George: Shower

George: Shower

George came home from school, shivering from the torrential rain that had poured on his clothes. The forecast for the day was supposed to be gorgeous, so he only wore a small dress shirt, and shorts that were now soaked, thanks to bad weatherman. My mom’s going to kill me, he thought. He tried sneaking up the nearby set of stairs.


He flinched, and turned around to face his mom. His mom was wearing a white skirt that fluttered when she walked, and it was right above her knees, Her shirt was a pink low-cut v-neck that plunges lower than it ought to. Her deep red hair flowed around her as she walked over to him and patted him from head to foot, to feel the level of wetness he had accumulated outside. She brushed past his zipper when she was checking. George felt a strange tingling in that area. He looked down and he felt his privates grow.

“George, you better take off those boots now, you are getting mud everywhere.” Wait, is this your backpack?”

He nodded and she bent over to pick up the backpack, and her skirt showed him the uppermost part of her thigh. More tingling. He shivered; the rain really had made him pretty cold. His mom heard his teeth chatter.

“Oh George, you must be freezing. A warm shower will do you some good. I’ll heat you up some water for the shower.

She left the room and went into the bathroom and turned on the water. The shower was a standing shower, which was more of a booth. George was only in fifth grade, yet he was becoming a man. She noticed that his penis stiffened when she purposely grazed his zipper. She stopped the water once in got hot enough for him. She walked back into the room quietly and watched as George fiddled with his penis, trying to figure out why he grew. She hummed as if she had just entered. George quickly put his privates away.

“George, your shower is ready for us.”
“Us, mom?”
“Well, you have gotten filthy outside and you could use a good scrubbing.”
“But mom, I’m old enough to-“
“No buts, I’m helping you shower, George.”

The two left the room and entered the bathroom together. She asked George if wanted help with his zipper, and he shook his head no, and turned around to remove his clothes. He turned around, covering himself to see his mom, still fully clothed, remove her v-neck. Her breasts flopped out of the shirt; she was not wearing a bra of any kind. Her nipples where about two inches in diameter and about one in height, she looked at George who was trying obviously to hide his throbbing erection. She smiled at him and tossed her shirt to the ground. He smiled weakly back, and tried even harder now. She then removed her skirt, which revealed yet another piece of anatomy. She smiled at him again as he gaped at her hairless vagina.
“Now get into that shower, George.”

He looked at her pleadingly, but then went in, all the while covering up. She followed him and grabbed a handful of the liquid soap from the rack in the shower. George’s mother then got on her knees and asked him to turn around, and she began a deep scrub on his back, his back shivering with excitement. Her eyes glanced down at his rear, which was clenched in. George was such a tense young boy. Maybe this will loosen him up, she thought, as her hands began to squeeze his buttocks.

“Mom…what are you doing?”
“Cleaning you, Georgie. I need get deep to clean.”

She smiled and stuck two of her fingers quite far into his rump. He let out a shrill cry, but then was silenced as his mother plunged them in and out.

“I think your back is clean so, turn around so I can get the front.”
“Ok, Mom.”

His hands still were frozen in place. She started rubbing his feet. He giggled a little bit, but he would not move his hands to stop her rubbing.

“Mommy, that tickles.”
“Alright, hon. I’ll stop.”

Her hands moved up and down his calf in a suggestive pumping motion. She slowly trickled her hand up his inner thigh.

“Uh, Mom…how about you clean my “thing” last.”
“Oh, that’s just fine sweetie.”

Georgie breathed a sigh of relief, and continued to stare at his Mom’s breasts. Her nipples were both erect, and they bounced as she began to rub his hips, just grazing his pelvic bone, and moving up onto his chest. His mom dropped the soap bottle, and feigned a disappointed huff, and bent over to get it, and the lips of her vagina opened four inches from his mouth. His mom smiled and proclaimed she got the soap and got down on her knees yet again, and squirted soap on her hands and rubbed his chest until she reached his nipples and she rubbed those for a long while, putting George into ecstasy. She patted him on his shoulder.

“It’s time.”

George closed his eyes and removed his hands. His mom gazed lustfully at the shaft, and her eyes followed it to the small head of a young penis. It was about four inches long, if that, and his balls were somewhat big for his age.

“I have some special soap just for your little soldier,” She said as she took Strawberry Waterproof Jergens lotion from the nearby shelf, breasts jiggling.

“Mom, what’s that?”
“A special cream.”

She squeezed out a large amount and rubbed it liberally all across his balls and his shaft. George looked down and was about to proclaim it was clean, but then his mom started pumping her hand up and down his penis, and rubbed his balls softly in her delicate hands.

“Well, looks clean to me.”
“I think there is more inside that should be cleaned out,” She said deviously.

To his amazement, his mom began to put his penis into her mouth. He was about to question this when her tongue began making circles around the tip.

“Mom, that’s where I pee…”
So?” she replied, as she continues slurping.
“Well, I feel like I have to pee now.”
“Just release it then,” his mother said coyly, knowing what the “pee” really was.
She stopped sucking and started pumping his penis until his semen flew on her breasts. It was barely anything but it felt good to feel it rolling into her cleavage. She grabbed his privates again, and sucked the remainder out. She rose up off the ground, and put on a robe outside the shower.

“Maybe next time, you will clean me, Georgie,” she said; as she left a small boy naked in the shower, with his penis now back to its regular small size. He was confused, but was looking forward to the next cleaning.

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