My Cousin Laura's 18th birthday

My Cousin Laura's 18th birthday

I looked up at the picture on the wall and couldn't help but laugh.

"Laura," I asked, trying to contain the chuckle, "what the hell are you doing in this picture?"

The photo on the wall was an old one, my little cousin at 8 years old in a black leotard, grinning at the camera while holding one of the more hilarious ballet poses I'd seen.

"That's my horsie pose!" she yelled at me in defiance, hitting me on the arm. 10 years later and the little girl in the photo was barely recognisable. Today was her 18th birthday, and I'd just arrived in time to stick it to her about the dozens of past photos of her that my aunt had stuck up around the house. She'd always been the pretty one in the family when she was growing up, and today she was a stunning young woman; I couldn't help but be slightly turned on by her these days despite us being related. She was about 5' 5", bright blue eyes, cute nose, perfect smile, and soft brown hair with blonde highlights that flowed down her shoulders, following her silver necklace down her body before nestling in between her exposed cleavage. She'd inherited the family figure, but unlike her older sister Clare, she hadn't filled out around the middle yet, so her amazing perky breasts were exaggerated by her relatively slim waist – she had to be at least an F cup while her waist couldn't be more than 30". Below that, her curvy butt sat above long, slim legs, with the smoothness only a teenager can manage.

I'd arrived a hour late due to traffic and she was already tipsy by now from downing cocktails, her cheeks glowing as she buzzed around the party. "Happy birthday," I smiled, handing over her card. "Your mum didn't know what you wanted, so I got you some vouchers." They lived less than a half hour from one of the biggest malls in the country, and even though I didn't get to see Laura that often, if there was one thing I knew it was that she loved to shop.

"Aww, thank you!" she replied, throwing her arms around me and placing a kiss on my cheek. "Do you want a drink?"

"Sure," I said, "but I can only have the one, I've got to drive back later."

"What?" came Clare's disappointed cry. Laura's older sister was nearly 25, 6 months older than me. She had the unfortunate burden of looking more like her dad, unlike her sister who got her looks from her mum. She had similarly sized breasts to Laura though, but she'd piled on the pounds a bit in recent years. "You can't drive home, you've got to come out with us later!"

"No-one told me you were going out," I protested.

"Well, we're telling you now," said Laura, pushing a vodka and lemonade into my hand. I looked down at the drink, surprised at it's sudden appearance. "Christ, that was quick, I didn't even tell you what I wanted," I said.

"Oh, I know what you like," Laura replied, winking.

"We're going clubbing in town later," Clare continued. "and now you're coming too, no excuses."

"And where exactly am I going to stay? You've barely got enough beds here for you lot, and I don't fancy your sofa much," I said. My aunt and uncles house had always been on the small size and the girls, along with their little brother Tom, had been sharing 2 rooms between the 3 of them until Clare had moved in with her boyfriend last year. Normally the sofa wouldn't bother me that much, but I'd seen the aftermath of a half-pint of beer being split on it on my way in.

"Ah, well tonight we do," said Clare. She gestured out to the garden where the rest of the extended family was busy stuffing themselves round the barbecue. "See anyone missing?"

I looked around and then realised what she was getting at. "Your parents?" I ventured.

"Yep," she replied. "Gone away for the weekend, and they took Tommy too, so little Laura's got the place to herself tonight. Best off kipping in mum and dad's room, Tommy's room smells."

"Thanks, I, uh, really needed to know that," I said sarcastically, nodding my head. I took a gulp of my drink as Laura put her arm round my shoulders, then poked me in the ribs, almost making me choke on my drink. "So, are you coming or what?" she asked.

I thought about it for a second as I coughed. Sure, why not, I thought. I'd never been out with my cousins before and it wasn't like I had any reason to go back home tonight. I'd moved out of my parents house when I was 18 and had been living mostly on my own ever since. "Yeah, alright then, you've twisted my arm" I told her.

"Cool!" she said. "Now finish that drink and I'll get you another."

The rest of the afternoon went pretty much normally, or as normal as it got around my family. I chatted with my mum and her aunts, ate a lot of blackened food, and kicked a football around with my uncles, all while Laura swanned around between the family and some of her friends who were there, stopping occasionally to push another drink into my hand. "I think she's trying to get you drunk," Clare joked at one point.

