I grew up with 2 brothers and a sister; I was the oldest of the girls and second oldest altogether, not including my parents.
There was Mike, my twin, who was 17; he was only 18 minutes older than me so my parents decided to name me with an ‘M’ name for some stupid reason, which turned out to be Maria. My other brother, john, had just turned 15, and our younger sister Rachel who was coming up 15 and a half.
We lived in a three bed roomed house whilst my mum was looking for a new job; it was the summer holidays so everyone was home all day except for dad who was away on a business trip. I sat in my room which I shared with my sister; although she was younger than me we were the same size, wore the same size clothes and had the same size breasts, which were 34D. So we just shared our clothes.
I lay on my bed reading my Elle magazine when my sister came into our room, wearing only a bath towel. She smiled at me and went to our drawers and pulled out a light blue thong and bra and sat next to me to see what I was reading. After she had scanned the page and read a few articles on fashion she stood up and went across the room to her bed. Facing away from me she opened the towel and began to dry herself, we had seen each other naked on many occasions and although neither of us was bothered about it we made the effort to cover up. When my sister had finished drying her self off she dropped the towel and slightly bent over to pick her underwear off the bed and climbed into her thong and clipped on her bra, she then returned and sat next to me.
After about 5 minutes of reading the magazine together I got up and give it to her, telling her I was going to take a shower now.
It was 9am and our brothers were always asleep until at least 11 on weekends and holidays so the bathroom was never being used this early. I shut the door behind me and slid my pajama bottoms down, I always wore pajamas in the winter to stay warm, and as today was really windy and rainy I figured I wouldn’t be going out anywhere. I pulled my T-shirt off over my head and unclipped my bra, then slid my thing off. I climbed into the shower and switched it on, the water was already warm so I lathered my self up and got washed. A knock came at the door so I asked who it was; it was john so I told him to go away I was in the shower. He pleaded with me to let him in or he would end up pissing himself, then getting angry saying he would go and piss on my bed if I didn’t let him use the toilet, I looked around for a towel to cover me up but their was non, Rachel had taken it into our room with her, so I turned the water up hotter and stood out of the way, when the shower glass was steamed up I told him he could come in but to be quick, he burst through the door wearing only his boxers, saying “don’t be looking” as he stood at the toilet and fished his cock out, “lift the seat up” I shouted to him as I looked through a part of un-steamed glass. He picked up the seat and began, his cock was rather big for a 15 year old, I could feel my pussy getting wetter as I looked on at my little brother, by the time he left and closed the door I found my self rubbing my clit. I quickly stopped; disgusted and confused at what I had just done I finished up in the shower and shaved my legs and pussy hair.
I opened the door slightly and looked around to see if their was anyone there, my brothers door was opposite the toilet door down the hall and was wide open but their was no one there so I ran out towards my bedroom door which was next to my brothers down the hall. As I was halfway there my brother mike walked to his bedroom door, when he noticed me running towards him, he froze and stared at me in shock, his eyes darting from my tits to my freshly shaven pussy, I also froze in shock for a moment, then coming to my senses covered my tits with one hand and my crotch with the other, jogged past him to my room, I turned to him and said “no towels” before I closed my door. My brother seeing me naked didn’t bother me as like with my sister, we had seen each other naked before, experimenting with each other when we were younger, although I have never done anything sexual with mike, apart from learning to kiss with him and touching his cock (to see what it felt like, no hand jobs were given), I had often fantasized about it.
I looked over to my sister who was staring at me, wondering what I was shouting at. I picked up the towel and sat down beside her on my bed and began to dry myself. I could see her getting quick looks at my tits and my pussy, before she looked at me and said “does it hurt”
“Does what hurt” I asked, looking at her. She was still lying in her thong and bra.
“W….when…. when you shave your pubes” she said nervously and looked away. We had often had conversations about sex and kissing, I had taught her to kiss properly after learning from my brother, and taught her how to shave her legs.
“I don’t have much but id rather it be shaved off and look like yours” she continued glancing at my shaven pussy.
I told her it was no different from shaving her legs but she was worried about cuts and other lame excuses she made up. I could tell I would have to show her and I knew she liked it when we did stuff like this, I wrapped the towel around me and told Rachel to follow me to the bathroom, my brothers door was still wide open so I went out and stood in front of it so Rachel could go into the bathroom.
He looked surprised when he saw me there, his eyes darting from my exposed cleavage to the top of my thighs where the towel stopped.
“Sorry about earlier, when I caught you off guard” he said, still exploring my body.
“Its ok” I said “nothing you haven’t seen before” I continued with a wink
I noticed the look of excitement in Johns face so I quickly looked at him and said “in a porn movie you dirty little shit”.
