It was a typical Saturday morning, Dad out playing his weekly golf game with his friends, Mom gone early to run her usual errands and do a little shopping, leaving my older sister Laurie and myself in the house. It was mid morning before I woke up, finding a small list to chores taped to my door from my mother, as I made my way to the bathroom to take a shower and wake myself up.

Standing under the warmth of the water, slowly washing away the sleepiness I felt from staying out late the night before, my thoughts drifted off to images of the girls I'd seen at the dance the night before. I had gone stag, and eventually left the same way, alone, but had still enjoyed myself as I danced with a few girls, but more often than not staring over their shoulders, daydreaming to some of the finer girls on the dance floor.

The comfort of the shower, along with my groggy fantasizing, left me feeling a little horny as well as a little careless as I toweled off and walked down the hall to my room, when Laurie opened her door and I was caught walking down the hall nude, straight toward her.

Embarrassed, I quickly wrapped the towel I was carrying around my waist, smiled, and tried to hide my embarrassment as I continued walking past her. But as I stepped by her, trying not to acknowledge her snickering smile, I felt her pinch the cheek of my behind through the towel.

"Hey!" I snapped, twisting myself around to avoid her pinching.

"What's the matter, little brother? You don't like girls pinching your buns?" She said sarcastically.

The teasing was one thing, but I hated it even more when she teased me with 'little brother'. Lacking anything quick or witty to say, I blurted out, "No…"

"Oh, I see…" She said as she turned and began to walk down the hall, "… Kenny only likes it when guys touch his buns."

I could hear the sarcasm in her voice, and although I know she didn't mean it, it still made me angry.

"Jerk…" I muttered under my breath.

In a strangely playful mood, she stopped and turned, sticking her tongue out at me then turned back to walk down the hall. When I made a taunting move toward her, she quickly turned to look back and smiled, then took off down the hall as I gave chase.

As she sprinted away from me, I saw that she was not wearing anything under the thin, long T-shirt she wore to bed, and I caught a glimpse of her magnificently smooth buns as she turned the corner to the stairs.

My sister was 18 at the time, and was she a looker; wavy auburn hair, long and shapely legs from running track and cheer leading, and a bust that most woman would die for. As a horny high school kid, I have to admit that I'd fantasized about my sister more than once, still it was nothing more than a fantasy, and this was about getting her for pinching my butt.

I chased her down the stairs and into the den, suprising her as I don't think she expected me to follow her all the way downstairs. Managing to reach and grab the tail of her T-shirt as it flapped behind her, I tugged hard, bringing her to an abrupt halt, then grabbed at her waist and started tickling. The whole scene was still unfolding with an air of innocence as she playfully fained resistance to my holding her.

"Gotcha!", I hollered out, laughing a bit out of breath from the chase, but still tickling away.

Laurie began to struggle a little harder at the challenge of my words, eventually managing to spin away from my grasp. She stood in front of me, panting from the excitement and the struggle, then got a sly and mischievous look on her face, like a cat ready to pounce.

And before I had a chance to prepare myself for the impending retort, she lunged forward and began to try tickling me in kind. Her hands were flying everywhere in an effort to find my skin, and as I swirled my hands around to thwart her advance, I began to feel the towel that wrapped my waist begin to loosen. And as I began to backpedal in retreat, worried that my towel was ready to drop totally to the floor and leave me embarrassingly naked as my sister grappled my body, my foot clubbed the corner of the sofa, causing me to loose my balance and tumble backward.

It was pure self preserving instinct that caused me to grab hold of Laurie's arm as I began to fall, sending us both tumbling down onto the arm of the couch, careening off it's bulbous end, and crashing down onto the carpeted floor with Laurie falling on top of me.

Her legs fumbled helplessly to regain her balance, finally giving in and coming to rest with her knees straddling my stomach, her T-shirt now pulling up well over her hips, exposing her pantyless body to my excited eyes as she came to rest with her weight pressing down on me.

If that wasn't enough, I realized that my towel had come completely undone, its ends laying out open and wide at my sides and leaving me exposed from Laurie's as yet unknowing eyes. Laurie was still laughing and breathing hard, her face covered with her long and now wild looking hair from our tumble, but as I lay pinned underneath her I couldn't help but stare at her beautiful furry patch as it pressed against my belly.

And having no control whatsoever, my eager and inexperienced dick leapt at the sight before me, quickly stirring as it began to stiffen. Laurie lifted her hands from where they had been pressing down on my chest, and began to pull her hair from her face when she caught me staring not at her face, but down at her crotch and realized what I was staring at.

Her expression turned from laughter to embarrassed suprise as she looked at my mesmerized face, and she immediately tried to slide her hips backward and off of me to cover herself. As she began to move, I tried to grab hold of her arms in an effort to stop her, not wanting her to expose to the both of us the raging hardon that I had instantly developed, but I was not quick enough.

