Keep It In The Family 2

Keep It In The Family 2


Hello there. You don't know me by name (It's Jennifer, incidentally), but you may have read something about me in a story, I have just discovered on this site. Let me give you a clue; I have a son called Rick, a daughter called Karen, a sister called Barbara and a neice called Kate. My son, Rick wrote that story which involved eveyone mentioned so far and additionally my husband Jim. Curious that…. we are the Js and Rick referred to the girls as the Ks! Well, I got quite turned on reading my son's literary effort and thought I'd try my hand at writing something similar; so here goes!

Since our courting days, Jim and I have been interested in corporal punishment; its what brought us together in the first place. He was caned at school and although he was quite turned on by it, it was fantasies about his girlfriends being beaten which really got him going. I was also caned at school (and like Jim, slippered as well) but at my school they also strapped us. Unlike my husband, my reaction to being beaten was to get extremely sexually excited and also to get very wet watching it happen to my classmates particularly so when the classmate being beaten was my sister, Barbara! In fact Jim and I were introduced through Bar and he has whacked my sister's bottom almost as many times as he's whacked mine!

In the early days, Jim and Bar dated quite seriously, but she met the guy she later married, at Uni and when he died in a motor accident leaving her with a young daughter, she began to spend more and more time with us. The children grew up together and Jim suddenly found that he was not only living with his wife, but for a lot of the time with his former girl friend as well! Talk about 'Lucky Jim' … he had a sort of harem! When Bar and I were kids living at home we'd shared a room and when we were at home for the school hols we'd been very close. At school, of course we'd been in the same dorm and so it was natural enough in our adult situation for us to think of ourselves as a 'threesome'!

I think that's enough background; you can see where we're all coming from and probably see also where all this is leading to! I'm not going to tell you about our early times together because I'd like to tell you about what happened immediately after that adventure Rick told you about. After all that's what the title of this narrative is all about isn't it?

On the monday morning, when we three had the house to ourselves, we were sitting round the kitchen table having breakfasted, when Bar started to tell us about her adventures with Rick. Jim (typical man) asked if she still had the marks and Bar invited him to look for himself and pulled up her bathrobe and shortie nightie and bent over the table. Jim fondled her buttocks which did indeed still bear the marks of Rick's belt and asked me to bend over next to my sister so he could compare four recently beaten sisterly cheeks (if you recall, I had also taken a thrashing that night!)
Of course I obliged being dressed in the same way as my sister. Jim was wearing a bath robe only and so neither of us was very surprised to see that after his session of botty (and fanny) fondling, his erect cock was poking through the front of the blue paisley patterned cotton!

With a note of urgency in his voice he suggested we all went into the living room where the curtains were still closed from the night before. We were both soaking wet as Jim was well aware; I dropped my bathrobe on the floor, pulled my nightie up and threw myself on the sofa with my thighs wide open. Bar knelt on the carpet in front of me and buried her face between my legs and pushed her tongue beween my cunt lips and proceeded to take a series of long slurping licks from my vagina up to my clitoris and at the end of each lick to tease that tight little bud in its hood of skin with her tongue tip. I couldn't have stopped myself from clenching my arse cheeks together tight enough to crack walnuts and arching my back off the sofa, even if I'd wanted to!

Jim had wasted no time in kneeling behind Bar, lifting her bathrobe and nightie and easing his meaty 9 inch cock inside her dripping cunt. So, Bar was licking me, Jim was thrusting slowly inside Bar (with force enough to rock her forward with each stroke and make her her bury her face deep into my pubes) and I was being driven deep into the sofa and we were all grunting, gasping and moaning when the front door opened and we heard the excited chatter of Rick and the two girls in the hallway!

Rick entered the living room first. He was talking over his shoulder to Kate who was immediately behind him with Karen behind her and so it was my neice who took the scene in first. But the other two were not more than a couple of seconds behind her. And so it was twice in less than 48 hours that our living room was the scene for a period of stunned silence at the actions of one male and two females!

But 20 year olds are more resilient than those of us in our 40s and the new arrivals took the scene in almost immediately. With a little giggle, Kate said
'Oh Uncle Jim, whatever are you doing to my Mummy?
And then before he could think of a reply suitable in these peculiar circumstances, she added,
'I think you should have a smacked bottom!'
and so saying she knelt on the floor behind her uncle and proceeded to hand spank his bare bottom until it turned a firey pink all over both cheeks.

While Kate was dealing with JIm, my daughter positioned herself over the arm of the sofa and gave me a very un-daughter like kiss full on the mouth and looking up I saw my son grasp the bottoms of his sister's levis and in one smooth and easy movement pull the faded denim over the swell of her rump and down her legs. With a slight pang of envy I thought how gorgeous my daughter's bottom looked in a sky blue thong (and it also crossed my mind that it was the honey coloured tan which set it off ……… and that could only have been acheived by a spot of nude sunbathing!) Rick, it seemed, had no time to waste on thoughts of this nature because his belt was undone and his own wranglers and underpants were round his ankles and pulling his sister's legs apart, he eased his throbbing cock inside her hairless cunt and began to push her firmly across the arm of the sofa and aginst my breasts!

I soon saw that Kate felt a little out of things and had stopped spanking Jim and looked round for another source of entertainment! She soon found it by getting under my husband's belly as he rode his sister-in-law and sucking his balls from underneath!

Looking up as Karen's hands grasped my tits I saw Jim start to go into overdrive as he slammed in and out of Bar. I recognised the signs; he was close to his climax. I was right…… and as he fucked her to a frenzy I realised from his cries that his niece had picked up on his impending orgasm and had sucked his swollen plums between her sharp little teeth. I was past caring because Bar had done something she hadn't done since we were teenagers; she had licked, sucked and bitten my clit and so I too had cum! Bar would know this, for her face would be covered in my juices! Rick had reached under his sister and with a breast in each hand was fucking her fast and furiously. He had certainly got to the 'short strokes' when there was a cry from the floor and I later found out that Jim had pulled out of Bar at the last moment just as she came and sprayed his full load all over Kate's face, breasts and belly just as she had managed to frig herself to her own climax ………. and Rick shot his load over his sister's bottom and back and unfortunately for me, because I looked up at the wrong moment ….. I received a good helping straight between the eyes!

When we'd all got our breath back and carefully extricated ourselves from this highly complex position and were all sitting around on sofas, chairs and the carpet (and the carpet and at least one sofa now needed a really good clean!) I asked what had brought our lovely offspring back.

'Well', said Rick, 'I had a free period and the girls told me they didn't have any kind of period so I couldn't miss an opportunity like that, could I?'
'And what are you going to do now' I asked.
'The same as you three I should think' he said grinning, 'we're tired; we're going to bed, come on girls'
'Good idea' said Jim taking me by one hand and my sister by the other, 'lets put our bedsprings to the test as well'

Just one further surprise; when we got to our room we found our queen sized bed already had three occupants! Plenty of room for three more though, particularly as none of us really had any intentions of sleeping…………..

……………………… Like son (and daughter), like father (and mother) ………….. (and sister and niece as well, of course!)

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