Megan Pt. 6

Megan Pt. 6

I was over at my Uncle Jeff's house; he lived on several acres so there was some distance between him and the house next to him. I would go over to his house to sunbathe topless; I knew there nobody could see me. I would find out when nobody would be home, meaning his wife and his two sons, my cousins, Justin who is 16 and Jake who is 15. At this point I didn't care if Uncle Jeff was home; I wouldn't want to deprive him of seeing me topless. Some how in the back of my mind I had a feeling that my uncle would want to share our incest with his sons; I just always wondered how he would do it.

My cousin's have average looks, kind of nerdy, neither one currently had a girlfriend and to be honest I know they had never been out with any girl on a date. I could only imagine how horny they were. I went over to my uncle's house on one of my off days; nobody was supposed to be home. I got there, went around the house, didn't find anyone so I got into my bikini and went out by their pool to sunbathe. Well as you guess, my uncle 'forgot' that his sons would be home around the time I said I would be over. I took my top off and laid down on my stomach, after a while I turned over onto my back, exposing my tan 36B tits to the sun. I suddenly noticed my cousins up stairs in their bedroom peeking out the window at me. If it wasn't for the fact I had been fucking my father, my brother and my uncle's I would have been pissed. I just turned over, taking away their fun view of me.

After a few minutes I heard them walking out to me. When they got close enough I said "Well did you two enjoy the view?" They stopped and I heard Justin stutter, "Wh..wh…what do you mean Megan?" Jake added, "Um…we just got home." As I lay on my stomach I turned my head to face them, I gave them a quick smile, "You two are terrible liars. I saw you two peeking out of your bedroom window at me." I could see the bulges in their shorts they were trying to hide. Justin tried to lie again, "I think you were seeing things cousin Megan." I looked at them and then said, "Judging by the erections in your shorts I know you are lying. It's ok if you saw my tits and liked what you saw. Just be honest with me, did you like what you saw?" Even through my sunglasses I could tell they were extremely embarrassed that I caught them and saw their erections. Jake then spoke up, "Well…um…Megan…you are our cousin…so…well…we shouldn't say…you are family." "I am still a woman; maybe I would like to hear a compliment once in awhile." Justin then spoke, "If you don't mind…YES! Your tits are so perfect!" Jake then said, "You are fucking hot cousin Megan!" I smiled at them and then thanked them for their honesty. "So you don't think my tits are too small?" Justin replied, "No Megan…they look so good."

I reached out and grabbed my bottle of suntan lotion and then held it out to them. "Would you two mind putting some lotion on me?" They both hesitated so I had to encourage them, "Oh come on Justin, Jake, you just saw my tits. I think you can put some lotion on me. I don't bite or are you afraid to touch a 'fucking hot' woman?" They slowly knelt down beside me, one on each side. Justin asked me where, I thought for a moment, thinking how much fun I was going to have with them. "On my back of course and the back of my legs." I could tell by their touch they had never touched a woman before, their touch was so light and nervous. They lightly rubbed the lotion across my back down to just above my ass and then they did the back of my legs. They avoided my ass altogether but they did tickle the hell out of my feet! I decided for that I would give them a 'show'. I spread my legs and told them to make sure they got my inner legs. I knew they had a great view of pussy, barely covered by my thong bikini bottom. They sure took their time, so I knew they were building up a mental jack off picture of my pussy.

"Hey you two! You forgot my butt! I don't want that to burn." My cousin Jake spoke, "Well…we didn't think you would let us…want us to touch your butt." "I don't mind, unless you two don't want to touch my ass." Each of them took one of my ass cheeks and really took their time lightly rubbing lotion on my ass. I knew this was the best moment of their lives. When they felt they had pushed it too far, rubbing my ass too long, my cousins stopped and stood up. I looked up at them, thanked them and then at that moment they started to walk off. "Hey wait Justin, Jake. Where are you going? Don't you want to rub lotion on my front?" They stopped dead in their tracks, Justin asked if I was serious and I said yes. I rolled over, placing my hands on my tits, barely covering my nipples. They both looked incredibly disappointed; I know they wanted to see my tits up close.