"I am," Laura answered, laughing, then looked at me in thought. "I've never actually seen you pissed before."

"Not much different to how I am normally," I said. "Just louder and less co-ordinated."

She leaned in and whispered in my ear. "And more horny, I'm guessing?" she teased. Fuck. She'd obviously spotted me looking at her during the party. She looked at me with her eyebrows raised as she walked away. Damn it, of course she knew people were looking at her; who wouldn't be?

Before long the late autumn evening started to draw in, and one by one relatives started to filter out to begin their long drives back home. About an hour later and the only ones left were Laura, Clare, her boyfriend Sam, and a handful of Laura's friends whose names I still hadn't learned. Laura nipped upstairs and changed out of the combat shorts she'd been wearing and into a little black miniskirt, but keeping on the plunging white silky top she'd had on earlier. The skirt was pretty tight and I couldn't see any panty-lines, so either she was wearing a thong or nothing at all. Clare called a couple of taxis, and we all piled in for quick drive into the town centre.

We hit a couple of pubs first, then when it started getting late we headed for Jak's nightclub. We'd only just got our first round in at the bar when Laura spotted someone and her smiling face suddenly dropped into an evil glare. "Oh fuck, it's Kevin," she spat. I turned to look at the guy, who was drinking across from us at the bar with a slutty-looking blonde hanging off him. I turned to Clare for an explanation. "Ex-boyfriend. Ran off with one of her friends."

"That blonde bitch isn't my friend," Laura snapped. I realised the slutty blonde must be the one they were talking about. "Look at her, she thinks she's all that." Laura downed her drink. "Get me another drink will ya?" she said to me, turning to me and smiling again.

I got the barman's attention and ordered her another. As I did, I noticed she'd slowly started to press herself against me, her soft hair brushing against my cheek. Normally Laura was quite a bit shorter than me, but she was wearing 3-inch heels and the top of her head came up to my nose now. She wasn't looking at me though, and I turned slightly to see her glaring at the blonde and her ex across the bar. The blonde caught her looking, and turned away slightly, but I spotted her looking back again a second later. I had a feeling I knew what game was being played here, and that feeling only got stronger when Laura spotted the blonde looking back and started to rub her breasts against the top of my arm as she took the drink I passed to her.

"What are you doing?" I asked her.

"Showing that bitch that I can do better than that arsehole Kevin," she replied. "You're a lot better looking than he is and I want to show her up."

"I'm not sure it counts when the guy happens to be your cousin," I said. "She'll just think you're a pervert."

"She doesn't know you're my cousin though," she said, putting her arm round my waist. "So all we have to do is pretend."

"And what do I get out of it?" I asked. Given that I was fairly drunk by this point it didn't so much bother me that my hot cousin was rubbing herself on me, but if she was going to do it all night I'd be passing up on all the other prospects in the club; Jak's was a full-on meat market on Saturdays and there were more than a couple I'd seen that I fancied my chances with.

"Oh come on," she pouted, lowering her head and making doe-eyes at me. She leaned in and lowered her voice, "It's my birthday and I don't want that bitch to ruin it."

"Well, alright, but you owe me," I said. She smiled and downed the first half of her drink. "And I'm not buying all your fucking drinks all night, the rate you're going!" I joked. This girl was going to drink me under the table if I wasn't careful.

"Shut up and come and dance," she said, putting her drink on the bar and pushing it over to her sister. "Clare, look after my drink". She grabbed my arm, and before I could think about resisting, dragged me over to the dance floor. Her mates followed us, one couple coming willingly while the other 2 girls dragged the remaining guy by both hands.

The music wasn't the best but at this point I didn't really care. Our group carved out a hole in the crowd and started dancing; Laura dancing slow to the beat and keeping her body pressed against mine as we danced. Her friends found it hilarious, but to everyone else there we put on quite a show, looking like any other couple dancing. Laura got bolder, first rubbing her ass into my crotch and soon after putting her leg between mine, pressing her thigh up against my cock. There was no controlling it now, and the hard-on that had been building ever since she'd started feeling me up at the bar went rock solid as she slowly ground her pelvis against mine. She noticed almost immediately and looked up at me with a dirty look on her face, before putting her arms up around my neck and leaning the side of her head on my shoulder.

