

“Yes, I felt something. It was like when water goes through a hose, but it was in spurts”.

“Well if you think about it, it is just like water going through a hose. It just isn’t water and it’s better than a hose”. With that they both began giggling.

“Beth, are you pregnant now”?

“I don’t know. It takes a while to find out”.

I just lay there listening to them talk. It was kind of funny in a way. It was like you were the fly on the wall listening in on a conversation. Except this fly was on the bed with his cock still buried in a young girl’s pussy. They continued whispering back and forth as I drifted off. I woke up a few hours later and they were both asleep, snuggled up on either side of me. I thought about how lucky I was and then drifted back to sleep.

Beth came back the next few nights. Karen was doing much better and without anything being said, returned to her own bedroom. As it turned out, Beth did get pregnant; one more girl passing through.

I was alone in my bedroom a couple nights later when Pam came in and shut the door. She came over and sat on the side of the bed. “Do you remember what we talked about when we returned from the cliff”?

“Yes I do. I thought you were going to come and spend some time with me. You didn’t so I thought maybe you had changed your mind”.

“No, I did not change my mind. I did not want to interfere with Karen. She needed you more at the time. Plus, I wanted to give you some time to be sure you would really want me around more. Then when I was ready Beth was monopolizing you”.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know”.

“That’s okay. I don’t mind sharing you a bit. They are my sisters and there are not enough guys to go around. I just want more of you for me, that is, if you want more of me”.

I laughed, “I did not know there was more of you to be had”.

She poked me in the ribs, “You know what I mean. I’m serious”.

The last words came out softly, “Yes, I do want more of you”.

She got up, turned out the light, got into bed and moved up next to me. “I am so glad to hear that because there is going to be more of me to get. I’m pregnant. It must have been that horse ride”. That memory brought smiles to both of our faces.

We made love slowly that night, savoring the feeling. Afterwards, as she drifted off to sleep, I lay there wondering how our lives might change from this point. So far no one had really paired off, or, if not pairs, settled as a small group. It would be interesting. With those thoughts still bouncing around in my head I finally drifted off to sleep.

The days had started getting shorter though the temperatures were still warm. Most of our summer work was finished. The harvests were all in. If we got anything more it would be gravy. We had moved the livestock from the higher pastures down where the weather would be gentler to them. We could all take it a bit easier now.

For the last couple of months I had been turning down Jason and Paul’s invitations to join them in the gym. They seemed to come every Friday. Tonight was Friday and I thought I’d finally join in if they asked. I have not played basketball with them since right after we built the gym. I could use some fun.

After dinner I went to my bedroom to get a pair of shorts and some shoes. Most of the boys I had seen going to the gym were wearing shorts and shoes. I guess it could get a little uncomfortable with a dick slapping around while you were playing. The girls were a real mix. Most of the older girls still wore little if any clothing except when it got cold. Many of the younger girls now wore some clothing, even in the summer. It was a funny thing. I was used to seeing the girls naked all these years, and I got a sexual rise when I thought about them sexually. But seeing some of the girls clothed all the time could get me aroused even more, just wondering what their uncovered body looked like.

I was going through my closet looking for a pair of shorts I liked when Pam came in and asked, “What are you looking for”?

“I’m looking for those purple shorts,” I said.

She poked her head in the closet and pointed, “They are over there”. I found them, stepped out of the closet and put them on. “What do you need them for”?

I sat on the bed and started putting on my shoes. “Jason and Paul have been after me for quite a while to play some basketball in the gym. I thought I would join them tonight and have a little fun”.

“Isn’t today Friday”?

“I think so. Yes, I’m sure it is”.

“I don’t think they play basketball on Friday’s, but go ahead. I’m sure you will have fun”. She came up to me and put her arms around my neck, pressing her breasts into my chest and kissed me. “You always could stay here and have some fun. I’m sure I could give you the exercise you need”.

I smiled at her and then rubbed her big tummy. Yes, that would be fun indeed. “I’ll try and not play too long. I’ll be back soon. They usually start around 8 o’clock and it is just past that now”.

She gave me a little smile, “You might be surprised. Friday nights in the gym can get pretty wild. You might not have anything left for me later. But I might come over in a while and watch”.

“I save some energy for you” I assured her. Then with a kiss on her bare tummy and a quick pat on her butt, I was out the door. I went through the house, past the kitchen, to the hallway that connected the gym to the house. We had built the connection hallway so that we could get to the gym even in bad weather. The hallway was a good forty feet long. As I approached the end of it I was surprised not to hear the sound of a bouncing basketball. They must be between games.

When I reached the door, I turned the doorknob and pulled the door open. The scene was so unexpected that at first I did not know what I was looking at. There seemed to be a sea of naked bodies in front of me. There were bodies lying on top of each other, side by side, sitting on one another. I could not see a stitch of clothing on anyone.

