Life's a Beach Part 2

Life's a Beach Part 2

As she was released Mary slid up the other woman's body kissing her way up over her stomach and breasts. Stopping to suck and nibble at the engorged nipples for moving up to kiss the mouth. Their tongues entwined as their bodies pressed together, nipple against nipple, cunt mound to cunt mound. Hearing a sound she looked over her shoulder at Billy, he was kneeling a few feet away his cock hard and erect jutting from his crotch. Moving higher she lowered her cum dripping pussy to the other woman's mouth and watched as Billy moved up and slid his cock into the pussy that was slick with juices and her saliva.

The stranger tried to push Mary away as Billy's cock sank easily into her cunt, Mary however pushed her hands away, pressing her cunt against her mouth.

"Stop that, you liked watching me and Billy. Well now he's going to fuck your pussy while you eat mine"

Mary felt the figure try to struggle free, reaching down she grasped one of the strangers nipples in her fingers and twisted it painfully.

"I said stop, I don't want to hurt you but fair's fair, I sucked your pussy so you can suck mine and Billy can fuck you"

Mary felt a tongue slide over her swollen pussy lips and she released the nipple and gentle stroked it.

The moon was sliding across the sky, it was now fully overhead, lighting the area of the beach they occupied in a soft bright glow.

Billy plunged his cock into the stranger's cunt, he felt her legs wrap around his back pulling him deep into her. Bending forward slightly he ran his tongue over his mom's breasts before kissing her deeply, tongues entwining in passion. He could hardly believe what was happening, first he'd made-love to his mom and now he was fucking some strange woman on the beach. A stranger his mom had already licked out and who was now licking his mom out.

He felt the body below him convulse in an orgasm, cunt muscles rippling around his deep plunging cock. Sitting back up he grabbed the stranger's hips and started to pound his cock into the convulsing cunt. His ears filled with the sounds of his mom's pleasure, the stranger's cries muffled by his mom's cunt. Faster he moved pistoning his hard fuck-tool into the hot embrace of the woman's pussy. He could feel his orgasm approaching, his balls tightening as they started to push his jism up his cock shaft on its journey. Driving deep he held still for a moment as he shot cum deep into the stranger's womb, before once more pumping his shooting cock in and out of the stranger's hot fuck-tube.

As he pulled his softening cock from the stranger's cum filled pussy his mom sank forward to 69 the stranger.

Mary buried her face in the strange woman's pussy licking and slurping her son's hot sperm from her dripping pussy.

The two women sucked and licked each other to orgasm after orgasm until finally they pulled apart neither able to take any more.

Standing on shaking legs Mary slipped her dress back on fastening the straps around her neck. Billy was already dressed and as she picked up her shoes the stranger finally slid back into her jeans. They shared a deep kiss of goodbye before she took Billy's hand to lead him away.

"I didn't get your name, only your son's"

"That doesn't really matter"

"W w will you and your son be here tomorrow?"

"I don't know, why?"

"I'd like to do this again"

"Maybe we will and then again maybe not, we'll see"

With that Mary slipped her arm around Billy and together they strolled from the beach. It was late when they got back to the hotel and they went straight to their rooms. Chapter four: Shaven haven

Back at their room Mary slid out of the sand covered dress and headed for the bathroom, turning on the shower she stared at Billy's razor sitting on the sink. Reaching down she slid her hands over her neatly trimmed bush, with a smile she grabbed the razor and shaving foam.

Billy dropped his clothes in his own bedroom, from the bathroom he could hear the sound of the shower running. Naked he pushed open the door his cock jerking in appreciation at the sight that greeted him. His mom was sitting on the toilet her legs parted as she carefully ran his razor over her pussy.

Mary heard her son enter the bathroom and looked up, taking in his erect cock she smiled.

"No point in asking if you like what you see"

"Why'd you decide to shave mom, I mean I'm not complaining"

Mary wiped the last of the cream from her pussy, looking down she was amazed at how erotic the sight of her freshly shaved pussy made her feel.

"Don't you like it"

"It's great mom"

With that Billy pulled his mom into his arms, kissing her deeply, lifting her he sat her on the edge of the sink. Reaching down he slid his hard cock into her naked pussy revelling in the hot embrace.

