George: Schooling

George: Schooling

The next morning George climbed out of his bed, made it and stripped out of his pajamas. He looked down at his nether region with wonder; the previous night’s events had confused him beyond anything. He put on a pair of white underoos, and slipped on some khaki shorts and a lime green dress shirt. He walked down the stairs to greet his family sitting at the table.

His older sister, Greta was eating a small spoonful of Happy Flakes Cereal. She smiled at him and ruffled her long hair that was a deep black, much like his own and his father’s. His father, Herb was engrossed in a newspaper. George’s father was an overweight, balding salesman. He was very successful and the family lived quite well, but it came at price. George rarely saw his father, as he was always on the road. George took a seat next to his mother, who patted his back and handed him a section of paper.

“Now, George, here is that permission slip that your teacher needed.”

His teacher had sent home a permission slip that his parents had to sign. It was about today’s lesson, called Human Growth and Development. He wasn’t sure what it was about, but some boys in his class said it was about boys and girls’ “private areas”. George went to the counter and grabbed an apple, and slipped it into the backpack by the door. He turned around to tell his mom he was ready to go to school, but she was talking with his father.

“Wendy, I’m going to be gone for the next three weeks.”
“Three weeks?”
“Yeah, I’m having to meet with the rep from the Chinese division. It’s going to take a while to earn his respect and trust.”
“Herb, the kids never see you anymore.”
“Well, I’ll spend extra time with my kids when I get back, then maybe you can take a break and I’ll watch them.”
“Alright…I guess…I’ll tell the kids you said good-bye. Oh it looks likes George is waiting for me.”
“I love you, Wendy.”

“I love you too.” The couple exchanged kisses and George’s mother headed towards him. She beckoned for him to join her. The two got into the car, his sister was going to walk with her friends. His mom started up the car and began to drive. “George?”

“Yes, mom?”
“Your father, he’s going to be leaving for a while.”
“Yes, but this time it’s going to be for three weeks.”
“Three weeks!”
“Yes, but this just means that we will be spending more time with each other, right?”
“Sort of like last night, Mommy?”
“Yes…uh…sort of. Be good in school, and pay attention today.”
“Yes, Mom.”

George left the car, turned and waved, then quickly went into the school. His classroom was the first on the right of the door. When he entered, he saw his teacher, Ms. Perkins. She was wearing a plaid skirt, and a billowing blouse that dipped quite a bit lower than it should. She was younger than the rest of the teachers, who were all well into their sixties. George gave her the apple and permission slip from his backpack and grinned bashfully. “Oh hello, thanks.”

“Y-your welcome, Ms. Perkins.”

She smiled at the young boy who obviously had a teacher crush. She adjusted her breasts and pushed them tighter. George turned an even brighter red and ran to his seat. The bell rang and all of his classmates ran in, all of them were talking to each other, and ended up in their seats. Ms. Perkins took roll, and then locked the door and closed the blinds. She then went to the front of the room.

“Today we will be learning about the wonders about the Human Body, both boys and girls,” she said, as the class giggled. She put up a slide that showed a penis, which was heavily diagrammed. She smiled as a sinister thought crossed her mind.

“This is the penis, the male sex organ.” More giggles erupted. George looked nervously at the slide and looked down his pants. He was confused about why his was longer sometimes but other times, like now, like the slide. “Now then, this slide is not an accurate portrayal of how you boys all look. Let’s see…eh…Freddy. Come up to the front of the class.”

“What did I do?”
“Nothing yet, now get yourself up here.”

Freddy walked to the front of the class. He was a boy with a deep tan, almost of Middle-Eastern descent. He was obviously very scared. Usually when a child is called to the front is because the child is in trouble. Ms. Perkins bent in front of the child, exposing her breasts to him. He gasped, and she went on and whispered something to him. He looked her, as if to protest and then she nodded. Freddy then pulled down his trousers, and then his boxers, exposing his privates to the class, which was fully erect from the display by Ms. Perkins. She smirked then put away her breasts, and then faced the class. George caught a glimpse of the bosoms, and then it gave him a throbbing erection as well. All the girls in the class looked and giggled at Freddy’s penis. The girl laughing the loudest, not out of cruelty, but of being nervous was Abby Waters. She was a blonde girl who had braces and piercing blue eyes.
“Abby Waters please come to the front.”
“M-m-me?” she said, stopping her laughter.
“Oh my, yes.”
“No, I don’t want to…”
“I will call your parents and tell them what a bad girl you are being, missy!”
“No, no…I’ll do it,” said Abby solemnly.