Just a few feet to my right I could see a woman that I was guessing was one of my sisters. I guessed because she was facing away from me and I could not see her face though I could tell she was much older than the other girls in here. She was on her hands and knees between the spread legs of one of the younger boys. It looked like Jimmy, fifteen, one of Shelly’s boys. He had his eyes closed and his mouth open as her head bobbed up and down on his cock. Behind her, Jimmy’s seventeen-year-old brother David was on his knees moving up closer to her. His cock was as hard as it would ever get in his lifetime and I could see that he was moving up to fuck her from behind. I continued watching him as he got right behind her, put his hands on her hips and positioned himself to plunge into her. When the head of his cock touched her pussy she waved one hand back at him like she was trying to wave him off. He did not even notice. His attention was on getting that cock into her pussy. He moved a bit closer and then pulled back on her hips and thrust forward at the same time. In one smooth stroke he was buried in her. He held her hips tight against him. I could tell he was just enjoying the sensation of being buried so deep inside of her. The thrust had a different effect upon her though. Her head popped up off of Jimmy. She turned around to see who was fucking her and I got my second surprise, though not my last one of the night. It was my sister Shelly. She was sucking off one of her sons and getting fucked by another at the same time. She motioned at David to stop but he had his eyes closed and was beginning to thrust faster into her. I could see him bury himself right up to his balls in her. Seeing she could not stop him, and from the look on her face, deciding she did not want to, she went back to Jimmy’s cock. It was just a minute before David was slamming so hard into her she could not keep her mouth on Jimmy. She lay her head down on Jimmy’s stomach and let David pound her.

I could see Jimmy attention had wandered and he slid out from under his mother’s head. Just inside the door there were seven or eight girls sitting on the floor just in front of me to my left. They must be the second string waiting to go in. As soon as Jimmy had slid away from his mother two of the girls got up and moved over to him. One of them immediately sat down and impaled herself on his cock and began rocking back and forth on him. The other girl moved around to his head and knelt above him facing the other girl. The girls began kissing each other and rubbing each other’s breasts while Jimmy began licking the pussy above him.

I looked back at Shelly and her son just as he started cumming in her. This was some basketball game. As I looked around the room I could see that there were around fifteen of the boys there. With each one of them there were two girls and with a couple of the boys there were three. There were girl’s knees up in the air, legs up in the air, girls sitting on cocks, and sitting on quite a few faces. On the far side of the room I spotted one of my other sisters, Susan, lying on her back with one of the teenage boys on top of her, his hips pounding at her. I watched for a moment as he finished and rolled off of her. Another of the boys, dick at full attention, was crawling by at the moment, headed for two girls in the corner, saw Susan still lying on her back with her knees up in the air, changed directions and crawled right up on top of her. He just slid right into her and continued the pounding she had been getting earlier.

By the back wall were three girls that apparently did not need any guys, or at the least, were tired of waiting for one. They formed a kind of triangle with a head buried between each pair of thighs.

I must have made some sound because a couple of the girls sitting in front of me turned their heads and saw me standing there. They nudged the other girls and suddenly they all got up and surrounded me. “Daddy, you made it. Come join us”. A girl grabbed each arm, and began pulling me. I felt my shorts drop to my knees. There were so many girls around me I did not even know which one had pulled them down. As I stepped out of them someone was pulling my shoes off. Then two girls were behind me pushing at me, and one, and honestly, I did not even know I was hard, grabbed my very hard cock and pulled me over to where they had been sitting. Before I knew it I was flat on my back and they were arguing over who was going to go first. “I saw him first”. “No you didn’t, I did”. One of the smarter girls did not bother to argue. She just climbed on me and with one well-placed squat, put me halfway inside of her. “Oh Daddy. That’s perfect”. She was a bit tight and it took her several pushes to get me all the way inside of her. By now the other girls saw what was happening and their cries changed to “Don’t let Daddy cum. We all want a turn”.

All I could think of was that there were six of them. They’d kill me before I could satisfy all of them. Then I remembered the boy with the two girls. I looked around me. All I could see were breasts and nipples everywhere. I reached out for the closest girl and pulled her over until her pussy was right above me. I started moving my tongue around her pussy slowly. I sucked her labia into my mouth and then ran my tongue into her pussy as far as I could reach, sweeping up and down her slit. After a few minutes she began to squirm. Now it was time. I started flicking my tongue across her clitoris, then in circles around it. I could hear moaning but was not sure if it was from the one on my face or sitting on my cock. I could tell from her movements she had to be close also. They both came minutes apart and two more took their place as soon as they could get the first two to move. And so we continued. I was getting worried about what would happen after everyone had a turn. Would they want seconds? Would I pass out from dehydration? When the last two girls were having their turn I was saved by the arrival of a couple new boys. The first four girls immediately grabbed them before anyone else saw them and moved over to an empty corner.

I was down to my last ride. She had started out very slowly, rocking back and forth with my cock inside of her. Then she slid off me to one side and pulled at me to get me on her. As I moved above her she spread her legs out wide. When I settled in on top of her she brought her legs up and locked her ankles behind me back. I slowly lowered my weight on her and began pumping into her. “Fuck me Daddy”. Every few strokes she would repeat it. “Fuck me harder Daddy”. I did my best to accommodate.

She tilted her pelvis up to me as I was driving into her, putting hard pressure on her clitoris. “Oh yes Daddy, fuck me”. I was trying hard not to cum but after three pussies wrapped around my cock I just could not wait any longer, I surrendered and let myself go inside of her. As the sperm gushed out of me I grabbed her hips and began grinding against her clitoris. It worked as she gave a little gasp and began thrusting with me. Over the next thirty seconds she began pushing harder and harder with me until she finally arched her back and to my dismay, sank her nails into my back. She finally relaxed, unlocked her legs and lay there breathing hard. I had stayed hard enough for her to finish but the nails had ended that.

