Great Mom Pt. 2

Great Mom Pt. 2

I continued giving my son's handjob's for the next month and half. I would tease them every now and then that I was going to look for the magazine. I said I was really curious to see the picture of this woman who had made their sexual appetite so insatiable; this, of course, would upset them. They still had no clue that I already had seen it was a picture of me. I was giving Ryan and Hunter 1 to 2 handjob’s a day during the week. They spent the weekends with their father, so on that Monday when they came back to stay with me I would end up giving them about 3 hand jobs on just that day alone! I guess they missed their mom getting them off. The only change in this pattern was when they asked me if I would jack them off at the same time. This of course intrigued me. I had never had a threesome in any manner, let alone gave hand jobs to two guys at once. So of course I gave this a try. It was an incredible feeling and sight, having both of my sons cocks in each of my hands and watching them blow their cum at the same time.

However, I was starting to get tired of this and it was making me incredibly horny so I decided when they were home for the summer the next week I would kick things up a bit. That first week they were home for the summer, I decided to move things along. I had asked them to go run an errand for me. I purposely hid my car keys so they would have to come find me before they left. It was a very nice summer afternoon; I changed out of my clothes and put on a very skimpy thong bikini. My sons came up stairs to get my car keys. When they came into my bedroom I watched as their jaws dropped and their cocks went instantly hard. I could just imagine what they thought seeing their mom in thong bottom and a top that just covered my 36C tits. Actually, my top probably covered about a third of my tits, so I know my sons got a really good look at my tits. They just stood there staring at me, which I did not mind. It was making my nipples very hard and since they are so large, I knew my sons could easily see them growing. My nipples are little more than quarter inch long and a bit larger in diameter than a pen. Any guy who has fucked me always loved sucking on them, which I never minded. They are very sensitive and having them sucked on or pulled drives me wild and makes my pussy incredibly wet.

"Um, mom, where are the, uh, the car keys?" Ryan asked me as he licked his lips. I smiled back, "Oh I am sorry son, I still have them in my purse." I had left my purse on the floor so I could purposely bend over, letting my sons get a great look at my exposed ass and my barely covered pussy, I know they never dreamed of seeing their mom in a thong! I turned around and handed them the keys, I noticed they both had raging hard-on's. "Have you two been looking at that magazine again? I can see your cocks are hard." they both got embarrassed and said yes they had been. "Oh, Ryan, Hunter, I have a question. Do you think this bathing suit looks good on me?" I started to pose for them, I knew I was driving them wild. Hunter was the first to speak. "Yeah…. it looks really good. You look really hot mom." Ryan punched him in the arm, "Shut up! Don’t blow it." "Oh its ok Ryan. It is nice to hear a compliment like that. What do you think?" "Um, yeah you look hot…. Really fucking hot!" I gave each of my sons a nice hug and then a quick kiss on their lips. When I pressed my tits up against them, I could feel each of their cock’s twitch. "Thank you boys. I will be out in the pool and then sunning myself, just so you know where I will be." My sons just stared a bit more and then said they would be back. Hunter asked if I would give them a hand job when they got back. "Of course I will. I love making my sons happy." I thought to myself, I love making my sons cum.

I followed them downstairs and just before they left I said to them, "Oh one more thing. I will probably tanning topless, so I will leave the screen door open, just let me know when you get home. I am sure you wouldn't want to see your mom topless." I gave them a quick wink. Their eyes bugged out almost as fast as their cocks. I could only imagine how hard their cocks were, not to mention how much pre-cum must be flowing out of their piss slits. I had a feeling they would run those errands as quickly as possible, to try and catch their mom topless.