Mary wrapped her arms and legs around Billy's body drawing him deep into her, marvelling at how hot he made her feel. She couldn't believe the opportunity she'd been missing, that she'd never noticed how much a hunk her son had become. She decided then and there as he plunged his cock into her willing pussy that she wasn't going to go back to her life of lonely divorcee and young son. She opened her mouth accepting Billy's probing tongue as her pussy accepted his pistoning cock.

Billy lifted his impaled mom and pushing the shower door open with his shoulder stepped beneath the warm spray. Leaning her against the wall he continued to fuck his cock into her willing pussy.

"O fuck Billy mom's gonna cum honey, O god yes Billy harder harder, O yes yes yeeeeeesssssssssssssss"

Mary's body shook to her orgasm; moments later she felt Billy pump her womb full of his hot cum.

They stayed locked together as Billy's cock slowly softened and slipped free from the warm embrace of his mom's cunt. Breaking apart the washed each other before drying off, Mary took Billy's hand and lead him to her bed. Chapter five: Maid Service

They slept late into the following morning; Mary awoke to the sun streaming in through the bedroom window and her son's morning erection pressing against her arse cheeks. She smiled at the feel wondering what the day would bring, 'first things first' she thought. Climbing from the bed she headed for the bathroom to relieve her full bladder. Turning in the doorway she looked back at her son lying naked on the bed, arms spread and cock standing up to greet the new day.

She was sitting on the toilet when the door into his room opened; a middle-aged woman stood there dressed in a housemaid's dress, a cleaning cart stood behind her.

" O gosh I'm terribly sorry I didn't realise there was anyone still in these rooms"

Mary glanced guiltily at her open bedroom door thinking of Billy lying naked on it.

"That's OK we.. I mean I overslept"

Mary had finished peeing and so sat waiting for the maid to leave.

"That's OK, but you should really use your do not disturb sign"

"Yes I never thought"

The maid still stood looking at her, showing no signs of leaving, 'it doesn't bother me' thought Mary and standing she flushed the chain and turned to wash her hands. She suddenly became aware that the maid had walked up behind her.

"You forgot to dry your pussy, here I'll do it for you"

Mary stood still in shock as the maid slid a hand between her thighs, a finger pushed between her labia into her pussy.

"Wh What are you doing?"

"Oops I forgot the paper"

Mary moaned as a second finger joined the first,

"You've got a nice tight little pussy"

The fingers were removed and hands held Mary's shoulders and turned her round. She found herself looking into the deep blue eyes of the maid. They kissed tongues thrusting as fingers once more slipped into Mary's moistening pussy. They maid broke the kiss and smiled,

"I'm Jill"

"M M Mary"

"Hi Mary now why don't I go hang the don't disturb sign and then we can get down to business"

As she spoke she walked towards Mary's room and stopped in surprise at the sight of the naked sleeping figure lying on the bed.

"I see why you overslept"

Mary blushed suddenly worried by what would happen next.

"But hold on I thought he was your son?"

"It's not what you think"

"Isn't it, look honey what you and your son do is your business. I'll hang the sign and then I guess we'll maybe see if your son can please two women"

Jill opened the hallway door and slipped the do not disturb sign on the handle before once more closing and locking it. Turning she walked towards Mary who stood in the bathroom doorway. She had noticed Mary the previous day, then she had seemed prim and proper, Jill had instantly decided to try and fuck her. Today she was different; she'd realised that when she'd first seen her sitting on the toilet. She wondered what had made Mary decide to fuck her son and then realised she didn't care as long as she got to fuck Mary. Maybe she'd even let the boy fuck her; normally she contented herself with the female guests, but he had a nice big cock, certainly bigger than her husbands.

Smiling she kissed Mary lightly on the lips,

"Why don't you undress me"

Billy had awoken to the sound of voices from the bathroom, when the housemaid had appeared in the doorway he'd quickly feigned sleep. Now through half closed eye's he watched as his mom slowly undressed the maid. As each piece of flesh was revealed she kissed it, running her tongue across it. He watched as she kissed and licked the maid's naked breasts as she dropped the bra onto the growing pile of clothes. Kneeling his mom slid the maid's panties down her legs before burying her face in the revealed crotch.

At the touch of Mary's tongue on her pussy Jill moaned in appreciation, reaching down she slid her hands through Mary's hair. She stood there awhile enjoying the feel of the tongue lapping at the juices that now flowed freely from her aroused cunt. Looking across she saw the woman's son staring at her; she smiled at him appreciatively, ' god' she thought 'his cock looked perfect for fucking'. Gently she pushed Mary away.

