The best thing of being the father of a teenage daughter is getting to see all her teenage girl friends come over for pool parties. I know most, if not all dad’s, get very aroused being around a bunch of hard body, tight, hot teenage girls running around in bikinis. I would think it would give all older men sexual fantasies at some point, fantasy’s that they could jerk off to or take out on their wives. It did for me in both ways.

A little bit about my family, it is a normal one in my opinion. I have a beautiful wife, Carol, a 16 year old son Nate and my 18 year old daughter Erica. Erica is very attractive, I would dare say hot. Nothing out of the ordinary in how we interacted until she started or I began to notice her hot friends coming over to swim in our in ground pool.

At the beginning I simply would peak through the curtains of the master bedroom, looking down at those young, gorgeous bodies barely covered with fabric as well as glistening in the sunlight; which seemed to highlight all the right places. It did not take long before my hormones took over and I began to have very hot masturbatory fantasies. At first I would go into the bathroom to jerk off. Soon I became more bold as well as I realized they could not see me peaking through the upstairs window so I pulled up a chair, peaked through the window at girls frock ling in the pool and jerked off. Each time they came over I picked out a different friend of my daughter to pleasure myself to with erotica dreams. After a couple of weeks of this I noticed that when I was climaxing I was looking at Erica, my daughter.

I felt very bad, dirty that while I was blowing my load in my hand or across the wall I was watching my own daughter. However under that feeling I found I was blowing even bigger loads and the fact it was my daughter and it was so wrong made it feel so good. One day I made that mental step across the family taboo boundary line and jerked off watching my daughter in her skimpy swim suit. It was an incredible orgasm. The entire time I was jerking off I kept stopping and looking around afraid someone would see my thoughts. I even got up and checked the bedroom door twice to make sure it was locked before going back to jacking off with Erica on my mind.

Now my dirty mind had all sorts of thoughts about my daughter solo and then about her and her friends all sucking me or fucking me at the same time. Things were going great I felt until the day my wife Carol caught me. I had become sloppy and stopped locking the bedroom door. I was lost in my jerk off dream and I did not hear her come into the room. Then the silence and my fantasy were interrupted by my wife’s voice. “Are you enjoying yourself?”

I instantly stopped stroking my cock and spun around to see Carol standing there with her hands on her hips. She was giving me a scornful look as she approached. She peeked out the window to survey what I was looking at. Then she looked at me again. “So this is why you tell Erica she can have her friends over as often as she likes. You have been getting your jollies from it.”

I went to get up but my wife pushed me back down into the chair. I began to apologize as if I could ever get myself out of this hole I dug for myself. Then my wife shocked me with what she said next. “Don’t apologize honey. I have noticed lately our sex life has become much more frequent and hot. I’m not complaining about that. Now I know why. I take it when you having sex with me you are thinking about one of Erica’s friends.”

I admitted I was. Carol put her hand on my shoulder and smiled. She said she didn’t mind since she was one the one getting the great fuck. She admitted that sometimes when she was giving me head she would fantasize about it being someone else, one of son’s young friends. For a moment I was pissed but then I realized my wife was giving me an out, making it ok with her as long it was ok with me. Of course she had no idea that lately I when I had been having sex with her or when she was giving me head I was imagining it was our daughter!

Carol was now to shock me one more time as she peered out the window watching all the girls running around and sunning themselves. She asked me which one of Erica’s friends was a jerking off too, I lied big time and just randomly picked out one. Then Carol glanced at me, smiled and pushed herself in front of me and the window. She dropped down onto her knees grabbing my cock as she went down. “You can pretend I am her as I suck you off. Is that ok with you honey?” I looked at my wife in an almost daze. I could not believe she was doing this; she was acting out a wild fantasy, letting me imagine she was one of our daughter’s young friends. I said ok and Carol went to work on my cock with her pretty mouth.