"Start with my legs." I spread my legs for them again, giving them an even better look at my thong covered pussy. It was so obvious that they were looking at my pussy as they took their time working up my legs. I let out a little moan as they worked my inner thighs. They were really turning me on by their soft, innocent touch. Jake then said, "Wow Megan! You have a pierced belly button!" I smiled at him, "do you like that? Do you find it sexy?" Justin then said, "Yeah that is really hot!" They stopped when they reached my stomach. "Come on Justin, Jake, put lotion on my stomach. They started to rub it on my stomach, playing with my dangling belly button piercing. I decided then to give them what they wanted, an up close look at my tits. I took my hands off of my tits and they both let a gasp and stopped rubbing lotion on me. They just stared at my tits, my areola and my very erect nipples. "Do my tits look better up close?" They just nodded yes. "Have you ever touched tits before?" They both blushed bright red, "Aw that is so cute, you two haven't! You can put lotion on my tits if you like." They didn't say a word, their hands went right to my tits, and wow could I tell how much they loved feeling my tits! I could see their cocks grow even larger! As well as I could see pre cum wet stains seeping through! I let them rub my tits for about five minutes, not only were they enjoying it but so was I! Something about knowing I was their first really turned me on. They both tried to pretend they weren't playing with my nipples as they rubbed their hands over my tits but I let them know it was ok in my own way. I bit my lower lip as I mewed softly like I little cat, "Wow, you two are really good at that!" Justin asked at what, I replied by saying, 'oh rubbing lotion on my tits. I love your touch, it feels so good!"

I finally stopped them, much to their disappointment all I said was we were all enjoying it too much and after all we were cousins. Then they quickly got up and started to go inside, I knew 100% that they were going inside to jack off. "Hey Justin, Jake, where are you two going?" Jake replied, "Um…we are gonna go inside for a little while." Justin added, "Yeah…um…well Megan…we figure you want some time to sunbathe yourself." I got up onto my elbow and looked at them with a smile on my face. "Aw you two are going inside to jack off! I turned you two on that much? Aw that is so sweet!" They both looked embarrassed and stunned that I knew. They quickly tried to deny it, "No were not Megan!" "We don't jack off!" I looked at them, "bullshit! I know all guys jack off and judging by your hard-on's, you two really need to get off." They just stood there staring at me, "I don't mind if you do, if you want to jack off thinking about me. If you enjoy it, then I am ok with that." I laid back down and let them get to the door before I stopped them again. "But you know I should find some way to thank you for putting lotion on me. Can I give you both hand jobs? Would that be a good thank you?" They looked at me like they couldn't believe what I just said. "I am serious cousin Justin, Cousin Jake. Would you mind if I jacked you both off?" Jake said, "But…but Megan…were cousins!" Justin added, "Yeah…wouldn't that be incest?" "Well I won't tell anyone if you two don't, besides I am still a woman and you are guys. Unless you don't want me too, I would understand. Just don't tell anyone I asked you if I could." They looked at me, Justin asked, "Are you serious Megan? You will give us hand jobs?" I looked at them, smiled, "Take your shorts off, come over here, sit next to me and I will."

My cousins still thought I was kidding, I kept telling them I was ok. Finally I got up, walked over to Justin and Jake, I grabbed their shorts and had them undone in a flash. Their cocks sprung out and I let out a bit of gasp at their sizes. Both of their cocks were thick, thicker than any cock I had seen and they were between 8" to 9" long. I grabbed their cocks and led them back over to where I was laying out. Both Justin and Jake let out moans when I first touched their pricks. As I led them back, I asked them if it was the first time a woman had ever touched their cocks, they asked why I wanted to know. I said because I could tell by how they reacted and I could feel their pricks twitching and throbbing in my hands. I laid back down on my blanket, "So, do you guys want me to jack you off one at a time or do you want me to jack both off at the same time?" They looked at each not knowing what to say then Jake said, "I guess both of us at the same time….if you don't mind." "Oh of course I don't mind. Now promise you won't tell anyone." They said they promised, so I had them kneel down next to me. "I think you two will enjoy having me jack you off; oh and you cum as quickly as you want to." I laid back, grabbed my cousins’ hard cocks and began to give them their first hand jobs. They both moaned loudly with every stroke of my hand up and down their shafts, judging by the amount of pre cum oozing out of their piss slits all over my fingers and hands I knew they were going to cum rather quickly. Justin asked, "Megan, do you want us to tell you when we are going to cum…so …you know." I smiled at him, "Just cum when you are ready too…I don't mind if you cum on me. A lot of guys like doing that, cumming all over me. It seems to turn them on." I worked their cocks really fast, I just had to find out how much cum would blow out of their big cocks. I could see them starring at my tits, I knew they wanted to play with them more, "Justin, Jake, you can play with my tits if you want to." Instantly their hands shot down to my tits and they began to fondle, pinching and pulling my erect nipples. I started to moan in pleasure, letting them know I enjoyed what they were doing to me.