His hormones must be running riot these past few months because I’ve caught him at my bedroom door plenty of times, even in our room sniffing thongs, but that was a dare off Mike.
“Yeah” Mike said in a raised voice “he ruined my hustler magazines because he can’t hold it in long enough, now the pages wont open”
“Shut up” John hissed at Mike, looking slightly red and embarrassed.

“Maria” I heard come from the bathroom, I turned and remembered Rachel was in there.
Mike looked at me in a puzzled look so I motioned the shaving of pubes; he knew what I was meaning and grinned at me.

I hurried to the bathroom and heard Mike shout to me that our mother was out, I shut the bathroom door as I entered, Rachel was sitting on the bath, her thong and bra lying on the floor, she was already halfway through shaving her legs so I waited until she finished.
I squirted shaving foam onto my hand and slowly massaged it into my sisters pubic hair, I could feel my pussy becoming wet an dripping onto the towel wrapped around me, Rachel stopped my hand and positioned the razor, I told her to imagine she was shaving her legs. She finished shaving as I watched from the toilet, she washed off the excess shaving foam and we returned to our room. The day went pretty fast, me and my sister put our bikinis on and sat in our brother’s room, talking, joking and playing games. Our mother returned home so me and Rachel put on some pajamas and went down stairs for some supper.
When we went to bed the images of my sister shaving her pussy were stuck in my head so I crept to my brothers room, shook Mike awake and asked if he had any porn magazines I could borrow, he couldn’t believe what I was asking as he crept to his drawers and pulled out a magazine from under his socks, I could see his boner poking against his boxers, I got the magazine off him and gave him a kiss on his cheek and returned to my room.
I lay the magazine open on the bed, it was full of lesbians, I read through the stories which readers had sent in and found my self staring down at a series of pictures of ME, they had been sellotaped in and had a few dry stains on them, I couldn’t believe it, my twin brother had taken photos of me naked, without me knowing, printed them and masturbated over them.
I was becoming hornier the more I thought about this and began to rub my cunt, I pulled my pajama bottoms down to my ankles, then pulled my bikini bottoms down and began to finger myself, I was franticly fingering my cunt and rubbing my clit with the other hand when an orgasm came over me, I let out a cry as I came on my bed sheets.
My sister sat up quickly, too quick for me to hide what I was doing, she got from her bed and walked to mine as I tried to hide the porn magazine and my soaking wet cunt,
She was only wearing her bikini.
“You were masturbating weren’t you” she whispered to me
“No” I said in an innocent voice “what makes you think that”
“well I’ve been watching you since you started” she said
“I suppose you want me to learn you how to do that then” I said to her in a jokingly tone
she giggled and said no then continued to tell me how she masturbates all the time. When I asked her who she thinks of she went quiet and hesitated.
“Well…boys” she said hesitantly
“You can tell me, I’m your sister, I won’t laugh if they’re ugly”
She looked into my eyes and said “Well….mostly I think of………Y…..Y……you”
I was lost for words, here I was, staring at my sister who I just found out masturbates over me, half naked in bed fingering myself over thoughts of her and my brother. She began to speak again.
“And……..Mike and John.”
I was complexly shocked by these words, my horny little sister was just like me.
“So….who were you thinking of” she said, hoping to change the subject
you and Mike, I replied to her, her jaw dropped, he took these pictures of me when I wasn’t looking, I showed Rachel the pictures sellotaped in the magazine, she looked at them for a long time, I could see a dark wet patch on her bikini bottoms.
I pulled the covers back off me to reveal my wet pussy, as I pulled my pajama bottoms and pants completely off I saw Rachel get a good glimpse of my shiny, girl-cum covered pussy.
She seemed to like the look of it and when she noticed that I saw her looking she didn’t bother to look away, instead she looked at me and asked if she could touch it, like it was some endangered species, I lay back as my sisters cold hand made contact with my pussy lips, she slowly began to rub them then pushed her middle finger up my love shaft, I squirmed a little as I felt her cold finger enter, I sat up and pulled my T-shirt and bikini top off before doing the same to Rachel, I told her to kneel over away from me so she pulled her finger from my cunt and turned around, I slid her panties down over her ass cheeks, squeezing them as I went and pulled them past her knees and off altogether, I brought the wet patch up to my mouth and licked the pre-cum from them, it tasted so sweet.
