Me And Mom…incredible

Me And Mom…incredible

The knock at the door meant that Mom was at my house for a week-long visit. I was a grown man now, had my own house, had raised my family, and then got divorced–I was on my own. Mom too had been divorced, but only 8 months ago. She was having a real hard time dealing with the fact her husband (my step father) had left her for a younger woman. Mom was a great looking lady for being in mid-fifties, and had recently lost a lot of weight. She looked really good, I must say.

"Hi Carl," she said to me as I opened up the front door for her. She gave me a great big hug, and then walked into the living room, leaving the bags on the porch for me to get. I got her bags from the porch, and as I brought them in, I noticed that she had seated herself on the couch. She was dressed in a tight black skirt, a skirt that seemed short for my Mom. Her black stockings went well with the skirt, and her soft knit sweater was very tight as well. The tight sweater showed me that Mom still had a great set of breasts. She wore black stiletto heels–totally hot. I could feel my dick twitch in my pants. Here we go…

I had oftened fantasized about having sex with my Mom. And here she was in my house, looking quite hot, I must admit, and we were both not involved in a relationship. "Where am I going to sleep tonite, Carl,?" she asked me. "Oh, you can sleep in my bed Mom, and I'll sleep on the couch. Is that OK?" She said "sure, sounds great! What are going to do now, my son?" "Well Mom, it is getting to be dinner time, would you like to go out to dinner?" Mom said "Sure, let's do it then."

We decided to go to the local seafood and steakhouse, where the food was really good. When we sat down at our table, I helped Mom take her coat off. When I pulled her coat off, her beautiful big breasts, in that tight sweater, were now out for all to see, and many a man's eye turned to look. Both Mom and I noticed this, and we smiled at each other. The waitress came over and introduced herself, and asked if we wanted anything to drink. Mom orderd a triple Jack and Coke, and I had an iced tea. "Wow Mom, and triple Jack. What's up with that?" "Well Carl, I'm feeling really good tonite, and I'm hoping that tonite will be a great night for both of us." After she said that she gave me a nudge under the table with her leg against my leg, and she also had this devilish smile on her face. Would tonite be the night for me and Mom?

As we talked during dinner, I could sense that the Jack was having its effects on Mom. She seemed to be looser in her laughter, and her leg now pressed against mine, and her hand rested on my thigh. When dinner was finished, I excused myself to use the restroom. Upon my return, I noticed Mom and the waitress giggling together, and they both smiled at me when I got to the table. I helped Mom on with her coat, making sure I ligthtly grazed her sweet breasts with my hand as I wrapped the front of her coat together. She just giggled as we walked out into the chill night air.

Mom said she wanted to dance before we called it a night, so we went to a local club to dance a bit. The place was packed, but we found a table and ordered more drinks. We did a couple of fast dances first, and then the DJ slowed the music down. Mom took my hand and led me to the dance floor, but only after a long pull on her triple Jack and Coke. When we got to center of the floor, we put our arms around each other and began to sway to the music. Mom wasted no time–she pressed those sweet tits against my chest and put her crotch right to mine, beginning a nice, slow grind. My cock grew immediately.

Mom noticed this, and smiled at me. She pressed her lips to my ear and whispered, "Do you like feeling your Mom rub against you?" I nodded my head, pulling her body in closer to mine, me being almost fully hard by now. She responded by breathing really heavy, and sliding her hand down to my ass. I responded by doing the same. We were really into the dance by the time the music ended. Two hot and sweaty people then left the dance floor.

Mom drained the remainder of her drink, looked me in the eye, and said, "I think it is time we went home and went to bed, sexy." I took her hand and led her out to the car. I opened her car door for her, and then got in on my side. I started the car up, and then glanced over at her. She reached her hand out and put it behind my head, and pulled me toward her. We met in a wonderful kiss, our tongues immediately intertwined. We kissed deeply and passionately. As we kissed, her hand found its way to my rigid cock, and she was stroking me through my pants. As she did this, I found myself kneading her gorgeouos breasts, wondering what they looked liked unclothed.

We faced each other in my bedroom, having just arrived home from the club. She was on one side of the bedroom, and I on the other, with the bed between us. Mom then turned off the light, and said…"Take off your clothes, and slide into bed. I'll crawl in from my side, and you can crawl in from your side. We'll meet somewhere in the middle." I first took off my shirt, and then unbuttoned my pants. I stopped for a second to look over at Mom, and saw, in the dark, that she was coming around the bed, to me. And she was in just her bra and panties.

When she reached me, she kissed me on the mouth and said "I couldn't wait. I needed to feel you against me now, you hot stud. Here, let me help you out of your underwear." She slid my underwear over my stiff cock, and it jumped out at her. I was now completely naked. "Your turn now, Mom." I unhooked her bra, and two beautiful tits came out for me to enjoy. I waited though, preferring to take her panties off first. I slid them down over her ankles, and as I stood back up, the head of my rock-hard cock grazed her thigh. She gasped quietly from feeling me. We met in another deep kiss, my cock pressing into her stomach. She then laid down on the bed, pulling down with her.

We kissed deeply and passionately for about 10 minutes, lustfully sucking and licking our mouths and tongues together. At this point I should have extended the foreplay by sucking on her big, full tits, but my cock was ready to enter this wonderful woman. And this wonderful woman was ready for her son to enter her. My finger lightly caressing her honey hole confirmed this–she was soaked.

"Fuck me Carl, fuck me with your wonderfull penis. It is so big and incredibly hard. Fuck me good, and make your Mom feel gewwwwdddd." She pulled me over her, and spread her legs. I lined my thick, rigid 7 inches up on her, and put my cockhead right at those precious pussy lips. I took my cock and gently rubbed it up and down her labia. She squirmed and groaned underneath me. In a wicked hoarse fuck-me kind of voice, she demanded "Fuck me with that big cock, and fuck me now!!" She reached around and grabbed both of my ass cheeks and drew me down to her. My cock was now sliding into the vagina of this beautiful woman. It was time to unleash years of pent-up passion, years of fantasizing about fucking this goddess. I was now all the way into her soaked pussy, and we began to fuck.

How do you feel when your own Mother is underneath you, naked, and you're sliding every inch of your rigid dick in and out of her? How can one imagine what it sounds like to hear the mattress rhythmically creaking, and your Mom breathing like a woman getting the best fuck of her life? We were definately fucking, and fucking like two people who were hot for each other. While still stroking my cock in and out of her, I raised my head up to get a good look at her. She looked up at me and smiled, and I smiled back. I lowed my head down to her and gave her a sweet kiss, and she responded by wrapping her arms around my back, and pulling me once again tight to her, our bodies becoming one.

My cock thrusts were more firm now, and Mom met each one with erotic lust. Her nails dug deep into my ass cheeks as she pulled me into her, and I thrust another stroke home. Her panting grew shorter, and quicker, and she began to mumble that she was about to come. I quickend my thrusts into her, and the bed was rocking like hell. She clinched her jaw and growled "Fuck me Carl, fuuuckkkk mmeeee!!" And she went wild with orgasm, and I met her with mine. My cock pumped in and out of her as quick and as hard as I could, until my come shot deep into her, and she fucked me wild with that pussy of hers. We came for what must have been a full minute, then slowly but surely we slowed down, but our breath still out of control. I still stroked my cock in and out of her, and she savored every inch of my glistening cock.

When I finally did pull out of her, we met in a deep kiss, our bodies still intertwined. "Well, how did it feel, Carl, to have sex with your mother?", she purred. "Better than life itself, Mom." We both fell asleep, and when the morning light awakend me, was I ever in for an awesome surprise…

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