Abby, almost in tears removed all of her clothing in front of the class. She had very small breasts that were no more than mere buds on her chest. Her vaginal cleft was nearly hairless, but for a few pieces of blonde hair. A silence fell over the class, except the slow tears of Abby. Ms. Perkins walked up to Abby and smiled.

“Now these small buds on little Abby are called breasts. When a woman is pregnant, the breasts will get larger and when the child is born, which we will get into later, the child can feed on the breasts. Even some of you may have suckled on your mom’s bosoms.” Ms. Perkins’ hand glided down her chest and passed into her sparse pubic hair. “Now these small stringy, yet curly hairs are called pubic hairs. Abby is a young girl so hers are less plentiful, than say a woman like myself. Now, Abby let the class see your little privates.” Sobbing, Abby laid down and pulled her knees to her chest to give everyone in the room a bird’s eye view of her pink, virgin vagina. “Now this is the vagina, this is the female sex organ. This is where the man inserts his penis. This is also where the baby emerges from where it grows inside the mother.” Ms. Perkins slipped her finger around the lips of Abby’s privates. “Now, you girls should know some…slang terms for what is in between your young legs, it’s also called a “pussy” or a “cunt.” The class gasped at what came from the teacher’s mouth.

She smiled and turned to Freddy, who’s erection was still in full effect from the looks he had been passing at Abby, who was still crying in embarrassment. “Freddy, has a penis that is kind of…large for his young age. The penis, as I will show you shortly, is what deposits semen into the vagina. Semen is what combines with the egg within a woman to make a baby. The semen is contained in his testicles.” Ms. Perkins grabbed hold of his balls and rubbed them a little bit. She giggled in the act of pure wicked ness, and looked back up at Freddy’s face, which was in a total look of joy. “Now Freddy’s penis is erect, it is at this state that he is ready for sexual intercourse. Now some slang words for the penis would be cock, dick or prick.” The class became even more still. “Abby, get on your knees in front of Freddy.” Wailing, she complied with the order. “Put your hand on his…cock. Good. Now pump your hand up and down it.” Abby’s tears continued flowing as she squeezed Freddy’s penis up and down. Freddy could not hold on much longer, and his semen squirted out all over poor Abby’s face. Semen flowed into her mouth. “Good Abby, drink it all.” Abby kept drinking the sperm that poured into her mouth. “Class, Abby has had her first drink of semen, or cum. “Cum,” thought George silently. Abby and Freddy, you can now put back on your clothing. Class, you are to tell your parents nothing of what happened today, otherwise you will be in big trouble with them. Do you hear?” The class agreed quietly.

The bell rang, and it sent the children running out the door. Abby, however, was walking slowly. George walked up to her. He patted her back, and she looked up at him gratefully. George just ran away, first stumbling into some mud and then just walked home.

When he got to his house, he was sweating and covered in mud. His mom was nowhere in sight. He just took off his clothes in the foyer. He stood naked, and sweaty, he crumpled his clothes and hurried up to his room. His mother was lying on the bed, fully nude and waiting on his queen-sized race car bed. His penis suddenly stiffened at the sight of her hard nipples and rounded breasts. She began to stick her finger inside her mouth and stick it afterwards into her vagina. This caused the woman to moan loudly.

“Come, on. It’s your turn today, George.” He walked up to her, and then she got on all fours. “Stick your cock in me, Georgie.” He looked into her hairless vagina, then climbed on the bed and sloppily penetrated his mother. “Oooh, good job, now push your hips in and out.” He complied, and she squealed. Being of little sexual experience, he shot forth a stream of semen inside her shortly after. “You did good, son. You will get better eventually though.” She grabbed George’s penis and slurped any remaining semen. His mom then massaged her vagina, until she exploded in juices. A gasp was heard from outside the room, followed by running. Greta knew.

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