Mother Knows Best 2

Mother Knows Best 2


After my last story about my mother and me there has been a lot of interest in how things progressed from there. I have also been told by a few people that I should make the next account longer. Well if that's the way you want it……………………………….

As you would imagine, after my mother had introduced me to the delights of her body and sexual intercourse generally or 'shagging' as we called it at school,; curiously although we all used the 'F' word on a regular basis, we rarely connected it with the actual physical act of sex! Another thing, I should think that few of my class mates had my sort of experience, unless we were all shagging our Mothers and one or two of my friends' mums had caused me to dampen my sheets at night! Anyway, as I was saying; as you would imagine, thoughts of what we had done that afternoon filled my thoughts frequently when I lay in bed at night just before I went to sleep and being a normal teenaged boy I wanked myself off in pints with mind blowing thoughts about it.

You'll remember the layout of my parents' house, won't you, and if you don't have another look at MKB. My single bed was against the wall diving my room from my parent's room. It was sited lenthways down the wall and my parent's double bed was headboard onto the wall in their room. This was probably a little shortsighted of them because it meant that I could lean the side of my face against the wall and hear certain noises coming from the end of their bed. I did notice when I started to take an interest in such matters that they had moved the headboard, an ornate brass structure, away from the wall slightly, so that the (presumably) incessant thump, thump,thump of it connecting with the plasterwork on certain nights didn't keep me awake! We were all very naive in those days, well I had been up these events and it hadn't actually occurred to me that sound travels both ways and because I could sometimes, by straining my ears, catch snatches of conversation through the wall, that they could sometimes catch sounds of creaking bedsprings from my side! Oh well… if I'd have known that it could have strangled my libido for ever!

My Dad was a senior executive with a local firm and quite frequently had to go up to London or other large cities or even abroad to attend conferences and business meetings in connection with his work. It just so happened that a couple of weeks after my first adventure with Mum he had to go away for a couple of nights. I went to bed around 10pm and Mum said that there was nothing on TV so she 'd do the same. Remember, in those days there were only two channels on British television and of course the pictures were of poorer quality (and in black and white of course). She told me that she had a good book to read…….. well she would….. wouldn't she!

I put my light out quite quickly because I'd been looking at my mother's legs (black nylons the tops of which I could just catch a glimpse of as she'd moved on the settee in the sitting room) and I wanted to wank before I went to sleep. I lay in the dark and untied my pyjama bottoms and began to stroke my cock which was quickly fully erect. My thoughts drifted down to my mother lying on the settee with her skirt riding up her thighs which were parted slightly so that from my position ( I was lying on the carpet in front of the fire) I could see between them and glimpse not only the tops of her stockings, but in my imagination, the front of her knickers. As I began to wank with slow luxurious strokes, in my imagination, I saw her look down at me and open her legs and invite me to fondle her cunt though her knckers. I stopped and slowly squeezed the head of my cock and relived the moment again when I'd first touched that hairy mound of flesh and then I suddenly I became aware of noises coming through the wall next to my right ear. I froze and put my face close up to the wall. I had taken a glass of water to bed with me and I rapidly drank it and used the empty glass to amplify the sounds coming through the wall.

What I had heard at first was the rythmic and slightly furtive creak of bedsprings, but now I could hear the additional sounds of what sounded like my mother's battery razor. Why would she be shaving her legs at this time of night I asked myself? And why would she be groaning in that strange way……….. was she ill? I got out of bed and crept down the corridor to my mother's bedroom door. I was just about to open it and go in when another noise came from inside. I could hear heavy breathing and a sort of slurping noise; the combination of sounds (with the exception of the razor noise) reminded me of the surreptitious noises I made when I was masturbating, had got my shaft covered in pre-cum and was just about to shoot my load up in the air and over my belly! Standing there in the corridor I started to wank again, but couldn't stand the suspense of not knowing what the buzzing noise was and so I gently pushed the door open a little way and looked inside.

