Megan Pt. 7

Megan Pt. 7

I met my sister Megan for lunch. We decided to meet at a fast food restaurant, towards the end of lunch hour. Megan showed up looking hot! Guys were turning around and just staring at my sister. She was wearing a pair of very low rise jeans. It was apparent she was not wearing anything underneath them. They were very tight, riding very low in the front. She had on this off the shoulder, white halter top. It was cut to about mid abdomen so she was showing off her tan stomach; about 6 to 8 inches from her pants to her top were showing. You could see through the top and anyone could clearly see her bra. Her tits looked so good in that top. I got an erection the moment I saw my sister get out of her car. She also and highlighted her hair so now she was blonde with some brown hair.

The whole time we ate I could not keep my eyes off of her tits. Megan would bend over to tease me by letting me look down her top. She would play with her bra, adjusting it to see if I was watching. She got up a couple of times, her pants made her ass look so good, my mouth actually started to water from the lust I was feeling for my sister. When we were done Megan asked me what I wanted to do. I leaned in close to her to respond. "I want to fuck you sis. That outfit you are wearing is hot! I have had a hard on all during lunch." She smiled at me, "That's why I wore this Lex. I wanted to make you horny. Do you want to fuck me or would you like a blow job?" "How about both Megan?" "I don't care Lex. You know you can do whatever you want to me. I am your little slutty sister after all."

She smiled again at me, as she did she reached under the table and grabbed my crotch. "Mmm you are hard Lex. It is nice to know I can make my brother that hard. I'll bet you really need to cum to get rid of that erection." I just nodded yes. My sister grabbed my hand and pulled me up, I figured we were going to go back to my place or to her dorm room to fuck or maybe we would just drive somewhere close and she would get me off. My sisters' sexual appetite, her slutiness surprised me that day. We started to leave going out the back door when we walked by the restrooms my sister grabbed my hand hard and pulled me into the men's room! Nobody was in there as my sister pulled me to back towards the bathroom stalls.

She took my hands and put them right on her tits. "Come on Lex. I know you have wanted to play with my tits. You have been looking at them the entire time we have been having lunch." I smiled wickedly at my sister; I yanked her shirt and bra down. I grabbed her tits, squeezed and then bent my head down to her erect, hard nipples. I licked each of her nipples before sucking hard on her tits. Megan let out a loud moan as I squeezed her tits, while licking and sucking on my sisters’ nipples. She ran her hands through my hair, holding me at her tits. Then she pushed me away before I could say a word my sister dropped to her knees in front of me! She undid my pants and pulled my hard cock out of my pants, pre cum dripped from my cock head onto her fingers.

"Are you serious Megan? You are going to give me a blow job right here?!" My sister ran her tongue lightly up from my balls, along the underside of my prick up to my prick head. I watched her lick my pre cum. Then she placed her lips on the underside of my cock head and lightly sucked on it. I let out a moan of such pleasure as I looked down at my sister pleasuring my shaft with her mouth. Then she slowly stroked my cock and looked up at me, "Yes. I want to suck you off right here, right now." I responded, "But Megan, what if someone walks in. don't you want to at least go into a stall, hide on the seat and give me a blow job?" She slid my cock all the way into her mouth and slowly allowed it to slide out. "No! I want guys to walk in and see me sucking you off! I will suck them off too! I know you like watching me, you love watching you sister sucking cocks and swallowing cum." I couldn't disagree with her; I did love watching my sister sucking other guys cocks and getting fucked.

I held my cock and said to my sister, "Go on Megan. Suck my cock." My sister went right to work on my erect cock. She held my throbbing prick at the base, slowly sliding it into her mouth. Her wet tongue snaked all over my shaft as she wrapped her sexy lips around my girth. Megan sucked on my prick as hard as she could, licking my cock before slowly sliding it out of her mouth. I just looked down at my hot sister on her knees with my cock in her mouth, moaning at every flick of her tongue on my cock. I placed my hands on my sisters’ head, lightly working her head back and forth on my cock. After a few minutes I grabbed a hand full of her blonde hair as I began to fuck her mouth. Deep in my mind I had two thoughts, one was how much I wanted to blow my wad into Megan's mouth and the other thought was that someone would walk in on us so I could watch my sister suck off another guy.