“Daddy, you need to come back next week. The other boys don’t fuck me like that”.

“I don’t know. I think I’m going to take up badminton. Basketball might be a little too hard on me”.


“Never mind, private joke”.

I looked around the room again. Several of the girls had left but it looked like all the boys were still there. The room was almost down to one-to-one. In fact there were a couple of unpaired boys in a far corner. “Hey, Dad’s finished for the night but I see a couple of boys over there who look interested”.

She raised her head, “Where”?

I moved my head slightly towards them. She looked around at them and then back to me. “You don’t mind”?

“Of course not. Go get’em tiger”.

She smiled and gave me a kiss on the lips. Then she moved off me and began moving towards the two boys. Two images quickly went through my mind; that of a tiger stalking its prey, and two honeybees pollinating a flower. I was not sure which was more appropriate. I finally decided they were both right.

I took one last look around and saw two girls to my right look my way. Before they could get up I got to my feet and scooted out the door. No shame in a strategic retreat. I was finished pollinating flowers for the night and did not want to be prey. As I walked down the hall I met Jason walking back to the gym with a big platter of fruit in his hands. “Glad to see you could make it Dad”.

“You might have told me you guys weren’t playing basketball in the gym”.

Jason laughed, “I never said we were playing basketball. I hope you weren’t disappointed”.

I had to smile. “I wouldn’t say disappointment is what I’m feeling right now”.

Jason started to move past me, “I’d better get in there. Some of the guys are getting pretty dehydrated. Are you coming back next week”?

I stepped aside so he could get the platter through, “We’ll see if I’ve recovered by then”.

When I got back to my bedroom Pam was already asleep. I got in bed and moved up behind her, put my arm around her waist and up between her breasts to her shoulder. In a sleepy voice she said, “I must have fell asleep. How was basketball”?

I could swear she was smiling as she said it. “It was fine. But I think I might have to go back to bucking hay to get a rest from that game”.

I could not see it, but I could hear the smile in her voice, “I’m not saying I told you so, but, I told you so”. What could I say? I just hugged her and we both dropped off to sleep.

Over the winter I studied all the books on the valley the boys had brought back for me. A plan was forming in my mind of how we could disperse to our advantage and not just spread out. From the books I learned there where a number of industries and businesses in the area that we could take advantage. There were huge amounts of rice grown in the central valley. There were also huge fruit orchards and vegetable fields up and down the valley. There were even several dehydrators out there. We would not be able to use the natural gas they had but we could utilize much of the equipment and we always had the sun. There was a farm museum about fifty miles from us that had a huge amount of horse drawn farm equipment. And just fifteen miles from us was a historical site that had a water-driven sawmill. And not too far from there was another site that had a water-driven mill for grinding grain into flour.

Once spring arrived we began checking these out. It took the first month to get around and check out all the sites I had identified as our best bets. All the sites looked promising but we decided that the rice fields and the fruit orchards would help us the most in the least amount of time. Along with the orchards we also found vast fields with vegetables.

Then we reached the tough part; who goes where? I had been mulling on this for over a year and it still was not a clear decision. We finally decided to break along the lines of what our objectives were. We decided that being able to harvest rice was the most important and then the orchards and vegetables. Later we would tackle the mills and anything else that we found to help us.

There were enough people interested in the adventure that we did not have to force anyone, at least for now. We decided that a cross-section of ages and family lines would make up each group. Regarding the family lines, we had Mikey, Sharon, Janelle and our group, all with different DNA. There would always be more from our family but we added people from each of the other groups for the widest diversity that we could get.

During the middle of the summer, Terri, my youngest sister, and her group left for the valley. Jason and Paul went along for the ride and to help them set up. They did not expect to accomplish much before winter except ready living quarters. I considered going but Pam’s first baby was due in a couple of months and I wanted to be there.

The rest of the year went by uneventfully. When Pam’s time came there were three other of the girls giving birth on the same day. It made things interesting having four girls giving birth in the same room. When that happened in the past usually I was the father in each case. This time I could only take credit for Pam. We had our first girl.

During the winter, Sharon came around several times to talk about her interest in heading up the group that would move out to the orchards. She also asked that if she did go, could Paul also be part of the group. So I was not too surprised a few weeks later when Paul made the same request. It seems that I was not the only one interested in a change in our relationships.

As spring approached once again we were readying the second group to leave. All the equipment they were going to take with them was ready but there were still problems picking the group. There were a number of teenagers and their allegiances changed everyday. One day Bobby like Sally and they wanted to be with each other forever, the next they could not stand the sight of each other.

I was once again out in my thinking chair on the porch, thinking, that is napping, when Sharon found me in the afternoon. “Dan, I think I have a group that will work now. I have tried to remove all the Romeo and Juliets”.

She handed me her list and I looked it over. “Yes. I think this will work. Now that it’s settled, when do you want to go”?

She sat next to me and put her hand on my forearm. “It should be soon. How about two weeks from now”?

“That would be good. It will give you a lot of time to get organized once you get there”. I put my other hand on top of hers and we both rocked slowly together for a few minutes. I thought she said something so I turned to look at her. I could see she was fighting back tears. “I’m going to miss my children. So many of them have to stay. For most of them you are their father. You’ll watch after them”?