The ultra smooth skin of her inner thighs slid quickly along our now sweat slickened skin as she rested on me, and just as I tugged on her arms to stop, I felt my cock slide right between the velvety smooth and warm lips of her parted pussy, my cock head emerging underneath the soft curls of her pubic hair as she came to an abrupt halt at the same sensation, her pubic bone still pressing down hard along the length of my cock.

It all seemed so wild. I mean, a second ago we were kids in a tickling match, and now here she was; straddling my hips, her warm and soft womanhood pressed firmly down on my raging boner, holding her arms tightly like two lovers in a moment of passion, and Laurie staring down at me with nervous and yet excited eyes.

Looking back up at her, my mind wavering back and forth between adolescent sexual excitement and embarrassed fear, my heart pounding hard in my chest, and my cock continued to stiffen until it was harder and longer than it had ever been before.

I never knew, at the time, that I was larger than most boys my age, in fact I would find out later that I was much larger than most men. And sure, I'd seen plenty of pictures of naked woman before, starting early with sneaking fascinated peeks of my mother and later discovering my father's stash of soft porn magazines, but the truth of it was that I'd never actually been with a woman before, not even one of the many uptight and nervous girlfriends I'd had through high school. But I had fantasized many times of being in this position before, as I masturbated away my adolescent sexual frustrations night after night, dreaming of the chance to feel just what I was feeling right at that very moment.

The irony of the situation was overwhelming, finally alone and naked with a girl and here it was my sister, leaving me both speechless and locked in a moment of embarrassed indecision.

I half expected her to lash out if a fit of rage or at least leap to her feet in disgust, but to my suprise she did neither. Laurie just sat there, still looking into my eyes wide eyed with suprise, but not moving a muscle. When I realized that I had no other choice, I gently released my grip on her arms, letting my own arms fall to my side, and waited for her reaction.

But still, she didn't move, confusing me even more and increasing the already palpable tension between us.

Maybe she was just as confused as I was at the precarious situation we were in, but I swear I felt a flush of warmth and moistness from between her legs as she continued to press down on me, and I saw her pupils of her eyes balloon as she slowly let them drift from mine and wander slowly down my chest toward our awkward union. I followed her gaze with stunned fascination as she looked down at the bulbous purple head of my straining cock as it pressed at my navel, it's shaft emerging from the ticklishly soft triangular tuft of hair between her legs.

I could no longer see Laurie's eyes as she peered down, her long hair falling to cover her face as she stared down at me from above, and I closed my eyes as I felt her hands gently touch my shoulders and begin to press as she balanced herself to slowly lift her weight from my sandwiched member. But yet again I would be totally suprised as Laurie, instead of rising up and off of me as I prepared myself for the inevitable, stopped her lifting and slowly curled her hips forward, not breaking our intimate contact but sliding herself up the length of my steely shaft as it remained nestled between the moistening folds of her embrace.

It sent a shiver through my body right to my lungs as I sucked in a muffled gasp of air. My heart began to pound with excruciating strength as I felt Laurie press down once again, and my hands instinctively drew in to meet the soft skin of her thighs as they spread over me. Laurie's hips rolled again, this time returning back to where they were before, painting herself along my hardon before coming to a halt, and I felt a small shiver along her thighs as they gently opened wider, pressing her soft mound down harder on my cock.

My hands began to move again with the motion of her spreading legs, inviting them to glide ever so gently and cautiously over her skin before coming to a nervous halt as they cradled the sides of her hips. My eyes were still held tightly closed, my mind still swirling in this surreal moment, until I heard Laurie let out a long slow breath.

Opening my eyes, I looked up to see Laurie still gazing down at our hips, her hair gently tickling my chest as it's wavy softness dangled down and gently brushed my skin. I couldn't say a word. Even if I could, I wouldn't know what to say, my mind still reeling with terror and excitement. I continued to lay silent and tensely still as I felt her hips begin to roll again as she slid her velvety soft lips up and then down my straining cock, and then again in a slow and agonizing rhythm. I could hardly breath, my lungs still wanting to draw in more oxygen but unwilling to release it's already over inflated confines, until finally my body relaxed it's tension in a deep exhale that caused my cock to twitch against her semi enveloping touch. I could feel the warm slickness of her lips as they wrapped even further around the sides of my shaft, as well as the distinct depressed void that my cock wanted to instinctively fill.

It was all happening so fast, and it was more than my young, hormonally crazed yet inexperienced mind could handle. My cock swelled one last time and then began to belch out wave after wave of cum, shooting up my belly in a torrent of slippery white streams. My body had become rigid from my orgasm, my hips pressing up against Laurie as I continued to pump out my release with each grunting wave of orgasm.

"Oh my god!" Laurie squealed out in both suprise and excitement as she continued to stare intently down at the tip of my cock pressed underneath her, pinned tightly to my stomach but straining desperately to stand erect, and never stopping her motions as she watched each pearly rope of cum empty from my cock and splash up my belly.