The night carried on that way for a couple of hours; Laura continued her war of stares with the slutty blonde and her ex, but she did at least slow down on the drinks, which was a relief to me as I didn't really fancy a late night of carrying her home and holding her hair back in the small hours. The first of her friends decided they'd had enough dancing and high-tailed it back to their place, no doubt in anyone's mind what they planned to get up to when they got home. Shortly afterwards we decided to call it a night when one of the guys fell over his own feet from the drink, and so after we managed to stop laughing we headed out to the taxi rank in front of the club.

Laura seemed to have given up on her battle of wills by now after her adversary had disappeared but she was still hugging me, probably because it was cold out and she wasn't wearing much. I looked down and caught a glance of her nipples pushing out through her top, and for a moment I forgot it was my cousin I was eyeing up, until Clare called out to me. Laura and I were the last of our group in the queue; Laura's friends had gone and Clare and Sam were just about to get into a taxi.

"Hey," she called, "make sure she doesn't fall on her arse going up the stairs at home!" That had been a running joke ever since the first time Laura had gotten drunk in secret as a kid and then fell over trying to sneak upstairs past her parents. "Don't worry," I called back, "she'll probably pass out on the living room floor before she even gets to the stairs!" I braced myself quickly as I felt Laura's playful slap come from my side.

We waited a couple of minutes before the next taxi arrived, and it was as we were getting in that Laura spotted the slutty blonde again, about 10 places back in the queue, still next to Laura's ex, though he didn't seem too interested in her now as he talked crap to his mates. I turned to look even though I knew who she was glaring at, and saw them make eye contact again. Then, as I turned back, Laura decided that now was the time to really stick it to her. She grabbed me, pulled me up against her, and pressed her lips against mine. Her soft, wet lips kissed mine for a moment before I joined in, and a few seconds I felt her tongue push its way into my mouth as she ran her hand down my back. She was an amazing kisser and I couldn't help but enjoy myself. Our tongues flicked against each other for a few moments before she pulled away, and with a parting "fuck you!" glance at the blonde in the queue, she got into the taxi.

We sat silently in the back of the taxi for the first few minutes of the drive. I couldn't stop thinking about the kiss we'd just shared and I had a feeling Laura was thinking the same from the way she kept glancing over at me. Then, she slid over into the middle seat and leaned her head on my shoulder. "I'm cold," she said, though it was obviously an excuse. I put my arm around her compliantly and my head started racing. She'd been flirting with me all night; was there something more to it? Was my cousin really coming on to me. And if she, was, what would I do about it?

One question was answered as she reached over and slowly started rubbing her hand up my leg, sliding it up and down my thigh. She was definitely coming on to me. She began to raise her head and kissed my neck tentatively, unsure of my reaction. When I didn't object, she grew more confident, moving up to kiss my cheek, before she was looking me right in the eyes before closing hers and kissing my lips again. I immediately began to kiss her back; it was slower this time, but we moved on faster, her hot tongue meeting mine and sending a shiver down my back. Any doubt abut what I would do was gone; I wanted her, and it was obvious she wanted me. Her hand was on my crotch now, caressing my hard-on as her other hand slid up my shirt and began stroking my back. My hand went down to her bare leg and began stroking her thigh; as she leaned into me I slid my hand underneath her and up her skirt to feel the warm smoothness of her ass. She moaned slightly through the kiss as I gently felt around to the inside of her crotch and found out she was wearing underwear after all; a silky thong that slid against her as she moved.

The taxi pulled to a stop and we broke our clinch to see that we'd arrived back at Laura's house. Both of us looked at each other with a mixture of lust and sheepishness as we realised the driver could see exactly what was going on, but I realised there was no way he could know we weren't just another couple enjoying themselves. I paid the driver while Laura got out and found the keys from her bag, and the moment she'd opened the door she grabbed me again and began kissing me as we stepped inside, both hands up my shirt now as I stroked her back and began pulling up her skirt with one hand, squeezing her ass cheeks as I did. Without saying a word, she pushed me against the wall and pulled open my shirt with both hands, then pulled it off my shoulders and down my back, tying my hands behind me for a moment while she kissed my chest, moving down to my stomach before running her tongue all way back up.