“You know I will”.

We talked for a while longer about moving plans, what to expect when they got there. How it will be completely different than whatever we could plan for here. Then dinner time arrived, followed by games with the kids out in the yard.

A few days later I was upstairs in what we called the TV room. It was a large room with plenty of room on the floor for playing and couches along three walls. It was where the kids played games on the floor or watched our old taped movies plus the newer ones we brought back from town. Occasionally I would go up and watch one of the old comedy movies. I was all alone and was watching one of my favorites. I made the mistake of then lying on my side to watch. I should have known better. Every time I do this I fall asleep and this time was no different. I don’t know how long I had been asleep when someone sat down on the couch by my stomach and said, “Can I watch with you Daddy”?

In my fog I recognized Karen’s voice. “Sure honey”. I started to sit up but she put a hand on me to stop me. “That’s okay Daddy. You can lay there”. She moved around and lay in front of me, facing the TV. I decided I would just drift back off and let her watch the movie. I put my arm over hers and across her stomach. Karen was pretty much like me. If it was not freezing she was always without clothes, so when I put my hand down it ended up on bare skin, right below her breasts. I could feel the swell of one of her breasts against my hand. It felt warm and inviting, soft yet firm at the same time. I knew I should not be doing this, Karen was still just thirteen. I was about to move my hand away when one of Karen’s hands lifted mine up and laid it down directly across her breasts. My first thought was, Beth was right. My second thought was, forget that thought, she has nice breasts. We’re just laying here watching a movie and we are alone. Plus it was her idea for my hand to be there I rationalized. Then just to be polite I moved it around a bit over both breasts before cupping one breast in my hand.

Karen squirmed around a bit to get comfortable. She was still a bit short so her butt was sticking back into my stomach even though her head was up by mine. The breast in my hand and the squirming was starting to get a rise out of me, sleep now becoming a distant thought. I could feel myself beginning to poke her in the back of her thighs. She felt it too because she lifted her left leg, then reached down and pulled me straight so I was sticking out between her thighs. When she lowered her leg I was trapped between her thighs, those hot thighs plus her pussy and its heat was against the middle of my shaft. Her fingers began moving around the head of my cock, then down the little bit of the shaft that was sticking out from between her thighs.

I did not think I could get any harder but I was wrong. I could feel an ache now, like my cock was trying to stretch out its skin. Without conscious thought I began ever so slightly pushing against her butt as her fingers danced around my cock. My hands began moving from one breast to the other, caressing the breast then her nipple. She lifted her leg slightly and moved her pelvis forward a bit and then tilted back towards me. When she pushed on the head of my cock again I felt the head slide just a bit into her; just the head. She was so tight that I went in just an inch and stopped. I pulled back so I could push in again and I came out. Karen quickly took the head and pushed it back into her. I slid in just a bit further. Now I could pull back a bit without falling out. I was getting ready to stroke again when Karen pushed back against me, and then again. I began sinking deeper in her. She was so tight it was slow progress. The feeling was so intense I wanted to just thrust hard into her. I wanted my whole shaft to feel that grip. It was difficult to restrain myself but I had to go slowly. If it was this tight I might hurt her.

After a few minutes I realized I was halfway inside of her. I heard her give a little gasp after one stroke, and was just about to ask if she was okay when she bent forward, reached down and cupped my balls in her hand and wrapped her forefinger and thumb around the base of my cock. It brought back memories of her and Beth. I thought she was just going to hold me but I found out different when she began pulling my cock towards her pussy. “Please Daddy, deeper. I want you all the way inside of me”. I needed no further encouragement. I had been trying to be very gentle. Now I began thrusting harder against her. I also wanted to be deeper inside of her. It only took a few strokes before both of our wishes were granted. Karen moved her hand down to just cup my balls as the last of my shaft disappeared in her. Karen’s head pushed back to mine, “Oh Daddy, that’s perfect”.

I began slowly pulling out of her a couple of inches and then sliding back into her. Each time I was about to bottom out in her I added a little thrust, pushing her body up on the couch. I was so focused on the sensations I was getting inside of her that at first I did not even notice several of the kids had come into the room. My head was behind Karen’s so I could not see them but I could hear them when they began talking. It only took a few comments from them to realize that Cindy and Debbie, two of Karen’s roommates, and several of the younger children had come in the room.

I thought maybe what we were doing was hidden from them and would go unnoticed until I heard one of the young children say, “Cindy? Why is Karen’s head bouncing up and down”? As I was wondering what she meant by that, I continued thrusting up into Karen. I finally got a clue when I heard Cindy whisper rather loudly to Debbie, “Deb, look between Karen’s legs”. Then it hit me and I froze. I could hear them giggling. After a few moments and no further movements from me Cindy said, “Hey kids, how about we go outside and Debbie and I’ll push you on the swings really high”? The kids thought that was a great idea and were out of the room in a flash. As Cindy and Debbie were leaving I could hear them whispering to each other, “Who do you think is fucking her”? “I don’t know. I couldn’t see who it is”. Then Debbie made one last comment meant for Karen, “Hey girl, don’t let him push you too high”.