I spread her legs wider from behind and slid my body under hers so my mouth was positioned under her pussy and my pussy was under her mouth, I pulled her legs back so her pussy rested on my mouth, immediately I dove in, pushing my tongue up her slit, one hand was rubbing her clit and the other was teasing her silky asshole, she got the idea and returned the favor, burying her tongue in my pussy. Our sharp breathes soon escalated into muffled screams as orgasms hit our bodies at the same time, we lapped up the pussy cum which had gushed from each others cunt’s and sat up, kissing each other passionately. I pulled away and asked her if she was still a virgin or not, to my surprise she said no, and told me of how she had had sex with our youngest brother john.
“Id love to have sex with mike” she said.
I agreed, oh how wonderful that would be.
I leaned over the side of my bed and pulled out a box what looked like a makeup box, this was where I kept all my toys. I reached in and pulled out a big purple double ended dildo which I passed to my sister, it was about 20 inches long. A look of excitement flooded her face. I sat back and put the head of it at my pussy hole, lubing it up before I inserted it, I had about 5 inches up and turned over so I was now kneeling, I told Rachel to put the other end in her pussy, when it was in I slowly pushed back towards Rachel as she pushed towards me, we were both ass to ass and eventually our asses pressed together, we had about 10 inches in us each and began to buck back and forth, a slapping sound coming from our asses, the feeling was great, my sister and I both sharing the same dildo, fucking each others wet cunt’s with it, our pace quickened and the feeling grew more intense…………………………….
Then I heard the door to our room open. I quickly looked around to see my brother mike standing their, his cock bulging against his boxers, the view must be great from there I thought to myself, looking down seeing his 2 little sisters fucking ass to ass with a big dildo, I looked at the bulge in his boxers and then to his face.
“Well hurry up and get in then” I hissed at him.
He came inside and sat on the bed next to where me and my sister were fucking.
“tut tut, you dirty lesbian whores” he said jokingly to us.
I corrected him telling him we were bisexual and fished his stiff cock from his boxers; he kneeled in front of me with his dick positioned at my mouth, I opened my mouth and he shoved it in. I slurped and sucked on it, deep throating its whole 9 inches. After 5 minutes he blew his load in my mouth, it was warm and I tried to swallow as much as I could but it poured out of my mouth and ran down my chin.
I pulled my self off my dildo and turned so my pussy was facing Mike, if Rachel had been fucked by her brother then so was I,
Mike pushed his cock up my wet pussy and began pounding away, slapping his hips off my ass as he hammered his cock up me, it felt great having his dick rubbing up my pussy walls and soon I was pushing back on his dick as my orgasm began to take over,
OOOHHH FUCK ME MIKE…..YES I began to scream YYYYEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS. The cum gushed from my pussy and squeezed past mikes cock which was lodged up my cunt, keeping most of my cum blocked in. then he told my sister who was fucking her self with my dildo to lick it up when he pulled his cock out, she dove in and licked my snatch clean then moved on to sucking mikes cock, after a minute or so of sucking she climbed on top of him and sat on his cock, bouncing up and down. I got up and went to the door, I opened it without Rachel or mike noticing and went to my brothers room, I shook john awake and when he realized I was standing there butt naked he began to get excited. I guided him to my room where we stood in amazement at the 2 members of his family fucking away on the bed. he stripped off his boxers and stood in front of me with his 7 inch dick sticking out so I kneeled down and took it in my mouth, bobbing my head back and forth. After about 2 minutes he grabbed my head and began pushing me onto his cock before he blew his load in my mouth, it wasn’t as nice as mikes but I still swallowed it.
I stood up and faced away from him and bent over, mike and Rachel had also stopped what they were doing and she stood next to me in the same position with mike behind her, they penetrated our pussy’s at the same time and began pounding away. They were having a race to see who could get me or Rachel to cum quickest, the looser having to sleep downstairs for 1 week.
Although I would have wanted mike to win I began to rub my clit because I didn’t want to cum second to my younger sister.
I bucked and thrashed on my little brothers dick as he slammed it into my love tunnel, as my orgasm intensified I rubbed my clit even more and pushed a finger up my asshole, my brother put his hands on my hips and pounded for his life, my knees weakened as I shot my girl-cum out all over johns cock, balls and stomach, only his hands on my hips supported me. I guess I won.

John slipped his cock out of me as it softened and we all sat on the bed, caressing each others bodies for about 10 minutes, mike whispered something into john’s ear and then told me and Rachel to turn around and stick our pussies over the side of the bed. we complied with this request, wondering what surprise was in store for us, they stood behind us and pushed their cocks up our pussy again, only this time they went in and out 2 times then removed them, I looked around at mike to see why he had pulled out, he gave me a wink and pushed the head of his cock on my shit hole.