Almost right on cue a guy walked into the restroom. He stopped in his tracks when he saw me standing there getting a blow job. I looked at him and then down at my sister. "Megan, looks like you have another cock to suck." I saw this guy get an erection. Megan pulled my cock out of her mouth; a long sting of saliva and pre cum went from my cock head to her lips. My sister looked at the guy, who was clearly looking at her exposed tits, "If you want, I will suck your cock as soon as I am done with my brothers." This guy didn't say a word, he moved up close to us and pulled his hard cock out and held it out for my sister to suck. Megan looked up at me for approval and then leaned over and gave this guy a couple of long, slow sucks on his cock. At that point another guy came in, saw my sister sucking my cock and this guy's and then turned around and left. A few moments later that guy came back in with a buddy. One of them said, "Great bathroom! Free blowjobs?" I looked at him, "Yeah, Megan loves sucking cock! My sister is the best at giving head!" the other guy spoke up, "No shit this is your sister?" I just nodded yes as I began to concentrate on getting ready to blow my wad into her mouth. Then he said, "You are fucking lucky man, to have a sister who will suck anyone's cock."

Just as he finished saying that a couple of my sisters younger friends, who were now seniors in high school walked in, saw Megan, recognized her, me and instantly pulled their pricks out. I was getting closer to cumming, as I listened to the group that was filling the room, talking about my sister, how hot she was her tits and how big of slut she was. I said someone needed to suck on Megan's tits. Her high school friends stepped right up. They got down on their knees, grabbed her tits, "We have wanted to do this for so long Megan." With that they began to fondle and suck her tits. My sister moaned out loud with delight. My sister reached out with her hands and began to jack them off as she sucked my cock and they were sucking on her tits. I was concentrating so hard on watching my sister sucking my cock I did not notice how much of crowd was forming in the restroom. I heard several of the guys discussing whether or not my sister Megan swallowed or not. What I heard through my lustful haze was that the consensus the guys had was she had to swallow, a slut like her doing this just had to. I could feel my load building up in my prick and I smiled to myself knowing I would show all these guys how much sister loved to swallow cum.

I grabbed Megan's head thrusting my hard shaft in and out of her mouth faster and faster. I began to moan under my breath 'I'm gonna cum Megan! Keep sucking my fucking cock! I gonna cum right in your sweet little mouth!' Now the guys circled around us, I glanced around to see that everyone had their cocks out and they were slowly jacking off, waiting their turn at my sisters' mouth. All the guys began to tell me to do it, to cum in my sisters’ mouth. Well, I did not disappoint, I let a loud groan, "Open wide Megan!" I wanted all the guys to watch my sister swallow my load, so I pulled my cock out of her mouth, gave it a few strokes and unleashed my huge cum load into her waiting mouth. All of us watched my sister stick her tongue for me as spurt after spurt of my cum flew into her mouth and onto her tongue. My sisters' eyes sparkled as emptied my prick into her mouth. The guys loved this scene, knowing that they would have their turn, spewing out their hot wads into her mouth. Megan was great; she knew what the guys all wanted. She held all of my cum in her mouth until I was done; then she swallowed the mouthful of cum. We all watched as my sister tilted her head back, swallowing my seed. Some of cum sneaked out of the corners of her mouth, she wiped that up and licked her fingers off.

I reached down and pulled my sisters' shirt and bra off and placed them over a stall. "We don't want to get cum all over them." I said to Megan. Then I looked around and saw that there were nine guys waiting for their turn, I looked at my sister again, "Sure looks like you are going to get a lot of cum sis." I stepped back and surveyed the group of horny guys of all ages waiting for my sister to go to work on their pricks. "Ok guys, have fun with my cock sucking sister Megan." I watched them swarm around her, like ants swarming all over a piece of food on the ground. Guys were shoving their pricks into her face and mouth. I watched my sister stroking cocks as she did her best to satisfy everyone; going from cock to cock sucking and licking them. At one point I saw her with two cocks in her tiny mouth! One guy looked at his watch, 'Shit! I have to get back to work.' My sister was busy sucking on another prick, I saw glance at him, this guy in a business suit looking at his gold watch. She grabbed his prick and jacked him off; allowing him to just blow his load across her face! After he had sent his wad across Megan's face he patted her on her head, "That's a good slut." He looked at me and said, "You have a great sister, a great slut." Then he left.

