My Family 2

My Family 2


For the next year I continued to fuck Esther almost every night. I no longer needed to hypnotize her as she had become addicted to fucking. She was 5’6” and her body was fully developed. Her tits had grown to about the same size as Moms and she had developed a full crop of light brown hair around her pussy. She really liked to get on top and let my full length penetrate her pussy. She liked to grind her pelvis into me. She said it allowed the head of my cock to enter her cervix about an inch and when I shot my load into her she could feel it enter there and would make her cum an extra amount. She had opened her cervix with mothers vibrator she had found in Moms bedroom. Iws and extra long but skinny one. She said it took her awhile but she could now push it clear thru her cervix and into her uterus. She said when she turned the vibrator on it would make her pussy go crazy and she would cum so many times she would some times faint.

We almost got caught a couple of times. Once when Mom had gone to the store and we were in the kitchen Esther started playing with my cock and when it got hard she took it out and lifted her dress up pulling down her panties and sat down on it facing away from me. She threw her panties under the table and bent over slightly and began to ride up and down my cock with her wonderful tight pussy lips. We did not hear Moms car drive into the driveway because we had the radio on. Mom walked in with her arms full of groceries. We froze with my dick up Esther’s pussy. Luckily she couldn’t see over the packages. Esther eased herself off my dick and stood in front of me while I shoved my dick back into my jeans. “Eric, will you get the rest of the groceries out of the car?” Sure Mom I said and hurried out to the car. I paused on the back porch to re-adjust my cock and then got the rest of the groceries. When I got back inside I could see Esther’s panties under the table. Esther was helping Mom put the groceries away. I set the groceries on the sink and grabbed the panties from under the table and put them in my pocket. Mom said “What was that funny smell I smelled when I came in the room. Esther froze, but I said Ya, I smelled it too, do you think another critter has gotten under the house? Mom said, “I certainly hope not the last time we had a heck of a time getting rid of that Possum.” I motioned for Esther to leave and took my hand and rubbed it up and down my crotch indicating for her to douche. She said, “I have to go to the bathroom, I’ll be right back.” OK I said.

The other time we were in the shower together, Dad was at work and we thought Mom was asleep. Mom always took a sleeping pill when Dad was on a 48 hour work schedule. She said she just couldn’t sleep when he was gone that long. Anyway we were fucking in the shower when Mom knocked on the door and asked who was in there. Esther said she was. “I have to go to the bathroom, please unlock the door.” Esther said, “Just a minuet.” She reached over and unlocked the door and then jumped back into the tub and pulled the shower curtain closed, just exposing her head. “I’m sorry but I really have to pee.” “That’s OK Mom go ahead.” I was standing behind Esther but could see Mom thru the slightly foggy mirror. She left the door open slightly and the mirror became clear. “Where is your brother?” She asked. “In Bed I think, said Esther. Mom had her night gown pulled up and I could see up her thighs. When she opened her legs to wipe herself I could see her pussy. My Dick which had gone soft suddenly sprung to life.

Mom went back to bed and I slid my now hard cock back into Esther’s pussy and began to fuck her furiously. I couldn’t get the vision of Mom’s cunt out of my mind as I fucked her. Esther said, “Whey that was close.” I pushed her head down and fucked her doggy fashion with a passion. Finally after about twenty minuets I grabbed her by her hips and drove deep into her vagina and came. “Wow, I don’t know what got into you but I liked it” said Esther. Must have been the possibility that we almost got caught I lied. When I got back into bed I couldn’t sleep. I kept visualizing Mom’s pussy. I got another hard on and I jacked off with that vision in my head.

The next morning I went into the kitchen and Mom was fixing a pot of coffee, still groggy from the seeping pills. She said “I wish I could sleep without those damn pills, they really knock me out and make me so groggy in the morning.” Why don’t you let me hypnotize you to sleep? I read that was a very good way for people that had a sleeping disorder to get a good night sleep and would wake up fully refreshed. “I don’t know Erick if I can be hypnotized or if that’s a good idea, but it sure would be nice if it worked. Esther came into the kitchen and I said why don't we give it a test try. Esther can see if it works. "Well OK," Mom said. I sat her down in a kitchen chair and began to rub her temples. I told her to relax and to listen only to my voice. She would hear nothing but my voice. It didn't take very long before she was under. I looked over and Ether was also under. I had forgotten that when I said "listen only to my voice" was a command that put her under also. I told Esther that she would remember nothing of my conversation with mother and that when I snapped my fingers it would be like we just started.