She told me to call her by that girl’s name which added to delight of the incredible blow job my wife was giving me. Very quickly I shot a huge wad into her mouth. Carol was not expecting that large of a cum load but she swallowed it like a champ, smiling at me when she was done. “Wow! You really enjoyed that! We need to this every time Erica has her friends over.” I was still so horny, overcome by this new release of my dark thoughts my wife and I then fucked like two out of control teenagers. It was the hottest sex we had experienced in long time. Carol thought I was pretending she was my daughter’s friend. I did at first but by the time I was ready to cum again I was thinking she was our daughter.

The sex for the next week was incredible. Every time our daughter had her female friends over my wife and I would hide up in our bedroom. Sometimes I would sit in the chair while Carol would give me a blow job or I would bend Carol over placing her hands on the wall right next to the window. Then I would fuck her from behind so we could both peek out the window pretending she was one of Erica's friends. Although most of the time now I was imagining it was our daughter who was giving me head or whom I was fucking like a dog in heat. Carol would make me even call her by the girl's name which added to the fantasy and the eroticism of it. Once I did slip and call my wife by our daughters' name I didn't think she picked up on it though.

Then while watching Erica and her friends out by the pool sunning themselves my wife remarked on how hot our daughter was. I didn't say anything at first, in part I didn't believe what I just heard and second I thought she might be testing me. But she went on in more detail. "Erica is a very attractive young woman. She has gorgeous figure, nice firm abs, a nearly perfect butt. Most women would kill to have a butt like her's. Very beautiful long, blonde hair and she has perfect breasts. Did you know our daughter is 34C?"

I was in shock at all the detail Carol was telling me about our daughter. I didn't even notice how hard I was and the fact Carol was jerking me off. Then she said, "It's ok if you have thoughts about her. What older man wouldn't? So have you been thinking about our daughter when I suck you off or when we have our hot sex sessions?"

I gave her an odd smile, part of me wanting to say yes but another part was telling me it was a trap and not to go there with my wife. "No Carol…that wouldn't be right if I thought about Erica like that."

Carol smiled at me. "That's a good answer honey but I know it’s not the truth." Then she pulled hard on my erect shaft. "You sure got hard while I have been talking about her hot little body."

Then it hit me that I was hard and that my wife was jerking me off. I turned bright red with embarrassment, I felt caught as if I was teenage boy again getting caught jerking off. She began to jerk on my cock hard and fast and as she did Carol pressed me to be honest. I finally said yes I did imagine she was Erica and I was doing it now most of the time. My wife stopped jerking me off and just held my hard cock in her hand. She grinned slightly and said she had a confession to make. She said that sometimes she has been pretending that I was our son Nate. Sometimes when giving me a blow job she would imagine I was Nate or when I was fucking her I was our son. Then she said that's why sometimes she begs me to cum all over her tits. She knew that from the porn she has found in our son's room that he really likes stuff like that; not too mention he really likes MILF porn on top of it. Oddly enough I wasn't angry, I was actually relieved.

Carol then blew my mind with what she said next. "Well now that we have been honest with each other and everything is out in the open. I don't mind if you pretend I'm our daughter. You can call me Erica when I suck you off or when you fuck me. But sometimes I want you to pretend you are our son. Is that ok with you?"

I gave her a wicked smile and said yes. She slid down on her knees, holding my cock in her hand she looked up at me and said, "Daddy can I suck your big fat cock? Will you cum in my mouth?" My eyes bugged out of my head as I looked down at my wife acting like she was our daughter.

"Yes you can Erica. If you do I good job sucking my cock I will reward you by cumming in your pretty mouth. Now show me how dirty of a daughter you are and suck me off." Needless to say that was the hottest blow job my wife ever gave me and I ended up blowing a huge wad in her mouth. Then she had me fuck her, acting the whole time as if she was Erica. Of course the next time we spied on the girls I turned the tables and acted like our son, begging Carol (of course calling her mom) so give me a blow job. She did and I made sure I blew my wad all over her face and tits. Then I gave her a wild fuck with her calling me Nate begging me to fuck her good, begging me to fuck her the way a slut mom should be fucked by her son.