I pulled my shirt off my arms and let it drop to the floor onto the doormat. Laura lifted her arms and hung them around my shoulders, and on cue I lifted her top up and over her head before kissing her again. Her hands ran all over my back while I slid mine up and down her sides, my thumbs caressing her stomach and moving up to the bottom of her white lingerie bra. Suddenly I felt a pang of guilt, and stopped for a second, pulling my lips reluctantly away for a moment. "We shouldn't be doing this," I whispered.

Laura looked at me, but quickly realised she would have the final say. "All you have to do is say stop…" she breathed as she leaned back in towards me. She knew I wasn't going to. She kissed me passionately again, then pulled away. Kicking off her shoes and taking my hand in hers, my little cousin led me up the stairs to her bedroom.

She went straight across the dark room to the bedside table and switched on the nightlight, before walking back over to me and grabbing my belt buckle. She pressed her lips to mine again as she unfastened it, while my hands slid up her back to her bra strap. I was too slow though, and as she pulled my belt straight out of the belt loops she pulled herself away from me and walked backwards to the edge of her bed, her eyes staring lustfully into mine as her hair fell over her face. I followed her, and as we reached the edge she grabbed me and pushed me gently backwards onto the bed. I climbed backwards fully onto the bed and she climbed up and on top of me, straddling my thighs as she unzipped my trousers. She pulled them down to my thighs and then climbed forwards to sit on my crotch. I kicked off my trousers and sat up to kiss her again, stroking the soft locks of hair from her face as she closed her eyes in bliss. I reached around and found her bra strap again, wasting no time now in unfastening it. She pushed my chest gently back until I was laying down again, then reached around and slowly, seductively, lifted her bra straps over her shoulders and down to expose her breasts.

I lay there in awe as my cousin bared her gorgeous breasts to me for the first time. They looked just as big out of the bra as in, but hanging down more now due to their size, with large, light pink nipples that were already completely erect, and not from the cold any more. I sat up and with my hands on her stomach, began to lick her nipples slowly, my tongue working slowly around her areole as I sucked sensuously on her teats. She let out a groan, arching backwards and resting her hands on my thighs as I moved my hands up from her stomach and began massaging her breasts in my hands. She gasped as I squeezed and stroked them, and I lifted my head again, sitting up more to kiss her neck. Her arms moved around my back and her hands ran up to my shoulders, her nails digging in slightly as she tensed with every touch of my lips on her naked skin.

As Laura rocked back and forward on my groin I knew I couldn't stay dressed much longer without going insane. I slid my hands down her body and unzipped the back of her miniskirt which was now almost completely round her waist, exposing the black thong she was wearing underneath. I could already see a wet spot soaking through from her excitement, and as I started to pull down her skirt she rolled off of me and lay front-down on the bed next to me. Propped up on her elbows, her hair scattered across her back, she smiled dirtily at me as I pulled her miniskirt down over her round ass cheeks and off her legs. I stroked my hands back up her legs and ass, hooking my fingers under her thong and pulling it down too, tossing it to the floor, leaving my now completely naked cousin lying wet on her bed in front of me.

Her legs were slightly apart and I could see her wet pussy lips slick and shiny in the low light. She was shaved, which didn't surprise me in the least – Laura may only have been 18 today but she was no beginner at this game. I ran my finger down between her ass cheeks and onto the slick skin of her clit. She gasped as I reached it, and lay there breathing heavily for a moment as I slid my finger up and down her lips, parting them slightly. Suddenly, she realised something, and sat up next to me. "Someone's wearing too many clothes," she said.

