Jessica's Adventures 3!

Jessica's Adventures 3!

Jessica’s Adventures 3

Author’s note: Hey everybody, I’m sorry that it took so long, but I honestly was never in the mood to write. But now I am, and be prepared for another gripping, electrifying, sluttish, and horny story by me! I honestly don’t know if it will be that good, but, after this, I’m also going to start working on true sex stories of my life. Those will be called “True stories of the Family Slut”. Keep an eye out for them. Ok, I love all my fans, and please rate it. See ya next time!!

Part 1: Waking up

Jessica woke up in the zoo the next morning. Simba, the tiger, was licking Jaimee’s pussy and Jennifer just slept. “Good morning!” said Jaimee. “Morning.” Said Jess as she stood up, stretching. 10 minutes later Jennifer woke up, and all three of them left. They hopped in the car and Jaimee drove. Jessica and Jennifer sat in the back next to each other, all of them still naked.
Jessica leaned into Jennifer and kissed her lightly on the lips. Both girls smiled, and Jennifer pushed Jessica down, and started making out with her. Jaimee smiled, looking in the mirror, “Awww.” She said out loud.
Jessica rubbed her hands all over Jennifer’s breasts, pinching and pulling her nipples. She rubbed her hands down, and inserted a finger in Jennifer’s steaming, hot, and wet pussy. Jennifer let out a moan in Jessica’s mouth, smiling. The 2 hot sisters started frenching, and Jess added an extra finger. Jen humped against Jessica’s hand, moaning loudly as Jessica added a third finger to the party.
“Yes, Jess, Jess, JESS!!!!” Jennifer came hard on her hand, making it sticky. Jennifer collapsed on Jessica, breathing hard.
There was still 20 minutes left in the drive, and all three were tired. “Hey, Jaimee?” “Yes jess?” “Have you ever…..actually fucked a guy?” “Oh, yes, Jess, I have, and so has Jen. She lost it to dad and I did to Ben.” Both girls smiled, “Wow!” responded Jess.
Jess really wanted to fuck a guy, a real human. She dozed off to sleep. Soon they arrived at home, and the all walked in. It was 10 a.m. Jess fell on the couch, trying to sleep again. The twins ran upstairs into their room. An hour later Jess woke up, where her brother, Ben, sat next to her, looking at her, “Good morning. Are you ok? You look real tired and sweaty.” “Yeah, I’m fine Ben.” she said smiling, also blushing. He got up and grabbed a blanket, unfolding it, laying it over Jess. “Thanks Ben.” She said still blushing.
And she fell asleep yet again.
When she woke up, it was 8 p.m. She stretched her arms and noticed her brother laying his head on her lap, which was still under the blanket, “Awww.” She said, looking at him, “He stayed here the whole time making sure I was ok.” She smiled and pat his head. She grabbed the remote, and turned on a porno, of cheerleaders.
Jess got horny again, “God, my pussy will never stop.” She laughed. She couldn’t do it with Ben right there, could she?

Part 2: Jessica’s offer

She looked at Ben, and shook him, “Ben, wake up!” she said, shaking him hard. He came to, and sat up, yawning, “Jessica, are you alright?” he asked looking at her, “Yeah, I’m fine.” Ben looked at the T.V. and instantly sprung an erection. Jess noticed, and smiled. “Ben, I bet you were checking my body out when I was sleeping, weren’t you?” he blushed, “No, not at all!” she smiled pulling the blanket off, revealing her sexy body, “well, now you can.” She laughed, her hands behind her head.
Ben couldn’t stop staring; he looked her up and down, sinking in every curve and line on her figure. He has dreamt about her since her learned to masturbate at the age of 13. “Jess……” he said nervously, “Shhhhhhh.” She told him, putting a finger to his mouth, “Ben, I want you to fuck me, please.” “I have thought about you since I was 13, when I saw you naked in the shower.” She stood up, and smiled at him, bending over, kissing his lips.
“I saw you peek at me, and I have seen you masturbate all the time. You really are bad at keeping your moans low.” They both laughed. She took Ben’s shirt off, throwing it on a chair, and he unbuckled his jeans, taking them off. Jess smiled, getting on her knees, taking his boxers off with her teeth. It was tricky, but fun. His 10 inch dick sprang out, hitting her in the nose. She laughed.
She looked at his dick, studying it, then bended over it, 2 inches away. She was nervous, but slowly lowered herself on his dick, taking in the head; “OH!” she tried getting used to the head, and then took in 4 more inches, moaning loudly. Ben used his hands to grope her tits, and pinch her nipples.
Soon she took Ben’s entire hard dick into her wet pussy. She bounced up and down, moaning out, “BEN, BEN, BEN, Ben, BEN!!!!” sweat was rolling down her face, and she loved it. He kissed her, and squeezed her ass. She let out another moan, “Yes, Ben, fuck your sister’s pussy, god you are so hard!!!!” she wrapped her arms around his head frenching him hard, sucking his tongue.
Watching from the stairs were the twins. They smiled at each other, proud of their little sis. Ben had a hard orgasm in her, “YES!!!!” he shouted, “I’m gonna cum whispered an out of breath Jess. After a minute, she came hard on his dick, which lasted 2 minutes. Afterwards, she fell off his dick, onto the floor, breathing harder than ever. Ben smiled at her, and put his clothes on.

Part 3: New addition to the dream.

Jessica fell asleep on the floor, from being so tired. She was in the house yet again, and she walked down the hall, where a door on the left was labeled, “Ben” she opened it, and inside she heard panting and moaning. “Oh god” were the only words Jess could make out. She walked in further, and saw Ben fucking her. Jess smiled and saw this, getting horny again.
She was awoken by shadow. He was licking her pussy, getting all the cum out. “Yes Shadow, eat me out!!” his nice, hot, wet, and long tongue licked her hard, pressing against her clit, making her squeal in delight. She humped his face, letting his tongue slip in her pussy, “YES!!!” she humped harder, and came, spraying everywhere. Shadow licked it up, and walked away. Jess lay there, looking at the ceiling.

End of chapter 3

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