Once they were gone I stayed where I was and did not resume moving in her. I was still a bit embarrassed. Well, not embarrassed enough to pull out of her, just enough not to resume enthusiastically fucking her. Karen had no reservations though. “Come on Daddy, they are gone, don’t stop”.

Just to be sure I did not have other ideas; Karen began pushing her hips back against me. She had just enough room to get me moving in her an inch or so and that was enough. She felt so tight around me I immediately forgot about the other girls; I was focused again, and Karen’s head began bouncing up and down again. Karen leaned forward slightly. I felt her fingers brush against my shaft and I thought she was going to grab me again, I was wrong. Every few seconds her fingers would brush against me. It took me a while to realize she was not reaching for me and missing, she was rubbing herself. Just thinking about that got me hotter; I began thrusting harder in her. I just hoped she finished before I did because I would not be much longer.

I could hear her breathing getting more ragged and she began pushing her pussy down to meet my stroke into her. It was a feeling you wanted to last a long time but we were both too far gone. As she began jerking against me in her climax, I started cumming in her. When I jerked against her as the first stream entered her, I felt her fingers push against the underside of my cock.

We were just lying there afterwards when it occurred to me that we should probably make our strategic retreat before more kids arrived. Before I could say anything Karen said, “That was neat Daddy”.

“Yes. It felt really good to me too”.

“No. I mean I could feel your sperm going into me. That felt really neat”.

I laughed, “I thought it felt pretty neat too”.

Before I could add more we heard footsteps coming up the stairs. We had just enough time to get up and move towards the door before they arrived. A group of our young girls came in as we went out. From the looks and smiles they gave us I guess it was no secret as to what was going on at the movies today.

We were about halfway down the stairs with me in front when Karen let out an “eeuw”.

I turned around and asked, “What’s wrong”?

She was looking down at herself, “I’m leaking. I thought it was supposed to stay inside. How do girls get pregnant if it all leaks out”?

I had to work hard not to laugh out loud. “It’s not all going to leak out, just some of it”. I took her hand and we continued down the stairs.

“It better not. I worked hard for that”.

I turned to her, “You were working”?

She laughed and punched me in the arm, “You know what I mean. I want to have your baby. It was all supposed to stay inside me”.

“Don’t worry. There is plenty there”. She did not seem too convinced so I added, “Do you remember when you thought your breasts would never get bigger? Well they did didn’t they”. When she nodded I reached out and caressed her breasts for a moment. “And very nicely I might add. Well the same thing goes for sperm. When it is time for you to get pregnant there will be plenty”.

When we got to my bedroom Pam was there with the baby. Karen ran over to her and asked to hold the baby. They sat on the bed and talked while I went in the bathroom to take a shower. When I came out the both turned to look at me but did not say anything. “What”?

Pam stood up and came over to me while Karen stayed on the bed with the baby. She took my hands in hers and said, “We have a pretty big bed in here. Do you think there would be room for Karen with us”?

I looked down at her, “I think so if you are sure”.

Pam turned around to Karen, “He said yes”.

Karen jumped up with a squeal and came over and joined in a three-way hug. Well I guess it was a four-way since she was carrying the baby. “Thank you Daddy”.

We all went back and sat on the bed. Pam began feeding the baby while we made small talk. When the topic moved around and finally ended up on the next groups leaving, I left to find Sharon to talk about some last minute plan changes.

I looked around the house but could not find her. After twenty minutes looking around the other buildings and the fields I still had not found her. I poked my head in my old hideaway room in the barn. She was not there but I did surprise Richard, one of her sons, underneath two of the girls. “Oops, Sorry”. I started to close the door.

“Were you looking for something Dad”?

“I was trying to find your mom”.

“Last time I saw her she was headed to her bedroom”.

I said “Thanks” and finished closing the door. From the other side of the closed door I could hear giggles and then a moan from Richard. Obviously they had recovered from the interruption.

Sharon had moved from the main house to one of our newer buildings several years ago. She could be closer to her children that way. When I got to her bedroom I knocked on the door. There was no answer so I opened the door. I looked around but no one was there. I was about to leave when I saw a crumpled piece of paper on the floor by the bed. Sharon was anal about cleaning. She would never have tossed paper on the floor. As I was bending to pick it up a thought went through my head that it might have been left by one of the kids. I almost left it there, but I’ve gone this far I might as well pick it up. Then curiosity won out. I picked up the balled up paper and straightened it out. It was a note.

Dear Mom,

It has been a while since I’ve seen you. I hope you’ve been well. I came back to tell you I’m going to leave the valley. I’ve read about San Francisco and I want to go and see it. There is an area south of there, along the coast, that I am planning on moving to.

Before I left I wanted to see you and say goodbye. I’ll be in the old clubhouse for a couple of hours. I hope you will come and say goodbye. It would mean a lot to me if you could bring Candace and Vicky. They were always my favorite sisters. I would love to say goodbye to them also. If it is possible for you to bring Karen, I would like to apologize to her. I know what I did was wrong and I would like to tell her I’m sorry.

I would appreciate it if you did not let Dad know I’m here. I know he would not understand and not want me to say goodbye to you.

Your son,


This did not feel right. Nothing meant a lot to Frank except what he wanted at the moment. He did not get emotional. He would never say he was wrong or even know he was wrong. And he did not have any favorite sisters. Then I remembered his threat to Karen.