My mother was lying on her back with her knees drawn up and her thighs widely parted. By the light from the solitary bedside lamp I could see that she had only partly undressed. Her skirt and slip were on the floor by the bed; her blouse was on the bed beside her and her bra was on the pillow. She still wore her suspender belt but her knickers were stretched tight across her splayed open thighs. She had her right hand over her cunt and was rubbing herself with one finger. At her side was a long, thickish pink plastic device. It was about ten inches long with a smoothly curved end. Mum was obviously too engrossed in her own activities to notice my presence and after about a minute she picked the strange object up and twisted the opposite end from the curved one round which started the curious buzzing. As I watched, she placed the curved end over her cunt and started to massage herself with it. It obviously excited her a great deal because she let out a stifled moan and arched her back off the bed with clenched buttocks and then plunged the 'thing' into her vagina. She rotated the end of it and the buzzing noise increased in volume and speed.

My own excitement was intense and I had an urgent need to cum. I thought about jumping on her, but to be honest, I had started to think of my last 'adventure' as a bit unreal. Sometimes I could almost believe it hadn't actually happened. I thought that if I were to offer my 'services' at this time I should be rejected and so I crept back to my own bed.

I was lying on my back with my cock in my hand indulging in slow luxurious hand strokes on my bursting genitals pausing only to rub the pre-cum seeping from the eye over the purple swollen glans and wondering how long I could hold back and prolong this delicious moment, when my own bedroom door opened and there stood my mother. She was still dressed as I had just seen her but she had pulled her knickers up.
'I'm disappointed in you' she said.
'You mean you saw me' I gasped
'Of course I saw you…….. I was waiting for you….. I heard you wanking as I came upstairs, and if your Dad had been at home we'd have waited till you started snoring and then got it together, so I thought if you heard me through the wall……….. Oh Yes…. I know you listen in, you dirty little bugger……. you'd come in and we could help each other out again……….. like last time!'

I gulped and said apologetically, 'I didn't think you'd want me again'
'Oh for Christ's sake grow up' she replied, 'now, have you washed your cock since you last had a wank?
'No' I mumbled
'Well get yourself into the bathroom and do it now'
'Yes Mum' I said, getting out of bed.
She watched me as I walked across the room and said, 'What are those marks on your bottom?……… Have you been caned at school?'
'Yes Mum' I mumbled again
'For what?' she enquired
'I was fooling around in class'
'Were you now? ……… does being caned give you a stiffy?'
'No Mum'
'Does the thought of doing it to me give you a stiffy?
'Never thought about it Mum'
'Well think about it now and go and wash yourself…… but don't be all night!'

I came back to my bed with a clean cock and balls and she told me to lie down on the eiderdown. This was years before duvets became popular. My erection had gone down but it soon started to appear again as she knelt on the floor at the side of the bed and started to lick my shaft and run her tongue over my swelling testicles. Holding the end of my stiffening cock gently between thumb and forefinger she sucked my balls one at a time into her mouth. The feeling of intense pleasure was indescribable. I arched my arse off the bed and felt my toes curling and my calf muscles tighten. My cock was fully erect and straining to get even bigger. She stopped ball sucking and ran her tongue over the swollen glans and then sucked that when suddenly without warning she plunged my entire length into her mouth and tongued it furiously allowing copious amounts of saliva to run down it and the slurping them up with her tongue. She took her mouth away and grasping the soaking wet blood gorged pole between fingers and thumb started to wank me off with slow measured strokes. When she saw the state I was in she went faster but also leaned down and licked round the 'eye' until I thought I'd scream!