A couple of days later my wife out of the blue asked me if I could have sex with our daughter, whether it is full blown sex or just oral, would I do it. However the condition was it had to be Erica's choice. I could never force her, black mail her, get her drunk, rape her or anything like that. I thought about it for a moment and said that under all those condition's I would love to. Then asked her about our son with the same conditions would she. Carol smiled and said she would too. Of course parents shouldn't be talking about their children in a sexual manner, even though they are teenagers but my wife and I were. I thought it was very odd she asked me this question but nothing more was said of it.

A week after that Erica had two of her friends over, Lora and Tiffany. My wife was out but she told me she would be home in time for us to enjoy the moment. I took my place up in our bedroom, sitting in a chair, peeking out the window and slowly jerking off. The three of them were out by the pool tanning. My daughter got up and came into the house so I focused my attention on her two friends, both of whom had large breasts. I was waiting for Erica to come back out so I could go back to my father/daughter fantasy about her. I heard the bed room door open then very quietly shut so I assumed it was Carol. I didn't bother to turn around to look I just kept stroking my cock.

Suddenly a blind fold was wrapped around my eyes; I smiled as I thought my wife wanted to try something new and kinky. I figured I would let her lead the way on this. Then I heard a very low tone gasp followed by 'oh my god!’ The voice wasn't my wife's it was Erica's! I didn't say a word; I didn't think she was saying that because I was jerking off since she could tell I was when she came in the room. After all I was sitting in an office chair naked, my hand and arm were in a masturbation motion. I gave a slight grin as it hit me; my daughter was not expecting her father to have a thick nine and half inch cock. Thinking fast I decided that I was not supposed to know it was her so I acted like it was Carol. "Carol this is different. This is kinky, I like it."

My chair spun around and I could feel the 'mystery' person get down between my legs. I felt a petite hand gently pull my hand off of my big hard cock. The underside of my cock had a nice coating of pre cum all over it. I had milked out a fair amount and my jerking motion had rubbed it all over my shaft. I knew at that moment it was Erica. She is a bit smaller than her mother and just by how she touched my hand and cock I knew it was her! Then I felt the best sensation any father could experience, I felt the tip of my daughter's tongue very, very slowly running up the underside of my cock. She started at my balls and took what felt like a minute to run just the tip of her tongue up my cock, licking up every bit of pre cum on my prick. I let out the loudest groan of approval ever! She circled her tongue around and around my swollen cock head before flicking it on the underside of my cock like a snake tongue. She flicked right at the most sensitive part on the underside of my cock head just before the slit. I leaned back further in my chair groaning out, "Oh fuck Carol! That feels so good. When did you learn how to do that?" I figured it would make my daughter feel better if she believed I thought it was her mom.

She went crazy licking my cock. Her tongue was all over it, licking up and down my throbbing shaft, circling around my cock head. I figured this was her first big cock and she was enjoying it. Then I felt her wet lips on the underside of my cock head, she very slowly slid them down to my ball sack, then up one side of prick kissing my the head of cock then down the other side. As she did this I moaned, picturing Erica's beautiful lips on my shaft. I really wanted to take the blindfold so I could watch my daughter pleasuring me with her mouth but I knew better. I just sat there like any dad who had dirty thoughts about his daughter would and just let her do what she wanted with my prick. In the back of my mind I remembered what my wife had asked me, all the conditions and no way was going to force my daughter to do anything she didn't want to do. I let her have her way with my big cock. The anticipation was building up on when Erica would actually start sucking on my prick I figured she could not resist trying to suck on my big piece of meat.