After awhile one of the managers walked in on this scene. He stopped in his tracks when he saw my sister on her knees, topless, surrounded by several guys with their cocks out and me standing off to the side slowly stroking my cock as I watched. He didn't say a word he just unzipped his pants and approached my sister. Megan licked his prick to a nice hard erection and then proceeded to give him a great blow job. He stood their with his hands on his hips looking down at my sister as she sucked him off. Soon he grunted as he emptied salty wad into her mouth. Everyone watched as he pumped his load down her throat, my sister swallowing each spurt of cum. He pulled his cock out of her mouth, zipped up and then said, "Who is in charge of this?" "I guess I am, my sister Megan wanted to suck me off and it just went from there." He looked a bit shocked, then smiled, "Your sister huh? Well, you guys just better keep it quiet in here." then he just turned around and left.

Soon afterwards another employee walked in, a black guy. I thought to myself how great this was going to be. I loved watching my sister sucking guys off and now a black guy, I hoped he had a huge cock. "Can I get my cock sucked?" he asked. I told him he would have to ask my sister. At that moment she was receiving another load of cum into her mouth from one of her high school friends. She swallowed down his wad and looked up at him, "I have never sucked a black cock before." He undid his pants, letting them drop to the floor and showing us a huge cock! "Good, I never had a white guy suck my cock." My sisters' eyes bugged out as he approached her with his huge prick, 12 inches and thick. To my surprise, the other guys loved this too! My sister grabbed his huge piece of meat and took as much as she could into her mouth. We could see her lips stretch as she took him. I thought I would cum just watching my sister suck on this huge black cock. She worked his prick as best she could and he appreciated every second of it. "Oh yeah, shit, your sister is fucking great cock sucker!" Megan licked his prick, his balls, sucked on his cock head his balls as well. I couldn't wait to see him cum in my sister mouth! I hoped he would unleash a huge volume of his seed equal to the size of his cock.

Who knew how long my sister worked his huge prick, who really cares, all of us loved watching her working this 12 inch piece of meat. He began to moan and then began to stroke the part of his shaft my sister couldn't get into her mouth. Then he said groaned, 'oh yes bitch, I'm gonna cum!' Without thinking, I said out loud, "Do it! Cum in my sisters mouth! Blow your cum on her face!" Then the other guys joined in and in a low chant encouraged him to cum in her mouth and to cum on her face. He pulled his massive cock out of her mouth, jacking himself off he yelled at my sister, "Open your fucking little mouth! Wider! Wider you slut! Stick you tongue out!" His cock was like a garden hose as cum spurted out of it! Into my sisters mouth and all over her face! Huge, almost continuous spurts of very thick, white cum squirted out his huge black hose and all over Megan's tongue, into her mouth and across her face. What a sight! We all loved it! He kept cumming for what seemed like minutes, when he was done he made my sister suck his cock dry. "Damn, I have never cumm'd that much! Look at how much you made me cum you little slut!" I told my sister to wipe her face off with is cock and swallow all of his cum; which she did like a good cum slut.

I had a raging hard on now! As my sister wiped her lips clean of cum I grabbed her and pulled her up to her feet. At first Megan looked at me like she did something wrong, the group of guys in the bathroom waiting to get their cocks sucked also looked confused. "Sorry guys but my sister is making me so fucking horny. I gotta have some more of her." With that I reached down, undid her jeans and with her help I pulled them off and tossed them over the bathroom stall where here shirt and bra were hanging. Now my sister was standing naked in front of all of these lust filled guys. We enjoyed taking in my sisters’ nice tan body, her great ass and her shaved pussy. Her high school friends moved in and began to fondle Megan, grabbing her ass her, her tits, fingering her tight pussy. The first guy said out loud how tight and wet my sister was. I told them to finger her ass too, which several of them did. For the next ten minutes I watched as all the guys in bathroom felt up my sister, fingering her, sucking on her tits, kissing her ass, I saw a couple take turns licking her ass and everyone, including me, took a long taste of her sweet pussy. We got my sister off at least once. Then I couldn't take it any more, I had to fuck my sister and I knew all those guys there would want to fuck her too.