"Oh god!… Kenny!…" She panted out breathlessly, finally lifting up her face to see my contorted expression as I felt another wave of orgasm pumping from me.

I could almost make out a smile on her wide eyed face as she watched mine twist and grimace with each stroke of her hips and squirt of my cock, as if she were reveling in her new found power over me as I continued to come helplessly under her motions.

Her hands were pressing down hard on my shoulders as she continued to hump away, long after I had emptied every last drop of cum from my aching balls, my body now twitching with both pain and pleasure with each stroke of her pussy until I didn't think I could take any more. My face was beaded with sweat as I panted in near hyperventilated ecstasy, when I noticed that Laurie had suddenly and forcefully stopped.

My eyes popped open to see Laurie looking down the hall toward the door, her arms still pinning me firmly to the carpet, but with a look of trepidation on her face.

I heard the unmistakable sound of the garage door opener humming away as it struggled to lift the noisy paneled door, when Laurie suddenly yelled out, "Oh Shit! Mom's home!", echoing my very thoughts.

Laurie leapt to her feet and dashed for the stairs, pulling at her nightshirt as she ran.

I frantically wrapped the towel back around myself as I struggled to get up off the floor, then slammed into the staircase railing post as I haphazardly dashed up the stairs, dizzyingly lightheaded and terrified. As I reached the top of the stairs, I saw Laurie disappear into her room, slamming the door tight behind her, as I sprinted to do the same.

Scrubbing away the splattered and smeared remains of my exuberance that still covered my belly and dripped from the dusting of hair on my chest, feeling like a criminal attempting to wipe away the evidence he'd left behind, I quickly tossed the sticky towel into my closet and grabbed a pair of jeans hanging from the back of my chair. I could hear my mothers footsteps as she trodded up the stairs and into the kitchen.

"Laurie?… Kenny?…" She called out. "Come help me, I've got groceries in the car that need to be put away…"

I heard Laurie's door open as I pulled a T-shirt over my head, realizing that my hair was still slightly wet, both from my shower as well as my own perspiration.

"Okay, Mom." Laurie replied as she walked down the hall.

I could hardly believe how cool and calm she sounded after what had just happened, but I was thankful just the same.

"Go ahead and get started, I'm just going to put these away and then I'll be down to help." My mother said.

"Where's Kenny…?" She asked, walking down the hall toward her bedroom, just as I opened my door to find her standing right in front of me, holding a shopping bag in her arms.

"Jesus, Kenny… what happened to you?" She asked in suprise, and I felt her eyes staring at me as she stood in front of me in the hallway. "Are you okay?"

I knew it. I just knew it. My entire life I'd walked around wearing my emotions on my sleeve, completely unable to to disguise what I was thinking or feeling. I don't think I'd ever gotten away with even the most innocent of white lies, my blushing face or nervous eyes giving me away every time, especially with my parents, who read me like an open book.

Laurie, on the other hand, could be called the ice queen if the situation demanded; lawyerly convincing of the most outrageous stories, but with a coolness and conviction that made her come smelling like a rose every time.

And as I stood in front of my mother, nervously sweating and yet pale as a ghost, my hair a mess, my T-shirt clinging to my clammy skin, and my mother eyeing me with a concerned look, I saw over her shoulder as Laurie walked out of the kitchen and stood at the end of the hall behind her.

"Oh, there's nothing wrong with him." Laurie said sarcastically toward my mother and I, as I stood wide eyed staring over my mother's shoulder at her.

"He's just worked up 'cause I beat him in a game a little while ago." She added, to my shock and smiling wryly at me.

I swear she was enjoying watching me squirm as I stood in front of my mother.

"A game…?" My mother asked, "… of what?"

She turned to Laurie, who was still smiling, almost gloating as she stood with her hands an her hips ad her foot cocked out in triumph.

"One on One…" Laurie began to say.

"Laurie!" I screamed angrily at her, my voice cracking as it strained to stop her.

"…basketball!" She tauntingly added.

I thought my head was going to explode from the stress, convinced that it would never work, but Laurie kept up the charade perfectly as she started to snicker as she looked at my mother and me.

Laurie and I used to play basketball out in the driveway when we were younger, shooting baskets with our father and occasionally having little round robin family tournaments, but it had been a while since we'd played, especially since I'd made the varsity basketball team and could easily mop the court with her.

My mother stood silent for only a second, but it seemed to me like an eternity, before turning back to me and then headed toward her room, while saying, "All right, you two. Knock it off, and get downstairs and start bringing those groceries to the kitchen before the ice cream melts."

But before my mother had gotten into her room, still within earshot of Laurie's voice, Laurie would add one more thing. "It's all right, Mom. If Kenny plays his card's right, I might just give him another shot at it." She said with a smile, and gave me a little wink as she headed down the stairs.

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