Mother Knows Best 3

Mother Knows Best 3

Mother Knows Best 3

Well, at the end of the last story (entitled as you would expect 'Mother Knows Best 2!) I suggested that if you asked me, I might tell you 'what happened next'. Well one or two readers wanted to know, so I suppose I'd better tell you.

If you remember, I left matters at the end of the last story with me in bed with Mum (Dad being away on business for a few days leaving my mother and me time to indulge in some recreational activities not usual in a mother and son relationship!) having just been told by her to go to sleep because I had to go to school in the morning. She also told me before she put the light out that my services would probably be required in the morning!

When I woke up in the morning, I couldn't remember immediately where I was, but my 'morning glory' brushing on mum's naked bottom soon reminded me. I had thought that I'd had the most vivid wet dream ever, but then it came back to me that it was all real. I pressed my erection up mum's back as I felt her wake up and stretch. She reached over and touched my cheek and then reached down and squeezed my cock
'There's a good boy' she said, 'ready to do as your mother tells you'.
'Yes Mum' I replied, 'you do know best!'
She rested herself up on one elbow and looked down at me and said,
'You're looking a bit peaky love, I think you should have a day off school'
'Whatever you think best Mum' I replied.

She breathed a sigh of contentment and told me to hide my head under the bedclothes because there was something she wanted to do and she wanted it to be a surprise. I obeyed orders and could hear drawers being opened and shut and clothes being moved on the wardrobe rail. When she told me I could look, I was amazed. She had dressed as a schoolgirl, but not like any schoolgirl I actually ever met!. She wore a white blouse and a stripy tie, a green knee length pleated skirt and black sheer nylons and black high heeled shoes. She was holding out in front of her a crook handled school cane some four feet in length. Thank God my own school masters didn't have access to such instruments!. She placed the cane on the bed and told me she had to be punished for having such wicked thoughts.

After the previous evening I was at a loss to know exactly what she wanted and asked her what she wanted, adding that at school, it was a rareity to get four strokes and that the traditional 'Six of the best' was in fact unheard of in reality. Also, our canings were always over trousers, unless we were beaten in the gym when it was over shorts….. or in the swimming pool (see 'In at the deep end' ) where we swam in the nude and were beaten on the bare bottom. I suspected that my mother wanted far more than this and it seemed I was not wrong! She told me that I was to order her to bend over and to raise her skirt and beat her over her knickers and then to lower them and beat her bare buttocks….. and as to how many…. well, she would let me know if I couldn't work it out for myself! But she hoped that there would come a time when I should want to move on to some other activity and that would be the time to stop!

I ordered her to the centre of the room and told her to touch her toes. I switched her skirt hem over her back and gasped. I had assumed she was wearing tights but now saw she was wearing suspenders and stockings which left a strip of pink skin some four inches wide between the bottom of the knickers and tops of the stockings!. Her knickers were not school girl standards as I imagined either. Unless schoolgirls were wearing silk skimpies at that time! I told her to grasp her ankles firmly and open her legs. I swished the cane a few times through the air before tapping it across the centre of her backside a few times. I always gritted my teeth when this was done to me and I saw mum's arse cheeks clench when I did it to her now.

I swung the cane back and brought it down firmly across the centre of her rump with what I thought to be a satisfying 'THWACK'! It was apparently not up to her exacting standards. She told me in no uncertain terms that I was caning her bottom and not swatting flies! The next stroke was much harder and if someone in my class had received it we'd have all known that the crime committed had been very serious. All I got from Mum was a warning that if I didn't 'get on with it' then she would bend ME over and show me exactly what a good hard caning consisted of! I examined the the marks running from under her nix across her cheeks and gulped. They looked angry and painful. I was glad they weren't across MY bum!

Well, not wanting to have a day off school and waste it getting a good thrashing I swished the cane through the air a few times and having taken a careful aim, drew back my arm back from my shoulder and swung it down with maximum force so that it hisssssssed through the air before landing across the centre of her arse. The flesh dimpled on impact and she lurched forward with a sharp intake of breath. Her hands attempted to reach round and rub herself but I told her in as fierce a manner as I could manage that she would be getting caned on her hands afterwards if that was what she wanted. After a couple of seconds she mumbled something about me being a quick learner!

I gave her five more in quick succession of about the same strength, from the top to the bottom of her bottom and afterwards all she could say was, 'Oh My God!'

My cock was sticking rigidly out of the front of my pyjama bottoms and I confess that I couldn't remember ever having been so excited. I dropped the cane and picked up one of Dad's leather soled slippers I saw sticking out from under the bed and welted her as hard as I could on the top of her left upper thigh between stocking top and the under hang of her buttock and then alternating side to side gave her another five so that the broad part of her thighs were scarlet.