Yep, she wrapped her lips around the huge girth of my cock head and then she slid my cock into her mouth. I could feel her lips stretching to take my shaft into her mouth. I was impressed with the effort my daughter was making to take all of my cock and deep throat me. I felt her gag when she tried to swallow more than 6 or 7 inches of my cock but that was good enough for me. She fucked my cock with her mouth like a real pro! I could tell my daughter had experience with sucking cock. I grinned as I thought of all the happy teenage boys out there that she learned her cock sucking skill on. For some reason my mind drifted to wondering if this is how she got some of her grades in school. Did Erica give blow jobs to her teachers for good grades? I smiled more as the pleasure increased from her great blow job. I wanted to put my hands on her head and make her fuck my cock faster but I thought that might end this taboo dream come true. So instead I just moaned instructions.

"Oooh yeah! Suck it! Suck my cock with your dirty mouth! Oh fuck Carol; you are really enjoying sucking my big cock today! Your mouth is so cock hungry…yeah that's it. Suck it! Suck it faster! Make me cum honey! Keep sucking me like that and I'm gonna explode with cum!" The more dirty talk I spoke the better my daughter sucked me off. I would throw in her mom's name to make her think I was in the dark about who was really giving me head. The incredible part was how quickly my daughter brought me to my climax, it took her only a few minutes; a new record. I don't know how many dad's think about this about their daughters but as I got closer and closer to shooting my wad I wondered if my daughter swallowed or not; soon I would find out. Now I began to smile again to myself thinking if Erica was surprised by the size of my cock how shocked would she be when the huge load I was about to blow. I thought 'would she swallow? Could she handle my load or would it be too much for her?’

I gave her a warning that I was about to blow. "Oh yeah Carol, that's it. I'm going to cum. Keep sucking like that and I'm going cum in your mouth and down your throat." I held onto my load waiting to see if my daughter would stop and jerk me off but she kept right on sucking my cock. I figured I gave her enough warning and she must be a spunk swallower; hmm, my daughter swallows cum I would never have thought. I groaned a couple more times telling her I was about to cum and then I let my spunk fly. I could feel the huge spurt of my seed rocket out of my cock into her mouth. Not only did I feel Erica gag but I heard her too! I grinned as I shot another huge spurt of cum into her mouth knowing now that she was not ready for my huge wad. In my deep animalistic voice I groaned, "Oh yes fucking swallow it! Take it all honey! Make me cum!" At first Erica kept my cock all the way in her mouth allowing my first spurt to go down her throat, not knowing how much I cum. She gagged a bit and slid my cock most of the way out of her mouth. Still sucking on it and just working my swollen cock head with her tongue she kept that in her mouth as I exploded again. I tried to imagine in my mind her face with my cum spewing prick in her mouth. Picturing my spunk shooting out and into her cum hungry mouth made me experience the best and biggest ejaculation ever. I could only think what her face must look like because I knew my cum was running down the sides of her mouth and chin as I finished pumping my wad into her pretty mouth.

Erica did a great job sucking and licking up all of my spunk off of my still hard prick. I moaned with approval letting her know how great of a blow job that was; of course still acting like she was her mom. I sat up in my chair when I felt her let go of my prick. Then she suddenly sat on my lap, grabbing my hands she put them right on her tits! Erica had removed her top so I could feel her nice tits and hard nipples. I went wild fondling them, pulling on her nipples and then of course I leaned forward sucked on them. My daughter mewed like a little kitten as I licked and sucked away on her very nice perfect tits. I wished the blindfold was off so I could actually see them but my imagination of what they looked like was good enough. I was happy with just being able to play with my daughter's tits. As I pleasured her tits Erica played with my cock. She very slowly stroked it and rubbed my hard cock across her tight stomach. I guess she forgot that I would know it was her by the fact she has a pierced belly button and her mom doesn't! She kept rubbing my prick head back and forth across her dangling pierced belly button which really turned me on even more.