I took Megan by the hand and lead her to the back stall, the handicapped stall since it was the roomiest. I turned to the large group of guys, "I'm going to fuck my sister. If you guys want to watch, come on back here." One of her high school buddies asked me if they could fuck Megan when I was done. I said of course, I wanted to watch Megan get fucked over and over again. I sat down on the toilet, I turned my sister around so she was facing the guys and her ass was facing me. I held my cock in one hand and rubbed her ass with my other. "Come on Megan, sit down on my cock. I want to feel your pussy lips around my prick." My sister straddled my body, impaling herself on my happy cock. She kept her legs spread wide so all the guys could watch her brother's cock slid up into her. We both let out moans as her pussy swallowed my throbbing shaft. She began to ride up and down on my prick, the guys enjoying the sight of her tits bouncing up and down, knowing that they would have their turn at her. I grabbed Megan by her tits and pulled her backwards so all the guys could get a really great look at my cock going in and out of my sisters’ pussy. I knew my cock was glistening in the light from her pussy juice. My cock popped out several times but my sister quickly grabbed it and inserted back into her tight pussy. Guys were mumbling for me to keep fucking her, to keep fucking my slut of a sister. She and I were moaning in such erotic, taboo delight. After awhile I pushed Megan back up and I told her turn around.

My sister got up off of my cock, turned around; grabbing my cock she slid it back into her hot pussy where I wanted it. I pulled Megan down to me again so I could suck on her tits as she bucked her hips up and down on my cock. I loved sucking my sisters’ tits as we fucked. I ran my hands over ass, fingering her crack and then I decided to let someone join in. I stopped sucking on her tits for a moment; I looked at one of her high school friends who had spent a lot of time licking her ass. "Hey, do you want to fuck Megan up the ass?" He didn't say no! I pulled my sisters' ass cheeks apart as he held his cock and slid it into her tight asshole. My sister let out a loud moan as he grabbed her by the hair, pulled her head back and began to fuck her like a wild man. I knew he was now living out his sexual fantasy with my sister.

I felt something wasn't right as fucked Megan and sucked on her tits, listening to her moan as my cock slid in and out of her tight pussy and her friends cock hammered her asshole. Then it hit me, she needed to have all of her holes filled with cock. I yelled out, "Hey does anyone want a blow job? Get over here and get your prick in her mouth." I went back to fondling and sucking her tits when out of the corner of my eye I saw a body stand next to us. I saw Megan's head turn to the side; I glanced up to see a nice hard cock going into my sisters’ mouth. Now all she could do was moan softly due to having a nice prick pounding in and out of her mouth. It was almost a race between the three of us to see who would blow their wad first into Megan. I could tell my sister was really enjoying getting gang banged, judging by how much she was wiggling around, moaning and how incredibly wet her pussy was. She had her orgasm before any of us, when her pussy tightened up and began to milk my cock, I thought I would cum right then but I wanted to hold out as long as I could. She gave off a muffled squeal as her orgasm raced through her body.

The guy getting his cock sucked was the first to cum. He moaned out, "OH FUCK! I'M CUMMING!" I looked up and watched his body jerking around as he sent surge after surge of his hot cum into my sisters' mouth and down her throat. I watched Megan's throat as she swallowed his entire load without spilling a drop. He pulled his prick out of her mouth, she spun her head around to look at her friend pounding her great tan ass with his prick, "Cum in my ass! I know you want to! I want to feel you cum in my ass!" He did not let Megan down as within a minute he grabbed my sister by her hips, ramming his cock hard into her asshole he said out loud, "Here you go you slut! You want me to cum up your ass, take this Megan!" I could feel his cock pumping his load into her tight ass. He fucked her ass and deposited a good sized load of his seed into her, with Megan moaning with each spurt of his cum into her. He pulled his cock out of her ass and I had a feeling he jacked off his last spurt across her great ass, who wouldn't! Then it was my turn as my sister sat straight up and impaled herself up and down on my shaft. I felt my load build up and then erupt deep into her pussy. I grabbed her tits as pumped my cum load into my sister. It was one of my biggest wads ever! I loved the feeling as every spurt of jizm left my prick and went into her hot, tight wet pussy.