She looked at me over her shoulder and seeing that I had dropped the slipper and was squeezing my cock hard she carefully stood up and knelt on the bed holding onto the headboard.
'For Christ's sake fuck me before you cum on the carpet', she ordered.

I didn't have to be told twice; I plunged my cock inside her fanny (UK not US!) and walked her wheelbarrow fashion over to the bed where I gave her a damned good fucking, pulling out at the final moment and spraying my cum over her back…… well most of it on her back but some of it spurted into her hair!

Some time later, both of us having showered and had some breakfast, Mum suggested it might be nice to go the park as it was such a nice day. There was a very large boating lake in the park where you could hire a rowing boat for an hour or so. I've always enjoyed rowing so thats what we did. On this occasion I started to finhd it difficult to row as my Mother sat in the stern with her knees up so that her summer dress fell away revealing not only that she was not wearing stockings or tights but not wearing knickers either. What's more her morning's thrashing had left very visible marks on her thighs and from where I sat on the centre thwart I had a very good view of everything on display… especially when she saw me looking and opened her thighs wide!

She put her hand over her cunt and started to play with herself for a minute ort so before looking over her shoulder suggested that I pull over to oine of several small islands on which families were invited to picnic. This being a weekday, we were the only people on the lake and so were in no danger of being seen. Anyway this was high summer and there were lots of trees and bushes.
'Come on love' she said with a degree of urgency, 'you kow what to do' and so saying she lay on the grass behind a densely leaved bush with whitem sweet smelling flowers, lifted her bottom and pulled her dress up.
'Don't you want me to wack you' I asked.
I could see she hadn't thought of it but the temptation was too great…. she looked round and spotted a silver birch tree.
'Take some small branches from that' she suggested, and when I came back to her she was bending over a low tree branch with her dress pulled over her back and her legs apart.
'Give me a quick six' she ordered, 'and then shag the arse off me!'
'I'll decide how many you get' I said as sternly as I could.

I gave her twelve which shredded all the leaves from the twigs and I don't think she had any cause to complain about the severity of the thrashing because towards the end her bottom was weaving about under the onslaught and she had tears in her eyes when I dropped my pants and pushed my cock inside her.

Unfortunately , I didn't have the control you get in later life at this time and I only had time for two or three strokes when to Mum's frustration I climaxed deep inside her. But I was a quick learner and so I pushed her down on her back and pulling her thighs apart buried my face in her minge and proceeded to suck and lick her labia and probe deeply into her slit with my tongue tip until I found her throbbing clitty. Her back arched and her toes curled in ecstacy as her eyes rolled up and soon she was breathing hard and moaning in little animalistic grunts. I slid both hands under her blazing bottom cheeks and felt them clench and unclench over and over again as the welts started to go hard and ridges start to form where her arse had been birched. She put her hands on the back of my head and pushed my face deeper into her pubic hair. My tongue went into overdrive as I licked, sucked and bit her labia and clitoris and ran my tongue up and down the base of her vaginal crack, swallowing the slightly salty, slightly lemony lubrication juices which were shooting up my nose every time she moved.

Suddenly, she was there….. she stuffed the raised hem of her dress into her mouth to stop herself screaming out loud and collapsed on the grass with a smile of contentment on her face. She took out a packet of cigarettes……. I'm afraid most people smoked in those days…. and lit one. She offered me one and of course I accepted. Curious to remember that now as I stopped over twenty years ago….. I even recall that they were called 'Bristol' and made by the 'Wills' company.

Time to get the rowing boat back to the boatyard, so we got back in. Mum being careful to sit on a cushion and not on the hard wooden ledge in the stern.

Afterwards we went to the cafe and had a sandwich and an ice cream, and then home.

Oh my God! Dad was back! He wasn't too pleased to find me at home and suggested I made myself scarce for the afternoon. I was curious to find out how Mum would explainj the marks of her recent beatings but she just went upstairs and changed into a dark above the knee pencil skirt and a formal white blouse; she winked at me as I went out and I suspect that she was well aware that I wasn't going far. I left the house taking care not to be to quiet and doubled back to the back of the house and climbed a large mature tree which put me more or less at the level of my parents' bedroom.

The window was open and I heard my mother beg my father to give her a damned good thrashing and then do whatever he had been fantasising about over the last few days. From the noises I knew that he had picked up the cane and heard him tell Mum to bend over. He gave her three strokes and then I heard his zip come down. She told him three wasn't nearly enough, and he wasn't fucking her until he'd given her exactly what she wanted and craved for. Christ! I thought; Mum must have an arse made of leather! As far as I could tell she took two dozen hard strokes and I was well aware that my father's beating arm was far stronger than mine!

After this, she took off her skirt and I soon heard the creak of bedsprings as Dad screwed her rigid. Mum came with a great shriek and as far as I could tell Dad came at the same time.

Up in my tree, I came about a minute before either of them!

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