"Get on the bed Mary, I think I'd like to see you fuck your son"

Mary stood and walked over to the bed, swinging her hips suggestively, climbing onto the bed she crawled across to her son. She kissed him deeply, pushing her tongue between his parted lips before sucking his tongue between her own. She kissed her way down his body flicking her tongue out to lick his skin. In spiralling motions she moved lower over his chest and stomach, watching the muscles contract in excitement. Lower she moved until his hard throbbing cock came into view, running her tongue over and around his cock-head she savoured the taste of his precum. She allowed the cock-head to slip between her parted lips, as it sank deeper into her mouth she moved her tongue over it and allowed her teeth to gently score along its length.

Billy moaned, eyes closed in pleasure as his cock sank between his mom's lips, the feel of her teeth sent shock waves of pleasure through his body. Reaching down he cupped his mom's head in his hands; gently he started to push his cock in and out of his mom's mouth. He started to move it faster as his mom sucked him towards orgasm, one of her hands squeezing and massaging his cum filled balls. He felt warm breath on his face and opened his eyes as the maid lowered her mouth to his; they kissed tongues entwined.

Jill broke the kiss and looked down at Mary's bobbing head,

"That's it suck your son's pig cock, make him cum in your mouth. Fuck your mom's mouth, shoot your jism into her belly"

Mary sucked her son's cock, feeling the head push against the back of her throat, he was thrusting hard now, to stop from being gagged she'd wrapped one hand around the base of his shaft. As her mouth was flooded with her son's cum she started to swallow it savouring the taste. Suddenly an image sprang to mind that she had seen on the Internet, it had been of two women sharing a mouth of cum, a snowball she thought it was called. She stopped swallowing allowing her mouth to fill to capacity with hot spunk, carefully she slid Bill's cock from her mouth, reaching up she pulled Jill's head towards her. Gently she eased Jill's mouth open and then opened her own, allowing spunk to slide from between her lips into Jill's open mouth. She found it an erotic experience passing her son's sperm between her and Jill's mouth, strings of it hanging from their teeth and lips, until finally they had swallowed it all.

Releasing Jill she turned back to Billy, looking at his still hard cock she smiled,

"Do you think you can shoot a load of your hot cum in mommy's cunt baby"

Reaching up Billy pulled his mom to him and kissed her deeply, tasting his cum on her tongue. Rolling over he lifted himself over his mom who now lay beneath him, her legs parted and her eye's burning with lust. Reaching down he pulled her legs up against her breasts, before easing his hard throbbing cock into her hot pink fuck-tunnel.

Mary closed her eyes in pleasure as she felt Billy's cock slide deep into her waiting pussy as her knees pressed against his shoulders.

As Billy sank ball deep in his mom's cunt he felt her cervix nip at his probing cock-head, bringing a cry from them both. Turning his head he looked at the maid who lay beside them fingering her dripping pussy. Slowly he started to fuck his mom; he lifted himself so that his plunging cock rubbed against her engorged clitoris. As their hips met in he rubbed his pelvic bone against her erect nubbin.

"O fuck mom that feels so good, shit you're so tight mom, I love making love to you"

"O god yes Billy, mommy loves the feel of your cock in her hot pussy. Oooo baby yes fuck me hard, faster baby faster"

Billy started to move faster reaming his cock into his mom's hot willing pussy; her face was flushed with her pleasure as he looked deep into her eyes. Faster they moved until with a cry of release he felt his cock jerk and start to pump his seed deep into his mom's womb.

The feel of her son's hot cum, scalding its way deep into her womb pushed Mary over the edge into an earth shaking orgasm. Her juices flooded around Billy's cock as her cunt muscles milked his cock, drawing his cum deep into her womb.

Their cries of release were joined by those of Jill as she brought herself off to a shattering orgasm fingers buried deep in her spasming pussy. Billy lifted up releasing his mom's legs before falling forward to rest his head in her heaving breasts. They lay there together while Billy's softening cock slowly slid in a flood of cum and pussy juice form Mary's cunt. Rolling over he lay on his back and watched as Jill slid between his mom's parted thighs and buried her head in his mom's dripping pussy.