Megan slowly climbed off of me to let me get up from the toilet. I saw the small bit of cum her high school friend had left on her ass. I looked at all the guys, from teenagers to older men, stroking their pricks, with such pure animal lust in their eyes. I knew they all wanted their turn with my sister. "Ok guys, have fun with Megan!" I stood back and watched the mad rush as guys nearly fought for their turn with Megan. I noticed that guys who had time to stay around had my sister suck their cocks first, knowing they would be around to fuck her.

The next two guys bent Megan over, one had his cock in her mouth the other guy tried out her asshole then her pussy, deciding to fuck her pussy. They had their way with her, each blowing their wads into Megan. The next guys were more of my sisters’ high school buddies. One sat down on the toilet, sitting my sister down on his cock, right up her ass, he bent her backwards so his friend could enter her pussy. The third guy nearly climbed up the toilet to get his cock into her mouth. We watched these three horny guys fuck the shit out of my sister, her tits bounced in an almost hypnotic fashion. They all took turns fondling Megan's tits, pinching her nipples and pulling on them. The guy fucking her ass came really quickly, he really loved fucking my sisters' ass. The guy fucking her pussy was next, he let out a groan and began blow his wad into my sister's cunt, as he screamed out, 'I'm gonna fill your tight cunt! I'm gonna fill it with my cum Megan!" Then he pulled out his cock, some guys yelled out, 'Cum over her! Cum all over her!" He jacked off the remaining load of cum out his prick and all over my sister, cumming on her stomach and on her tits. The guy getting his cock sucked pulled his prick out of her mouth when he was ready to cum. My sister opened her mouth as he now stood up on the toilet, balancing himself with one hand against the wall. He jacked off, cumming intentionally all over Megan's face, into her mouth, across her throat, tits and body. The guys went wild as he had a huge cum load to work out of prick. My sister looked so hot with cum dripping from her mouth and chin, running down her neck, on her tits and her stomach.

I thought to myself, 'what a hot, slutty sister I have.' Now the next group of guys took their turn with Megan. I stood back to let the other guys get 'into line' to have their fuck or suck with my sister. I wondered if Megan had really thought this out, if she really knew that she was going to get fucked this much and have this many cocks to suck. Of course I don't think she noticed that some of the guys were using their cell phones to call friends, spreading the word. Her high school friends sure were calling every guy they knew, telling them what was going on, who it was and where. I know a couple took pictures and sent them to prove they weren't lying.

Then I saw my black friend come back in with two buddies of his, he smiled at me. "Since everyone liked watching your sister suck my big black cock, I called a couple of friends who are packing huge cocks too. I see you moved to the stall now." I smiled wickedly at him; he didn't realize we were fucking my sister now! The thought of his huge cock splitting my sister's pussy wide made my cock hard again. "Yeah, I had to fuck Megan. Now everybody is taking their turn fucking her mouth, fucking her tight pussy and her great ass." They smiled back, "None of us have fucked a hot white chick before. So she likes it up the ass." I let them peak around the stall door to look at my naked sister. They all let woo's, then they said, 'shit, I'm gonna love fucking that ass.' 'Yeah, her pussy is gonna look great with my huge cock in it too.' Once this group of guys got done with Megan; done in blowing their wads of cum into her ass, pussy and mouth as well as cumming across her tits too I had something to say.