I swam a bit and then decided to lie out. After an hour and half I heard the garage door close so I knew my Hunter and Ryan were home. I quickly took my top off and lay down on my stomach. I had a feeling the boys would try to sneak a peek and I would not disappoint them. I heard them trying to sneak into the family room to look at me, I just pretended I did not hear them. I could hear them in very low voice talking. "Oh shit, look she is topless!" Ryan whispered to his brother. "Yeah but she is on her back. Do you think she is asleep? I hope she turns over, I wanna see mom's tits." "No shit. Did you see how fucking big they were? And her nipples, they were fucking popping out of her top." "I thought I would cum in my shorts when she hugged us and kissed us. Man I what I would do to suck mom tits" replied Hunter. My head was turned away from them so I could smile. I decided it was time to give them a look. I turned over on to my back. My nice 34C tits bounced around a bit. My erect nipples looked like two little flag poles they were so hard. I heard my son's gasp. Hunter said in a low tone, "Fucking A, look at them!" Ryan responded with "Shit do you see how big moms' nipples are and look at how big and dark her areola are. Fuck, my cock is bursting out of shorts. Man I may have to sit down and jack-off right here on the couch." I heard Hunter say "I would rather fuck moms' tits and cum all over them." With that a rolled back over again and acted like I was waking up.

I stretched a bit and said in loud voice, "Hmm, I wonder what is taking the boys so long?" I reached for my top and put it back on, with my back to my sons. Hunter called out, "Mom were home. Is it ok if we come into the family room?" I called back out; sure I am just getting ready to come inside now. I slide the screen door open to the family room and I was greeted with such a wonderful sight. Both of my sons were sitting on the sectional, facing the door. Their shorts were down around their ankles and they both had their steel shaft cocks in their hands. They were both slowly stroking their cocks.

"Geez guys. Are you still thinking about that picture? Man this woman makes you two horny." Ryan said back, "Can you jack us off now?" "Well, I was going to go upstairs and take a shower first." Hunter spoke up, "Please mom. Please give us a hand-job now. I can't wait, we will do anything." "Hmmm, ok. You boys did go run my errands for me." I walked over to them as I did, I watched my sons just staring at my large tits and my huge nipples sticking through the fabric of my top. I got down on my knees in front of my sons, a position I really liked. I reached out and took both of their cocks in my hands and I began to stroke the hell out of my sons’ hard, smooth cocks. For a while I just stared at their cocks in my hands. I loved watching their cocks sliding up and down in the palm of my hand. I loved the feel of their hard, hot cocks in my hand, especially the feel of their pre-cum oozing out of their piss slits and coating my fingers. Their pre-cum was so wet and sticky; I loved it. I knew they wanted to stare at my tits and nipples for a while too. I made sure that while I was jacking them off, I kept bouncing up and down a bit so they could watch my gorgeous tits bounce around.

I could feel their cocks twitching in my hands. I looked up at them, smiled. "So are you boys enjoying this?" "Simultaneously they responded "fuck yes." "Are you thinking of that woman in the magazine?" "Oh hell yes". Then I caught them off guard and asked them what the name of the woman was. Hunter responded automatically, "Her name is Katie." Ryan nudged his brother hard. I said, "Oh, she has the same name as me, how sweet. You boys could talk dirty to me, call me by her name. Some women like hearing dirty talk." "Really? You wouldn't mind." Ryan asked. "Oh no, not at all." then hunter spoke up, "Katie, stroke my cock faster, I need to cum." I was surprised a bit; I just smiled and started to work his shaft even harder. "Oh yeah that feels so good Katie. Make me cum too!" I was becoming very horny; here I was on my knees with both of my son’s cocks in my hands. Ryan and Hunter were both looking at me with a lustful, glazed look on their eyes. My fingers were being covered with my son’s pre-cum. Their piss slits were oozing their sticky, hot love cream in an ever-increasing volume. Their shafts were a nice bright red/purple hue. I could feel their cocks beginning to harden even more, I knew they were both about ready to let their wads burst out. I slowed my stroking pace down,

"Hey, do you think you two could do me a favor. Could you get yourselves off the rest of the way? My arms are kinda tired from swimming." "Aw mom, can’t you finish us? Please." Ryan asked. Hunter spoke up; "You jack us off so good." I kinda blushed, I couldn't believe I was listening to my sons asking me to jack them off and telling me how good I was at giving them hand jobs. "Please boys. Do this for me." I smiled at them and stuck my tits out a bit, to give them something to distract them with. Hunter asked me "Will you still sit there?" "Of course honey, I won't go any where. I think your fantasy woman would love to watch the both of you get yourselves off. It is a real turn on to some women knowing that guys find them so hot, they will jack off just thinking about them."