Suddenly, she stopped and told me to sit on the edge of the bed. I obeyed. she got to her feet and paced herself across my lap with her upper body and face resting on the bed. Her legs in their tightly stretched nylons and bar tight suspenders ran straight down and slightly parted to her arched feet and her toes dug into the carpet.
'Have you ever spanked Katy's bottom?' she asked casually.
Katy was my girlfriend.
'No Mum… honestly… never'
'Have you ever fantasised about it?'
'No Mum'
'Are you sure?'
'Well……… once when she told me she'd been slippered in class, I……..'
My voice tailed off as I thought about the ball busting wank I'd had that night after what she'd told me. But as for spanking her myself, she'd only just recently let me feel her tits without her bra being over them and I'd never felt her cunt or bum let alone seen them! Thats how girls were in those days!.
'Are you excited by the sight of my bum?' she enquired
I didn't need to tell her…… she could feel my erection straining under her.
'I'd like you to spank me with your hand' over my knickers she said in a matter of fact sort of voice, 'and then you can pull my knickers down and spank my bare bottom and finally you can spank my bare bottom with this' she said reaching across to where I kept my hairbrush and taking hold of it and handing it to me.
'Oh Mum are you sure? I mean… I don't like to smack you…. '
'For God's sake just get on with it' she said wriggling her bum on my lap nearly causing me to shoot my load there and then!
'Trust me……….Just remember… Mother Knows Best!………. it was all right last time wasn't it?'
'Yes but……………….'
'Look….. I happen to like being spanked… it does wonderful things for me… your dad smacks my bottom nearly every night and when you're not around he spanks me over his knee and uses a slipper or a strap and even canes me. When you stayed with your Aunty last month he made bend over in the lounge and gave me

I started to smack her bottom over her lacy knickers
I spanked harder.
'HARDER much harder'
Her bottom wobbled and dimpled and she began to gasp at each stroke but she also began to push her bum up to receive each impact. I spanked her like this for a coiple of minutes and then getting more enthusiastic I hauled her knickers down to her knees and turned her bottom, lower back and upper thighs to a firey crimson.
'You're quite good at this' she said as I stopped in order to pick up the hairbrush

I can stil hear the noise that brush back made as it whacked across her bare arse cheeks. After about a dozen swats I paused for breath and she took the opportunity to stand up and kneeling on the side of the bed with her face on a pillow said with a little catch in her voice
'Now get behind me and fuck me rigid'

I knelt on the floor behind her and stroked her flaming bottom. The heat coming from it was extraordinary. No beating I had ever taken came close to it, but my mother far from looking distressed had an expression of ecstacy on her face as I parted her buttocks and ran my finger over her swollen cunt lips which parted stickily at my touch. I nuzzled the head of my cock between her thighs which she opened lewdly to receive all that was offered. My cock slid inside her gaping wide cunt so fast that I almost overbalanced as my balls slammed against her body but I regained my balance and my position and started to rthymically fuck her. I reached under and took a breast in each palm and began to tease the nipples, already rock hard to my touch. Her arse was red hot against my belly as I fucked her with increasing intensity and speed. She began to gasp out as each stroke crashed her against the edge of the bed and then she reached under herself and started to frig her own clitty in time with my thrusts. I dsqueezed her nipples harder and fondled and squeezed her tits; she began to moan and thrash about, thrusting herself back at me to meet each incoming lunge of my pelvis; I increased my pace….I had no choice… my own body took over and I need to spurt jets of hot creamy cum into her and then I did just that and shortly afterwards she screamed out loud and collapsed shaking on the floor.

We lay together for several minutes after which she slowly got up and taking me by the hand, led me first to the bathroom where in silence we washed each other's p.arts and then taking my hand again she lead me into her bedroom. We lay in bed together, naked. I turned to her and put my arms round her and buried my face between her breasts. My cock started to stiffen and as she felt it happen against her belly she turned away so that we lay like spoons. I hoped this was an invitation to get inside her again but she said 'no'.
'You have to go to school tomorrow', she added and then, 'but in the morning when you wake up, I'll expect that you'll have something better to do than indulge yourself in your daily early morning wank………… won't you?

And with that she turned quickly round, kissed me on the cheek and put the light out.

I lay for sometime in the dark with my thoughts racing before I too, fell asleep.


What happened in the morning?????????

If you want to know …………. ask me and maybe I'll tell you!

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