Still not saying a word she suddenly climbed off of my lap, took me by my hand and gently pushed me down on to the floor, laying me on my back. I knew my hard 9 and half inch big cock was standing straight up at attention. I wondered for a few moments what my daughter was going to do next to me. Then I found out as her thighs gently slid next to my face and her very wet pussy hit my lips. Instantly my tongue darted out and I took my first taste of my daughter's sweet wet pussy. She tasted so good and she had a very wet cunt. I love wet pussies, it was nice to feel and taste she was so much like her mom in that respect. I ate her out like I was a teenage boy all over again tasting my first pussy. She mewed away as she kept grinding her pussy into my face. At one point she leaned backwards and began to jerk me off while I ate her out. I took that moment to pull my face away just a bit to say,

"Damn Carol! Your pussy tastes great today! And you are so wet! I love licking your wet tasty pussy!" Then my tongue went back to work lapping at her, licking her clit and pussy lips while taking nice burrowing dives between her wet lips. I wondered what my daughter thought when she heard her own dad telling her how great she tasted. I guess she enjoyed it judging by how much she squirmed around on my face. In an almost inaudible voice I could hear her quietly moaning, 'don't stop, oh god yes. Please don't stop.'

I gave her the best pussy licking ever! That is the good thing about a father, he has years of pussy licking experience and I showed her that. I couldn't reach her tits with my hands but I could reach her pussy. I used my thumbs to pull her lips apart so I could really work my tongue in and out of her. She twitched and squealed when I did that so I sucked hard on her clit. I became curious as to how tight she was so I slid a couple of fingers into her hot wet and tight pussy. I loved how tight I found Erica to be. I licked away as I know finger fucked my daughter. Erica went wild, mewing and squealing. She lied all the way down onto her back, a very limber girl. I felt her head on her right cheek and as I finger fucked her as well as ate her out she kept jerking on my cock and now was trying to suck on it too! The faster I worked my fingers in and out of her slurping pussy the more she moaned and lapped away at my cock. Then she let out a squeal that I thought her friends would hear outside and her pussy drenched my tongue and fingers with her very sweet honey. I loved how she tasted so much I wished I had a straw to slide up into her pussy to drink down her juice. I did my best with my tongue, licking and slurping her dry as her body convulsed with her orgasm.

She laid there for a minute or two. I kept licking her cunt as she breathed very heavily. Then to my disappointment, for the moment, she got up. I heard a drawer open then paper rustling. A second later I felt her hand grab hold of my prick as she put a condom onto my shaft. I thought 'oh god Erica is going to fuck my cock. She is going to love ridding my big cock as much as I'm going to love feeling her tight pussy wrapped around it.' I could feel my daughter positioning herself over my prick and then she very, very slowly slid it into her pussy. I felt her pussy lips stretch to their fullest as she took my massive thick prick inside of her. I figured she never had a cock as big as mine before and I guess she wasn't ready for how it felt because in her normal voice she screamed out as my cock buried all the way into her. Erica screamed out, "Oh god it's huge!"

I responded by saying, "Carol, your voice? You almost sounded like our daughter! You should be used to my big cock by now." After I said it I suddenly thought I made a mistake, maybe Erica would stop because she would know I now knew she just may not be her mom. But she didn't, instead she slowly rode up and down on my shaft groaning over and over, 'Oooh yes…oh god yes…' I grinned as I knew my daughter was now hooked on having my big cock in her tight pussy.

Erica rode my cock like a real pro; I could easily tell this was not her first time. I felt my daughter lean back onto her hands as she used her hips to drive up and down on my rock hard cock. I wanted to reach up and grab her tits but they were just out of my reach. So I ran my hands all over her stomach for a bit. I played with her piercing and remarked how hot that was. Then I said “Damn Carol, I’m glad you took after our daughter and got your belly button pierced. It is such a turn on.” Erica responded by fucking up and down on my cock even faster. I had to hold on to her hips to keep her from bouncing off of my prick. Not to mention I wanted to enjoy having my cock in her very tight pussy for as long as possible, I didn’t even want my shaft to pop out of her pussy for a second. I was becoming even more turned on by the slurping noise arising from her pussy as drove my cock into it over and over again. She was so wet I wished she didn’t put the condom on my cock; I would have really enjoyed feeling her hot, sticky pussy juice all over my shaft. I didn’t understand why she did put one on me; after all I knew she was on the pill. But I wasn’t going to question it; I was getting a great fuck from my daughter.