I spoke up, "Hey guys, I got a treat for my sister. I can't wait to see this." One of the black guys stepped into the stall, his huge cock fully erect. My sister's eyes bugged out as he moved towards her. She sat down on the toilet; she knew what was coming so she spread her legs wide. This guy looked at my sister who couldn't take her eyes off the massive piece of meat she was about to take inside of her. He pressed the head of his gigantic prick in-between her pussy lips. Then he drove it his cock into her pussy. He let out a loud moan, 'OH FUCK! WHAT TIGHT CUNT!" My sister tried to scream out loud as her pussy stretched to it limits as he pushed his pipe further and further into her pussy but the pain and pleasure was so intense she couldn't let a sound out. We watched him force his cock in as far as he could then the pulled it out and slowly began to fuck Megan. Megan looked in shock as this huge, 13 inch cock, almost as round as a coke can disappear into her tight pussy. As he pulled his cock out, the suction actually pulled cum out of her pussy! We all watched intently as this black guy fucked my sister with his huge cock, what a great sight! Then this man came in and asked what was going on, he looked around the stall door, saw what was going on and looked at me. "Who is that?" "That's my sister Megan." He looked at me, "Your sister? No shit?" "She wanted to give me a blow job in here and didn't care if anyone caught us. Well, things have just escalated from then. I have no idea how long we have been in here. My sister seems to be enjoying her slutty self." He didn't say a word, he just left, which had me worried a bit. I went back to watching this guy fucking Megan even faster with his huge, throbbing shaft.

The guy came back in with this older, very attractive blonde woman with huge tits; both of them in business suits. He asked if they could join in, I smiled and said they would have to ask the group. They worked their way into the stall, guys moved out of the way when they saw this big tit woman come in there. They spoke up, "My wife and I are swingers. We have always wanted to get involved in gang bang. One where my wife gets fucked by a whole bunch of guys. We also always wanted to watch a brother and sister fuck. Do you guys mind if we join in?" At this point the black guy had stopped fucking my sister. The guys all said no, and then said lets see your tits. This woman ignored them and went right to my sister. She gave her a hot kiss on the lips, while fondling her cum covered tits! She licked the cum off of my sisters' face, while doing so she told the black guy to keep fucking Megan. "Don't stop fucking her with your huge cock! A hot, sexy young woman like this needs to get fucked all the time!" she said. He went right back to fucking my sister good and hard.

Her husband told her to take her top off so the guys could see her tits. She did and oh fuck! She had double D tits! Then she went wild licking the cum off of my sister! We loved watching this hot older woman running her tongue and lips all over my sister, sucking and licking cum off of her neck, stomach and tits! Megan, to my pleasant surprise, fondled her tits as her own were being sucked! Then the woman offered her tits to Megan and my sister grabbed them and began to suck on them! That drove everybody wild! The woman reached down, rubbing my sisters' clit as the black guy fucked her faster and faster. He finally got to his point of releasing his load. He let everyone know he was going to cum.

The woman pulled her tits away from my sisters' mouth and moved down to her legs, she dropped to her knees next to the guy. She reached out, stroking his huge black cock, making him cum faster. "That's it; fuck her with your huge monster cock! I want you to cum inside of her sweet little pussy, cum all over her but save some for me!" He did just that, he groaned out loud as the woman kept stroking his prick, we all knew he was sending spurts of his seed into her pussy. Then he pulled out and the woman stroked him off, he sent this huge spurt of white cum splattering across my sister's tits; we were all impressed with the force it erupted with. Then he turned to face this woman, "Suck it you slut!" She opened her mouth, still jacking him off. Cum blew out of his long, thick black cock, landing on her tits before hitting the mark in her mouth. She sucked his chocolate cock dry. Then she licked up his cum off of Megan's body, cum was now dripping out of my sister's pussy. The woman offered her tits to my sister and we all watched Megan lick hers clean of cum! I had no idea my sister was like that with women!

One guy now moved up to start fucking my sister but the woman stopped him. "No, don't fuck her. Her pussy needs a rest after having that huge beautiful black cock in there." We watched this woman move down onto her knees again, now between Megan's legs. She then proceeded to eat my sister out! Cum and all! My sister moaned away with pleasure, fondling her own tits as this woman licked her pussy and sucked on her clit. Megan ran her fingers through this woman’s hair as she cleaned her out of as much cum as her tongue could dig out of her. The woman looked up at her husband, "Give her your cock! Megan, give my husband a good blow job. The kind of blow job only a young woman like you can give." He stepped up, pulled his cock out; my sister grabbed it and slowly worked it in and out of her mouth as she kept moaning from having her pussy licked. The guy turned to one of the other black guys. "Fuck my wife up her ass! She loves getting her ass fucked!" One of them stepped up, he pushed her dress up over her ass, saw she had no panties on so he slid his pre cum drooling 12 inch cock into her ass. She let out a loud moan, turned around to look at him. "Come on! Fuck me hard! Fuck my ass hard! I want it hard!" She turned around and went back to eating my sisters' sweet pussy as this black guy fucked her with his monster prick.

