Mother's Girl 2

Mother's Girl 2


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Several readers have asked for more details of my wonderful new relationship with my mother but have aked me to spend more time on telling how we seduce each other and less time on the actual physical act to which the seduction inevitably leads. Well, you are a bunch of softies but to be truthful I'm very pleased to be able to take this view.

Anybody can write clothes ripping, steamy sex action but as my more discerning readership knows, real seduction is not like that. Foreplay is the best part of sex for many people and that certainly includes mother and I. We sometimes play with each other for hours; all afternoon for example; just holding back when passion seems to be getting out of control, and then almost starting again from the beginning so that when we reach that point from which there is no going back, our orgasms are literally mind and senses shattering and afterwards we lie together and time stands still.

My mind cannot begin to comprehend why or how straight sexuality works. I cannot imagine a situation where I should wish to make love to a man and I know mother thinks the same way now, although I'm grateful (for my existence in this beautiful world) that she saw things differently at least once, a quarter of a century ago.

I make no apology for the long and partially irrelevant introduction to this story. The pace is now set for this narrative.

Yesterday afternoon, I came home after a day in a hot and stuffy office and found mother dead- heading flowers in the garden. It had been a hot and almost windless day and although she was wearing a very thin top, a summer dress and a sun hat she had caught the sun and was more than ready to stop for a cooling drink. In my office I have to dress quite formally and my business suit together with the usual accessories had done very little to reduce my own feelings of discomfort. Mother went into the kitchen and returned with two glasses and a jug of iced lime juice. We sat down on the patio under the shade of the large, colourful parasol which is the centre piece of our garden furniture.

After half an hour or so I said that I'd feel better for a shower and a change of clothing but Mum, who had moved her chair very close to mine whispered that what she would really like would be to share a bath with me. I could immediately see the attractions of this because we have just changed our bath to a large corner one with built in jacuzzi. We finished our drinks and made our way upstairs.

While mother ran the water into the bath and made sure the temperature was just right, I undressed and put my suit on a hanger in my wardrobe and put my undies and tights into the laundry basket. When I walked into the bathroom Mum was just stepping out of her knickers, her only remaining piece of clothing, and I waited for them to be lying on the floor before putting my arms round her back and pulling her to me and having parted her lips with my tongue giving her a long, slow and generous kiss. She responded instantly, moving her hands down my spine until they clasped my bottom and pushed our bodies together. After what seemed like an age but in truth was only a minute or so I gently seperated us and climbed into the bath water into which mother had put some oils scented with rose petals.

The taps are at a midway position in a corner bath so neither of us had the 'taps end' and Mum climbed into the opposite side and eased her bottom and long legs into the dreamily scented water. Oh! The relief after a hot sticky office day; to be able to stretch out in warm scented water and let the strife of the day wash out of me and to be able to caress the legs of the woman I love, with my own.

I know Mum felt the same way because she started to do the same to me but then stopped and sinking back in the steamy water, parted her thighs and let me have full access to her body. We were lying there with the water lapping under our chins and our toes languidly feeling for each others' secret little places in the steaming depths. Mum arched her back and smiled a little look of deep contentment as my big toe felt its way into her luxuriant pubic bush and parted her juicy pussy lips. Seconds later my own were similarly opened by Mum's scarlet painted toe pushing through my scant, fine covering of blond curls. This was a favourite past-time of ours and our probing toes teased and played with our pink inner recesses and small swollen projecting pleasure spots for a considerable time.

Eventually, with infinite care, we changed our positions so that my mother sat with her back to me between my legs and I was able to hold her breasts and play with their swelling surfaces and hard nipples and at the same time reach under her hair and nibble her ear lobes, running my tongue round and into her ears and kiss her neck. As always with this action I felt my mother's bottom press tightly into my fanny and tummy as I pressed those areas against her as well. I reached for the soap ( we use 'Dove' ) and worked up a creamy lather which I massaged frothily into her back, breasts and tummy. She loves to feel my lathered hands on her breasts and I love to see her dark brown nipples hidden in the creamy white lather and then peep out through it.

The water had lost its original temperature so we let some run out and topped up with fresh. While the water level was low, I lathered her fanny and thighs and also ran my fingers inside her bottom cleft and just inside her anus which caused her to part her lips ever so slightly and run her tongue tip over her pearly white teeth. I think she liked it! We considered changing places, but when we stood up, we just stepped out of the bath onto the bath mat. As I bent over to pull the plug I was treated to a little kiss on the bottom which was nice.