I hurried out of the house and started running for the clubhouse. I only got a few yards before changing direction and ran for the house. I would not make the same mistake twice. When I got to the house I found the key to the gun locker, unlocked it and pulled out a revolver. I loaded it and then started again for the clubhouse.

As I neared the clubhouse I slowed to a walk. Once I was insight I stepped off the path. There was no point in being a clear target. I carefully walked closer through the trees. I could not hear anything from the clubhouse. That might not mean anything if they were just sitting there talking. I would not be able to hear them from here. Each time I stepped on a leaf it sounded like a gunshot. I finally reached the back wall. As I slowly moved up to a window I still could not hear a sound inside. I took a quick peak though the window and pulled back. I thought I saw legs on the bed to my right but I did not see anyone else. After a few seconds I took a longer look. I was right. There was no one else in the room except someone on the bed. I could not see her face from here but I was sure it was Sharon.

I moved around the building and went in the door. The room was quiet. She did not turn as I walked in. Could she be asleep? I had a bad feeling. Sadness came over me like a dark cloud covering the sun. Her arms and legs were all spread out on the bed. Her hands were clenched as though she was in pain. I knew as I walked up to her. I just did not want to admit it to myself. Her eyes were open, staring at the ceiling. I could see the mark of hands around her neck. Then I noticed the liquid on her face and inside her mouth. I looked down her body and saw droplets of semen in her pubic hair. When I looked closer I could see some oozing out of her vagina. Then I realized there’s too much. He must have raped her and then beat off on her face. The sadness I felt for her was being quickly replaced by a rage towards Frank.

Then I remembered, where are the girls? Where are Candace and Vicky? What about Karen? Had Sharon even brought them or had she come alone. Was that why Frank got angry? Did he take it out on his mother?

I was about to leave the room when I noticed there was a slip of paper in one of Sharon’s clenched hands. I pulled it out and saw it was another note from Frank:

Hey Dad, isn’t this a turnaround. The last time I saw Mom she was blowing you. This time she got to blow me. I had been thinking about this since I left. It did not turn out quite as good as I planned but you can’t have everything. I asked nicely but in the end I had to be a bit assertive.

I had hoped to say one last goodbye to Karen but Mom did not bring her, my loss. Well, hope I run into you some time. I’d better be going. I have a long way to travel.

Best wishes,


I was so angry I was shaking. Without realizing it I wadded up the note into a tight little ball and dropped it on the floor. I looked back at Sharon, some of the sadness returning. I leaned over and closed her eyes. I kissed her lightly on the forehead and started out the door.

I began walking quickly back to the house. The semen on Sharon had not yet dried. Frank did not have a big head start on us. As I returned to the house a plan was forming in my mind. I found Jason by the barn repairing some tools that Sharon was going to take on the trip. “Jason, I have some bad news. Come with me to the house”.

As he fell in beside me I told him what had happened. “Dad, I knew we should have done something about him”. I turned and looked at him. “No, I didn’t mean it that way. You didn’t know he, none of us knew he would do this. Oh, never mind. Why would he take Candace and Vicky? They are what, maybe eleven or twelve”?

I replied, “Yes, the same age as Karen when he attacked her”.

We were almost to the house and I saw Paul on the porch with my mother and Megan and Shelly, two of my sisters. “Well first of all I need to tell Paul. While I’m doing that I want you to take Richard and David and check the entire area. We need to know where Karen, Candace and Vicky are. I want you to check every building until you either see them or we know they are not here. Don’t take someone’s word that they are here. I want you to actually see them. If you find them, bring them to the house. I want to know they are safe. I think Frank is gone but we should not take any unnecessary chances”.

Jason ran off to get his brother and begin the search. I went on up to Paul. He took the news better than I had expected though tears were running down his face as he ran off to join Jason in the search. My mother and sisters took it harder. After they composed themselves, they went off to the clubhouse to take care of Sharon’s body.

I went on into the house and went to my bedroom. As I entered the room I saw Karen putting clothes away in the closet. I went over and hugged her to me. Although we were always very affectionate she sensed something was different, “Daddy, what’s wrong”. As I told her about Sharon I could see her tense up. “She’s dead? What happened”? Then she looked at me sharply, It’s Frank isn’t it? Is he still here”?

“No, I don’t think he is. But I want you to stay here in the house. We are going to go after him. I don’t want you to go out until I get back. I’m going to have Paul stay with you”.

I talked with her for a while longer to calm her down. She sat and watched me as I pulled out jeans, a pair of boots and one of my good shirts. They were all pretty good since I did not wear them much. After I got dressed I left the bedroom and she was right at my heels. I returned to the living room and went to the gun locker. I laid out five additional revolvers to go with the one I already had. I then pulled out six rifles and set out ammunition for all of them. When I was finished I sat down and waited for my sons to finish the search.

I was anxious for the results, and to get going after Frank. I wanted to run him down like the mad dog he had proved to be. I sat there watching the clock tick off the minutes. It was almost an hour before I decided it would be better to let him get home before we accosted him. One the way there he could always hear us coming and just move off the trail and let us go by. We would never know. If we let him get home we would have the advantage. We knew where he was going and he did not know that.