They all pretty much came at the same time, much to the delight of the crowd. Her husband blew his wad into my sisters' mouth. Megan let the cum run out of her mouth, down her chin and from there onto her sweaty body. She did this because she was moaning as her orgasm hit from this woman eating out her pussy. The wife let out muffle moans of her own pleasure as the black guy unloaded his wad into her ass. She spun around and sucked his cock dry then she moved up on my sister and licked her husbands cum off of my sister. The woman then stood up, removed the rest of her clothes and then to all of our fantasies; my sister and the woman got into the 69 position on the floor. The woman laid down on her clothes as my sister got on top. I watched my sister begin to eat out the woman; she in turn began to finger my sisters’ pussy and ass. She looked up at me, "Are you ready to fuck your sister in her nice ass? I would love to watch a brother fuck his sisters' tight, fine ass." I didn't need to be asked twice! I got down on my knees behind my sisters' great ass. The woman grabbed my cock and helped ease it into my sister's ass. Her husband asked if anyone would fuck his wife. Of course several guys rushed her; the winning guy got his cock into her pussy.

It felt incredible, my cock in my sister's ass and having some woman’s tongue licking my cock and balls as I fucked my own sister. She said such dirty things to us, telling me to fuck my sister. She deserved to get fucked good by her brother; she wanted to watch me cum in her ass. Some guys were anxiously waiting their turn at either one of these women, a couple of guys who were in rush, watched our little group fuck while jacking off. When they were all ready to cum, one guy jacked off across my sister's back and ass; blowing a good sized load of cum all over her. The other guys got down on their knees either at my sisters head or the woman’s. Then they jacked off their load into their waiting mouths. One guy blew his wad across the woman’s pussy and watched my sister then lick it off as some guy was fucking the woman’s pussy. I didn't last long; neither did the guy who was fucking this woman while getting his cock licked by my sister. He groaned out loud as he pumped his thick load into this horny woman's pussy. He pulled his cock out and my sister sucked him clean. I blew my load into my sisters' ass at about the same time he came. I pumped a good load of my seed into her tight ass. The woman pulled my cock out of her ass and took the last spurt into her mouth before cleaning my cock off. The guy and I stood up, satisfied with our lustful fuck.

Now the guys went wild, they grabbed my sister, pulling her off of the woman; others picked the woman up too. The guys had my sister and woman place their hands on the wall as they formed two lines behind them. For the next half hour I watched as guy after guy, white guy, Asian, black, Mexican, young and old took turns fucking my sister's ass or pussy. As soon as one guy blew his load, another took his place. Soon they got the idea of taking them from the wall and just bending them over so they could suck a cock while getting fucked from behind. I could tell my sister was getting really worn out from being fucked so much! I didn't want to her to get totally worn out so I told the influx of horny guys that my sister and I would be leaving. I let her remaining high school friends still there take their turns at Megan; I knew it was jack off fantasy of theirs to fuck her or to get sucked off by her. When they were done I told my sister to go get her clothes. We know left the woman there with her husband, she must have been a nympho the way she was having the guys fuck her!

As my sister slowly put her clothes on, one of the black who had fucked my sister came over to me. He gave me a business card; he worked at a shop that tricks out cars. He said if Megan ever wanted a work on her car he was sure they could work out a really good deal for her. I knew what he had in mind and I said I would see if my sister needed anything upgraded on her car. (I am opening this up for a couple of possible interracial stories depending on how many people would like to read those. I would keep them in the incest category for now.) We left and I had a new view of my sister; she was a real horny woman. She did ask me not to tell our father about this, it was over the top and he may not be that happy. I agreed this would be our secret.

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