I turned to Mom and said whenever I say "skinny girl" she would immediately fall into a deep sleep and would listen and obey my every word and when I snapped my fingers twice she would wake up fully refreshed remembering nothing but would obey my instructions. I snapped my fingers once and Ether came out of her hypnotic state. I said, Ok Moms under what should we ask her to do? "Let’s have Mom tell us we can take the day off from school and she would like to take us to the zoo." I think that is a great Idea Sis. So I planted the suggestion saying when I say "baby baby" she would obey my instructions. I snapped my fingers twice. Mom came out of her hypnotic state and gave us a big smile and said I guess it didn't work. I said "baby baby" and she said you know it's such a wonderful day why don't we go to the zoo. I'll call the school and tell them we have a family emergency and to excuse you from today’s class's. We looked at each other and smiled and said that’s wonderful Mom.

Mom went through two more of Dads 48 hour shifts taking the pill and each morning after words she would be groggy most of the morning. Finally on the 3rd such shift she said “I think I’m ready to try your hypnotism” Great I said. We can give it a try after you shower and are ready for bed. Esther said “I think that’s a great idea.” I didn’t want Esther around when I hypnotized Mom because what I had in mind might not sit to well with Sis.

That night while Mom was taking a shower I put Esther under. I told her that she was very sleepy and she was to go to bed and sleep a deep restful sleep. When she woke up in the morning she would believe she was there when I put Mom under and that everything went well and she would be happy for Mom.

As soon as Mom was through with her shower I told her to get ready for bed and when she was ready to call me. I checked on Esther and found her sound to sleep. I went into Mom’s bedroom when she called and she had on a blue night gown and was in bed. I could tell she was a little scared and skeptical. I saw the sleeping pill and a glass of water next to the bed. I said relax Mom, everything will be just fine. I began to talk to her telling her to relax, to listen only to my voice, then I said "skinny girl." She immediately fell into a deep sleep. I told her she was in bed with Dad and that she has an overwhelming desire to suck his cock and for him to eat her pussy and then to let him fuck her. When I snap my fingers you will become awake and you will look at me and see only dad and you will perform as I have said. Your pussy will begin to secrete with desire and you will have multiple orgasms as you make love.

I snapped my fingers and Mom became wide awake. She looked at me and smiled and reached over and pulled my pajama bottoms down. She took my semi hard cock in her mouth and began to suck. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. Mom must have given Dad a lot of head because the warmth of her mouth as it began to slid back and forth over my cock was absolutely sensational. She took all of me into her mouth and throat. Esther had never been able to do that, however it took me only about a minuet and a half to cum. I shot my full load down my mother’s throat and she took it all. She pulled the covers back and lifted her night gown over her head and removed her panties. She lifted her knees and spread her legs and smiled at me waiting for me to go down on her. What a sight, her long legs spread waiting for me and her beautiful white tits with two nice round nipples and pink areolas staring right at me. I was in heaven.

I looked at that light brown hair surrounding her pussy and I was instantly hard again. I bent down and slid between her legs spreading her beautiful vulva lips and ran my tongue gently over the top of them. I spread her lips and inserted my tongue, sliding up and down her slit. She had a slight pungent smell mixed with a faint spearmint odor. Her pussy felt hot and her juices were in full flow. I inserted my tongue as deep into her as I could and scooped out some of her juices and swallowed it. I slid my tongue up to her clitoris area and probed the sheath that hid it. Her clit came forth and I felt her shudder as she came. Her clit was the size of the lead in a pencil and I began to suck on it. I inserted two fingers into her hot wet cunt. I probed for her “G” spot that I had read about. As I ran my two gingers in and out I rubbed the upper inside of her vagina until I found it. It was a small round spot that had already began to swell. I continued to probe that spot and to alternately run my thumb and my tongue over her clitoris area. Suddenly she grabbed my head and reared her pelvis mashing my face into her pussy and she shot a stream of water/cum all over my face chest and bed. It scared me because Esther had never cum like that. Mom let out a scream and her hips bucked and her pussy ground into my face as she held me tight. It took her almost a minute before her pussy stopped bucking into me. I was forced to swallow some of it. At first I thought she had peed in my face but when I swallowed some it didn’t taste like pee. It was a little salty but in a nice way.