I stroked their nice hard pricks faster and faster, I knew my young cousins were not going to last too much longer. My thoughts were right as they both began to moan louder and louder, soon they stopped fondling my tits as I watched their faces glaze over with pleasure. Justin moaned out to me, "Megan…I'm gonna cum." Jake then moaned, "Me too. Where can we cum?" I knew what he meant, was I going to let them cum all over me or what. I stroked their cocks faster before I answered him, "Do you want to cum all over me? Do you two want shoot your wads all over your hot cousins body? You can, if you want. I don't mind." After a couple more strokes I felt their pricks swell up and then they exploded. Huge wads of cum erupted out of both their pricks, it was thick, hot and very sticky as it splattered across my body. I aimed their cocks for my tits as their next spurts shot out of their piss slits. They watched with a glazed look on their faces as their cum shot out of their cocks and onto my tits. I did end up getting a fair amount of cum on both of my hands and arms, it felt so warm running down my arms. That was pretty much all I could get out of them, just a couple of huge spurts of cum but it was still a lot of cum! After they were done shooting their wads all over me, I just decided to give them another treat. I let go of their pricks, I got up on to my hands and knees facing Justin. I grabbed his prick, which was still erect, dripping some left over cum and I took his cock into my mouth, sucking hard to get out the remaining bits of cum. He let out the loudest moan ever, "Oh Megan!" I worked my mouth up and down his shaft a couple of times before letting it slide out of my mouth. I looked up at him and smiled, he had a shocked look on his face. Then I spun around and did the same to Jake. Of course a lot of their cum dripped off of my body and onto my towel.

Then I stood up, their remaining cum slowly ran down my body. They looked at me still shocked that their cocks just got sucked by their cousin. "Well, did you two have fun?" They both swallowed and said yes. Then they stood up, their cocks were partial erect, Justin asked me why I did that, I teased him and asked what he meant. He said, 'you know…what you did to our cocks…' I smiled as I grabbed my towel, "oh you mean sucking your cocks? Oh I don't know, I like sucking cocks and I just figured you both would like a little." Then I started to go inside, the two of them were still standing there, I turned around to face them, still topless, "Are you two just going to stand there all day?" Justin spoke up, "Sorry Megan…we are just…in shock with what you did. NOT that we are complaining." Jake added, "Um, are we…can we do anything else?" I gave them a small smile, several thoughts ran through my mind but I figured I would put them on the spot and ask them what they had in mind. At first they would not say, I noticed that they could not take their eyes off of my tits. I saw their cocks becoming erect again, Jake began to play with his cock a little bit before he got embarrassed when he noticed I was watching him and smiling. Finally I got them to beat around the bush on what they had in mind. They said how they enjoyed what I did at the end of jacking them off and they wanted to know if I would do more of that. I looked at them and said, "Oh so you want to know if I will give you both a blow job?" They just nodded yes. I thought for a moment, "Well let me think, I guess I could. I love sucking cock. Are you two going to tell anyone?" They both said no immediately. "Ok, well let's go inside. I'm going to clean myself off and I will meet you two in your rooms up stairs." They both gave me huge smiles and ran inside. I went to the downstairs bathroom, I cleaned off their cum, I put my top back on and then I went upstairs. I found them both in Justin’s' room, now with raging hard-ons.

I walked in, looked at both of them and then I asked who wanted to be first. Neither one said anything; they just looked at each other. So I looked at them and since Justin was sitting on the side of his bed I chose him first. "Justin, I think I will give you a blow job first." I walked over to him and grabbed his throbbing cock. "You have such a big cock Justin. Do you have a ruler in here, I am curious to see how big your cock is?" Jake grabbed a ruler and handed it me. I place my cousin’s prick on it, "Wow! 9 inches long!" I put the ruler down and began to stroke his cock. "Have you ever had a blow job Justin?" "No cousin Megan." "Mmm, well just sit there, I know you are going to love this." I stood in front of him and just bent over, taking as much of his cock into my mouth. He let out a loud moan as I slid his cock into my mouth and down my throat as far as I could. Then I began to slowly work my mouth up and down his hard, hot shaft. Justin began to rub his hands on my head and on my back; I could tell he was a bit nervous doing it. I ran my tongue all over his shaft, licking up his pre cum, I smiled at him to let him know he could touch me. Then he slowly ran his hands along my sides, slowly moving them to my tits. When he saw I did not protest, he began to fondle my tits through my top.