Then I noticed she was sitting straight up again and now I could hold onto her nice sized tits as she rode up and down on my cock like it was an erotic carnival ride. Again my thoughts wandered to desires of taking the blind fold off. I desperately wanted to gaze upon my daughters’ naked body. I wanted to bask in the sight of her perfect tits bouncing up and down as she rode my cock. But I knew better than to take it off. I knew I couldn’t all I could do was to enjoy this rare incest fuck I was being handed by my daughter.

I heard my daughter barely whispering, trying her best to disguise her voice, ‘oh god I’m gonna cum. I can’t take it. Oh yes! Oh yes!’

I gave her a huge smile as I could only imagine the pleasure she was experiencing while she rode my big cock. I thought about the self control she was trying to show as I knew she probably wanted to scream out in her normal voice. I knew she wanted to release her joy, her pleasure, her dark enjoyment she was reveling in while riding her own father’s cock. Even her mom never squirmed around as much as what Erica was doing and I loved every moment of it. Then she let out a loud squeal and I felt her pussy clench up. My daughter’s body was wracked with an intense orgasm. She kept writhing around; squealing away and all of this brought me to my own climax.

I grunted that she was driving me into frenzy and I was about to cum. Much to her endurance my daughter kept right on bouncing up and down on prick making me blow my wad. My prick never felt as hard as it did at that moment, the first time I was ‘cumming’ in my daughter’s pussy. Although I had a condom on I was still technically blowing my load in it. I pumped spurt after spurt of my seed into the condom while Erica kept moaning and working my cock with her nice teenage pussy. Next to having cum in her mouth just a while ago that had to have been the second best orgasm I had ever experienced; of course it was over way too soon for my liking. Erica collapsed onto my chest for a few minutes. Her tits felt so good pressed up against my body. The two of us were breathing hard from the intensity of our orgasms. I wanted to tell my daughter that was the best fuck ever but I couldn’t say, ‘Erica that was a great fuck.’ But I felt I could get away with just saying it was a great fuck. I did and she responded by giving me a quick kiss on my cheek then she got up off of me.

I wondered if this dirty fantasy would continue but I heard the bedroom door open then shut so I knew it was over. Disappointingly I took off the blind fold, pulled off the cum filled condom and went to the window. I left the condom on the floor; I would pick it up later. I watched my daughter go back outside and I watched with curiosity as she sat back down with Lora and Tiffany. Then the three of them began to talk. My daughter held her hands apart as if she was measuring the size of my cock. She wouldn’t tell her friends that she just fucked me; would she? I figured she must have been talking about something else.

I watched the three of them for awhile going over in my mind what had just occurred. Then I heard Carol come home. She came up stairs and into our bedroom. I turned around to see her walking in; she saw the used condom on the floor and picked up. She held it up in front of me and asked me if I got that horny and couldn’t wait for her. I gave her an odd look; I had figured that she arranged this encounter with our daughter. I asked her, confused, if she was late on purpose so Erica could come up here. As I quickly found out my wife did not arrange what happened. She was as confused as I was but she wasn’t jealous or angry. She asked me if I enjoyed it and I told her yes.

Then she told me that Erica had talked to her about staying over at Lora’s house on Tuesday, my poker night. I said that was fine then I smiled at my wife. “Well it looks like it will be just you and Nate home alone.” Carol gave me a wicked smile back. I knew that it was her turn to live out a very taboo fantasy. Then all I said was “Have fun with Nate. I’m sure he will love having his cock drained for real by a MILF and his mom. I will be home late…to give you plenty of time.” Carol smiled and said she would need the time to drain him dry. I still doubted if Carol was telling me the truth about Erica, part of me felt she had something to do with what had happened but I wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth. I had a great time being pleasured by our daughter and I wanted my wife to experience that with our son.

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