I knew this would get them and it worked. I watched as my sons grabbed their cocks, at first they started to stroke them slowly but their pace quickened. It really made my nipples hard watching my sons jacking off in front me; I watched their incestuous lust build in their eyes. I could tell they saw my nipples hardening and it was driving them wild. Suddenly Ryan stopped stroking his cock. "Oh wait hunter, we don’t have any tissue or paper towels to cum on. Mom will you hurry and go get some?" "Please mom, hurry…I gotta cum soon." Hunter added with a frantic tone in his voice. I smiled at them and asked, "Well, I could but would you like to cum on me instead?" Their jaw's dropped and they just stared at me. "Are, are you serious mom?" Hunter and Ryan asked at the same time. "Sure, I am going to go upstairs and take a shower. But if you would rather I go get some tissue I will." "NO MOM!" Ryan yelled in a very lustful tone. "Don’t go, we gotta cum now…we don’t mind." "Ok, well I will just lean back and you boys can cum on me…. you can cum anywhere below my face. Ok?" At this point my sons were stroking their cocks with a new fever. Their hands were working their shafts at a blur. "Yeah…. sure…. mom." Hunter moaned out.

The forbidden lust I was feeling was incredible; I never wanted a man as much as I wanted my own sons. My mouth started to drool as I stared at both my sons’ hard pricks. They were bright red, swelling with an incestuous load of cum; pre-cum was coming out of pricks piss slits with every upward stroke of their hands up their steel rods. I could tell by the pure lust in their eyes and my son’s frantic, heavy breathing that they were not going to last much longer. Small beads of sweat were beginning to form all over my body, I was becoming so turned on, and I was breathing almost as heavily as my boys were. My pussy was incredibly wet, thank God I had been in the pool already otherwise my sons would have seen my wet thong. "Are you boys ready to cum yet? Katie is waiting for you to cum all over her. She wants to feel your hot sticky, wet cum spurting all over her body. Show her much you want her." I knew this teasing would push them to their breaking point. "Oh fuck! Oh yeah I'm gonna cum mom…Katie, I gonna fucking cum!" Ryan said in this husky, deep almost frantic tone. "Shit, I gotta cum too! I…I…can't hold it much longer mom…. Katie" Hunter panted.

I was still on my knees in front of my sons. I leaned back onto my hands, still on my knees. I leaned my head back and tossed my long blonde hair around. I yelled at my sons with my mom, ordering tone of voice, "Ryan, Hunter, stand up! Get over here next to me and cum…cum all over me!" With that they both quickly got up off the couch, they both released their cocks for a few moments as they positioned themselves on either side of me. I don’t know what came over me at that point, I just let my forbidden lust take over for a moment and take me further down the road of incest with my son's. "Wait boys don't cum yet. Can I take my top off? I don't want to get cum stains on my new bathing suit." Ryan rasped back, with his cock in his hand, stroking his beautiful cock, "Do it! We don’t care!" Hunter said in a firm tone, "Yeah do it Katie! Take your fucking top off. I cum see your tits and cum all over them mom!" My top tied up in the front; my lust was already way ahead of my mind. My hands were already untying my top as I was still asking my sons if it was ok. My 34C tits bounced just a bit, my nipples were as hard and erect as my sons’ cocks. They were sticking out almost a half-inch! They looked like bull's eyes when seen with my large, kinda dark areola, which are about the size of a half-dollar coin. That was all my sons needed to see.

I looked up at them; their eyes glazed right over with intense pleasure and deep, deep incestuous lust. I saw their eyes close to just small slits and I knew they were going to unload their cum loads on me. Ryan’s cock was the first to spurting out its wad of cum. "Fuck mom, I cumming…I'm cummmmmmming!" His first two small cum spurts fired out of his shaft and landed on my cheek and on my lips. At the moment I really wanted to wrap my lips around his cock and suck him dry…but I still had some little control left in me. "NOT ON MY FACE!" I yelled out. Ryan squatted down a bit more and began pumping his full load all over me. His next spurt, a good size glob of cum landed on my throat, his cum was so hot, so thick, white. I could taste his cum on my lips and I desperately wanted to swallow it but I didn't want to do that in front of my sons…well not just yet.