By the time Jason came in the door, followed by several of his brothers, all the planning that had run through my head had calmed me down. Jason saw me and said, “We could not find any of…”, then he saw Karen sitting next to me. “Oh good, Karen is okay. But Dad, we could not find any sign of Candace or Vicky. A couple of the girls said they saw them with Sharon earlier but were not sure of the time”.

Seven of us went into the kitchen and sat around the table. Besides myself, there was Jason, Paul, Richard, David, Jimmy and, oddly enough his brother, James. I began laying out my plan. I wanted Paul to stay at the house with a picked team of his brothers to protect the girls, especially Karen in light of Frank’s threat, in case we were wrong about Frank’s plans. Paul argued strongly until I explained to him the importance of protecting the family, plus the chance that Frank might still show up.

“Jason, we need two more for my plan. Do you have any suggestions? I would prefer not to have any of Sharon’s sons. I want everyone to be clear headed when we are there”.

“Tom would be good and Sam. They are both good shots. They don’t get excited easily and Megan and Terri are their mothers”. Then he pressed for more info, “But what is your plan”?

“It looks pretty likely that he has the girls. I think the best way to get him is to let him get home. He does not know that we know where that is. That gives us the advantage. He should not be on his guard once he gets there. I’m afraid that if we try to get him on the trail back that he might hear us and just avoid us and go somewhere else. It could take us a long time to find him then. Remember that old John Wayne movie I watch sometimes, The Searchers? Well think about how long they looked? I don’t want Candace and Vicky with him that long”.

I could see the kids were anxious to just charge off. But as we kept talking it out they all finally came to see that the plan was the best way of getting the girls back, hopefully unharmed.

From the books I had read of the area, I had a pretty good understanding of the roads around here. I knew there was a road to the north of us, away from the route Frank and I had taken earlier, that would get us close to Frank’s new home. It would take us a bit longer to get there but that would be safer. There was always the risk that Frank might sit off the road to see if we would try and follow him. It took us a couple of hours to put together everything we wanted. I had a tearful goodbye with Karen and Pam. Terri came around and said she would look after the girls for me. She had that old fierce look in her eye again. I knew she always regretted not being the one to take care of John when we were younger. I thought she would relish the thought of Frank coming in the house.

All the boys were outside and mounted. We wanted to get on the road before the day was over. Get as many miles behind us as we could. I was still in the house, about to leave when Megan came up to me and hugged me. “Be careful. I want you to come home to me safe”. Then she quickly added, “I mean for Karen and Pam. They need you”.

“I’ll do my best”.

“Well be sure you do because I’ll kick your butt up and down the mountain if you don’t”.

She really surprised me. Megan, my sister, who teased me unmercifully when I was a kid. The one who was somewhat reluctant when our family began growing. The only one who was out here telling me to come home safe. I gave her a hug back and a light kiss on the lips. Before I could let go Karen and Pam came up and joined in our hug. Pam looked at Megan and gave her a little smile, “Maybe you would like to join us when Dan returns”?

Megan smiled back at her, “Maybe I would”. Then she turned back to me, “But first you come back safe”.

I gave each of them a kiss and then went out the door. Seven of my sons were in their saddles, waiting. Grouped around us was the entire family to see us off. Several of the girls were coming up to each of the boys, telling them to be careful. It was several minutes before we could finally get off.

Little was said as we rode. There was a full moon so we rode until after midnight. We camped and just put down bedrolls and slept for a few hours. As soon as it began to get light we hit the road again. We stopped just to rest the horses every couple of hours. It was late afternoon when we finally found the side road that would take us near where Frank had settled. By early evening we crested a rise and, with the help of the binoculars, I could see the back of Frank’s house in the distance. It looked like we were around two miles or so from him. There were no signs of anyone there. I continued watching as the sun went down. When it finally got dark a light appeared at a window. Frank was back.

We moved back down the hill so we would be out of sight. We started a fire and had our meal. While we were sitting there eating, I outlined what we would do the next day. Two of us would approach the house from each side. I would approach from the front with Jason hanging back to cover me if necessary. “I will try and draw Frank out. We want to try and get him out of the house, away from the girls. If we are successful, Richard and David, you are going to come in from the rear, will enter the house and get the girls out. Once we have done that we will take care of Frank. If Frank is outside and armed, if he makes a move towards me, you on the two sides, take him out”. I looked around at each of them in turn, “Now remember what he did to Sharon. Do not hesitate when it is time. Frank won’t”. They all nodded. “We’ll get up a couple hours before daylight and make our way to our positions. When we get there, you will all wait for me to make my way in. You will stay out of sight until then. Understand”? They all nodded again.

We put the fire out and all lay down to get some rest. I was having a hard time getting to sleep. As much as I figured he deserved his fate, I did not relish being the cause of it. From the way the others were fidgeting under their blankets, they must be having trouble also, as they should. We were going to take a man’s life.

When I woke, my clock said it was just before 4 O’clock. It was still dark, the moon was gone. I went around and woke the others. We had a quick bite of the food the women had sent with us, and some water. Everyone checked their weapons and then we set out.

It took a good two hours to get there. The sun was not up but it was getting light; false dawn. We got into our positions, each of us about 100 yards out from the house, and then hunkered down to wait. It was another two hours before I saw Frank come out the front door and go to the barn, he had Vicky with him, her hand in his. I could not be sure, but it looked like a holster was on his hip. This was the opportunity I wanted. I stood but was having trouble taking the first step towards the house. Then I remembered the fear in Karen’s face, I started walking.