This whole situation turned out to be a set up by my Uncle Jeff and my Aunt Carol! They had come back and had quietly come back into the house without us hearing them. They made their way upstairs looking for us and of course found the three of us in Justin room. We had shut the door most of the way, just force of habit but they quietly opened the door far enough to watch what was going on.

(This part of the story is told from the aunt and uncles point of view). "Jeff you were right. We do have a dirty, horny, slutty niece. Just look at her sucking on our son's cock! I can't believe it; our own niece is giving her cousin a blow job and a very good one at that!" "I told you Carol, Megan is really slutty." We watched our niece sucking our older son's cock and we watched our son feeling up his niece. Then we watched Justin untie her top, Megan didn't protest, she helped him take her top off and now he really began to play with her tits and nipples. "Ooh, Megan has some really nice tits Jeff. Just look at those nipples! I wouldn't mind having some fun with our niece. What do you think Jeff?" "I bet Megan wouldn't mind. But what about our sons?" "Well, I have noticed Jake and Justin giving me those looks…I bet they might not mind but would you care if our sons…" "Nope Carol. If you are ok with it, so am I." "Oh look Jeff, I think Justin is going to cum." We watched and listened as our son began to moan loudly, he kept telling his cousin he was going to cum but she did not say anything, she kept sucking on his cock faster and faster. Then he let out a loud groan, he yelled out, 'I can't hold it Megan!' Then we watched him twitch as he blew his wad into her mouth! "Oh that is so nice! She is letting Justin cum in her mouth and look! She is swallowing!" "I know, look at how happy our son looks too!" We watched our niece swallow our son's load; she sucked him clean and licked off her lips. She asked our son if he liked that and he looked at her smiling away and said yes. Megan turned to our younger son Jake, "Now it’s your turn." He was sitting in Justin's desk chair. We saw her grab a ruler off of the floor and she measured our son's cock. We heard her say it was 8 and half inches. "Wow, our son's have big cocks!"

Then we heard our niece ask our son if this was his first blow job too, he said yes. We watched as Megan stayed on her knees and went to work on Jake's prick with her mouth and hand. "Jeff, when should we get involved?" "Not yet honey, let our son enjoy his first blow job." Carol reached over and felt her husband's raging hard on. "I see you are enjoying watching our niece suck off our sons. Don't worry; I will make sure you get your cock sucked too." Jake also fondled Megan's tits as she worked his cock like a pro. Jake did not last long at all, maybe five minutes at most. He started to squeal out loud that he was going to cum. Megan just kept bobbing her head up and down on his shaft, making loud sucking sounds. Then he moaned out, "Megan! I'm cumming!" He actually rose up a bit in his chair as he unloaded his wad into her mouth and down her throat. Once he was done that was our cue to change this scene. (The story now switches back to Megan's point of view.)

“So, this is what goes on when we are not around!" I was still on my knees in front of my cousin, his cock was still in my hand and I had some of his cum running down my chin. I whipped around as soon as I heard my aunt's voice. Jake and Justin yelled in scared shock, MOM! DAD! Uncle Jeff looked at them, "You boys don't go anywhere! I can't believe this, my own sons having their cocks sucked by their cousin!" I started to get up but my Aunt Carol stopped me. She pushed me back down on my knees, "So you like to suck family member’s cocks." She turned to my uncle Jeff, "Jeff, I think Megan needs to suck your cock too. Make her suck you dry." I couldn't believe it! My aunt wanted me to suck my uncle off, in front of their sons! My uncle smirked as he walked towards, unzipping his pants and pulling his erect cock out. I think my cousins were still in shock, not knowing what to do, so all they did was sit there and watched their father taking out his cock. He walked right up in front of me, his prick in his hand, "Come on Megan! Suck it! Be a good niece and suck my cock." My aunt placed her hands on my head and actually pushed me towards his prick. "Go on Megan, do what you uncle said, suck his cock."
I opened my mouth and my uncle slid his prick right into. He let out a moan of approval as I wrapped my lips around his prick and began to suck it. My aunt patted me on my head, "That's it Megan, suck him dry." My uncle placed his hands on my head and slowly began to fuck my mouth. My aunt got up and moved behind me, I felt her kneel down behind me. Then I felt her hands running up and down my back, "Mmm, you are so sexy Megan. I can understand why my sons would want you to suck their cocks and you did such a good job." Then she moved closer, whispering into my ear. "Thank you for giving my son's their first blow jobs. You made them so happy. I am glad you swallow cum. I want to watch you swallow all of your uncles cum now." As she whispered into my ear, her hands moved around to my tits! I couldn't believe it, my aunt was feeling me up and I actually loved it! Her touch was so different from that of my brother, father, uncles or cousins. With one hand she held her husbands cock for me, encouraging me to suck it, with her other hand she played with my nipples and fondled my tits. She complimented me on my tits and my nipples, she said how they are such a perfect size for my petite frame' she is taller with larger tits than me.