I continued to lick and suck her clit as she kept flipping her pelvis into my face. I couldn’t believe the amount of white cum that kept oozing out of her pussy. It was like she was in a continued state of orgasm. She was tossing and squirming and murmuring incoherently. Finally she placed both hands on each side of my head and gently pulled my head away from between her legs and pulled me up to her breasts. She pressed one of her tits to my mouth and I opened and began to suck. She took hold of my cock and guided it into her womb. It felt like sliding into slick velvet as I felt my cock inter her vagina and slowly penetrate until I was completely engulfed in her pussy. I was breathing so hard I thought I might have a heart attack. Within a half dozen strokes I couldn’t help myself and came.

I laid there on top of Mom sucking on her tits, one after the other while I got my breath back. It was hard to believe that I was laying here having just fucked my mother. As I sucked on her breast I began to get hard again and I began to move my cock very slowly in and out of her wonderful pussy. I felt her breath begin to quicken as I stroked her. This time I took my time as I continued to move in and out of her. My god she felt so good and I increased my tempo. She lifted her legs and placed them around me with her heels on my butt. I was now giving her long steady strokes and I felt her cry out as she came. Her pussy felt so hot on my cock. I inserted a finger into her pussy and then shoved it into her ass. Her sphincter muscle closed tightly around my finger as I moved in and out her ass. Each time I reentered her pussy her heels would press my ass downward so my cock would go deep within her hole. Soon I had two fingers in her ass and she was whimpering as I fucked her two holes with my cock and my fingers. We fucked like that for about 30 minuets when I lifted out of her pussy and placed my cock at the entrance of her ass. I told her she had a desire for me to fuck her in the ass. I began to push and as the head of my cock entered I heard Mom moan.

Dad must have fucked her in the ass before because my cock easily penetrated and I plunged deep into her anal cavity. I pushed her legs over her head and began to plunge my cock into her anal passage. Faster and faster I went until I was pile driving her ass like a piston. She was moaning and it was hard for me to realize but she had two orgasms before I came. I never new you could have a climax while being fucked in the ass. I shoved down hard and came deep inside her. When I withdrew I didn’t care when I saw there was some shit on my cock. I wiped it off on the sheet.

We laid there french kissing and it was wonderful having her respond that way. Finally I realized it was close to two in the Morning. The bed was a shambles soaked with her cum. I put her under and instructed her to make the bed and take a shower. Without getting her hair wet. While she was in the shower I took the sheets down stairs and put them in the washing machine. I went back to Moms room and put her into a deep sleep, telling her she would wake up fully refreshed as if she had slept a good eight hours. I went back to the kitchen and finished washing and drying the sheets. I folded them and put them back in the cupboard and went to bed. I set the alarm for seven thirty.

When the alarm went off I got up and went to the kitchen. Mom was fixing breakfast and singing to herself. I said good morning and she gave me the biggest smile and said “Eric that was the best night’s sleep I have had in a long time. I dreamed your father was home with us last night.” I smiled and said that’s nice. Mom was in her robe and night gown and I got an idea just as Esther came bonding into the room, saying what a good night’s sleep she had. “How about you Mom didn’t Eric’s hypnotism make you sleep well?” “It certainly did. I will let him put me under from now on.

I quickly put Esther under and told her to go back to her room because she hadn’t quite had enough sleep and needed a half hour more but would remember nothing and would be fully refreshed and ready to go to school full of energy. At the same time I mentioned skinny girl and Mom was immediately under also. I told Mom that when I snapped my fingers she would have an uncontrollable erg to hug me and when she felt my cock between her legs she would hold it between her legs and the excitement of having it there would make her cum. She would feel a little guilty because it was her son but because it felt so good would allow it to stay there for a few minuets before she would break away and would go to her room and masturbate herself.

I snapped my fingers and Mom turned and said, “Hey honey give your old Mom a hug. I
pulled her robe apart as she put her arms around me and pulling me close to her. I allowed my cock to come out of my pajamas and slip between her legs pulling her night gown up into her crotch. Blushing a little, as she felt my cock between her legs, she began squeezing my arms and my cock with her thighs at the same time. She held me like that for about a minute. I felt her cum and some of it oozed through her gown and onto my cock. Suddenly she pushed me away and said I’m sorry honey and went to her room. I snuck up to her door and opened it slightly. I could hear her groaning and I peeked in. Mom was on her bed finger fucking herself furiously. As I closed the door I heard her cry out and new she had had a great orgasm. I grinned at my power.

About that time Esther came out of her room feeling great. We went to school and as we rode our bikes I thought how wonderful life was going to be from now on. As my mind wondered I thought god life was great. I would be fucking Mom whenever I wanted and Sis too. Then I thought, wouldn’t it be wonderful to fuck Mom’s sexy sister and maybe the new young history teacher? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
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