I had never been fucked up the ass before but some of my friends said it was great. I relaxed and buried by head in the bed. After some pushing my ass loosened up and mike continued to push his big 9 inched cock deep in me. The pain was drowned out by pleasure and my muffled screams died down and mike continued to fill me, I felt his hips push on my ass so I assumed he had his entire dick up me, he began to pump away, starting slow and quickening as my ass became looser. The feeling was better than any I had ever felt. I looked to my sister and she too looked like she was having the time of her life, her tits bobbing back and forth with johns pushes, I leaned over and kissed her wetly, our tongues exploring each others mouths, then I reached down with my hand and began finger fucking her wet cunt and rubbing her clit, she reached down to my pussy and did the same. OOOHHHH YEEEESSS FUUUUCCCCKKKK IMM GOONNAAA CCCUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM I shouted.
The feeling over come me and I came again as my ass was being pounded. And not long after Rachel was screaming with pleasure as she came, gushing her sweet pussy juice all over my hand, we continued to get our asses fucked by our brothers..

The bedroom door flung open, we froze, me and my sister kneeling on the bed with our brothers dicks up our asses. Our mother was standing there, she looked very sexy, wearing only some black panties and a tight T-shirt which hugged her breasts.
What was I doing thinking this when I was probably just about to get disowned or something.
My mother stood there looking at her 4 children fucking each other, a look of horror and disgust on her face.
“WAIT UNTILL YOUR FATHER HEARS ABOUT THIS” she shouted at us as we were still frozen in our anal fucking position.
The fierce look left as she continued “HES GOING TO WANT TO JOIN IN”.
We all looked at her confused, wondering what she meant by that.
She came into the room and closed the door. She then climbed onto the bed and took off her T-shirt to reveal a pair of large tits with no bra to support them, and then she pulled off her panties and law back with her pussy exposed to us. I lunged forward off mikes cock and dove into my mothers pussy, licking her clit and pushing my tongue up her love tunnel, soon my sister was beside me, getting her share of the pussy on display, my 2 brothers were now at either side of my mother with their cocks near her mouth as she gave them both a hand job, we changed positions a lot over the next few hours, taking it in turns getting fucked and licking each others pussy’s,
My two brothers finished licking and getting sucked of Rachel and me and my mother finished our 69, her pussy was so wet and her girl cum was really sweet, they came over to me and mike sat on the bed, he lifted me up so I was sitting over his cock, he positioned it at my ass and told me to sit down. I sat down on his cock which slowly inched up my shitter until it was all up, he then pulled me back so I was lying with my back on his stomach, as we kissed and he caressed my tits and nipples I felt my legs open wide and my brother john’s cock slip into my pussy, they both began pounding away in both my holes as my mother and sister stuck the double ended dildo up their bum holes and ass fucked each other.
This was definitely the best feeling I had felt and it wasn’t long before I was screaming and Cumming all over, it was the biggest spray of cum I had ever done, soaking my brothers and the bed, they slowed down and pulled their still rock solid cocks out of me as I lay here limp, they grabbed my sister and pulled the dildo out her ass and replaced it with johns cock, as they lay back mike rammed his dick up her pussy and they both fucked her hard.
I crawled over to my mother who was mow sitting with my dildo half up her cunt, u sat in front of her and wrapped my legs around her waste, her skin was smooth and tanned and her dark hair hung to her shoulders, she hugged me and lifted me up, putting the dildo up my ass and sitting me back down, we began to fuck each other in this sitting position for about 5 minutes when my brothers told me it was mums turn, I stood up, the dildo still poking from my ass as my mother moved into position, I climbed on top of my sister and pushed the dildo up her pussy, then pulled it from my ass and pushed it up my cunt, I then lay down on top of her with my legs wide open and reached around for the dildo, my mothers hand got their first though as her two sons fucked her brains out, each slamming their meet into her pussy and ass.
She began to motion the dildo up and down as if she was giving a man a hand job, so when it pulled out of my pussy a bit it was being pushed up Rachel’s. Soon the dildo was flying in and out of our pussy’s at lightening speeds and we both had 2 of our mothers fingers fucking away at our asses as her cunt and shitter was being fucked all over.

The room filled with moans as we reached our orgasms
It was like it was raining cum, I came another big load and so did Rachel, then my mother came as she was being fucked from both sides, then my brother mike came up her ass and john came up her pussy. When their dicks softened and pulled out she presented both her cum filled holes to me and Rachel, I dove into her ass and licked and sucked the cum from it whilst Rachel did the same to her pussy, our brothers moved to our pussy’s and began to lick them, we stayed like this for about 20 minutes before finishing and all falling to sleep in the same bed.

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