Then she let go of my uncles cock, she looked at her sons who were now intently watching their mom and dad pleasure their niece. "You boys don't mind if I suck on your cousins tits?" They both nodded no. I felt my pussy go wet the instant my aunt’s tongue flicked across my nipples. I never had my tits sucked by a woman, it was incredible, and she was so good at it. She ran her tongue all over my nipples, my areola and my tits. Then she moved back up to my ear. "Megan, I can taste cum on your tits! Did you let my son's cum on them early?" All I could do was moan a yes to her, as her husband was working his prick in and out of my mouth harder and faster.

My aunt went back caressing both of my tits as her husband kept fucking my mouth with his prick. Then I felt one of her hands run down my to my stomach, she played with the chain dangling from my belly button for a few moments. Then she moved her hand down to my pussy! This was the first time I ever had a woman feel my pussy, it was actually quite exciting. She rubbed my pussy through my bikini. Then she slid her hand down my thong and rubbed my clit! I let out a moan as best as I could considering I had my uncles cock in my mouth. She whispered into my ear, "You are so wet Megan." Then she said out loud, "Jeff, Megan's pussy is so wet." She turned to her sons, "Jake, Justin, you made your cousins pussy very wet you naughty boys." As she was talking to everyone she was playing with my clit with her thumb as she then inserted a couple of fingers into my pussy, slowly finger fucking me. I loved it! It was so different having a woman fondling my tits and playing with my pussy at the same time. My uncle moaned to my aunt. "Keep fingering Megan honey. She is really licking my cock and sucking on it really well now. I am gonna blow a nice large load into her mouth."

My uncle did not last much longer; soon his cock began to turn an even angrier red and swelled up. His balls were slapping against my chin as he groaned louder and louder. My aunt told him to cum, she wanted him to cum in my mouth. She knew him so well; she took her hand out of my thong and grabbed his cock just as he was ready to cum. My aunt jacked off my uncle, making him cum in my mouth. As his cocked erupted she kept whispering in my ear, 'take it all, and don’t spill a drop. Look at how happy you are making your uncle.' When my uncle had finished draining his prick into my mouth my aunt stood up, "You know Jeff I think Megan needs to get off now. Why don't you have a father son moment with Justin and Jake and teach them how to lick a woman’s pussy." She looked down at me, "I am sure our niece won't mind getting her pussy licked over and over again." I glanced around at everyone as I was still on my knees, my cousins looked thrilled at the chance to go down on me, my uncle was of course very pleased too. My aunt gently laid me down onto my back, resting my head on her lap. "I want you to watch as your uncle and then your cousins take turns eating out your nice pussy."

My uncle did not waste any time getting down between my legs and burying his face in my pussy. My aunt told her sons to sit down next to us and watch their father licking my pussy. I squirmed around as my uncle worked his tongue all over my pussy lips, thrusting his tongue into me and sucking on my clit. It really turned me on being used as a sex toy for my uncle, aunt and cousins. Jake and Justin watched their father eating me out. As this was going on my aunt kept massaging my tits as she encouraged her husband to eat me out good. I writhed around, moaning louder and louder as my uncle brought me closer to my orgasm. I began to thrust my hips into my uncles' face as I could no longer hold back on the intense pleasure he was giving to me orally. My aunt knew I was about to get off so she told her sons to watch me as I got off in their fathers' face. I let out a loud squeal, bucking my hips up and into my uncles' face as I was overcome by an intense orgasm. My body was covered in sweat as I kept thrusting and bucking my hips, rubbing my pussy in his face.

As soon as I was done getting off, my uncle got up from between my legs. He looked at his sons, "So are you boys ready to have a go at your cousin’s pussy?" they both nodded yes. My aunt looked at them and then said, "Justin, since you are the oldest you can go next. Get down there and eat your cousin out." I watched my cousin quickly move down between my legs. He buried his face in my pussy and began to lick my wet cunt lips. It was apparent this was his first time to ever lick a pussy. That made it even more pleasurable in an odd way as I was taking his innocence. His mom and dad kept telling him what to do to my pussy and the more I moaned in pleasure, the more my aunt and uncle encouraged him to keep licking at my pussy.

