Mom & Me, One Summer Night

Mom & Me, One Summer Night

My mom is no sex goddess – short, a bit stocky, legs not too bad, cute face, curly brown hair down to her shoulders. But damn, does she have the tits! Firm d-cups that stand up and out on their own.

The summer I was sixteen I started working to have some money of my own. Mom and Dad both worked, but my older brothers were in college, and that sucke up a lot of their incomes. I also noticed they developed some new friends, and started going out on weekends a lot when I was at work.

The next summer I returned to slinging burgers and worked most weekends. My usual days off were Tuesday and Wenesday. I usually managed to find some friends to run around with those nights, and sometimes I even managed a date.

One Tuesday night I had touble getting to sleep due to the heat. I removed my briefs and that helped cool me down some. But I still couldn't get to sleep. I figured I need some activity to help tire me out a little more.

I turned on my bedside lamp and pulled a hardcore magazine from the stand. This one featured a mature redhead getting dicked by a couple of guys – one white and one black. Both were hung pretty good.

Now, my parents were alway open with me about sex. They always explained everything and allowed me to masturbate within limits. They supplied me with a few adult mags for that purpose. They knew I was not a virgin.

For the next 15 minutes or so, i was immersed in the magazine and the job at hand. While staring at a shot of the redhead taking the white guy in her pussy and the black guy in her mouth, a rush of pleasure overtook me and I gushed my spunk onto my belly. I wiped my self clean with some tissues and stretched out to sleep. I didn't think too much about that incident, because I had satisfied myself that way many time before, and had suffered no negative after effects.

The next day I heard about it though. Mom brought it up during supper. Dad wasn't there because he had a supervisor's meeting at work and wouldn't be home until late.

"i saw you jacking off last night," Mom said. "Your door wasn't completely closed and the light caught my eye as I went to the bathroom. On my way back I peeked through to see what you were up to."

"Well, I'll try to make sure it's shut next time."

"Oh, no, you don't have to do that. Your dad and I have been thinking about giving you more sexual freedom around here, since you are at the legal age of consent in this state. And I do have somthing to tell you about us that makes us favorable towards you becoming more sexually active."

"What is it, Mom?" I asked as she took another bite of chicken.

"Well, your dad and I are swingers. We started last year when you started working on weekend nights. We had wanted to do that for some time, but with 3 boys at home it is hard to find the time."

I was shocked. My parents were always friendly and social people, but I never imagined they were like this!

"We belong to a swinger's club that has arrangements with several local bars. The bars will ahve parties where the members can mingle and hook up with each other. Most times the people willgo to a motel or a someone's house, but a few parties have turned into orgies! Gordon just loves that!"

I was also a bit confused. "Mom, why are you telling me that you and Dad fuck other people, and what does it have to do with me jacking off?"

"It has everything to do with you beating your lovley meat!" (That comment further confused, and also aroused me!) "The club is open to anyone who is of legal age. Our lawyer checked it out when a seventeen year old girl wanted to join. The little nympo found out aboutthe club from her odler sister who is a mameber. The lawyer said we couldn't deny her. Before that the age limit was 20. Now the outfit is crawilng with teenagers! But I don't mind. I enjoy teens!" (Now I was really getting arouded!) " Last Saturday night I fucked 3 teens – 19- and 17-year-old boys and an 18-yearold girl!"

"Mom, you're making me fucking horny!"

"That's good, baby! Don't tell me you haven't ever thought about fucking your mommy. I've seen you staring at my titties whenever I wear a halter top or a bikini!"

My confusion turned into confidence. I had dreamed of dicking Mom for years! i never tried to make a move because I thought I'd get killed or something.

"Mom, you do have some beautiful tits!"

"And you have a great cock I want to see it again!"

I pushed away from the table and stood up. She reached over and wrapped her hand around the bulge in my cutoffs. I undid the button and zipper. She pulled down my shorts and underwear toghether. She massaged my cock for several minutes until I pulled away.

"Fair is fair, Mom. You've seen and touched my cock, but ihaven't full seen or toudched your titties!"

"You are so right, baby! If it wasn't for my titties, I would have a chance at touching your lovely dick!" She stoodup and my hands went to the bottons of her sleeveless blouse. Before I undid her bra, I cupped them in my hands and squeezed a bit.

"These feel sooooo fucking gooood!"

"Lots of people say that. Go ahead, suck and taste them! Everyone says they're delicious!"

Always do what your mother tells you to do, especially if she tells you to suck her boobs! I did and we both enjoyed it!

By this time we were both nude. "Let's move into the bedroom, baby, so we can be more comfortable!"

We walked to the master bedroom, my right hand on one of her perky asscheeks and her hand on my cock. When we got there, she sat on the side of the very bed where Dad fucked her to conceive me.

"I have some unfinished business with this thing," she cooed as she took my cock into her mouth. Her soft lips gripped my cock with a velvety, but strong clasp. As her head bobbed back and forth, her tongue ran side to side unnderneath my steely shaft. Her left hand firmly squeezed my left asscheek as her right hand massaged my nutsack. My dick throbbed and throbbed with pelasure. She was in complete control. She kept me from cumming until she was ready. When Ithought I was about to give out from exhaustion, she let me let go! A torrent of hot spum shot into her mouth and down her throat. She sucked every las drop of cum out of me.

And she kept sucking…..

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