At that moment Hunter's cock started to unload his cum load. Hunter was down almost on his knees next to me. His cock was like a geyser. A quick couple of spurts came out of his shaft and landed on my stomach. "Oh shit yeah…ooooh shit mom!" Then a huge spurt of his thick, gooey hot cum squirted out of his raging hard, bright red cock, it landed in and all around my belly button. I glanced up at my son’s eyes; both of them were wide open, they had such pure lust and pleasure in them. It really turned me on seeing how happy they were shooting their wads all over me. I knew they never thought they would ever have the chance to cum all over their mother. Ryan spurted out another two spurts of cum on my chest, just above my tits. His cum started to mix with my body sweat and it slowly began to run down in-between my heaving tits. It felt so fucking good too! I could feel how hot it was, sticky and just the smell of their cum was driving me wild. "That’s it boys! Keep cumming! Cover me with your cum!

Hunter barked out, "Cum on her tits!" As Hunter was still stroking his cock wildly, he aimed for my nice gorgeous, succulent tits. His next thick spurt landed right in-between my tits, mixing with his brothers and just forming a small river of thick, hot, and gooey cum running down my body. Ryan lowered himself until his cock was just about an inch or so over my tits. He jacked himself off shooting spurt after spurt after spurt after spurt on my tits, my nipple and areola. "Oh yeah, fuck yeah, oh yeah…uuhhhhh!" He let his cock spew his cum on my tits. I just looked down now at my tits being covered with my sons, hot, thick, and sticky cum. I reached up with my hands and pressed my tits together just as hunter sent his next to geyser cum gushes on to them. Hunter first spurt shot across the top part of my tits.

Then he fired off his next load right onto my nipples. By now my tits were covered with cum. My sons thick cum felt so good, so warm and sticky on my tits, it strangely stimulated my nipples in such a way that I actually came. "Oh yeah, oh fuck boys…. keep cumming on my nipples…do it.oooooh yeahhh! I moaned out. I don’t think my sons realized they just made their mom cum. I had never gotten off like that before but I had never experienced that much pure lust before either. I just looked up their cocks as they milked out every remaining drop of cum. My sons were just dripping with sweat too! As I held my tits together in my hands, I watched as they cum oozed all over my fingers. My fingers and hands were so sticky with cum.

When they had finished, I quickly stood up still holding my tits with their cum on them. All of the cum in-between my tits slowly slid down my body, coating my belly with little cum rivers. Ryan looked at my face a quickly tried to apologize for cumming on my face; "Uh sorry, sorry mom for cumming on your face." He panted at me. I just thought to myself and smiled, yeah right. You are just like your father. He loved to cum in my mouth or on my lips and face and watch me lick it all off. My son Ryan was just like him. Hunter was just staring at my cum covered tits. I could tell he just liked being able to cum on me. He liked seeing his cum on me, whether that was on my tits or on my tongue I knew he would not care. I smiled at my sons and asked them if they liked that. They both said yeah, that was fucking great, then they thanked me. I said your welcome and told them I was going up stairs to clean up.

I quickly went up to my bedroom. I locked my door, rushed over to my dresser. With one cum covered hand I opened up a drawer and took out my dildo. I quickly went into my bathroom, locked that door, turned on the shower, turned on the bathroom fan. I stood in front of mirror and started to fuck myself with my dildo. As I did that I licked the cum off my face and with my free hand proceeded to hold my tits up to mouth as I licked and sucked all my sons cum off of them. Needless to say I came with in a couple of minutes! I then took wet pussy wet dildo and ran it over my body cover it with all the other cum. I took a long, pleasurable amount of time licking and sucking my sons cum off of it. The whole time I pictured that dildo as Ryan’s and Hunters cocks. I almost wished then I just sucked them off but I knew deep down, that I would be doing that very soon.

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