As Justin licked my pussy and clit, my aunt told my uncle and cousin to suck on my tits. They both got down on the floor, each one taking one of my tits into their mouths and they began sucking on them, father and son enjoying a lust filled moment. "Megan, you are such a good niece, letting the men in my family pleasure themselves with your body." my aunt said to me as she held my head in her lap. Soon I was grinding my hips and pussy into Justin's face as all three of them brought me to an incredible orgasm. Before I had even recovered Jake and Justin switched places. Jake just went wild licking my pussy; he kept licking me like it was an ice cream cone. He had no idea what he was doing, he just loved the taste of my pussy and making me moan and squirm all over. "Look honey, Jake is a young pussy man." Aunt Carol said to my uncle. Again between all three of them pleasuring me, I didn't last long before I was having another orgasm in my young cousin's face. He kept lapping up my pussy juice as I orgasmed which ended up making me have multiple orgasms. My aunt told them to get off my body for a moment. "Ok Megan, why don't you go lay down on the bed for me." I got up and laid down on the bed on my back. I didn't know what she had in mind but I was really excited to find out. My uncle and my cousins all had raging erections! My aunt turned to them, "Do you guys mind if I take a turn at Megan's pussy?" They all yelled out, "Do it!" My aunt moved over to the bed, she bent over between my legs.

I looked at her, shocked and excited, this was the first time I ever had a woman pleasure me. My aunt could tell, as she flicked her tongue across my clit. Then she began to lick my pussy and suck on my clit in a very sensual manner. It was such a strange experience and feeling, much different then when I guy goes down on me. I let out a squeal as she really began to pleasure me. I looked and saw Justin, Jake and my uncle watching us and jacking off! My aunt turned to them, "No don't waste your cum like that! Just have some fun with Megan while I enjoy her. Justin, Jake I think you need to suck on your cousins' tits. Jeff, I know you want your cock in her mouth again. Make her suck your nice cock but don’t cum." They rushed me; Jake and Justin wilding licked my nipples, fondled my tits and sucked on them. My uncle knelt by my head, grabbing a fist full of hair he pulled my head and mouth up to his prick and rammed it into my mouth with his other hand. He held my head as he slowly fucked my mouth. I was moaning and squirming all over the bed. I could not believe how pleasurable this was and how horny it was making me as I was being ravaged by a whole family!

My aunt really knew how to eat me out! She knew exactly what felt great and what would make me orgasm the quickest. My aunt got me off in record time! When she rose up from between my legs I could tell she enjoyed the sight of her sons sucking on my tits and her husband working his hard prick in and out of my mouth. She looked at everyone and then said, "Honey, why don't you go get the video camera." My uncle smiled wickedly at her, "What do you have in mind Carol?" "I was thinking our sons would love to loose their virginity to Megan and would probably like to have a video of them fucking her." Both of my cousins let out a happy cheer as they said they wanted to fuck me. My uncle pulled his cock out of my mouth and rushed out of the room to grab their camera. Meanwhile my aunt decided who would get to fuck me first. She looked at her son's, "Hmmm, Jake, I think you should fuck your cousin first." She motioned him to stand between my legs. She grabbed his thick, large piece of meat, Jake let out a moan as his mom held his cock. She rubbed his huge cock head on my pussy lips, coating them with his pre cum; he moaned and I could tell how horny he was becoming in anticipation of fucking a woman for the first time.

My uncle came back and instantly began to film his 15 year old son getting ready to loose his virginity. My aunt slapped his meat on my clit, "Megan, have you ever been fucked by such a large cock?' "No, I have never had a cock that big in me." "Good, then you both will enjoy this!" She placed his cock head between my pussy lips, "Ok Jake, push your cock inside of your cousin and enjoy your first fuck." He slid his huge cock into me, we both moaned, almost screamed in delight. His huge cock felt so good in side of me, especially as it spread my pussy lips apart. My aunt stood up, "Ok now fuck her. Yes that’s it Jake, fuck her anyway you want." My cousin went wild, like I had never experienced before! He fucked me so hard and fast, his cock was so big it continuously stimulated my G-spot. I couldn't hold back my pleasure, "Jake, fuck me! Fuck me with that big cock of yours! Oh god yes! Fuck me hard and fast!"