As he watched the maid lick and suck at his mom he felt his cock stir and begin once more to harden. Reaching down he started to masturbate, coaxing his cock to a state of full arousal. Moving behind the kneeling woman he guided his cock to her dripping fuck-slit before plunging deep into her. Her head lifted from his mom's cunt as she moaned in appreciation. As she did his mom slid round until mouth was below their joined bodies and her cunt still offered to the maid.

Billy fucked his cock into the maid as his mom's tongue and mouth lapped at his moving cock shaft and sucked his balls.

Mary lay beneath her son watching his cock plunge in and out of the other woman's cunt, licking his shaft and Jill's pussy as his cock moved within her. Her body was burning with her own fast approaching orgasm as Jill's talented tongue worked on her pussy driving her towards another orgasm. She dove in wanting to cum at the same time as her son and Jill. She lapped at Jill's engorged clit, bathing it in her spit as she rubbed it with one hand while squeezing her son's heavy balls with the other.

Jill was on fire, the feel of the large cock pistoning into her hot pussy and the tongue and finger on her clit were driving her wild. She met each thrust of cock with a backward thrust of her own, driving it deep into her womb as she sucked and licked the pussy below her. She cloud feel her orgasm fast approaching, lifting her head she plunged two finger's into Mary's dripping pussy and started finger fucking her, rotating her wrist to increase the sensations that rocked through Mary. Lifting her head high she screamed in pleasure as she orgasmed,

"O god yes yes yes yeeeeeesssssss aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Billy felt the fuck-tunnel his cock was buried in clench around his cock as Jill orgasmed; the feel of her tight pussy pushed him over the edge and flooded her cunt in hot cum.

Mary grabbed Jill's wrist thrusting her pussy against the deeply buried fingers, as moments later she came.

They lay together as they all recovered from their orgasms, talking quietly. Jill glanced at the bedside clock.

"Shit, I've got to get going before someone notices I'm not about"

Standing up she kissed Billy and Mary before starting to pull her clothes back on, once dressed she looked at the couple lying in each other's arms on the bed.

"Looking at you two like that makes me think of my own kids in a different way. I wonder if my son would be willing to contemplate fucking his mom. If not maybe my daughter would be willing to let me eat her pussy."

Mary laughed "You'll have to ask them"

"Maybe I should, I know for certain that my husband would love to get in his daughter's pants"

Jill headed back to Billy's room, turning her head she smiled,

"Will I see you both again tomorrow?"

Mary shook her head, "No we leave first thing tomorrow"

Jill looked disappointed,

"I'll give you our address, that way if you're ever passing, well you know and you can let us know if anything happens between you and you kids"

"Yea OK that'd be good"

After the maid had left Mary and Billy slowly drifted back to sleep locked in each other's arms. Chapter six: Night swimming The rest of the day Billy and Mary rested from their morning's exertions, ordering room service and only venturing from the room to eat dinner in the hotel dining room.

After dinner they walked down to the beach for an evening stroll by the sea, as they walked along the beach they noticed a couple sitting by the rocks where the previous night they'd fucked the stranger. They waved wondering if it was the same woman or not, it was difficult to tell in daylight. They didn't approach; neither of them feeling the need for company tonight, tonight they wanted to be alone.

"Jill told me there's a cove a couple of miles down the beach where you can swim in private"

"Sounds good mom"

They quickened their pace, heading along the hard packed sand left by the retreating tide. After a mile they climbed up a steep cliff face and found themselves walking along the coastline high above the sea. The lights of the town glittered in the distance, suddenly the cove opened before them with a steep drop to the beach below. Carefully the made their way down the gravel covered slope until they stood on the warm sand. The sun was sinking towards the horizon, bathing the cove in a golden glow that set the sea on fire. Look around they realised Jill hadn't lied the cove was empty, the beach a smooth virgin swathe of sand.

Mary glanced at her son as she kicked of her shoes.

"Last one in is a chicken"

With that she ran down the beach her T-shirt floating behind her as she struggled out of her jeans before she ran naked towards the surf.

Billy laughed at his mom's running back as he pulled his shoes and socks off; skimming his jeans down he ran towards the ocean, dropping his shirt on the way. Running through the surf he dove into the warm clear blue water and swam after his mom.

Mary screamed with laughter as Billy grabbed her legs pulling her below the surface, they came up for air side by side.

"You're a chicken"

"Am not you cheated"

"O yes"

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