Forbidden Fruit_(1)

Forbidden Fruit_(1)

There’s nothing sweeter than that sensation sin has to offer. The feel of an adrenaline rush in knowing I might get caught is to me by far the most thrilling of all. It began as a young girl when my dad talked me into taking my clothes off as we drove down old country roads. Sitting in that seat next to him naked feeling the cool summer breeze whip through my hair and on my naked body left me crazed. And to know I was trusted with a secret was even more intoxicating to me. It was during one of these drives also that I came to enjoy what my dad called …‘a daddy’s rinse’. Because of my young age he never penetrated me, but he would let me slide on his rock-hard dick. I remember feeling my little ass split, as I’d slide excitedly back and forth over him and, to feel it pulsate under me as my pussy ripped over it was unimaginable even to me then. I’d brace myself against his chest, as we lie deep in a grassy field, far away from the dirt road. I had told him I had to pee but he insisted I pee on his dick. I hovered, hesitantly at first, over him wondering if I should but then let a stream of hot pee pour out of my little pussy. His eyes were overjoyed as warm pee dripped over his hips as I belted him with a continuous stream. I was hooked on it. Pleased by the expression on his face, especially when he placed his lumbering dick, after having ejaculated by fucking me through clenched thighs, up to my pussy and pissed. As his hot urine burned a welcoming scream of delight on my pussy and dripped down my legs, it touched me forever. I stood holding my pussy open, as he pissed, and kept my eyes on his promising never to mention it to anyone. As the years slipped by, I became very attached to my dad.
There’s a name for the bug that now bites at me …nymphomania. I swear, if I could butter-up a fireplug with my hair conditioner, believe me, I’d fuck it! At thirteen I was already looking in the frig for wieners or carrots anything to soothe that burning itch in my pussy. I remember the night I crawled on my tummy, like a starved little bitch, down the hall and into the kitchen as my parents slept. I had seen a cucumber earlier that I’d fallen in love with and had meant to put it to good use. It must’ve been a good 7 glorious inches in length and a whopping 2 inches thick. All I could think of was comparing it to my dad’s big dick. I braved the frostiness of my token lover as its chill sent shivers up my back. I had slipped it down my panties and then made my way swiftly back to my room. I hadn’t even reached my bedroom and my pussy was already weeping for it. I guess she sensed what I couldn’t. I shut the door as quietly as possible trying not to let the lock snap into place, but in my eagerness it bolted loudly as it fell into place. I yanked my joy-toy quickly out of my panties and thoughtlessly tossed it into my closet and leapt into bed. It hit with a hardy thump against the wall. I lie still with my eyes shut as I heard the door to my parent’s bedroom open. I knew it had to be my father because my mother had begun to go to bed with her escort, prince Valium.

Then as my door creaked open, I froze and lie very still. I was going out of my fuckin’ little mind. I was breathless. Breathing harder than I had during any of my adventures with him in days gone by or with any of my vegetables, and he knew it! I could hear him being very excitedly in his fear as his hands slid slowly up my thighs. It didn’t bother me that he was my dad. All I wanted was that he goes through with it this time and fucked me! So, when he tapped his fingers along my inner thighs, I split open like a butterfly for him and waited for rewards. His hot breath beat down on my hairs as he took whiffs off my moist pussy.
When his tongue kissed my hairy lips I inadvertently let out a soft, but audible gasp. I could’ve cared less if he my mom heard me or if she was awake. At last, I was going to enjoy my first real fuck!

“Did you find what you wanted?” he asked in a low husky whisper. I ignored him, feigning sleep, but then naively nodded that I hadn’t.
“Oh,” he cries, “…poor baby has an itchy pussy and no one wants to help her.” I breathed lightly. I felt his hands slowly lifting my nightshirt. I swallowed but kept still. As the shirt swept over my hips he struggled as he tugged trying to get it past the weight of my ass. I lifted my hips, slightly, and let him have access to me. His slipped under my panties’ waistband and began to pull them off of me. As they rode down my hips I could feel my body tense to the excitement and to the soft blows of the cool night air on my naked body. I could hear dogs barking out in the distance as my cotton panties slid easily down my thighs. I opened my eyes to see as he pulled them off from one leg and then slid them back up the other until they cling around my thigh.
“You look beautiful, baby,” he whispered wetly into my ear as he swept a hand over my pussy and cupped it over my panties. He pushed them to one side and worked warm saliva on it and as he lathered up my warm pussy with it he slipped a thick calloused finger between my lips. I tensed, not in fear but in delight, as it slid up and down my slit.
There was moonlight coming in from an open window next to my bed and I could see his shadow as he worked to pull his erection out of his pants. He then took my limp hand and placed it over it and had me clutch it in my hand. I could feel its size as it gently slipped through my grip while he probed his finger deeper into me. I slid my hand to its shaft and began masturbating it. He bent over me, and in whispers, asked if he could fuck me, saying, ‘would you let your daddy do it to you?’ I turned my head towards him and as I squeezed and stroked his dick in my hand I, in a panting whisper, gave him consent.
He had me slide down towards the edge of the bed where my legs dangled. He knelt between my legs and began kissing his way up my thighs towards my wet pussy. I gasped. When his tongue spilt my pussy open I instinctively wrapped my legs around his shoulders and pulled him towards me. His hot breath swept over my tummy as his tongue slid up and down my pussy parting hairs, and, my pussy. I clutched my hands on the bedspread and tried hard not to let out my excitement as his tongue sank into me, and then scratched burning little circles over my clit. I remember asking him if this time he would put it into me. He kissed my pussy and then kissed his way up to my right breast and nursed feverishly on it, and then assured me he would.
As he pulled his foreskin back over his dick, he let a big glob of saliva fall on its head and then began smearing over it. I watched in excitement as my chances grew nearer, and fixed my eyes on the tip of his large head as it neared my pussy. When he lifted my legs and held them up at his waist he let me feel its stiffness. I groaned. It crushed against my moist pussy with forceful thrusts as he tormented me with sinful stabs. My mouth was wide open, gasping in delight, as I lie waiting for what I imagined would be better than any carrot I’d ever had. He kissed my lips, leaving his dick pressed throbbing on my pussy, and again asked if he could fuck me. His voice was excited with traces of awe. I reached up and wrapped my arms in an embrace around his neck and, squirming on him, assured him that he could. I promised my vow of silence and with that assurance I felt his large head gently pop into me. I grabbed his wrists and, moaning softly, held on as his groin crushed up to me, as he slipped into me effortlessly. His thrusts became energetic and a bit more forceful with the assurance that I could take it. And I did, all seven inches of him!
I couldn’t sleep afterwards. My thighs were left quivering when he left my room, and I was left like my panties dangling. I kept replaying the fuck over-and-over in my head until I was certain I’d captured every grunt and every thrust. I wanted to imprint it so I’d never forget it. My sore pussy was left dripping saliva, cum, and juices as it pulsated in its struggle to get back its shape.
My dad had left me squirming in bed, thoroughly fucked. But I had finally come to the prominent status I secretly yearned to achieve with him –a pleased bitch. From then on I knew I’d never have to touch another vegetable ever again.

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