I was sitting only in my underwear but my cock felt like it was in a straight jacket from the way Laura's body was turning me on. She pushed me onto my back again and slid her hot little hands down my body, releasing my cock from its restraint and throwing my underwear across the room. She reached down and touched my naked cock for the first time, and it jumped at the electricity of her touch. She ran her fingers lightly up and down it for a few strokes, then let her hand slide down to my balls. Then, she turned and swung her hips over my chest, bringing her crotch over my face, lips spread open to give an incredible view of her almost dripping pussy. I could see now she wasn't completely shaven, but had a strip of downy hair left above her pussy. As she lowered herself down onto me, I felt her tongue on my cock as she started to suck and lick my head while slowly working the base of my cock with her hand. I moved my head up and placed my mouth on her pussy lips, and my tongue shot out inside her. I could hear her begin to groan wildly as I licked her juices from her, and her pace quickened as she pumped my cock. As she moved up and down, I could feel her huge breasts bobbing up and down on my stomach, and her soft hair brushing over my thighs. Her ass rocked back and forth above my head, her whole skin now glistening with sweat. Her mouth-job was amazing, better than any I'd had before; I wondered for a split second who could have taught my little cousin to suck cock this well, but realised immediately that this was something she couldn't have just learned; the girl was a natural. Despite the amount I'd drunk I knew I couldn't last much longer with her, especially as she'd been such a prick-tease the entire night. I could sense she was getting close to her first orgasm too, as her thighs were tensing along with her pussy as I ran my tongue across it. I felt my orgasm start to build and couldn't help but start moaning into her pussy as a result. Then, with a flick of her tongue across the tip of my cock, I exploded into her mouth. As if by magic, she came at almost the exact same time, but kept licking me for a few seconds, then pulled away moaning with pleasure while I continued to shoot over the two of us.

Laura swung her hips back over me and turned back around, lying down next to me. Straight away she kissed me, her come-filled mouth locking to mine as our tongues slid against each other while covered with my semen. When she finally pulled away again, now gasping for air, I could see her face had a few drips on it too, as well as a liberal coating of come across her heaving breasts. As we lay there, she looked at me with her gorgeous blue eyes and smiled the same little mischievous smile she always had. From now on, that smile wouldn't look nearly as innocent as I'd once thought. I worried for a moment that as the afterglow began to fade I'd suddenly regret getting this physical with my own cousin, but nothing could have been further from the truth; I wanted more, and I could tell there was no way she'd be satiated yet.

I reached out and began to rub my come into her breasts, and her grin gave way to an open smile as her eyes closed at the sensation. I could see her hands grasping at the bedsheets as I ran my fingers across her nipples, and then leaned over to start licking my come from her naked body, paying special attention to each nipple as I did so. As I finished running my tongue across her, she pulled my head up to hers, her mouth meeting mine once again. I was laying across her now, and as we kissed passionately she hooked her leg over mine and pulled me tight into her crotch. My erection was now rock hard again, and so I lifted myself completely on top of her, as she parted her legs to let me between them. Taking my cock in one hand, I rubbed my head up and down her pussy lips, parting them more and more with each stroke before finally, with a gasp from both of us, slipping myself inside her.

Slowly at first, I began to thrust inside her. As I did, I looked into her eyes and thought how that for most of the night I'd been thinking of her as just another girl I was now fucking, but now the realisation that I was deep inside my 18 year old cousin was right at the front of my mind, and I was loving every moment of it. If anybody found out our family would be furious with both of us, but the taboo just made me want her more. I thrust harder, each push going a little deeper and producing a more ecstatic moan from Laura. She had her arms tight around my back, pulling my head next to hers while she panted and moaned into my ear. Suddenly I felt her lift her legs up, and the next thrust went even deeper, and she cried out in pleasure again.

Wrapping her legs around my ass, she began rocking beneath me, pushing herself into my thrusts in time, plunging my cock deeper inside her. I stopped pulling in and out for a moment and started grinding against her, my crotch pressed permanently against hers as my shaft pushed gently back and forth inside her pussy. She let her arms go slightly to let me up, and turned her head to kiss my again as we lay writhing on the bed together. I could feel her pussy start to tighten around me, and she released her kiss to let her head fall back against the pillow, eyes closed as her breathing got heavier and faster with each moan. I knew that was my cue, and started to thrust in and out again. She let her legs go from around me and now brought her knees right up towards her chest, legs in the air as my cock stroked in and out of her. I hooked my arms over the backs of her thighs, and she smiled as I pushed her knees further back, letting me even further inside. As I plunged deeper for the first time, she screamed, and her pussy clenched around my shaft. I kept going, each push against her tight pussy producing another scream as her orgasm waved over her.