I must have looked like the worlds biggest slut as writhed around on the bed, moaning, yelling out sex crazed encouragement to my 15 year old cousin as he gave me one incredible fuck. His mom was so happy at how he was fucking me. His brother started to hiss, "Yeah that's it Jake, fuck Megan! Give it to that slut cousin of ours!" My uncle kept moving around, getting different angles of his son fucking me, he spoke up too, "You are doing good son. Look at how you are making moan and squirm. Blow your load in her pussy." "Yeah! Cum inside of Megan!" Justin then said. My aunt then put her hands on shoulders as Jake slammed his cock into me again and again, "You can cum in her pussy. Blow your wad into her nice, wet, hot, tight pussy." With several more strokes of his cock in and out of my pussy I felt him tense up. Then my cousin let out a scream, "I'm cumming, oh god…oh it feels so good…I gonna cum Megan!" I felt his prick unload his cum wad into me. I could feel every spasm of prick as each spurt pumped into my pussy.

When he finished cumming inside of me, he pulled his cock out and he looked so happy. My uncle said, "Alright Jake, you are no longer a virgin." My aunt, looked at me, "Megan, you did so good taking my son's virginity. Ok Justin, it's your turn." Justin rushed my pussy with his cock in his hand; I knew his prick was even longer than his brother's. He wasted no time in driving his long cock into me. "Oh yes! MOM! DAD! Her pussy feels so good!" "FUCK HER JUSTIN! FUCK MEGAN GOOD!" My uncle yelled at his son as he kept filming. I almost felt like I would split in half as Justin slammed his huge prick into me over and over again. At first I could hardly moan, I just looked down at his huge piece of meat disappearing into my pussy. I squirmed all over the bed, arching my back, squealing and moaning as loud as I could. I realized I was begging my own 16 year old cousin to fuck me! As he fucked me, he kept saying how tight, wet and hot my pussy felt. The look on his face was like none I had ever seen before, it was a combination of lust and pure enjoyment being this was his first time!

Justin held me by my waist as fucked me harder and faster. "Shit Carol! Look at how he is giving it to Megan!" "Mmm, I am kind of jealous of Megan, getting all this cock!" my aunt added. Then Justin yelled out, "Can I cum in her pussy?" I moaned out, "Oh yes…cum…I want to feel your cock spurting out cum inside of me!" My aunt smiled at me, "You are such a great, slutty niece. You are doing a great job making my son’s happy. You can cum in your cousins' pussy all you want." Within one or two thrusts of his prick, he exploded. Justin's cum load was even larger than his brothers. He ejaculated only two or three times but I could tell they were huge, HUGE spurts of cum! He removed his prick from my pussy, Jake said, "Wasn't that fucking great? I wanna fuck Megan every day!" "Wow Megan, you have made our son's so horny. Now they are going to want pussy every day." my aunt said.

Then my aunt turned to my uncle. "Do you want to fuck our niece?" My uncle put the camera down, "Yeah! I want to give her a good fuck too!" Then my aunt said, "I will let you fuck her, as long as she eats my pussy. Jake, Justin, you don't mind if I get naked and have your cousin lick my pussy." My cousins did not know what to say to their mom. Then my uncle said, "It is ok boys if you want to see your mom naked." then they said, "go ahead mom. We want to watch Megan go down on you." We all watched as she stood up and quickly took off her pants, revealing a very sexy thong. My aunt quickly removed that too, showing off a very nicely shaved pussy. My aunt actually had a great body for being in her mid 40's, it was apparent she kept in shape. She got up on the bed, spreading her legs for me. "Megan sweetie, have you ever gone down on a woman before?" "No Aunt Carol." I blushed, "this will be my first time." She smiled, "Mmm, good, just eat me out the way you love to get your sweet, young pussy licked." Her son's just stared at their mom's shaved pussy, enjoying the sight.

My uncle moved behind me as I stood at the edge of the bed, between my aunts’ legs. He placed on hand on my shoulder, bending me over at my waist; my aunt placed her hands on my head guiding me down to her pussy. My uncle inserted his cock into my pussy; I let out a moan just as my mouth reached my aunts' twat. I took my first taste as my uncle slowed began to fuck me from behind. She tasted good! I did just as she had told me; I began to lick her clit and pussy lips just as I would want mine licked. I alternated between licking her and sucking on her clit. She moaned with approval, as my uncle moaned too with each driving thrust of his cock into me. "Do you like fucking Megan? How is that young, tight pussy of hers?" He said, "I could fuck her every day too! This is some great pussy our niece has." As my uncle pounded his cock into me, it rammed my face and tongue into my aunt, which made my jerk around as well.