We stood very close together and towelled each other dry with huge fluffy white towels, each paying special attention to the other's breasts, botties and fannies (and here I must say that I am English and use English words for English things. I love the USA and the people who live there but if you Americans want to give different meanings to our vocabulary then invent your own language; we've spoken English in some variant or other of its current format for around 1000 years. You borrowed it about 400 years ago. So my fanny is not your fanny and Mum and I wear knickers not panties ….. Ok? Still friends? ….. ) until the mounting tension and anticipation began to get unbearable. I was running my hands over pert brown nipples and nibbling an ear lobe when I whispered the one word in her left ear ….. 'bedroom' …. and suddenly thats where we were heading.

In the bedroom, Mum had already pulled the curtains shut and rolled back the duvet leaving just a single, crisp, cotton sheet. I noticed with pleasurable anticipation the vacuum flask on the bedside table. I could guess at its contents. I opened the top and peered in. I was right! Ice cubes!

We both have a thing about cold. One of Mum's favourite things is to have a choc ice pushed into her pussy (You see; we DO share some words, friends from the US!) and for me to slowly nibble it down to her belly and when I get there, to lick the (by then) melted chocolate and clean her skin. This does wonderful things for me as well, but I like my pussy, belly, upper thighs and tits to be smeared with ice cream and then for it all to licked off. Sometimes I prefer to lie face down and to have ice cream drizzled between my bottom cheeks and to have that licked clean!

We scattered our towels liberally over the bed and lay down on them. I put my arm round her and pulled her close enough to lick her nipples and suck each one in turn between my teeth where I could give each a little nip. She pushed the centre of her body into mine and I pushed back. My mouth reached higher, and licking her neck on the way upwards from her breasts, found her mouth which opened at my touch. Our tongues entwined and our saliva changed mouths. Down below I could feel my clitoris start to come to life and feeling down to those regions found that hers was also stirring. I pulled my arm away and gently pushed her over onto her back and parted her thighs. With one hand, I began to tease her clitty and with the other one began to unscrew the top of the flask.

Reaching inside the open flask, I pulled out an ice cube and with infinite care transferred it into my other hand and very gently began to rub my mother's outer labia with it. Up and down; up and down; round and round; round and round until I could feel the lips chill down. Using the edge of the cube I teased the labia apart until that little lump of frozen water was bumping into her clitty and chilling the pink frothy mass of her fanny's innermost secrets. With the much reduced cube pushed into her vaginal love tunnel, I pushed my face between her thighs and pushed it as deep as I could with my tongue and then pouting my lips over the rim of that tunnel I sucked as hard as I could and there it was, in my mouth!

How wonderfully cold her vagina felt to my finger's touch as I inserted it deeply inside her. How exquisite was her little moan of satisfaction as I did this. How wet I felt myself getting at both events.

I rolled over on my back and Mum took the flask and tipped two or three cubes out onto my belly and placing the flat of her palm over them, passed them over my body in a swirling circular motion, eventually driving them between the valley of my cleavage and onto the upper slopes of my breasts. Taking the now reduced cubes in one hand, she gripped first one nipple and then the other in a clamp of melting ice, crushing the nips between the now rounded corners of the cubes which were still sharp enough to make me gasp out loud!
'Roll over Darling', murmered mum and as I did so she tipped a few more cubes between the cheeks of my bottom which she pulled open to receive them.

Oh! The pain and the pleasure when that's done. Try it girls, if someone loves you enough to do it for you. To have partially melted ice cubes caress your bottom hole and your closed fanny lips at the same time and to feel your body heat making streams of cold water run down that deep canyon between your buttocks as it finds its way over your labia and underneath you so that your belly lies in it. All I can do here is to describe what happens. I could never describe my feelings when it's happening, And on a hot and sticky day …. after a wonderfully refreshing bath …. well it has to be one of life's serious pleasures! And if the person who has just done that for you then gently pulls your cheeks apart and runs her tongue from deep under your belly, over your pussy and bottom hole and up over your back; and then does it again; and again; and so many times that you lose count; sometimes pausing to probe your fanny; sometimes to probe your bum hole; sometimes not pausing at all ……….. then you start to feel yourself losing control.

I did lose control, but not before I could suggest to my mother that she lay on top of me so that I could lick her juices and she could reach down and lick mine. I buried my face in her pussy and she buried her face in mine and with as little fuss as possible we came over each other.

For a long time, we just lay there, each drinking in the heady scents of the other and wondering at the times missed in years gone by when neither of us realised that our own little household could be such a magical palace of delights.

I love my mother and she loves me.

I shall always be my 'Mother's Girl'

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