I released Laura's legs and they fell back beside mine, as I continued sliding gently in and out of her as her breathing subsided, and she let out a long, low moan of pleasure. Then, she lifted her head up. "I want to get on top of you," she told me. As it happened, I was in the mood for doing what I was told. I pulled out of her for a second and rolled sideways onto my back, and she peeled herself off the sheets and straddled me. Taking my cock in one hand, she guided me into her pussy as she lowered herself onto my crotch, her face a picture of sheer pleasure as I filled her. As she began lifting herself up and down onto me, she began squeezing me between her smooth thighs, pressing her pussy tighter around my shaft. She leaned forwards and put her hands either side of my body, her breasts snug between her arms as she rode me, slowly at first, but building up speed. I lay back in ecstasy as I watched her huge breasts bouncing up and down in front of me, drops of sweat running into her cleavage, her hair tickling her hard nipples as she squeezed and gyrated on my cock. Her eyes were closed again, her mouth open and groaning quietly with every push downwards she made onto me.

I lifted my hands and began rubbing them up and down her sides before sliding them round to her front, where I began squeezing her breasts in time with her thrusts. Laura tensed at my touch, her tongue poking out suddenly to lick her top lip before biting it slightly as my fingers tweaked her nipples. She opened her eyes and looked down at me, then let herself fall forward onto my chest to kiss me. We kissed slowly and lustfully as she continued sliding herself up and down my cock, while my hands reached around and stroked her up and down from her smooth, round ass cheeks all the way up to her neck. Her soft wisps of hair were draped around my face and neck now, and she smiled as I squeezed her ass cheeks. "Do you like my ass?" she asked devilishly, knowing full well what the answer was. "Hell yes," I answered. She leaned down to my ear and whispered, "Do you want to get behind me?"

I let my actions speak for themselves, lifting us both up so I was sitting up with her kneeling over me, my cock still buried inside her. She squeezed me tight between her legs again for moment as I kissed her neck and shoulders, then she lifted up and started to lay on her front, her ass arched upwards with her red pussy lips parted between her legs. I had other ideas, however; I wasn't about to come again without holding those fantastic breasts of hers, so I lay down next to her and lifted up her side, spooning her into me as I slipped one arm under her waist and draped the other over her leg, guiding my cock back inside her before running my hand back up her body. I was in the perfect position to get both hands on her breasts now, and began to massage them as I began pushing myself in and out of her again, my crotch pressed tight against her smooth ass. She gasped excitedly, the new position hitting fresh spots inside her as she squirmed from the attention on her breasts. As I continued to slide inside her I could already feel her starting to tense up as her orgasm approached, and slowed my pace a little to prolong her pleasure. It didn't work though; my head tickling slowly in and out of her just drove her more wild, and she started pushing her ass into me. "Oh god, don't stop!" she begged.

I started thrusting faster again, and she cried out with pleasure. As her breathing got heavier and heavier, I had one last little surprise for her. Reluctantly leaving one of her breasts behind, I moved a hand down to her crotch and spread my first two fingers one each side of my cock as it pushed into her, stroking her pussy lips as I thrust. She screamed in ecstatic surprise and her whole body began to shake to her cries, "Yes! Oh god, yes, yes, yes, YES!". I squeezed her body close to mine, her orgasm rippling through the two of us as I continued pushing past every squeeze of her pussy. I could feel my own orgasm building again and the adrenaline kept me going even as she grew wilder and wilder from the continued stimulation; I wasn't letting up on her now. Every thrust was causing her to cry out with joy as my balls tightened, before I couldn't hold out any longer, and I came, gasping as I felt stream after stream of my come filling her.

Slowly, the movement of our wet bodies began to slow, our breathing subsiding as it did. I pulled out of Laura for the last time, her pussy still twitching as I did, and we lay therefore a moment, my arms wrapped around her before she turned over and put an arm over me, kissing me again. Her lips were lighter on mine now, her tongue still flicking against mine but more gently. "That was fantastic," she said, smiling. "You were amazing," I complimented her back. "I never realised my little cousin would be so good in bed!". She grinned and kissed me again. "So…" she asked, "what are you giving me for my birthday next year?"

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