I was within thirty yards of the house when Frank walked out of the barn with his back to me. Vicky’s hand was still in his, a basket in her other hand. It looked to be filled with eggs. I stopped and called out to him, “Good morning Frank”.

He stopped, dropped the basket, and whirled around to face me, one hand dropping to his hip, the other pulling Vicky in front of him, tight against him, his arm moving around her waist. I was right. He had a holster. His hand now rested on the grip but did not pull the pistol out. That is a start. Maybe this will go easier than I thought.

“Well good morning Dad. You surprised me. Good job”. He watched me for a moment. “Ah, now I remember. You used to watch the valley when I was little. You saw a light didn’t you”. He was nodding his head. I kept watching his hand for any movement. I thought he was talking to try and distract me. I could see his head move slightly to his left and right, trying to see if there is anyone else with me. I kept focused on him. Let him think about it.

“Well what do we do now Dad”?

“I came to get Candace and Vicky. Why don’t you let Vicky come over here”?

Keeping my eyes on him, I could see Richard and David coming around the back of the house and start working very carefully to my Right. David was carrying Candice. In a few seconds they were out of sight behind the barn. They were safe. That left Vicky, and of course, Frank.

“I don’t think they want to leave me. They’re having too much fun. Aren’t you Vicky”? Vicky started to shake her head but Frank bent down to her, his arm tightening around her. “Aren’t you Vicky”?

“Daddy”? She sounded so scared.

“Vicky, we talked about this. You are having fun aren’t you”?


“Yes what”?

“Yes, I’m having fun”.

“See Dad, you can go now”.

I was okay until he smiled. The rage I felt finding Sharon returned. I took a step towards him. All those cautions for my sons and I could not follow them myself. I was about ten yards from him when Frank pushed down on his pistol grip and the holster swung on his hip. There was a roar.

I could see the sky. It looked so blue. But I was having trouble focusing. There was one small cloud up there but it kept moving around. How can a cloud do that? How did I get down here? What was I doing? I should get up. I tried to move my legs but they felt so heavy, I felt so tired. Maybe if I just rest for a moment, then I’ll get up.

I was still trying to focus on that cloud when Frank’s face blocked it out. Now I remember.

“Dad, didn’t I tell you what would happen if I ever saw you again”?

His voice sounded so small. I could barely hear him. I was trying to tell him to speak up but my tongue kept getting in the way.

“What Dad”?

As he bent over me he let Vicky go. He opened his mouth to say something and a small hole appeared in his forehead. He dropped out of my sight. I tried to move my head to see where he went but it seemed to take so much effort.

“Dad! Dad! Are you okay”?

Jason was there. His lips were moving but I could not hear what he was saying. Why was he so worried?

“Dad. It happened so fast. Vicky was in the way. I did not have a good shot. Dad, can you hear me”?

It's getting so dark. I must have been here for quite a while. We should be going. We need to get the girls home. What’s he doing? He’s tearing my good shirt. Why are his hands so red?

“Dad, hold on. Please Dad”.

Oh good, the other boys are here. There’s David and Richard, Jim and James, and, and, what’s his name? I know him, what is his name? Oh yes, Tom. Now why couldn't I remember that?


It's so cold? It must be getting late. It’s so dark, and so cold. I wonder why I can’t hear what they're saying? I can see their lips move. Maybe if I closed my eyes for a minute and rested. I just need to rest.

“Dad, no”.



Fall has come early this year. It’s only the end of September and we have already had a couple days of light snow. It has been so cold that the snow is still on the ground, not a good sign. Lately the days have been dark and heavy with clouds. It looks to be a bad winter. Good thing the livestock has already been moved to a new home.

I’ve been coming up here to our small graveyard about once a month or so, since it happened, to talk to Dad. It has been just over two years since we lost him. Richard made a tombstone for him. He went down to town and looked around until he found a stonemason’s shop. He came back with a nice stone and worked on it. He did a good job. It’s nice. I did not know he had that skill. I guess we are all developing skills we did not know we had.

Almost everyone is gone now. Come springtime I’ll be leaving too and then there will be no one left. At our high point, right after Dad and auntie Sharon died, we had over four hundred people here. We were like a small town. Now it feels more like a ghost town.

Megan, my mom, was pretty broken up when Dad was died. After that she did not really want to be here any longer. She took Sharon’s place, leading a group down to the valley and was gone just a week later. Then we began splitting up rather quickly. Jason and Paul both left the same summer; Jason for the lumber mill and Paul for the mill to grind grain. They were supposed to leave the next year but they did not want to wait. I was not surprised when Karen and Pam left with Jason. Jason was always a lot like Dad.

The following year auntie Shelly and Terri took groups out. Our plan had been for one group to leave each year but with Dad gone, well, things were just different. And now I’m the last.

I know it’s just a sentimental crutch, talking things over with Dad. And of course, he’s the perfect Dad. He just stays quiet and lets me figure them out for myself. Jason always kidded me when he saw me up here. He’d tell me the answer was always inside of me. I just have to find it, let it out. But then, he’s like Dad. He always knows what to do. He would not understand. You see, it was my fault. It will always be my fault. I did not shoot soon enough.

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