As I ate out my aunt, her sons just stood there watching their father fucking me and me eating out their mom; their cocks hardened with approval. Suddenly my aunt Carol started to unbutton her blouse! Uncle Jeff said, "Are you going to show us your big tits Carol? I bet our son's are going to like those!" She just nodded yes, as she undid her last button, letting her shirt fall open revealing a pair of very large, real tits; she had no bra on! I heard Jake and Justin let out a loud, 'oh shit! Mom’s tits are fucking huge!" She played with her tits and nipples as they shook around with each thrust of her husbands cock into my pussy. "They are 38D boys. Why don't you come and get a closer look." Both Justin and Jake got up on the bed in flash, sitting on each side of her. Then my uncle moaned, as he began to fuck me harder now, "Suck them! Suck on your mom's tits!" They didn't hesitate at all, I watched as my cousins took hold of their mom's tits and began lavish them with lustful licks before sucking on her tits. I could tell my aunt really liked it as I tasted a steady flow now of her sweet pussy juice. I lapped at her pussy faster, digging my tongue into her hot pussy, sucking hard on her clit. I watched her reach between her son's legs and I could tell she was now jacking them off! All of us were moaning, in our taboo fuck fest; it was a race now as to who would get off first.

My uncle was fucking me with wild lust as his sons were going wild playing with their mom's tits. I had a front row seat to watching them pleasuring their mom as I licked her sweet pussy while getting a nice hard fuck from my uncle. My uncle and I almost came at the same time. My uncle was the first to get off. He slammed his cock into, "Carol! I'm gonna fucking cum in Megan's pussy!" She moaned back, "Do it honey. Give her all of your cum and let me suck you clean when you are done!" My uncle moaned, rubbing my ass, as he began to pump his cum load into me, mixing his seed with his son's. Thrust after thrust brought another spurt of his jizm into me. I counted about six spurts of his cum and at that point I moaned out loud as my pussy tightened up on his cock and I came. I couldn't keep licking my aunt’s pussy as I rested my face on her pussy, moaning "Keep cumming Uncle Jeff…more cum…Yes….more cum!" When he finished he pulled his cock out of me. He pushed my head back down on to my aunt’s pussy, "Finish off your aunt." Then he got up on the bed, knelt down by Aunt Carol's head and she happily gobbled up his cock, sucking every drop of cum out of it. She moaned as I watched her running her tongue all over his shaft, "Oh god, I can taste Megan, your cum and our son's cum on your cock!" She wrapped her legs around my head, so I knew she was about to orgasm and sure enough, she did.

I watched my aunt throw her head back as she moaned loudly, I tasted her sweetness run out of her pussy and onto my tongue. I thought to myself how I could really get used to eating out women. I could see by her arm motions that she was quickly stroking her son’s pricks. They suddenly sat up, Jake said, "MOM! I'm gonna cum! “Justin then moaned, "ME TO MOM!" She just kept stroking their pricks; I knew she was going to let them cum all over her. My uncle, their father, keeping his prick in her mouth yelled at them, "Cum all over your mother! Cum all over her tits! She fucking loves cum all over her!" They grabbed their own pricks and stroked themselves off. I watched my aunt hold her tits together for her sons as she kept sucking on her husbands' cock. They both let out moans as their hot, white, sticky cum erupted from their huge cocks. They did their best to cum all over their mom's tits, but since they had gotten off so much already they did not have too much cum left in them.

But it was enough for everyone. Their father watched with approval, "Yeah that's it, cum all over your mom's tits!" She moaned with delight, I could tell Justin and Jake loved getting off on their mom's huge tits. When they were done uncle Jeff took his prick out of her mouth, "Why don't you suck our son's dry." She spun around, grabbed their cocks as they stood up and boy did she suck them dry! I could tell my aunt loves big cocks the way she swallowed down her own son's pricks. When she was done, she got off the bed and took me in her arms. Then she rubbed her huge tits on mine, sharing Justin and Jakes cum. Then, without saying a word, we took turns licking the cum off. I licked the cum off of my aunts tits, then she licked her son's cum off of mine.

I looked at the time and said I had to get going. I asked them not to tell anyone what I did, acting like I was the only one who did anything wrong. My aunt smiled at me, "Of course we won't tell anyone, as long as you come over here every week. You are going to be our families fuck toy." She turned to Uncle Jeff, Cousin Jake and Justin. "Any time you want to fuck Megan, go right ahead.” She looked at her husband, "I don't care if you want to fuck our niece or have her suck your cock." She then looked at her son's, "I know you boys are young and very horny. When your cousin Megan comes over, you can fuck her as much as your horny cocks want to. Don't be afraid if we are home or not; just give her the fucking your cousin deserves." Then my uncle said to Jake and Justin, “That goes the same for your mom.”

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